Gilbert Melendez vs. Josh Thomson III Headed to Strikeforce May 19

April 2, 2012
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Trilogies seem to be the theme of 2012 so add one more to the list.

On May 19, Gilbert Melendez will defend his Strikeforce lightweight title against old foe Josh Thomson as part of the upcoming event headed to San Jose.

Sources close to the bout confirmed the fight to on Monday with verbal agreements in place. first reported the bout.

Melendez and Thomson first met in June 2008 with the Strikeforce lightweight title on the line, and Thomson got the best of his old friend and training partner winning a unanimous decision.

A year and a half later, Melendez got his revenge by besting Thomson in the rematch also winning a unanimous decision.

Now the pair will meet for a third time coming up in May to settle the rivalry once and for all.

Melendez vs. Thomson III will be the co-headline feature on the May 19 card, with the main event pitting Josh Barnett vs. Daniel Cormier in the finals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix.

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  • ajmadic

    lol, so dumb.

  • joeshine

    hey someone told me that Josh Thompson has openly admitted to being gay is this correct?? I was stunned.

    • DrkDisciple

      Perhaps you are confusing him with Elton John!

    • pooby

      I think that’s what psychologists refer to as “projection”. You are attracted to Josh, so you assume HE is gay.

  • DrkDisciple

    Seriously? Is this how they will treat Melendez? Please show a little respect to this guy and give him a quality opponent!

    • Cptmats

      Quality Opponent ? Is thompson not the last guy to beat Gil ?

      This is a great fight !

      • ajmadic

        lol, wut?

      • DrkDisciple

        yes and Matt Serra beat GSP. One lucky win doesnt mean that you a great quality fighter. Gil will beat Thompson 9 out of 10 times. You can bet the house that the next fight falls under the 9 out of 10. AS a Melendez fan I want to see him fight a top 10 guy. Dana claimed he would bring over a quality opponent…how about bringing over BJ Penn?

  • pooby

    Whoop de doo. Anything less than total domination by Melendez will prove he is not the best LW in the world. Not a good fight for him, but good for Thompson.

  • mradriel1

    Either one of these guys would beat Henderson or Edgar.

    • Cptmats

      you are an idiot !

  • D-rail

    Brutal. Dana’s idea of making things right in Strikeforce, where the fighters will be happy to stay there. If ur Gil, u just got punked by zuffa with that shiat opponent NO ONE CARES TO SEE U FIGHT!!! I feel for u & the false hope they’re selling u. Run from there & go to Bellator dude, stop letting them dicckk u around!!!

  • Mario

    Eh, not exactly the fight I would have made for Gilbert, but then again, Dana ain’t in the picture anymore. So I’ve heard.

    Josh certainly doesn’t deserve the title shot against Gilbert. But then again, how many solid contenders does Strikeforce have right now?

    You take what you can get.

    • Cptmats

      I think you are all crazy ! This is a great fight and the first time since becoming the champ Melendez has fought a decent opponent. Gil is 20-2 Thompson is 19-4, And they are 1 and 1 against each other, both unanimous decisions. Gil is the safe bet but i wouldn’t be surprised at all if Thompson wins this fight !

  • D-rail

    Like I said, Gil need’s to bail. Dana’s got a lot going on with all the shows he’s doing with FX, Fuel, FOX, PPV and The Ultimate Fighter running in different countries. All that going on, why would u care who Gil fights. When Joe Cocker sold out what could have been something huge, he let the monopoly of big boys bitch slap him with green, just Like AFFLICTION did. FucckkingSellouts!!!

  • mmachoman

    Not very excited for this fight.