Gilbert Melendez UFC Negotiations “Not Going Well,” Dana White Suggests He Field Other Offers

February 12, 2014
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Gilbert Melendez Strikefore20_Post-478x270Contract negotiations between the Ultimate Fighting Championship and No. 2 ranked lightweight Gilbert Melendez have come to a halt and the organization’s president feels that Melendez should start fielding other offers.

“I’m done. It’s not going well at this point. I like Gilbert Melendez very much, but I don’t like his management,” UFC president Dana White told UFC Tonight.

White criticized Melendez’s manager, Rodolphe Beaulieu, who also represents former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

“Being Georges St-Pierre’s best friend does not make you a good manager,” the UFC president was quoted as saying.

Melendez’ contract expired following his UFC 166 unanimous decision win over Diego Sanchez on Oct. 19, 2013. His management team has been in negotiations with the organization for some time and recently appeared to be close to a deal.

A fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov was rumored and even appeared on the original UFC 170 fight poster, but was later scrapped.

White informed UFC Tonight that if Melendez wants to fight in the UFC that he should contact Lorenzo Fertita immediately, but also should start considering fighting elsewhere.

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  • AndreEazyAKAMurph .

    damn gil tryna get that jon jones money huh lol I like gilbert melendez hope that all gets squared away

  • Larry Bustillos


    • LarryLittleTits

      Shut the hell up Larry Little Tits…LOL…that’s what your last name means so go fock a goat Maricon, puto, hijo de tu puta madre!

      • Sir_Roy

        Why should he shut up? He has a point. Doesn’t take a big pair to tell someone to “shut up” behind the safety of your keyboard. Maybe we should start referring to you as Mr. pequeñas bolas.

        • earlsimmons

          and what point would that be? I see none. Looks like he is claiming GM is good which is debatable soooo not sure what concrete evidence your pointing to there buddy.

          • Sir_Roy

            Thinking you clicked “reply” to the wrong bloke.

        • wtf

          Are you making fun of me?
          I lost both hands in a golfing accident and now can only type with my testicles and if they wernt so big I wouldnt be able to type at all. So in my case it does take a big pair to tell somebody to “shut up”.
          Please some respect.

    • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

      All the UFC assleakers here must shut up!
      That’s the market, if you wanna a fighter you’ve to pay better than the competitors.

    • Jacob K

      Who knows if they are giving him a market rate for a top 5fighter Ina lighter class. Maybe 100,000 k tops. Maybe that’s the number Gil wants to see and the UFC are balking at it. But hey who else is gonna pay Gil, not a household name, 6 figures for 15-25 minutes of cageifghting. The UFC can pay what they want because no one can really match them. Bellator can match them for names they really want, but Gil unfortunately isn’t a name like rampage or Tito.

  • Robby Clark

    lol, “Please call a billionaire and ask him why you deserve more money”. They got an interesting way of doing things. I really wish we could view these contract terms so that we’d be able to better judge what happens in the negotiations.

    Unless UFC decides to go public, I don’t see that happening;).

  • GMSucks

    LOL I think Gilbert Melendez bought into the hype Nate Diaz is giving him and he actually thinks he’s the #1 Light Weight in the World…LOL…poor guy, he’s delusional. He should be happy the UFC even thought about “negotiating” a new contract with him. With all the hype he had (mainly from Nate the snake Diaz) he didn’t really lived up to the expectations. So yeah, it’s either settle for having a job and work your way up or go to Bellator or WSOF.

    • Sir_Roy

      Your comment is extremely, well, let’s not butter it up, dumb.

    • brian stevens

      How did he not live up to expectations? He lost a close split decision to the champ and just had a “fight of the year” contender. He may be asking for too much money but he most definitely hasn’t under performed!

      • GMSucks!

        Yes you said it “close split decision” and “FOY” contender. That does not equal to “living up to expectations.” He’d be champ if he had done so, but again, he (Like so many others e.g. Overeem, McDonald, Faber, Hendricks, etc) had so much hype behind him/them, but when it’s time to truly past the test, they always fall short and then “let the excuses begin” just like Melendez did “Oh, I let my foot off the gas pedal.” Sure, next excuse – Hendricks, “Oh, I only hit him 70% and thought it was enough…no wait, it was that I didn’t have enough hand wraps.” Next, McDonald “Oh, everything was coming so easy for me, I let my guard down.” Next, Faber, “Oh, I hurt my hammy string, but I still fought like that you know, because I didn’t want to give up the opportunity.” Focking queers! Excuses, excuses, excuses!!!

        • Kenny Powers

          Don’t ever go full retard bro. Lmfao

  • mmalive

    Gilbert is a good fighter. He easily ranks within top 5 for contender ship. Money is all ways going to be a problem. UFC is CHEAP A$$. UFC would rather line their pockets then pay for good fighters. Why did George St. Pierre leave? Money and the way he was treated. Gil can fill seats for sure. He is one of the best lightweights along with Josh Thompson that were outside of UFC before Strikeforce folded.

  • Robbie

    First of all GSP made what… $11,000,000 fighting in the UFC last year before any endorcement deals…so you can’t say GSP left from money disputs…he left cause he knocked up some broad and his dad was not doing so well….oh and plus BIG RIG HENDRICKS gave him one hell of an ass whoopin.

    • Kris-tyahn

      An ass whooping?!? Beating a guy 2 of 5 rounds is barely an ass whooping. He gave GSP his toughest test by far, but for a guy who was going to KTFO out of GSP with one left hand, he sure didn’t. Oh yeah, thats right he only used 70% of his punching POWER BAHAHAHA!!!

      • jeremy

        he whooped gsp’s ass, what fight were you watching…SMH

        • wtf

          Didnt GSP win that fight?
          What fight were you watching?
          Do me a favour and look up the fight stats.
          It was a close fight but one thing is for sure, GSP didnt get his ass whooped.
          You could argue Hendricks won but only just.

    • brad king

      are you positive about these numbers

  • diazfan209

    Gilbert does fantastic on the Fox Sports 1 talk-shows as an analyst. He could easily be the future face of the UFC because he has the skill and an action-packed fighting style. The UFC are looking at him as a business cost instead of him adding to the history and legacy of MMA.

    If Dana White wants the UFC to be comparable to the NFL, MLB, NHL, or NBA, he has to drop his ego and commit to putting the absolute best in the world up against each other.

    Saying that Melendez may have to look elsewhere basically says that the competitive integrity of the sport isn’t the UFC’s top priority, reducing overhead is.

  • Gilbert is tough but he didn’t wreck Henderson or Sanchez. I would love to see him fight Gray Maynard. He came into UFC with a lot of hype and he deserved most of it but he hasn’t made a big impact. In all fairness he’s only fought twice against two of the toughest guys in the world in the LW division.

    • uncle

      I would like to see Gil fight Barbosa or the winner
      of Guillard vs Johnson because he is just hype

      • Interesting fights. I’m surprised he couldn’t get a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov just to see where he stands in the division. Gils fight with Deigo was great and all but it’s funny because people were recently talking bad of Diego as a fighter but Melendez beats him and people are calling for a title shot when the guy is at least two more fights away from a title shot.

        • uncle

          I agree. He should go to WSOF
          before UFC fighters destroy him

          • I don’t want to judge him on two fights but he should be willing to take whatever comes his way with the UFC at this point. He’s getting a chance to fight the biggest names out there either way. I can see WSOF picking him up. I really like them, but they still need more names to build up.

    • Manuel Lopez


    • james j

      Gray Maynard is over the hill.

      • That’s true but I want to see the guy fight again in the UFC and against a former title contender like Maynard wouldn’t be to bad to make some money and get a fight in. To bad Edgar moved down. Him and Gil would be a nice fight.





  • No matter what side you listen too, he is the number 2 ranked on the UFC rankings to lose the number 2 would be sad. UFC is supposed to have the best fighters in the world if they keep losing fighters id hate to think what would happen in the next 10 years. Easy for Dana to say i dont care, cause he really doesnt care he’s made enough money off the blood and sweat of these athletes.

    • Charles

      What do you mean keep losing fighters? Who else have they lost to another organization? Last I checked they can pick and choose who they want from other organizations.

      • wtf

        Oh yeah and they pick to lose the number 2 ranked LW.

  • shakejunt

    if you wanna get paid like a ufc champion then you have to become one or at least win fights convincingly. can’t be giving out that strikeforce type money to guys willing to only fight to the level of their competition.

  • horace

    Gilbert is a good fighter but is around the moron pack of the Diaz brothers and jake schields and there is not good vibes in that group.

  • ty

    Gil is a great fighter. I hope UFC can keep him

  • George Sperry

    Don’t let the door smack you on your butt on the way out.

  • horace

    Most UFC fighters never graduated High school and have little educataion or smarts. These clueless morons only know punch and punch some more. Too bad these morons cannot think right or correctly.

    • Bucket of Chicken

      Correct and right would mean the same thing. It’s obvious that you never went beyond grade 10.