Gilbert Melendez UFC 181 Video: On Accomplishing Everything but the UFC Belt

December 4, 2014
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Gilbert Melendez talks to the media in the days leading up to his fight against Anthony Pettis for the lightweight title at UFC 181.

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  • uncle

    Times up for Melendez so overrated , he can beat piss poor fighters in Strikeforce big news

    Pettis will embarrass him.

  • buc

    when he dominates pettis on the ground clay guida did it melendez will easily do it

    • uncle

      That better be the game plan if tries fighting Pettis like Diego he will
      get knocked out for the 1st time. Melendez good striker Pettis awesome

      • krink

        100% agree no one at lightweight can strike with pettis when he finished cerone i realized his striking was on another level