Gilbert Melendez Staying in Strikeforce But Dana White Promises He’ll Be Happy

February 23, 2012
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Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez
Gilbert Melendez will get a top notch opponent for his next fight, but he will be remaining in Strikeforce for the foreseeable future.

The current Strikeforce lightweight champion last competed in December when he defeated Jorge Masvidal by unanimous decision.

It was Melendez’s third consecutive title defense in a row, and he is currently ranked No. 2 in the world in the lightweight divisional rankings behind only UFC champion Frankie Edgar.

Count UFC President Dana White as a fan of Melendez as well, but he will remain a star in Strikeforce. According to White however, Melendez and all the other top fighters in the promotion will be more than happy to stay there.

“Gilbert Melendez is in Strikeforce, that’s where he’s contracted, and that’s where he’s going to stay,” White said about the top lightweight in the promotion.

“I will dive into this thing and I will make it right. I will make the fighters who fight over there not worry about what’s going on in the UFC.”

White says that he is working on something for Melendez, but couldn’t divulge what it was currently. Melendez is doing his part to find out as well.

“I’m working on Melendez. Melendez is all over my ass,” White joked. “I think he’s a great fighter.”

The plan according to White is for him to have more control over the organization as he works along with Showtime to put together the best product possible.

The end result will be happier fighters, happier fans, and a better Strikeforce.

“I’m gaining more control over Strikeforce,” said White. “We’re going to have a lot of cool things happening over the next few weeks.”

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  • johnnylopes

    Winner of Pettis V Lauzon!

  • Towers66

    Guillard? Sherk? lol.

  • D-rail

    Dana’s doing a great job so far by bringing UFC rejects to Strikefarse. Gil should get all his fights out of the way ASAP and bail to Bellator.

  • MikeMc1983

    Gil should be happy in strikeforce. He’s actually winning there. If they bring over some better guys Gil might have a lot more to talk about with jake.

  • D-rail

    “I will make the fighters over there not worry about what’s going on in the UFC”??? What’s the point u deusch, that’s what every fighter thinks about, fighting for the biggest organization like the UFC. Gil’s getting screwed around at his prime.

  • D-rail

    MikeMc1983, the same thing could have been said about WEC fighters, and look who’s challenging Edgar for the belt. Benson beat some of these promising top ten UFC prospects at the time.

    • Cptmats

      Not sure who would have ever said that about WEC fighters. they have alway been among the elite ! But that clearly ins’t the case with Strikeforce. Jake Shields and Dan Henderson were both champs in Strikforce and Neither are champs in the ufc,. Shields hasn’t even really won a fight. Diaz was by far the best WW in Strikeforce and it should be clear by now that he would be lucky to be top five in the UFC. His Brother Nate Diaz who train at the same gym with Shields, Milendez And Diaz under the same coach has spent almost his whole carer in the UFC and has done shit. Melendez is just as overrated as the rest of his team. A good fight but no where near UFC Champion caliber !

      • RonnieV

        D-Rail, Cptmats & MikeMc, you guys are all morons! Shields is 1-2 after three fights in the UFC, and he held his own against GSP. Plus, he’s beaten Condit, Okami, and Henderson. Nick just lost a controversial fight to Condit, who is the interim champ, and previously destroyed BJ Penn.. Nate Diaz is 10-5 in the UFC, and he submitted Gray Maynard on TUF. Plus, he just came off two very impressive wins over Cerrone & Gomi. All five of his losses came via decison, two were split decisions. You are right Cptmtas, Nate has done nothing. Melendez has been ranked in the Top 5 among lightweights for the past 6 years, and he’s the only lightweight to destroy Shinya Aoki. Melendez would do just fine in the UFC, just like Jake, Nick & Nate. Quit hating, the Scrap Pack is here to stay. Every website that has a Top 10 has all four of these guys ranked. They are all getting paid top $ by ZUFFA, and they are all very marketable. Then again what do they (or any MMA website) know, because you clowns are all convinced that if you weren’t born & raised in the UFC you are not a contender.

        • MikeMc1983

          Ronnie, you know my thoughts on the other guys. However Nate I like. In fact you can talk about what Gilbert has done, but I believe if Nate went and fought Gilbert in strikeforce it would be easily his toughest opponent. I’d pick Nate to win. Nate is the best talent in that camp, but he gets held back as nicks little brother in the press.
          I don’t think the majority of a career has to be spent in the UFC. I watch the guys fight. I watch what they do. I’m not just checking a record book.
          Aoki looked awful when he fought Gil. He didn’t look like he would have beat anyone in king of the cage, much less a bigger promotion. I don’t care what aoki’s record is. He looked bad there.

      • Are you ****** high ??? Jake shields blew his chance to be the champ but in doin so he made gsp finally lose a round or 2 (fights sucked though) Dan henderson ****** things up in strikforce and then had the amazing battle with shogun and is NOW WAITING for the winner of jones-evans fight soo Henderson could be champ soon… gilbert is not so big on i think he’s a good fighter and goes for it but with his last fight eeeeh i honestly think he would do Ok in the ufc but never top 5 and how could you say Nick diaz will never be top 5 in the ufc?? cause he’s top 5 in the world guy!! The cesar gracia camp comes to ****** fighter and yet again Nate diaz hasnt done anything in the ufc ?? your not high your ****** blind. I bet you anything if he beats jim miller he’s gonna get a title shot buuuut oh yeah all the guys i just named suck and should be in strikeforce…….

  • GooseUK

    It makes good business sense to keep him in Strikeforce. The only way organisation its going to continue to be successful is to ensure there’s a good quality stable of fighters.

    Despite what people say about Strikeforce, its always had a good following and is only getting better.

  • D-rail

    RonnieV, read my post before u call me a moron.