Gilbert Melendez Out; Jorge Masvidal vs. Pat Healy Likely for Final Strikeforce Show

November 27, 2012
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With Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez still sidelined by a shoulder injury, Jorge Masvidal has been tapped to face Pat Healy at Strikeforce: Champions in January.

Sources close to the match-up confirmed to that verbal agreements are in place for the lightweight contest headed to Oklahoma City on Jan 12.

Jorge Masvidal has been looking for a fight ever since his last bout in Strikeforce in July, but two show cancellations didn’t help him much.

Now the American Top Team fighter will get the chance to earn a big win in the final Strikeforce show as he faces top lightweight contender Pat Healy.

Healy has twice been scheduled to face champion Gilbert Melendez, and twice the fight has been scrapped due to injury.

Instead of waiting for another shot at Melendez or moving to the UFC, Healy will stay fighting with a bout against Masvidal come January.

Strikeforce officials have yet to announce any changes to the upcoming Jan 12 card, but an updated release for the show is expected to come out soon.

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  • Collideoverme

    Not much of a champions show now is it…I suspect there is a bit more going on.

  • Rome

    Luke and Gilbert out?? isnt Cormier out too?? im guessing UFC wants them booked early next year in the octagon…

    UFC is becoming more and more stacked in each weightclass….smart move Dana

    • WhiteyWhiteman

      It is a smart move….

      • Mark McDowall

        is it such a smart move…

        Who could you take from StrikeForce right now and consider them a legitimate contender…there is only one in my opinion.

        DC is too small @ heavyweight. He doesn’t have the hands to hang with JDS or Carwin. Cain would outwrestle him.

        Do they still have a LHW champ?

        Luke Rockhold could be a dark horse…he could come in and wreck stuff or he could get his backside handed to him. This one is up in the air.

        Marquardt @ 170 looked great. I dont think he could jump straight in to a title fight…but throw him in there against Diaz or the like and I think he could be a force @ 170.

        Melendez…I think the most over hyped champion/fighter to come out of StrikeForce. Hasn’t had a legit contender since he’s been there. I think that any of the top 55’ers in the UFC will whoop his ass.

        • WhiteyWhiteman

          First off these are all valid points.

          1. Cormier isn’t a big heavyweight, he is the percfect defenition of a cruiserweight. There was talk of him dropping to 205 to fight Jones but who knows.

          2. Other than Mousasi they have no LHW Division.

          3. Im not the bigest fan of Rockhold but i still think that he could hang with the Majority of the 185’s in the UFC.

          4. Marquardt is interesting to me as he was signed to strikeforce after being released by the UFC. At that point Zuffa had already bought Strikeforce so i wasn’t quite sure what that meant. He looked good against Woodley and assuming he gets past Saffedine he to me would be a good match for GSP. I think if GSP Fights Hendricks and the Anderson Silva fight doesn’t happen, We will indeed see Nate vs GSP.

          5. Melendez to me will be the most interesting thing to come from strikeforce.

          Finally the merger will be the best thing because after this injury plagued year the UFC would want highish caliber fighters at the ready, and bringing in Strikeforce will give more depth, not just in numbers but in talent as well.

          • Rome

            i agree …one thing i just dont believe yet.. is that melendez is top 5 lightweight…. he is good though

          • WhiteyWhiteman

            I think he will do ok in the UFC, he would struggle against a guy like Lauzon who has just got into the top 10.

          • Mark McDowall

            I think he would struggle against alot of the top UFC LW’s. Maynard, Henderson, Diaz, Lauzon, Cerrone, Pettis could all hand him an ass whooping relatively easily

          • WhiteyWhiteman

            Maybe, but then again Melendez really hasn’t had that many good guys to prove himself against. I think he will do ok in the UFC maybe top 5 but i don’t see him holding the belt.

          • Mark McDowall

            We will see. But him not fighting any great talent can be detrimental.

          • WhiteyWhiteman

            I agree, he has had a few top guys fight him like Aoki and Kawajiri. It would be weird if Diaz beats Henderson and when Gil comes over he has to fight Nate in a unification bout….

          • Mark McDowall

            Aoki and Kawajiri and good fighters in Japan…don’t think the level of MMA is the same as it is here. But yes those are probably the 2 best fighters he’s fought…

          • WhiteyWhiteman

            I think he will fight Maynard first in the UFC, there injury timelines make it a possible…

          • Mark McDowall

            I don’t like Maynard at all…but I think he will beat Melendez quite easily

  • octawhat

    I’m surprised Showtime hasn’t cancelled this card. It’s now looking more like a Strikeforce Challengers event than a premium show.

    However, i’m glad the fighters who want to battle are getting their payday – and putting food on the table.

    I wonder if Showtime will try to acquire another MMA show to replace Strikeforce. Maybe this TV deal the execs at Glory have been speaking about could be with Showtime…

  • Finally Jorge is fighting. Being waiting for him to get back in there. Awesome fighter.

  • humby49

    Yeah GameBred Masvidal, one of the most underrated fighters in MMA. 305!!!