Gilbert Melendez on Nick Diaz vs. Anderson Silva: “Everyone’s A Winner”

September 9, 2014
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Gilbert MelendezOn July 29, the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced that former middleweight champion Anderson Silva would return to fighting to face Nick Diaz in the promotion’s annual Super Bowl weekend fight card’s main event in Las Vegas.

Silva suffered a gruesome leg break during his UFC 168 rematch against champion Chris Weidman. Diaz has been on a hiatus from fighting since losing to then-welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in March 2013. The Silva match-up is something that Diaz has wanted for a long time, and it’s favorable for Silva stylistically.

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Diaz training partner and top UFC lightweight contender Gilbert Melendez believes the Silva and Diaz match-up is a win-win situation for the entire sport from the fans to the promoters.

“There’s not too many times in the sport where everyone is a winner, and the fans, by far, are the winners. Nick’s a winner in this situation. I think this is a great fight for him to come back to and a fight that he’s wanted. He’s fighting one of the greatest of all time, or the greatest of all time at an upper weight,” Melendez recently told

“Anderson is coming back. He’s fighting a guy who is probably not a kicker, which is probably a good thing,” added The Ultimate Fighter 20 head coach. “And I’m pretty sure Dana (White) and Lorenzo (Fertitta) are happy with this situation. They got Nick Diaz back in the cage, and he’s not fighting for a title. It’s a huge fight. Obviously it’s going to make a lot of money. I think it’s great for the sport. I think everyone’s a winner in this situation.”

Despite both fighters entering the bout coming off back-to-back losses, they have name value and large fan bases.

“They’re going to put butts in the seats, and everyone is going to watch it,” said Melendez.

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  • jimmy777

    this is one of my dream fights although its happening a few years to late.I wanted to see the younger cocky unbeaten Silva fight Diaz, they are both cocky, both have an odd style, both talk chit in the cage, both are standup fighters.. Gonna be good!!

    • Mike

      It’s gonna be a massacre and Diaz has about as much chance of catching Weidman in a sub as you do.

      • Sean

        Ahahahaha. Funniest reply I’ve seen in a long time. I believe your right. Diaz has top level jujitsu but so does Weidman, if not better. Just weidmans is very underrated IMO

        • oface

          Its funny how no one remembers Chris dominating Damien Maia on the ground with one week notice.Nicks Jits is no where near Chris. Chris has a a much better chance subbing Nick than Nick does with Chris

  • jimmy777

    Also diaz would have a better chance at weidman ob the ground, I could see him catching weidman with his bjj

    • Lucas Freire

      Weidman is as big as Silva, it’d be a young fit LHW against a decadent WW.
      And Weidman is a GREAT grappler, not only on wrestling but on Jiu Jitsu too.

  • TheCerealKiller

    It’s not a win/win once Diaz gets smoked. I hope he realizes that once Silva beats him, the “big fights” that he wants will be gone.

    I guess he could still fight Bisping

    • thecerealmoron

      win or lose, his big fights are over, because nothing will be bigger than fighting anderson silva after his reign, except for maybe, if a title was involved.

      Every other fight < Silva

  • dandogood

    Nick Diaz is dumb and clueless and loses most of his big fights.

    • dandogooddong

      you talk like a homo. if diaz was given Silva like leben was … oh wait a minute, he was. the walked him into robbie lawler to lose, and it was spit back in everyone’s face.
      Don’t call someone dumb and clueless when you post on the internet, you are aren’t exactly splitting the atom, OR stepping up to his previous opponents. you are a slice, sitting at a computer.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Dan is right, he loses most of his big fights. “He beat Lawler ten years ago”, when they were both kids.

  • Hansa

    I’m looking forward to this fight…not because it’s a good match-up but because The Spider is returning. Just hope that Joe Rogan doesn’t oversell this as the best fight ever. Notice how many times he says worlds best, greatest ever and all time great. Love the guy but really get tired off him. It’s like he gets extra paid for saying that. First it was Mighty Mouse who was the BEST fighter ever, no he said it was Aldo, my bad he claimed it was Brandao, nope it was TJ! Oh wait it is Weidman, nada it is Jon Jones…Say what!!! I’m sure he said it was Velasquez…hehehe

  • dandogood

    Nick Diaz is a blight on society and misfit of nothingness unworthy for the UFC. Nick is all low class and a bottom gutter feeder worm.

  • naturallythe1

    Hate Silva for his constant taunting in the octagon and blatant disrespect for his opponents, but hate Diaz and his big mouth. I feel like Silva has had tougher opponents, although they came later on in his career. I see Silva winning with a ko.