Gilbert Melendez: “I Took my Foot Off the Gas” (UFC on Fox 7 video)

April 21, 2013
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Gilbert Melendez - Strikeforce Barnett vs Cormier

Gilbert Melendez has waited years for his shot at the UFC lightweight championship. His opportunity to prove to the world that he is the top 155-pound fighter on the planet.

In the end, however, he ended up losing a five-round split decision to UFC champ Benson Henderson at UFC on Fox 7 in San Jose, Calif.

What went wrong?

The answer simpler than you might imagine.

“I took my foot off the gas,” said Melendez.

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    Gilbert fought like he was afraid of losing or putting on a bad effort. Hey ben got one ugly girl. whew?

    • Sir_Roy

      OK. Pretty sure this “heads up” will fall on deaf (and dumb) ears, but I’ll try anyway;

      Wives are not status pets. Marry a girl solely for looks and see where that gets you before too long. Sadly, most Playboy Playmate types aren’t groomed for depth and richness of character. Too heavy a focus on physical appearance breeds the superficial and little else.

      No matter how hot a girl is, always remember, in the absence of substance somewhere out there is a dude tired of giving it to her.

      Looks fade, and the body changes in time … the heart, mind and soul of a person is where the true connections are made and that’s what lasts and stands the test of time. Pretty basic stuff really. Scary how few seem to have caught on though.

  • The_Commentator

    Ben can’t lose a decision.
    Starting to bug me.

  • bajafox



    Gilbert did not look comfortable in the ring almost tentative trying not to lose instead of going balls out trying to win.