Gilbert Melendez Felt Tecia Torres Beat Randa Markos on TUF 20’s Debut Episode

September 11, 2014
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Gilbert Melendez Strikefore20_Post-478x270Tecia Torres entered The Ultimate Fighter 20 as one of the favorites to become the inaugural UFC strawweight champion. She was seeded no. 3 out of the 16-woman cast and was undefeated prior to the show’s debut on Wednesday.

Her hopes to winning the show and the UFC belt were dashed in the first episode when she was lost to Randa Markos by unanimous decision. She felt she did enough to win and so did her coach, top lightweight contender Gilbert Melendez.

“I totally scored it for Torres,” Melendez told “I thought she controlled it.”

“She did get taken down at the end. I think with a couple of seconds left she let the lady advance, knowing it. She didn’t get off on the ground and pound like she did in the second round. I thought she fought her game plan and landed more significant strikes, but it did look pretty close when I saw it. It was close,” added Melendez.

The 25-year-old American Top Team trained Torres was the first pick for Team Melendez. A loss wasn’t the way he wanted to start the season.

“That was a little tough start for Team Melendez right here; my no. 1 pick going down,” he said. “I thought Tecia won that fight and I still stand by that.”

It’s a long season and a lot of things can happen. Torres could get back in the competition depending on what transpires in the coming weeks.

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  • Shred Man

    Melendez and Torrez need to stop smoking crack. There is no way in hell Tisha won that fight. She clearly lost the second and third.

    • shakejunt

      2nd was certainly more clear cut, but i felt markos controlled the range in the 3rd with leg kicks and got the better of her in the clinch. tecia flurried and it looked good, but most of the shots weren’t landing. randa dictated the pace, the takedown and eventual mount just solidified it.

      • addictedmma

        Couldn’t have said it any better myself. I guess its a good thing gilbert isn’t a judge.

  • Darin

    Torres didn’t do much on the feet, Markos dominated on the ground. Torres possibly won the first. The other two rounds weren’t close. Easy decision for Torres. Nobody is going to be UFC champ fighting like Torres did.

  • Anthony Lopez

    Everyone has an opinion but his is clearly biased. Randa took this fight, no doubt. Very good fight, very close fight, but the judges got it right

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    Result was fair and I can’t c how Torres style as a volume striker could be marketable for the promotion, of course is effective but there are more interesting fighters in a deep division like SW is.

    • shakejunt

      what do you mean not marketable? she’s probably the most diverse striker in the division outside of jojo. she has a good sprawl and can absolutely work her way to the top after working more on her tdd.

  • dandogood

    when a fighter spends most of the fight on her back getting hit and laying there she should lose?


    Tecia needs to train more on her Jiu Jitsu she is small so she is going to spend a lot of time on the ground….she could have used a good rubber guard work the Truck basically she needs to get some 10Th Planet no gi training in,mix that with her striking now she is complete !!! I say it time and time again when i see MMA guys or girls training jiu jitsu in there shinny Gi’s/kimonos with all there matches grabbing lapels and sleeves i just laugh it kills u in a mms fight…MMA No Gi !!! and i always see Tecia in a Gi.