Gilbert Melendez: “Diego Sanchez is Always a Dangerous Opponent”

October 16, 2013
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Gilbert Melendez at Strikeforce Barnett vs. CormierIn this exclusive interview, Gilbert Melendez talks about his upcoming fight at UFC 166 fight with Diego Sanchez. The former Strikeforce lightweight champion says he’s excited to take on the “mad man” in Sanchez, and knows he’s walking out of Houston with a win on Oct. 19.

Check it out.

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  • Timothy Malone

    I dont understand why so many people are considering Sanchez an underdog in this fight. He is 13-5 in the UFC; four of those losses are decisions and the other is a stoppage in the 5th round against Penn. That loss is also the only one of those at lightweight. He might not be ranked in the division right now but he is one of the best.

    • julian moran

      Sanchez is 3-3 in his last 6 fights. Some people think he should have lost against Kampman and everyone knows he lost to Gomi, which makes him 2-4 at best. Many people think Melendez beat Henderson, which potentially makes him number 1 in the division.

      • Timothy Malone

        He is 3-3 but all the fights were close (three of those were FOTN) and 4 of them were at welterweight. If he does a good weight cut (he did miss weight against Gomi after all) then he should be able to hang with Melendez just fine.

  • Mihael Hajdin

    Gilbert is gonna destroy him, Diego has terrible stand-up and i dont think he can take Melendez down, that being said Diego doesnt stand a chance..

  • bajafox

    I like both of these guys, IMO Gilbert is the silent champ and #1 contender. If Diego makes it close, there is no reason why he shouldn’t still be considered elite.

    The loser should get Benson

    • BarrysHypocrisy

      You’re saying that Sanchez is ranked #2 contender in the division? He shouldn’t even be in the top 15 anymore.

      • bajafox

        That’s not what I said, I said if he makes it a close fight, he deserves to fight top 10 guys (elite,) regardless of where’s he’s ranked.

        Not sure if you’ve watched the UFC lately, but ranks don’t mean a damn thing

        • BarrysHypocrisy

          You said that the loser should get Henderson, implying that the winner should get Pettis. You are saying that Sanchez is ranked near the top.

          And as far as rankings go, how do you think the UFC lines up it’s fighters? Do you think they just put everybody’s name in a hat and draw them out for matches? Just because Dana or Joe Silva hasn’t told you personally what their fighter rankings are doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

          Not sure if you’ve watched the UFC lately, but Sanchez is a B-level gatekeeper at best.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Melendez needs to watch out for the mean faces that Sanchez always makes because they seem to score points with the judges. Oh, and those wildly winged punches that Sanchez likes to throw (and usually misses with), those score points with the judges also.

  • Sal

    to much for Sanchez, would be great if he pulls it off. Standup no contest

  • fsunoles10

    im assuming this fight will be absolutely nuts from the opening bell to the end. with that being said i got gil by tko

  • Epyon

    In his beginnings Sanchez was a straight beast, I thought I read a while back that he mixed up in trting, if correct might reflect the recent record. But if I’m wrong then so be it. Melendez/ skill, sanchez/ was aggression, heart? FIREWORKS!


    Gil should be fighting Pettis! Josh Thompson should fight Sanchez! *Benson vs TJ Grant* & *Khabib vs Rafa dos Anjos*