Getting Ready for Shogun vs. Hendo II: Shogun Rua vs. Dan Henderson First Fight Full Video

March 18, 2014
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Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Dan Henderson fought their way to one of the most exciting bouts of 2011 at UFC 139. Now, two-and-half years later, they’ll see if they can put on a repeat performance, although surely neither one of them wants to endure the full five rounds again.

Get ready for Sunday’s UFC Fight Night 38 by reliving the full first fight between Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and Dan Henderson from UFC 139.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Hard to get excited about a 44 year old guy on a three fight losing streak vs a guy that doesn’t have a quality win since Machida four years ago. Shogun might be the fastest champ to gatekeeper in history!

    • TheBestEver

      Then go eat some cereal kid you dont deserve to watch mma or ufc for that matter. Your are less than nothing.

      • TheCerealKiller

        So my comment still stands and you sound like a spiked hair, PRIDE t-shirt wearing troglodyte.

  • Johnny_Mook

    If someone finds it hard to get exiceted about a superfight between two legends of MMA, then its truly their loss. I’m, however, looking forward to this. War Shogun!

  • Joe Dog

    “Superfight” ???? Without TRT, middle-aged Henderson will be washed up. One last fight for his fans and then he fades into hypogonadal pugilistic dementia. The only thing good that could come out of this fight is redemption for Rua. With a solid win, he might show that he still has relevancy in the LHW division. I’m guessing not.

    • Chicago

      i could be wrong but i was under the impression that Dan WILL be using TRT. and that this was the very last time/last event anyone can ever use TRT in the UFC.