Get Back in Line Daniel Cormier, Alexander Gustafsson Wants His Rightful Shot at Jon Jones

August 13, 2014
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Alexander GustafssonDaniel Cormier was a late replacement for Alexander Gustafsson when an injury forced the Swede out of his UFC 178 rematch with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Jones had suffered an injury, forcing the fight with Cormier off of the UFC 178 card.

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To Cormier’s good fortune, however, UFC officials rescheduled the bout for UFC 182 on Jan. 3, 2015, which should give Jones plenty of time to heal his injured ankle.

Cormier, of course, is happy. The man he replaced, however, is not. Gustafsson is steaming mad.

“I just heard the news that Jones is injured and the fight is rescheduled to January 3????” Gustafsson wrote on Facebook after finding out about Jones vs. Cormier remaining intact. “Until then, I will be more than ready, it was MY fight to begin with and I WANT the fight as the number 1 contender. End of story!!”

When he found out about Jones pulling out of the Sept. 27 fight, Cormier initially worried that he would lose his title bid back to Gustafsson for the same reason that the Swede is irked about.

“There were a lot of questions whenever I initially heard that (Jones) was out of the fight. You gotta remember that I replaced Alexander Gustafsson,” said Cormier on Tuesday on America’s Pregame show on Fox Sports 1. “So when I heard that Jon was hurt, now him and Gustafsson are now on the same schedule in order to be healthy. So my first question was, I don’t have to go behind Gustafsson now, right?

“And I was assured it’s going to be me in January, not Gustafsson. He’s not going to take my place.”

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, said Cormier, is the man that reassured him that the fight in January would still be Jones vs. Cormier for belt.

That didn’t sit well with Gustafsson, who, like many others, doesn’t believe that Jones and Cormier hyping their fight with an impromptu brawl during a recent media day appearance should lend any additional credence to keeping the fight on track.

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He earned his title shot by taking Jones the distance in the toughest fight of the champion’s career, winning a headlining bout over the previously undefeated Jimi Manuwa on the Londoner’s home turf, and then waiting for Jones to dispatch of Glover Teixeira.

An unfortunately timed torn meniscus forced him out of the bout, and now, despite another injury postponing Jones vs. Cormier to where it would fit Gustafsson’s timeline to be healthy, he’ll still have to wait for his return shot at the title.

It isn’t difficult to understand Gustafsson’s frustration, and he isn’t shy about expressing his anger.

“Apparently UFC thinks that acting like clowns on a press conference will hype a fight more than doing the fight of the century, that’s ridiculous!!!”

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  • RobinWilliamsWillBeMissed

    Simple solution. Triple threat match. Jones vs Cormier vs Gustafsson. Last man standing wins.

    • drkdisciple

      a TLC match?

      • new-new

        Or better yet make it a lumber jack match w/ the rest of the division surrounding the Octagon… And at the end of the fight no matter who wins have Rumble come in and cash in his MITB briefcase and become the new champion

  • uncle

    It only make sense ,Bones and Gus will be ready to go
    around the same time ,DC should get the winner.

  • Kyle Rayner

    Gus is a crybaby.

    • Darin

      No, Gus makes a great point.

      • Kyle Rayner

        How many times is he going to try to “make that point?” He got injured, and got the fight taken from him. Jones got injured, and the fight got postponed. DC shouldn’t be penalized for their injuries, and that’s why he still has the fight. If Gus is so awesome, he should take another fight and win. No doubt he’ll still be next for a title shot. He’s a cry baby. “IT WAS MINE FIRST” lol

  • drkdisciple

    UFC is all about the money and there will be more of it with Jones facing DC!

  • James

    Jon Jones whooped his ass in that fight. Jones 10-8 the last two rounds. Get fight pass and go watch it again. Fight really wasn’t close. DC actually deserves the shot more. Oh watch with the sound off to many people believe what comes out of roagens mouth instead of what they see with their eyes.

    • Darin

      Do you understand what a 10-8 round is??? That fight had none. Gus won the first 2 rounds easy. The third was very close. The fourth was close until Jones cracked Gus with an elbow and dominated the rest of the round. Jones was much more active in the 5th as Gus gassed. It was a fight that could have gone either way, depending on the judges.

    • Ian Price

      I thought for sure it was 3-2 Gus.

  • Mark N Melissa Juarez

    Let gus fight rumble for next shot at the belt AFTER jones/cormier.

    • dennis tran


    • Ray D.

      Although it makes sense, they will not allow that because the loser of a Gus/Rumble match will have to work their way back up. Who would the champion fight then when either Gus or Rumble fall out of contention. The UFC will avoid matching up the top three contenders with each other so that the champion will have a fight lined up for him.

    • uncle

      I can see that but the challengers for Jones is
      running thin. So why eliminate 2 top contenders
      for the belt?

      • Jon Doe

        +1 how many 205lbs contenders are left after DC/Gus? How many after Rumble?

  • DamianCross

    Gus and Jones are the ones who pulled out, why should DC be punished?

    • uncle

      It’s really not punishment, He was just the perfect
      replacement for Gus.

    • Darin

      If it is unfair to “punish” him, wasn’t it unfair to reward him with the title shot in the first place? Gus’s injury lucked DC into a shot. Jones’ injury should luck him back out.

      • DamianCross

        Showing up and being ready to fight when others run away is the direct opposite of luck.

    • John

      Yea DC didn’t do anything wrong. He just said he would fight. As far as I know DC also had a knee injury but agreed to fight anyway.

  • Darin

    Gus is 100% correct. He deserves his shot and if the UFC cared about what is fair and makes sense they would give it to him.

    The problem is: DC and Bones just did a bang up job of hyping their fight with their amateurish brawl. Speaking of which, where exactly are those promised “repercussions, UFC? It seems to me you’re rewarding Jones and DC for it by keeping the fight on.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Gus is 100% right, but the UFC don’t give a crap about “fairness,” they’re a business and only care about $$$$. Either way Jones vs. Gus or Jones vs. D.C is going to make money, but Jones vs. D.C is going to make more $$$$.
      FYI: The UFC stated that they’re going to wait until the commission investigates & hands out their “punishment(s)” before the UFC dishes out their “punishment(s).”

    • deepgrim

      There punishment will likely be a decent fine followed by an even bigger bonus for promoting the fight

  • marrk_us

    100% He’s correct, since he’s healthy he should get the title shot first. Would I order the fight? If the rest of the card was top flight, yes. But i’m ordering the Jons/DC even if the rest of the card is s**t without a doubt, even without last weeks scuffle.

    • solo

      and that is why Gus will wait for the winner. he wont loose much imo, cause he is gonna fight for the tittle next after this one is settled, so…

      • nap

        Not so true! Fact is Gus will now sit out even longer from fighting meaning a little bit of ring rust and the uncertainty of who to train for. if he got jones first, as scheduled he would have put doubt in jones mind as the fight was really close.

        • marrk_us

          Just wait until for some reason there’s an immediate rematch between Jones and DC. Gus will go through the roof! LOL. There are Wayyyy too many immediate rematches in the UFC.


    Gus deserves the fight! One thing for sure about the UFC–they are not fair to the fighters! Look at Bario getting a rematch with Dillashaw,Rematches are for close fights,now the division is stalled, and the fighter that deserved it most gets screwed-That is why I allways watch the PPV FOR free on first row sports-suck on that Dana

    • Dragon Kid

      Barao is only getting a title shot so UFC can market him for the main event cos dillashaw isn’t a credible name yet.

  • Marc Livingood

    Gus won the first fight i cant believe people think Jones won. In the second round Gus gets two knock downs! He caught the leg of Jones and swept his legs twice! Jones landed 2 head kicks but all the other strikes in that round came from Gus so I scored it 3-1-1 even I scorded the 4th round even because Gus dominated the round but in the last minute Jones rocked Gus but didn’t knock him down and Gus recovered so I called that one even. Jones won the 5th round. So it is important that Gus gets the first shot because in this game one bad fight can change everything. I predict Jones will lose to Gus and DC just like Fedor and Anderson and Mark Coleman back in the day . You may seem unbeatable but when you lose it comes in bunches.

    • Tom Johnson

      Eddie Bravo’s card said that Jones won! Nuff Said!…………………By the way, who the heck is Eddie Bravo?

  • no plan

    what about gus vs cormier brawl and the winner takes the shot

    • solo

      no, now is not the time for that fight.

      • natpaukar7

        also it will put things on a weird schedule cause the whole point was that Gus was injured…otherwise…I would agree but I don’t think Gus would agree.

    • John

      That won’t happen because then you only get one championship fight instead of 2. So you make less money.

  • Austin, TX

    Yes. Give the shot to Gus. He’s the one that originally earned it. Not DC. The original rationale is now missing. Jones is hurt too so have the original match. Not this popularity, WWE crap. Keep it linear and real. Professional.

  • Tom Johnson

    Someone tell Gustafason that even though, he may deserve the fight more than Cormier, the UFC AND all big companies are not concerned about doing the RIGHT thing…….They are concerned about $$$$$$$$. How do I know this? Review their history! Tank Abbott returning. Ken Shamrock going past his prime. Kimbo Slice after losing to Seth………. Think about this, If Cormier beat Jones, then Cormier vs Gustafasson will also bring in huge money BUT, if Gustafason did fight Jones and beat him, Cormier vs Jones wouldn’t happen AND Cormier vs. Gustafason won’t draw as much cheddar!……It is a known fact that it ALWAYS is about the cheddar……My advice to Gustafason is to root for Jones, hope he wins, and then everyone is happy.

    The UFC is usually very fair with giving guys title shots when they deserve them BUT, when it is a close call and they have the option to make MORE money, sorry but, they always choose more money!
    Greed destroys our sense of right and wrong! Always has, always will!