Germaine de Randamie Issues Statement After UFC Strips Her of Featherweight Title

The Ultimate Fighting Championship on Monday issued a statement that it had stripped women’s featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie of her belt. In making the statement, officials announced that Cris “Cyborg” Justino would meet Invicta FC featherweight titleholder Megan Anderson at UFC 214 in a battle for the vacant UFC title.

“UFC has informed Germaine de Randamie and her management team that she is being removed as the women’s featherweight champion due to her unwillingness to fight the No. 1 ranked contender, Cris ‘Cyborg’ Justino,” the UFC said on its website. “Subsequently, top contender Justino will face newly signed Invicta FC featherweight champion Megan Anderson for the UFC women’s featherweight title in the co-main event of UFC 214: Cormier vs. Jones 2, July 29 in Anaheim, Calif.

“UFC maintains that any champion is expected to accept fights against the top contenders in their respective weight classes in order to maintain the integrity of the sport.”

On the heels of the UFC’s announcement, de Randamie issued her own statement via social media. She certainly didn’t sound pleased with the UFC’s decision or its manner of implementing it, but appeared to be resolved to continue fighting.

“As many of you will know, the UFC has stripped me from the belt,” she wrote. “For those of you who do not know what that means, the UFC has taken my title because I refuse to fight against their number one challenger. (I have my reasons for that.)

“It’s great to hear this news from the media and I’m sorry that it’s running, but it is what it is!

“Well, I hear you thinking again, ‘She’s scared! What a bad champion! A shame for the sport! She did not deserve to be a champion! Etc., etc.’ I’ve seen it all.

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“But apart from what everyone thinks, I’m walking my own path. And there you can agree or not. That I’m stripped does not mean I’m going to stop. This only means that I have even more reasons to knock NOG (literally sometimes) for which I stand and what I want.

“The UFC is not long for me!! It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes Courage to stand alone. ‘Die with memories not dreams!'”

The UFC has yet to reveal its future plans for de Randamie.

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  • Frank Bevan

    she will win her court case—cite Bisping

    • Nill Bye the science guy

      or connor

  • shakejunt

    sure, walk your own path back into obscurity just to get beat by a contender at 135 and never get that big payday. set her up with liz, cat, pena, or pennington.

  • macarrech

    ”UFC maintains that any champion is expected to accept fights against the top contenders in their respective weight classes in order to maintain the integrity of the sport” **

    **Unless you’re Conor.

    • Roscoe Gauldin

      yep. conor holds up a division to seek a boxing match and gets full support, anybody else would have gotten an ultimatum.

      • John

        Uhhh that’s becasue Conor’s going to bring millions into the UFC for a fluke circus show. Duh!

        • Roscoe Gauldin

          the ufc has no involvement with this fight, its under mayweather promotions. the ufc wont get a dime. if anything, when conor gets totally humiliated, it will only hurt the ufc brand……DUH!

          • Ryon Thornton

            Conor is under contract with the UFC. You don’t think they are going to get a piece of that money? If they weren’t getting something, they wouldn’t let him fight. You’re right that the UFC isn’t involved in production. That’s all Showtime. I do agree with your original point though. He shouldn’t get special treatment.

          • Johnny Sanchez

            UFC is getting at least half of Connors share of the fight. He’s still under contract.

          • John

            Uhhh UFC is getting a sizable % of Conor’s purse. Get your facts straight. Even if they weren’t, NO ONE is expecting conor to win so this will obviously have no effect on his MMA career or the UFC brand. DUH!!!

          • Roscoe Gauldin

            the interview i saw with dana white pretty much stated that dana is playing the role of conor’s manager and the ufc had no involvement. so obviously conor and dana are getting paid, but as far as the ufc, the company will gain nothing.

          • John

            Dana is a UFC employee bruh. Conor is not a Dana White employee. Do you really think Conor would give up Millions to Dana White for absolutely no reason? Conor doesn’t need Dana to “manage him”. The UFC has no involvement in regards to putting on the event as Showtime will handle that but they are certainly getting compensated, they are even doing a UFC countdown or something to the hat effect for the event and sharing promotional duties.

          • Roscoe Gauldin

            im just going by what the interview stated. conor doesnt know the business side of things so he does need someone to manage him. dana white (from what i gathered) is handling the negotiations and the business side of it. so im sure dana will get his share of the money for the part he is playing. so actually, dana is a conor employee in this fight.

          • John

            No you’re just misinterpreting what the interview stated. Conor doesn’t know business? Uh yeah tha’s why he’s made an absurd fortune becasue he has no business sense right? Smfh, and regardless he already has his own manager. The ONLY reason Dana is involved is to serve the UFC’s interests. Yes Dana will get paid but peanuts compared to what Conor and the UFC will make.

          • Roscoe Gauldin

            show me proof that the ufc is getting money out of this.

          • John

            Show me proof Dana White is getting money out of this. That information will probably be released post fight. But if Dana’s involved and getting paid and the UFC is doing promotional events and ALLOWING Conor to box when they could contractually deny him, it stands to reason that the UFC is getting paid. They’re risking their biggest star becasue he’s their biggest star and want to keep him happy. But they’re not going to risk him and pay for promotional events for free dude. Use your common sense.

          • Roscoe Gauldin

            so no proof?…….SIT DOWN, STFU!

          • John

            Where’s your proof Dana is getting paid? Do you also need proof water is wet too? Smh what an utter dunce you are. Lol you either have the IQ of a guppy or are just too butthurt to admit you’re wrong. Either way you’re ridiculous.

          • Roscoe Gauldin

            you say “get your facts straight” when all your going off of is speculation. you have no facts. showtime is building the undercard and maweather promotions is handling the fight. the only involvement the ufc will have is the build up (embedded series) on conor’s half leading up to the fight. the fight itself, ufc has nothing to do with. dana is obviously getting paid since he was a big part of negotiating the deal on conor’s behalf. so stop talking like you know sh*t “bruh”. but anyway, im bored with you, go spew your garbage somewhere else bitch.

          • John

            Point to my quote where I said “Get your facts straight”. I never said that so you’re obviously delusional or have poor reading comprehension. Oh so you’re SPECULATING that Dana’s getting paid for negsotiating but you’re SPECULATING the UFC isn’t getting paid even tho you just said they’re handling promotion, or in otherwords, providing a service that will cost them lots of money? Uh yeah you’re a hypocritical moron who has zero logic, zero reason and zero common sense. Yes I can imagine someone as dense as you would get bored quickly, I’m sure life is a major struggle for you. Butthurt clown.

          • Roscoe Gauldin

            “Uhhh UFC is getting a sizable % of Conor’s purse. Get your facts
            straight.” look familiar, retard. i knew i was dealing with a simple minded queerbag, but didnt realize that you were that dumb. this is why i cant debate with people like you. how are you going to argue any kind of point when you cant even recognize sh*t that you said yourself? please dont respond, you keep making yourself look more and more pathetic. please, for your sake.

      • NoMoreElbows

        He’s holding up one division now, but remember, he held up the FW division for an entire year without defending it even once. Sounds like Dana is being a hypocrite.

    • runner2300

      Exactly what I was going to say….

    • Bully4me17

      Come on, there’s been many fights that Champions have refused to take. Bisping (cough cough Romero), another just recently.

      The part of that statement that makes me laugh is Dana saying more than once ” we can’t make guys fight someone they don’t want to fight”..

      Wonder if Dana will try and strip DJ of his belt too???

      • Kris-tyahn

        Dana already said they would just terminate DJ’s weight division, then he has no choice but to move up in weight and try and beat Cody or Dillishaw there!

        • Bully4me17

          Unless the contract states DJ fights in the 125lb division. Could very well be there as the UFC does put a CHampionship clause in there. Stating he is CHamp of the 125lb div. Therefore if the UFC drops the flyweight’s (125) DJ has no division to fight in his contract could be VOID. Just a possibility.

  • TheCerealKiller

    “I’m walking my own path” away from Cyborg as fast as I can. Coward.

    • Eyes OnPies

      De Randamie signed her fight agreement before Cyborg popped recently, Cyborg turned down to fight her on 2-3 different dates only fitting now.

      • Murdock

        Health comes first. Last thing the MMA world needs is another early death.

      • TheCerealKiller

        She is free to fight, but walking away. Lose coward.

  • Murdock

    Now strip Bisping and McGregor of their belts.

  • John

    Smh wow, if you ever want a blueprint for needlessly and utterly destroying your own career and image just look to GDR. She’s a coward and a cheating hypocrite herself. she’ll no doubt retire with very few fans. Dumb, dumb, DUMB!

  • himmler adams

    Cyborg would just have KO’d the average weak scared Randamie anyway

  • GDRsucksNisAcoward

    “I have my reasons” she says for not stepping up and fight Cyborg LOL what a coward! She’s probably in love with Cyborg

  • darkone9171

    I find this really funny. UFC strips this woman of her belt because she didn’t want to fight Cyborg. UFC has once again has shown how hypocritical it is. Don’t get me wrong, I love Connor McGregor. But he has NEVER defended his belts. But I guess it’s ok because he draws in the crowds and the money. Stripped him of one belt and just hands it back to Aldo. We all saw how that worked out. I believe that ALL champions should have to defend their belts, but if you’re name is Conor, you get to do whatever you want. But once again, HE’S allowed to pick and choose what he wants to do, like this farce of a boxing match. While once again, holding up an entire division of fighters. The hypocrisy and double standards of the UFC just boggles the mind….smh

    • Kris-tyahn

      It says the champs should have to defend their belts to the #1 contender (which is who the UFC says the #1 contender is). Conor has never turned down a fight, so your point is MOOT!
      Now you could sorta use Bisping as an example, but he hasn’t “turned” down those fights vs. Romero, he’s been “injured” and he wanted Henderson for personal reasons and wanted GSP for financial reasons… b/c he will require a lot of $$$ if he were to fight Romero… before he retires.