Gerald Harris Released Following Loss At UFC 123

November 23, 2010
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Gerald Harris UFC 123

Gerald Harris

In a somewhat stunning turn after UFC 123, Gerald Harris has been released from the promotion following his loss to Maiquel Falcao over the weekend in Detroit.

The news of Harris’ release was confirmed to by sources close to the fighter on Tuesday.

Prior to Saturday night’s defeat to the Brazilian, Harris had gone 3-0 in the UFC with three finishes, including some bonus worthy knockouts and a highlight that made ESPN SportsCenter’s Top Plays of the Weekend.

Following his time on the “Ultimate Fighter” season 7, Harris fought in several other promotions before personally asking UFC president Dana White for another shot in the Octagon.

He was granted his chance and Harris didn’t disappoint as he dusted off three consecutive opponents before making the main card at UFC 123.

Harris fell short against the Chute Boxe newcomer, but not without showing a tremendous amount of heart in the unanimous decision loss.

The release seemed somewhat shocking for a fighter who holds a 3-1 record in the UFC, with three finishes, but nevertheless Harris will look to work his way back to the top once again.

  • albertdm

    So they release a fighter who is 3-1 with 3 stoppages but keep Tito Ortiz who is 0-4-1? That’s ridiculous.

    • It doesn’t explain Harris’ release, but with Tito, I suspect contractual issues that made it more sensible to have him fight again. I don’t know that for a fact, just my gut feeling.

  • michael_m_23

    Tito shouldn’t be in the UFC anymore.. that’s a given. He’s pretty much done. BUT, you can’t compare Gerald Harris with Tito Ortiz. Dana White barely even likes Tito, but he draws crowds. Here’s to hoping he’s exiled to strikeforce next year.

  • Pretty harsh but it sends a powerful message to everyone else: Give it your all or hit the road. He put on a terrible performance at the wrong time and was basically standing on the tracks when the train came barreling through. Efrain Escudero feels his pain.

    Wonder if we’re still having this conversation if he had gotten choked out at the end of the 1st round. I’m thinking he’d still be under contract.

  • There’s a Twitter campaign to get Gerald back in the UFC:

  • Bonation

    He was supposed to be submitted in rd 1. They had a technichal problem keeping time and round one ended 7 seconds before de 5 min mark…. which would have been enough to put Gerald to sleep.

    On top of that, Maiquel Falcao stated in an interview that Gerald Harris tapped on three occasion, but concealed the taps from the ref so Falcao would let go of his position. Don’t know if its true, but its a hell of a cheap shot…