Georges St-Pierre and UFC Agree to Terms, Return Imminent

February 15, 2017

Georges St-Pierre’s return to the Octagon is imminent.

Though pen has yet to be put to paper, a report by on Wednesday indicated that St-Pierre and the UFC have agreed to terms. 

Citing multiple unnamed sources, the report indicated that St-Pierre has agreed to terms for a new multi-fight deal with the promotion. A bout during the third quarter of 2017 is expected.

Georges St-PierreSt-Pierre has long been teasing a return to the Octagon, and had been in the thick of negotiations with former owner Lorenzo Fertitta in 2016. The target at that time had been a bout with UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping

When the UFC was sold to WME-IMG for roughly $4.2 billion, things quickly turned south. Negotiations ceased.

UFC president Dana White recently breathed new life into the possibility of St-Pierre’s return, telling Canadian outlet TSN last week, “We’ve been talking to GSP for, God, over a year now. Me and GSP got everything straight between us.”

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Now, however, it appears that the two sides are coming together to bolster the promotion’s star power. 2017 has been off to a rocky start for the UFC, with little star power driving early events. St-Pierre’s return coupled with the expected return of Conor McGregor in the latter half of the year would provide a much needed boost to the bottom line.

At the time of publication, it remained unclear if Bisping was still the target for St-Pierre’s return, but returning as a middleweight wouldn’t be surprising for the former welterweight kingpin, especially considering the changes to weight-cutting regulations and methods since he last fought in 2013.

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  1. Hopefully he will go back to his old ways of at least trying to finish fights otherwise……zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • I think his style is boring pending the opponent. Hendricks & Condit were far, far from snooze fests. Both won fight of the night in fact.

      • And both should have won those fights. Instead, both got ripped off by corrupt judges, especially Johnny Hendrix. Did u see Georges face after that fight??? It looked like hamburger. George is a boring fighter, who just lays on his opponents for the win. He does not finish fights. And I’d rather he didn’t return to the UFC.

        • Hendricks, I understand (roided as he was). He actually did lose on points, but definitely gave Georges a beating.

          But … you ACTUALLY believe Carlos won that fight??? Are you on drugs? Either way, your credibility is shot with that one affirmation. Carlos lost that fight in every way, shape and form.

          • He had one moment, apparently landing a good headkick wins you the whole fight, huh.

          • Nah … landing 101 significant strikes compared to Hendrick’s 85 strike count does though. Point being, GSP won on stats. Were he the challenger, I doubt that would have been enough, but as long time defending champ, guess the judges thought otherwise. Keep in mind, we had never seen GSP take anything close to a beating before, so seeing Hendricks perform so well against him left a stronger impression than it might have otherwise.

          • Sorry I was talking about the Condit fight, should have put his name in my post.

          • Ah ok gotcha. I probably should have caught on with the “head kick” comment as I don’t recall Hendricks ever landing one.

    • WaWaWa please watch boxing.

      • Yep, whenever I need a nap!

      • I don’t get what “please watch boxing” has to do with his comment.

        • It means the fans that want to watch two cavemen pound on each other until one gets brain damage and falls down are not fans of MIXED Martial Arts. You want to watch people that just punch other people then go watch boxing, a one dimensional sport where you can probably guess the winner most of the time. I like that one discipline cancels another and someone that is a full-time MMA would be an IDIOT to stand and pound when he can neutralize the other guys strength.
          Hope that is clear.

          • Couldn’t be any less clear tbh.

          • Very GSP-esque comment – long and boring. GSP went from being a great fighter to a “great athlete” the moment he tapped out to Serra’s punches. He does not take risks and THAT is not fighting. He fights not to win, but to not lose, and THAT is not fighting. His training and preparation for fights is based on winning a decision.

          • Fighting to win, and not to lose, is not fighting? Really? You’re the one not making much sense here to be honest. Need to consider the competition he’s gone up against. Most had been undefeated for years. All were in their absolute peak performance of their careers. GSP does not have KO power. He knows this. It’s his principal handicap. So yeah, he will focus on his strengths which is first and foremost (but not limited to) dictating where the fight takes place at any given time.

            The only exception where I would say GSP coasted is the Dan Hardy fight. That one was a low point in GSP’s career. He far outclassed Hardy and really should have finished.

  2. He’ll either fight for one of the titles or a super fight.

  3. Don’t pull a Ronda. Do a somewhat warm up fight before getting in there with someone like Woodley. You have been off for how long?

  4. What a shock the UFC signed GSP to a new contract, that’s weird, seeing how they have Rond… I mean Silva looked great in his last fig…. Jon Jones is ready to fig…. McGregor is coming back earl…. oh wait they don’t have any true Stars that can bring in the $$$$ GSP can, at a time where the UFC is taking some flak, to say the least!
    I’d like to see a “warm up” fight against Nick Diaz (only bc he hasn’t fought In a while as well), other then that, Diaz vs GSP makes NO sense! Even Lawler, I think Woodley knocking him out affected him more mentally then it did physically. But Diaz would be a safe bet!!! I think we will see a better GSP, he’s definitely a lot healthier and he’s been training non stop, sure he will have ring rust, but the guy is a machine. I want to see him fight a 3 rounder, which will never happen…. EVER!
    Sonnen said it the best… GSP was finishing guys who weren’t the #2 guy in the world fairly easily, and he didn’t have to worry about going 5 rounds, 3 round fights and 5 round fights are completely different. Like Hendricks and Lawler found out, KO’ing guys on the way to the top pretty “easy” but staying at the top and dominating for years, not so easy!

    • I think Georges is a smart man. If he says he’s ready, he’s ready. I don’t believe in ring rust. Not with the obsessive amount of intelligent training someone like GSP puts himself through. He spars with the best of the best on a regular basis. I say don’t waste his debut with anything other than a title fight or a super fight.

      I see the UFC throwing him in with Bisping. That’s the next fight. Fairly certain. Dangerous fight for Georges, as the Brit is a big, long strong fighter with very good TDD. But that’s the fight to make IMHO.

      • Bisping is a joke that got lucky. He loses to whoever he faces next.

        • Considering the top competition in the division, I don’t disagree. Bisping is a mid tier middleweight fighter who got a lucky punch in on a very unintelligent Rockhold. While I agree he doesn’t really fit in the top 5, he most definitely is not a “joke”.

          • I was more referring to the current situation. Him getting a title shot was a joke. I understand the circumstances that happened, but he didn’t deserve it. Then Rockhold makes a joke of himself by getting KO’ed. Then the title defence. “You’re not the champ until you defend your title” was made meaningless when they threw in a 45 year old man that isn’t ranked in the top ten. Now he’s going to have surgery and put off defending the title as long as he can. Joke.

          • Bisping has definitely been catered to. But he did KO Rockhold (or rather, Rockhold KO’d himself), he did squeeze a victory out over Anderson, and he did (barely) manage to defeat Hendo in their rematch.

            I do agree that the Hendo title defense was a bit of a slap in the face. I was, however, glad to see a long time warrior like Hendo get to retire in a title fight. Win lose or draw.

      • cant see them doing that, there are other fights that he would be interested in, diaz is a big money fight and stylistically it should be an easy fight again, maybe they do anderson, stylistically another decent fight for him and again big money, They will probably have learned from putting ronda straight into a title fight. And although his mindset could have changed i do recall george saying a while back saying that if he came back that he was not interested in titles. Ring rust is real tho, some fighters can be prepared for it, but they wont know until they are back in full competition whether they are rusty or not

    • I would also like to see a warm up fight,
      if they want to cultivate this and do it right

      If they just throw him in against the champion or a tough fight,
      that might set his marketability and confidence back

      His WANT to fight was why he smartly walked away

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  6. BTW,
    I watched that flucking kickboxer remake with GSP and Carano and a bunch of other MMA people

    He was actually good while he was talking in english
    His weird french accent actually made him spooky

    But then they blender edited it!

    Why would you hire a bunch of people capable of real world stunts,
    and then make it unwatchable?
    You wasted all their best talents

  7. It would be a joke if they give him a middleweight title shot when you have top contenders like Romero and Jacare that deserve their shot much more than someone that never even fought one fight at middleweight. Bisping needs to fight a top middleweight contender, it seems like he tries to do everything he can to avoid that. GSP should fight the winner of Woodley/Wonderboy.

    • UFC’s made a joke out of true competition for championships. As long as you can put butts int he seats you can get a championship fight.

  8. i just hope they dont put him in a fight with hendricks again! “I was not too impressed” with his win the LAST TIME

    • What ? I mean I get it if you think he lost but that was an awesome fight.