Georges St-Pierre’s Trainer Says It’s “50/50” Whether or Not the Champ Returns to the Octagon

December 2, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre UFC World TourEverybody has been waiting and wondering what the next step is for UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre ever since his post-fight comments following a difficult five-round split-decision victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in November.

St-Pierre said, “(I’m going to) hang my gloves up for a little bit and make sense of my life.”

In the weeks since, St-Pierre has refuted several rumors about him and his life, but has also remained in a cloud of mystery by telling, “I’m stepping out, but I’ll be training for myself.”

We know that St-Pierre went on a brief vacation following the Hendricks fight. He then returned to Montreal, where he began teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes at the Tristar Gym again, but we still don’t know where his head is at in regards to a return to the Octagon.

Even his head trainer, Firas Zahabi, doesn’t have any definitive answers.

In a recent interview on Sportsnet in Canada, Zahabi told interviewer Joe Ferraro, “Right now, it’s just about clearing his emotions, finding out what he wants to do with life. He’s been fighting for so long, he’s been putting off his social life for so long, making a lot of sacrifices. It’s been almost seven years now he’s champion. He’s had 22 fights in UFC.

“I think he needs to settle down, settle his mind, and figure out what he wants to do.”

What that means as far as St-Pierre returning to defend his belt and continue his UFC career is uncertain.

Zahabi is easily one of the people in St-Pierre’s inner circle that is closest to him, and understands what the champion is going through, but even he couldn’t put solid odds on what St-Pierre’s future holds. Perhaps, as Zahabi noted, St-Pierre himself hasn’t made that determination yet.

“It’s 50/50 (if St-Pierre returns to fighting) and I don’t think he knows either. If he ends it this way (after defeating Hendricks), I think it was good. He showed heart. He showed guts. He showed he’s a fighter.”

Zahabi did not give a timeline in regards to when he expects St-Pierre to make a decision regarding his future.

Watch the full Sportsnet interview with Firas Zahabi here. The interview covers Georges St-Pierre, Rory MacDonald, and numerous other topics.

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  • bajafox

    I’m about 100/0 dgaf anymore

    • J Barnes

      Same here… I like him but as a fighter, it seems his heart just hasn’t been in it. Maybe it’s good for him to at least take a break. Who knows, maybe he’ll get the fire back and we’ll see him again.

      • bajafox

        He hasn’t had that finishing mentality since he lost the belt to Matt Serra.

        If it were any other fighter wanting to take a break to think about where their future holds I wouldn’t care but he’s holding a belt that a lot of people spend their entire lives going after. He can’t hold it up just because he’s tired and confused, that’s no excuse

        • GSP


          • bajafox

            Thumb up for effort

        • J Barnes

          I see what you’re saying… but if he does take a “break” he should relinquish the belt officially. That way there’s none of this on-the-fence b.s. whether he is or isn’t really retiring. I agree it isn’t fair to the rest of the division just because he’s GSP.

  • battle ready

    Well……that settles it.

  • David Huenecke

    I hope he comes back for at least one more title fight. Its not fair to the division to win and then make the announcement he made where he may or may not retire. If he is going to retire I think it should be a decision he makes beforehand. If he is going to retire I think he shouldve done it after his last fight and given up the belt. Not give it to johnny by any means but relinquish the belt and leave the spot open. Then the ufc could have a tournament like strikeforce had for the belt.

    • b-soc

      Can we blame the judges for St. Pierre retiring as the champion when he probably shouldn’t have? Does he owe anything to the fans because of bad judging? Fu&% no!!!

      • David Huenecke

        Im not blaming him or saying he shouldnt retire as the champ. Its just if he does it now its going to be an anticlimatic end to his awesome career. I was simply saying come back for one fight and win or lose retire. Either win then retire and relinquish the belt and leave the title open or lose and retire having fought an awesome career and being champ for almost 8 yrs. Im not saying he owes us. I was simply stating thats how I would like to see this great fighters career end.

        • b-soc

          I see your point. In saying all this, I am a huge GSP fan; however, if we could actually rely on judging, GSP would not be the champion. He could have lost and retired, and we wouldnt be having this conversation at all, but the judges are the reason why this debate is happening. But, come to think of it, Hendricks is the biggest blame for claiming he did everything to win. Moment of the PPV came in the post fight presser when Dana turns to him and says “no your didn’t, you left it in the hands of the judges” Hendricks reply “Thank you Dana White”…..translation….pwnage!!! But I digress. I honestly hope he retires after the way Dana has put him down in the media, after all GSP has done for the company.

          • Austin, TX

            Yeah. I agree. Something about how Dana acted was a complete turn off. It was disrespectful and un-classy regardless of the decision. The guy owns the company and GSP has made him and his company a lot of money and brought millions of fans. It was like “Dana….just close your mouth man and accept it. It’s a done deal and not going to change. It just creates nonsense. Show some respect and some class for your guy and for the past. That guy made your company a lot of money. Why didn’t you complain about Hendricks and his 2 decisions that could easily have gone the other way. …..Kos, Condit. Why didn’t you blow up like that at Ben Henderson when he gets his bogus decision over Edgar in the 1st title defense. Or comment on the Gus, Jones fight. Which could easily have went 3-2 Gus. Why isn’t there an auto rematch there, like Weidman and Silva? And why is Weidman – Silva an auto rematch? Why not do it like normal like other fighters where they make their way back to the title fight again after a fight?” He’s supposed to be outside the thing. He owns the damn thing. If GSP walks away and retires something inside me will laugh and shake my head yes. (Im ok with him not, too.) The guy fought the best of the best, nothing but champions and ex champions mostly. Look at his record. Look at the people he fought. Watch the fights again. People easily forget the past when intoxicated by the present. He didn’t have to go off quite like that. It showed a lack of class in my opinion. It’s not like something was going to change. It just created nonsense. Especially coming from Dana. Dana should have grasped this instinctively as the face of the company.

    • TrentSki

      He probably doesn’t want to fight Hendricks again, he got his ass kicked bad, so wants to avoid that

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    How many times can we recycle the same story? Next one will be, “GSP’s mother wants him to retire by 2015 at the latest, with or without the belt.” I guess this is still preferable to the next story detailing the decline of Ronda Rousey. “Ronda Rousey tells hostile fan, “if you don’t like it, don’t watch my fights.””

  • BobGyro

    let him retire with peace and dignity for a job well done … you douchebags …………..only thing society loves more then watching someone come up and succeed, is falling as far down the hole as possible ,so they can piss on him/her Paaathetic

    • TrentSki

      Read what you wrote, then press enter, in the future

      • BobGyro


        • TrentSki

          You are a douche, you don’t even realise your a fool after I pointed it out, wow

          Your mum should have taught you to read what you write noob

          • BobGyro

            Who are you talking too i am pretty sure i was writing in clear concise English… obviously a language you do not understand ….sllllacker

          • TrentSki

            Go pay someone to lose your virginity, the English is fine, but trying to be tough online, wow, you really didn’t think that out, you are a douche, to the

          • BobGyro

            Started an argument you couldn’t finish. go back to school, and get your G.E.D first before commenting any further on my well informed comments.
            Isn’t Mr Strickland still out looking for you

          • TrentSki

            Your comments are from a noob that has no idea, and you prove it again, just because you think your smart, doesn’t mean you are. I mean look at you, your a fat loser with no job

            Don’t bs brat kid

  • Gary Fredericks

    Retirement is a huge life altering decision. I say give him a couple months, then rattle his cage for a definitive answer. He’s great fighter that has left me with at least 20 satisfying PPV purchases, even in his decision wins….and I HATE decisions usually because of the judging or wrestling matches most of them are. He took on all comers and beat just about all of them. GSP is to his era what Hughes was to his.

    If he fights again I will but the PPV. If not, then I will wish him well in his retirement and hope he has a long healthy life to enjoy the entertaining career he left behind. It was a job well done.

    • Sarcasticball

      Well said!!! I just hope he dosen’t put the belt on hold for too long because at some point he will have to make a decision.

      • Gary Fredericks

        Me too. He would be out a few months minimum had he another fight with Hendricks anyways. GSP seems like the type of person that likes to have t’s crossed and I’s dotted and needs everything in order to function or he feels life is chaos. Just my take and I have never met him, but that’s how he comes off. I would hazard a guess that he is the type of MMA fighter that would like to retire after the first announcement unlike Randy Couture’s exit from the fight game (not that it is for me to judge).

  • Ian Price

    I think he should retire after a rematch with Hendricks and a catch weight exhibition fight with either Anderson at 177.5 or with Pettis at 162.5. That would be a good way to go. I know he has a lot of wear and tear, but it’s not like he’s 38.

    Come on, Georges!

    • Rdd08

      Geez is that it?!!!!! lol Just two tough as hell fights!!! I mean come on its not like he’s flesh and blood!!!

  • robc

    He by all accounts does not need the money. He is relatively healthy, and he is going out on a win. If he is smart, he should retire. Returning and potentially losing will just tarnish his legacy. So many top guys just couldn’t quit when they were on top (Chuck Liddell comes to mind). Why does someone have to lose multiple times before they retire. No one will think less of him. Get married, have kids, eat poutine… Let’s wish him a fond farewell. He would be a great embassador for the UFC and would likely have some kind of role with the org after he retires (if he wants it).