Georges St-Pierre’s Five Months of Rehab, ‘I Don’t Feel Any Pain’ (Video)

June 5, 2012
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Georges St-Pierre at UFC 145Georges St-Pierre has been sidetracked for his last two scheduled UFC dates due to a lingering and re-aggravated knee injury.

Now he’s five months into a rather lengthy rehabilitation process. What he’s doing now would probably put most of us on the floor, reeling in worse pain than St-Pierre had from the original injury, but it goes to show the effort the UFC welterweight champion is putting into making sure that when he does come back, he’s 100-percent healthy and ready to fight.

“My knee feels good, I don’t feel any pain,” said St-Pierre after a bout of running drills.

The projection for his return is some time around November, although that has yet to be set in stone.

Check out St-Pierre’s recent rehab video…

  • phrankthetank

    I cry at the thought of leg day and my knees are healthy…

  • MrAdidas

    lol – I hear that! I wonder if GSP is going to cut down on the weight lifting, since he seems to be alot less “tight/stiff”. Though, GSP did say in an interview that he only does weights for “looks”/sponcers/magazine covers etc. He does NOT lift any weights for the purpose of his MMA training. He seems excited at the end, when the trainer said he was going to get him to start somethign new. “I cant wait man – I’m telling you … holly ****, it’s going to be crazy”. PUMPED to see GSP return, I think Condits in for a rude awakening!