Georges St-Pierre’s Coach Compares Anderson Silva to Lance Armstrong

February 8, 2015
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Anderson Silva’s standing as the greatest fighter of all time has come under heavy scrutiny since a positive drug test result revealing two banned substances came to light last week.

At the fore of the critics is former UFC welterweight champion George St-Pierre’s coach, Firas Zahabi. He recently spoke to, expressing his shock at the Silva drug test, comparing Silva to disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong, a cancer survivor that stormed his way to seven consecutive Tour de France victories, has been banned from his sport for life and had all of his Tour titles stripped due to doping over the course of his career.

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Anderson Silva and Lance ArmstrongZahabi said that, with Silva’s purported transgressions, St-Pierre should be recognized as the best pound-for-pound fighter.

“It’s horrible for the sport. Lance Armstrong has not helped the sport of cycling. So many people were inspired by its history. And then we learn that it is a lie. Now, you live something similar in our sport,” said Zahabi.

Silva has proclaimed his innocence, but it is very rare in such cases that the drug test result is found to be inaccurate. Zahabi, for one, isn’t buying.

“A mistake with two types of different steroids? I’m sorry, but we are not fools,” Zahabi told

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Like St-Pierre, Zahabi calls for clean competition in mixed martial arts, but fears that if something to that end isn’t done soon, one day, the fallout from a positive drug test result is going to be much more serious that fines and suspensions.

“Me, personally, I wish that the sport is clean. Because one day, a guy is going to die in the Octagon,” said Zahabi. “Our sport is already quite dangerous like that. If we add the doping on top of it, it becomes foolishness.”

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  • Sir_Roy

    Aside from the rather shameless plug for GSP, the dude’s not wrong.

    They’re not riding a bicycle or swinging a bat at a ball … they’re throwing haymakers at each other’s heads wearing 6 ounce gloves. Sport needs to be clean. Need tougher testing to ensure it is just that.

    • YouTrainingUFCBro

      Who is wearing 6 ounce gloves?

      • Tha Kracken Neal

        I did in my mma fight, amatuer fight but some of the pros wore the 6 ounces also for the 3 min round fights

        • Tha Kracken Neal

          And I’ll take a 6 ounce over 4 if I have to fight a roid head

    • sean

      mma fighters wear 4 ounce gloves mate

      • Sir_Roy

        Yeah. My bad. I was projecting.

  • Aaron Gustaveson

    Now we can all agree that gsp is the undisputed GOAT.

    • marcano

      Ummm.. funny how people forget the allegations of GSP taking performing enhancing drugs… tru enough he never been “caught” but his coach is looking at this as an opportunity to put his fighter in clear light…
      Smh not falling for it…

      • Aaron Gustaveson

        Allegation by whom, hendricks, he’s so stupid he can barely
        speak, diaz, same story. More to the point, allegations are allegations you
        dont have to forget allegations because they mean nothing anyway. His coach is
        not trying to “put him in a clean light”, he doesn’t need to do that because no one
        of any credibility has ever accused him of anything and HES NEVER USED PEDS! Hes’
        trying to secure recognition that GSP is the GOAT. I don’t know why he’s bothering;
        anyone that’s not brain dead already acknowledges the fact. Look at the opnt
        gsp faced vs silvas, not even close.

        • Groinstrike

          The guy was willing to grease up his shoulders in his fight with BJ Penn. A man who is willing to do that is willing to take steroids. In my opinion greasing his shoulders was worse than using steroids as it made it nearly impossible for BJ Penn to defend himself while in the guard position.

          • Aaron Gustaveson

            No he wasn’t “willing to grease . . ” that would imply that he decided to grease himself or get greased knowingly. Thats not what happend. Use google.

          • Darin

            It should be called the Greatest of Past Time. ALL time suggests the future. Jon Jones will likely eclipse GSP’s accomplishments, as horrible as that is.

          • groinstrike

            Oh yeah. Well Anderson didn’t willingly juice. His trainer gave him the steroids with his other supplements without his knowledge.

          • Gregor Eisenhorn

            And you know this how?? Also how do you know the roids weren’t taken by injection??
            Did he get a syringe up his bum while he slept all wise and powerful, all knowing one…. Wait a minute is this you Anderson??!

          • jmh

            If you look the supposed steroids up its says they’re oral steroids, no injections.

          • Aaron Gustaveson

            You cant get a shot with out knowing. Watch the fight where the trainer greased him, you’ll see you are wrong on this.

          • Teal’c


    • Hansa

      GSP GOAT?? Are you KIDDING me!!! Ever heard of Fedor Emelianenko? Kazushi Sakuraba or Jon Jones? GSP is nowhere near these legends.

      • Teal’c


        • Hansa

          Didn’t get that, elaborate!

      • Unchained

        Fedor is not even top three. Sakuraba seriously dude? Shouldn’t even be in the same sentence of the greatest of the sport. You could argue Jones for sure number one. For me personally Jones is 2 as this point in time, but if he continues the way he is going he will be in a league of his own. Fedor though? Please the best guys he fought were Cro Cop and Big Nog who both got there asses handed to them by the dudes in the UFC.

        • Hansa

          You don’t know a shit..FEDOR not even top three?? WTF!!
          Sakuraba killed the Gracies, know and learn some MMA history boy, you don’t know anything about the sport. Even Wanderlei Silvas stint in Pride was better then GSP’s run in UFC..

  • Peter

    So many MMA’er do steroids, etc. Who even cares? No way do I believe GSP never took synthetic performance enhancing hormones.

    • Rob

      As far as I know, GSP is the only fighter to do both the more advanced VADA and WADA tests for the same fight. So you are free to believe whatever you want, of course. Myself, I like a little evidence. Not only is there no evidence that GSP cheated. By passing the more advanced tests, there is more reason to believe he is clean than there has been provided for any other fighter in the MMA.

      • Raymond Gonzalez

        Yeah, those tests pick up stuff from a LONG time back, also. GSP is clean.