Georges St-Pierre’s Coach Believes the Fire Still Burns; UFC Boss Gives GSP Carte Blanche

September 11, 2014
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Georges St-PierreEverybody still wants to know when or even if former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will return to the Octagon.

When he first retired following a split-decision victory over current champion Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, he left the door cracked open. His comments since have been mixed, but St-Pierre has never definitively stated whether he would or would not come back.

During his time out of the cage, St-Pierre has continued to help his Tri-Star teammates train, leading to a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in March. The injury required surgery, leaving many more convinced than ever that he would never again set foot in the Octagon.

His longtime coach and friend, Firas Zahabi, however, recently spoke to, saying that St-Pierre expects medical clearance to resume martial arts training sometime next month. He also said that he believes the competitive fire still burns in his friend.

“Right now, every time I talk to him, we never talk about his comeback,” Zahabi said. “I’m being 100-percent honest with you. I tell him people ask me about it every day. I think we both just know that there is no answer until he gets back in the gym, in his routine, and sees if he wants to continue.

“My personal opinion is he still has plenty of competitive juice in him. I don’t think he’ll be anywhere near fight shape until he’s late-34, mid-34. I think he’s got a few fights in him, but I don’t want to speak for the guy. He might retire and no one could blame him.”

St-Pierre turned 33 in May, so that would put a possible return off until sometime in the latter half of 2015 or early 2016, IF he chooses to return and IF Zahabi’s take on his friend pans out.

If St-Pierre does return, he appears to have near carte blanche from his boss, UFC president Dana White, as far as how he approaches a comeback.

“It would be tough to deny that GSP comes right back and doesn’t fight for the title, you know what I mean?” White told on Thursday. “GSP can do whatever he wants. If he wants to come back and fight for the title, or if he wants a fight before that; he can do whatever he wants.”

The ball is in St-Pierre’s court.

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  • Sir_Roy

    GSP returns at 185 to fight Anderson.

    He already said he’d need time off to bulk up. I feel that’s what he’s doing. Intimating a time off to do so every time Rory was brought up.

    He comes back in a super fight with Anderson at 185. Anderson decimating Diaz is the gateway …

    • Muttley76

      Don’t think that’s much of a question, even coming off the injury Silva is and should be a HUGE favorite in that fight.

      • Sir_Roy

        Styles make fights. GSP’s style is a terrible match-up for Silva. If he can put on some size, I don’t see why GSP cannot possibly do better than Chael.

        • Muttley76

          I meant more the Silva-Diaz matchup that silva should be a huge favorite in. For the record I like Silva vs GSP also, but that would be a far more interesting and competitive fight. I agree 100% that the difference in styles would make it a must-see.

    • drkdisciple

      wishful thinking at best!

      • Sir_Roy

        A man can dream. But seriously, if you really look at interviews and blurbs before the Hendricks fight, it does not seem that implausible. He’s doing exactly what he said he would have needed to do to take this fight.

  • heidi

    hey, I’d like GSP to e-mail me at I want to clear a bet. On the day of the fight at Arco Arena in Sacramento, I went to my local Starbucks located on the outskirts of Folsom California. While there a mini van with a sliding door parked next to me and the driver went into Starbucks. However, the passenger opened the slider and twisted himself around while sipping on his bottled water. With a high degree of certainty I thought this was GSP. My son was going to the fight that night and has watched his fighting even before all the hype of the UFC houses in Vegas. My family and especially my son tease me non stop on fight nights about me saying I saw him at Starbucks. Specifically my son says “Yeah like he would be getting coffee on a fight night !!! ” Even though I keep telling family that he wasn’t getting coffee it was the driver or who they heck knows maybe the guy just had to pee. Anyway if GSP or someone who knows him could ask him if he remembers stopping at Starbucks out in Folsom before going to Arco Arena and get back with me with some verification…..I could end my relentless family torment. HAHAHAH
    thanks Heidi Maule

  • heidi

    Honestly, I think GSP should stop fighting soon and be a mentor, teacher and trainer [which I am sure he already is]. His smile is as infectious as Julia Roberts, and everyone knows he has a spiritual side. There is always that one last fight, and that one last big paycheck.. Well that one last fight mean the difference between having a healthy retirement or a painful and debilitating retirement. I say go to law school and become one of Dana White’s attorneys 🙂

    • jeremy

      I think you have made some great points and good advice. He would be one badass attorney lol

    • TrentSki

      Why would he stop fighting soon when he already has? That doesn’t make sense

  • TrentSki

    I don’t see it happening. GSP would have to get back on the juice again to stand a chance, because he won’t be getting a gift decision. So if he did come back, he couldn’t be pushing for olympic style testing, because we all know how he got his ass kicked last time he fought without being on the juice