Georges St-Pierre Would Abolish Rounds in MMA: “Why Do We Try to be Like Boxing?”

April 26, 2013
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Georges-St-Pierre-UFC-143_6035If UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre had his way, he’d go old-school. There would be no rounds in mixed martial arts fights.

“I don’t think rounds are a good idea.  That’s my opinion.  Rounds are a bad idea,” said the 31-year-old Canadian on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

“There’s a lot of things I would change in the sport.  First of all, the time, there’s no time, no rounds. I believe it’s stupid. Want to see who is the best man? Let them fight, 15 minutes or maybe 25 minutes for the championship, but no rounds.  Why the rounds?” he questioned.

St-Pierre wants to turn back the clock to the early days of the sport when there were no rounds. He believes the round system was only implemented to present the sport as more like boxing.

“Why do we try to be like boxing?” asked St-Pierre.  “We’re not boxers.  They did rounds to be like boxing, to be accepted as a sport.

“No rounds.  That’s just ridiculous,” he added.  “That’s when it used to be the real thing, back in the day.”

St-Pierre believes no rounds would make the fights “more honest” and would result in more finishes.

“I would rather fight in a rule like this.  I think it would be more honest. Who is the better man in that fight,” he said.

The five-minute round system used today was implemented for UFC 21 on July 16, 1999, and has been utilized by the UFC ever since.

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  • bajafox

    No thanks, 25 minutes of GSP is way more than enough…

    • Sir_Roy

      Read the article before getting in yet another thread and taking yet another cheap shot at GSP.

      You come off a little better that way. Not much … but a little.

      • bajafox

        Hook, line and sinker, lol

        It’s ok for people to take jabs at the Diaz brothers in articles they’re not even mentioned, but it’s not ok to take jabs at GSP in a GSP article?

      • Rory

        We’re all entitled to our own opinions here. Someones elses opinion on gsp is his or her business.! If you disagree with an opinion that bothers you….move on!

        • Sir_Roy

          I agree. We are all entitled to our opinions. No where to I rob him of this right. But when you post them in a public forum, expect your opinions to be challenged. One of the principle objectives of a discussion section to an article, is for folks to do just that. Discuss. Otherwise, if you get too butt hurt whence challenged, best to keep said opinions to yourself.

      • Jason Willhite

        It clearly says “No time, No rounds” before the comment about 15 min to 25 min. Read the article. Really though, go watch the interview, he was saying no time at all like the article states but you don’t seem to see that part of it, you self righteous douche bag.

        • Sir_Roy

          He was clearly referring to the beginnings of the UFC when there was no time and no rounds you wannabe tough guy. Could give a rat’s arse what you think was intimated when what he concluded with is clear as day.

          Keep calling folks “douche bag” behind the safe confines of your keyboard chump.

    • this is true

    • PhranktheTank

      He didn’t suggest no time limit, he suggested no rounds. 25 min straight instead of 5×5

  • bajafox’s brother

    You hit that nail right on the head brother!

  • Nate McAlpine

    Only problem is scheduling the fight. The main event already doesn’t start until midnight. What if all the fights last an hour? The main event starts at 2AM? While I get what he’s saying about the essence of the sport, the purpose of the UFC is to entertain.

    • sdelfin

      He misspoke but said he was fine with time limits. Scheduling would not be a problem as nothing would change. Undercard fights could be 15 minutes and main events 25.

      • Nate McAlpine

        Oh, in that case, I’d like to see that. Might put one of the round card ladies out of work… Yeah, that’s pry the only downside.

  • Sir_Roy

    I don’t think you guys read the article. GSP stipulated to let the fight go for 15 or 25 minutes … but without rounds. Reading the article before commenting is always a sound idea.

    • bajafox

      Obviously it was just a joke, this article was already posted yesterday on Yahoo. One comment said “if this were around when GSP fought Fitch, they’d still be fighting today”

      They’re jokes, don’t get your panties in a bunch. Not everyone hangs on to GSPs nut sack

      • Sir_Roy

        A “joke” can be funny if it has relevance to the article at hand. Your comment assumes no time limit – GSP’s position clearly includes time limits. Ergo, you did not even read the article and your “joke” has no relevance to the actual content of said article making it yet another of your baseless potshots at GSP. I give you a hard time herein, because you do this in every-single-article I’ve seen you post in since the Diaz vs GSP hype started up.

        I’m a fan of criticism that makes sense. Your posts, all too frequently, do not. And try to be original in your retorts or wannabe insults. The whole “hanging off ‘X’ fighter’s nut sack” line is old and overused. There’s Something to be said for originality.

        • Cereal Killer

          Break it up, ladies!

      • Funny Mr.Fox. Some folks can’t take a joke.

  • sdelfin

    I like it, but I’m biased since I’m into grappling and cardio. I know that it sometimes takes a bit of time to set things up and break your opponent’s will to fight on the ground and five minute rounds don’t easily allow that. And I’m also a big fan of the old Pride 10 minute first round.

  • Triggerman99

    Anything that ups the chances of GSP actually finishing a fight for a change, I’m all for it.

    • urdooomb


      GSP is one of the fighters that exploit round by round scoring system. A few exchanges followed by a score of takedowns…lay and pray.

      • PhranktheTank

        You would have a valid argument if you could bring up examples of GSP stealing rounds. He uses striking exchanges and takedowns, but he typically wins the striking exchanges before he hits the takedowns.

      • Cereal Killer

        Why don’t you go tell someone to beat GSP at his game then? You seem to be a super coach!

        • R

          That would make things even more boring!

          • Cereal Killer

            If you’re blaming GSP for “boring”, then go remove him by whatever means needed. Once you remove him, by your genius thought, the next champ can be Exciting!….LOL

  • Darin

    I agree with Mr. SP. No rounds would bring an end to close fights being automatically handed to the guy who snatched a last second takedown at the end of each round.

  • Cereal Killer

    The heavy weights would never make it 15 minutes, except a select few.

    • urdooomb

      ur dooomb noob

      In PRIDE there were one 10 minute round and one 5 minute round.

      About 1/3 of the first round was often used as a filling out process.

      And yes, the HWs did exactly this.

      U r a noob.

      • PhranktheTank

        He was trying to be funny. Besides, that’s still 2 rounds, and heavyweights still tended to be exhausted

      • Cereal Killer

        Did you really just say “a filling out process?” LOL

      • Cereal Killer

        And only little kids call people “noobs” in hopes to get others to think they know something.

        • Sir_Roy

          To coin a phrase “break it up ladies”.

      • The owl

        Heavy weights had one ten minute round and two five minute rounds. Only pride bushido had the one five minute round.
        U r a noob.

    • Thierry Lambert

      youtube find the fight between pele and chuck lidell. 30 minutes fight, no rounds bare knuckles

      • Cereal Killer

        I’ve seen it and a lot more. My point is that most HW’s get gassed right now with the round breaks.

  • Seran

    Fair enough idea. While their might be more finishes how many ground and pound fighters would just sit on a person for 15-25min after their first take down? Wouldn’t make for an entertaining fight if someone had good ground defense but couldn’t recover.

  • Grant

    Outstanding idea, from the master himself. GSP haters, What’s with the tall poppy syndrome? Bring back the old school days of UFC. Perhaps for the fighters that want to rounds they could give them the option of either straight 15/25 mins or 5 min rounds.

  • anon

    he’s right, but, of course, never gonna happen…

  • MMAEnth

    if that rounds be removed in the mma then it be an advantage for bjj figthers and may result to more unhealthy fights because of fatigue and injuries. the mma implemented the rounds system to make fighters safe as much as possible. we are all human even mma fighters are all human and not robots with no feelings. dang GSP if you wanna kill yourself then go fight with no rest for 25 minutes and dont drink.

  • Joe D

    Idiots! Literally idiots! No rounds no rest! Idiots! This would 1, lead to the most boring experience you have ever seen after ten minutes of two great fighters who cannot finish each other becoming exhausted and all action coming to a complete end. None of you are thinking, fighters are not super human. All of those incredible finishes or endings of fights that happen in the third round or the championship rounds would be no more fighters pushing an exciting pace would be a sloppy mess and fights would be terrible. 2, morons, how can you have a show you god damn idiots! What do you think arenas tell renters you have the place till your show is done! Do you think networks agree to have UFC on fox be 6 hours! Pay per views for ten hours! Use your brains.

  • Timothy Malone

    Theoretically wouldnt this mean more fights decided by cut? The cutmen work between rounds

  • BOLIVIANonepunchKO

    nobody wants to see u lay down on someone for 25 mins straight george

  • Marc Livingood

    And “you can’t be saved by the bell” if a guy is in the mount (ala Sho gun Dan Henderson) if the bell rings they keep going until the guy on top wins or the guy on the bottom escapes.

  • Alex Anderson

    gsp would definitely have more finishes with that rule

  • I think GSP’s idea would make it more realistic and closer to what would happen if they really fought. Still not exactly the same obviously, because they’d still have gloves, a ref etc, but a little closer to “who’s the best guy”.

    Rounds however, enable a higher level of competition. Being allowed to re-hydrate, have cuts addressed and receive coaching increase each athletes ability to perform well, especially towards the end of a long fight.

    Question is which is more important? Probably different for everyone.