Georges St-Pierre Wants to Conquer Welterweight Division Before Fathoming Anderson Silva Fight

September 10, 2012
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Georges St Pierre Sept GSP 2012_1957UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will return to action after more than a year and a half away from the sport and face Carlos Condit at UFC 154, but all anyone seems to talk about these days is GSP facing Anderson Silva.

The superfight, which would almost be a lock for the biggest fight in MMA history, has been mentioned by both Silva and UFC president Dana White as the bout most likely to happen next should St-Pierre defeat Condit in November.

It appears, however, the only person who hasn’t signed on for that deal is St-Pierre himself.

He believes there’s a lot of disrespect in even talking about an Anderson Silva fight when he has interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit standing directly in his path.

“It’s terrible. I hate that, but I’m not focusing on that. I’m not speculating,” St-Pierre told “I’m thinking about Condit right now; that’s what I should do.”

Since his injury, St-Pierre has watched a welterweight division he’s ruled with an iron fist over the last few years flourish in his absence. Not only has Condit moved into position as the interim champion, but Martin Kampmann and Johny Hendricks are now poised as No. 1 contenders who fight on the same UFC 154 card that St-Pierre fights on in his return to action.

Before anyone should even fathom a superfight between St-Pierre and Silva, the Canadian believes he still has a lot of work to do at welterweight.

“I feel like I have a lot of guys that are there and I don’t understand why people are going crazy now, but I just came back from an injury, so maybe some people see me as a weak link. We’ll see what’s going to happen in the future,” said St-Pierre.

Check out this exclusive one-on-one interview with Georges St-Pierre where he talks about his recovery from surgery, Carlos Condit and much more:

  • Georges your excuses dont work anymore. Previously he said he had unfinished business at welterweight and going up to middleweight would be permanent. Fair enough but now Silva has said he will come down in weight to fight; so why cant GSP fight Silva, who will likely be retiring within a couple years, and then resume his conquering of the welterweight division? He acts like he has to retire after the Silva fight or something.

    • gnodeb

      Should be simple. Super fight make sense only if they are both undefeated. GSP has huge fight in front of him. He doesn’t pretend that it is impossible for him to lose. That is all he said.
      On the other hand, AS doesn’t have next fight so he is free to talk about GSP as a possible opponent.

      • MrAdidas

        Not only does Silva have no oponent, but he clearly has no desire to fight the #1 contender @ MW! While GSP will fight anyone & not question whether or not they deserve a fight vs. him, just like when he fought Serra and Hardy – 2 guys who had no “business” being in the Octagon with him, in regards to skill. Sure Serra made the best of his opportunity, but the 2nd fight proved it was a lucky punch behind GSP’s ear.

        GSP is all class & respects every oponent the UFC asks him to fight, unlike Silva who thinks he has the right to pick & choose his oponents, which he doesn’t. NO Champ, not GSP, Jon Jones or Silva have the right to say yes or no, the UFC decides who the #1 contender is, then you fight him. No and, if’s or but’s, STFU and do your job, which is fight.

        • Triggerman99

          You do realize that after Nick Diaz called him out, GSP went to Dana and asked to fight Diaz instead of Condit, right?
          Sorry, but your little rant about Silva being some a$$hole anomaly is wrong. You don’t get to pick and choose what truths you want to use when your trying to prove a ridiculous point.

        • gnodeb

          How can you say AS doesn’t want to fight when it is obvious that he cleaned that division. He cleaned it so badly that even Weidman thinks he is #1 contender. AS can not turn down a fight that UFC never meant to make.

      • steelesmith

        No hes trying to act like theres all these guys left at WW to challenge him, thats what he meant when he said, “I feel like I have a lot of guys that are there and I don’t understand why people are going crazy now”. And theres not, and thats annoying, and so is GSP.

    • MrAdidas

      What we re you talking about? First of all Dana white stated that silva will not. be able to move down to WW. Which means GSP would have to gain weight, which takes time and he’d have to fight someone. Store he fights silva @ 180lbs, he’d be stupid to try something new and career changing to fight silva 1st with added weight/size. Which is why when he gains weight it will be permanant and not move back down in weight/WW. GSP has much. Ether competition at WW than Silva has, which is why GSP wants to literally clean out the division, and not to mention he wants to fight Diaz more than anything else. If silva’s bored with the MW division and doesn’t want to fight weidman, then retire or move up to LHW your actual weight division. I forgot Silva doesn’t like/want to fight people his own size, which is why he wanted to fight Nick Diaz and GSP … Whom are WW’s. How sad!

      • rayzor4life

        It’s funny how GSP fans have selective memory. BJ Penn moved up not once, but twice to fight GSP. Anderson Silva has moved up not once, but twice to fight at LHW. How many times has GSP moved up? You people that complain that Silva should move up permanently because he has cleaned out the division are OK with GSP not moving up after he has cleaned out his? Makes no sense.

        • phrankthetank

          BJ penn fought at gsp at WW the 1st time because there was no lw division. He moved back to WW for the super fight.

  • markronin

    Both Silva and GSP have a few more opponents to settle things up.

    For GSP it’s Condit and Diaz, unless Diaz has completely lost his mind.

    Maybe late 2013 or 2014 we will see the superfight.

    • Richurd Cheese


      • dathump

        and Diaz has completely lost his mind already, no unless required

        • markronin

          No, he’s not completely psychotic yet, but he’s close.

          You never had a brain to begin with.

      • markronin

        You’re a worthless, retarded troll, kill yourself.

  • He doesnt seem like he really wants the fight. If the fight doesnt happen soon Silva will be retired he doesnt seem like he has many fights left. He is approaching 40 so if this fight is going to happen why not Superbowl Feb 2013.

    • maddawgmar

      I don’t feel that he doesn’t want the fight at all. Seems to me he is only saying I’m focusing on a tough “dangerous” opponent right now. He also is sayin there is a flood gate of opponents for the winner of the fight. Hendricks/Kampmann. Plus Diaz and Ellenberger if they get a win or two. Can’t even count out MacDonald. With a couple of wins he’s in contention. So if he gets past Condit maybe He fight the winner of Kampmann/Hendricks then talk about Silva.

      • markronin

        Worthless comment, you’re a moron.

        Only Diaz and Condit are interesting fights, the other guys are of mediocre interest and MacDonald has said at length he won’t fight GSP.

        • maddawgmar

          Spoken like a true Diaz nut licker. Diaz is coming off a loss he better beat a top guy before he thinks about getting a title shot. Plus I never said they were interesting fights, I said they were in line. How many times did friends say they won’t fight then they do. Jones/Evans Liddell/Ortiz. Mind you the latter was never verified. Hell even your boyfriend Diaz would fight his brother if a title was on the line. Douchebag…

  • fightfankevin

    Seems like George is getting a bad rap for not jumping all over the silva fight. George has been on the shelf for a year and a half, and ring rust is a reality. He has at least two legit contenders in condit/diaz. And if i were to move up to fight what most people consider the all time greatest fighter i would want to the time to bulk up and train too. Who gives a rip if andy moves down, he still will be much bigger than George. Personally i agree with George, silva sees George as busted goods and wants to add George to his legacy. Its like fighting a post rampage Chuck Liddell. Andy seemed awefully fond of 205, why not jump on jon jones, hes clearly not injured.

    • shakejunt

      I understand that people think Nick will make for a good fight against GSP, but he needs a win over a relevant WW before he’s actually in title talks. (No, Penn coming off a draw doesn’t count.)

      • MrAdidas

        Dude too bad that’s not the way things work in the real world of sports or in the UFC. It’s all about the “money,” Diaz will only need to beat a top 5 or top 10 WW & win impressively & he could easily get a title fight. I agree, that he should earn to fight GSP, but if GSP loses to Condit (I doubt it very much), but if he does, then Diaz vs. GSP could happen alot sooner than expected.

        • soboc1

          Mr Adidas, So Diaz should earn a fight with GSP, but Weidman deserves #1 contender? And you say it’a all about money, so Why should AS fight a hardly known, one impressive winning, Weidman? There’s no money in it.

  • shuangma77

    Silva already goes up to 205lbs to fight why do people want to see him fight someone at a lower weight class? why not Silva go fight someone bigger and PROVE how good he is? I think Silva vs JBJ is much more appealing than Silva vs GSP

    • shakejunt

      Your use of the word “goes” seems to imply that it’s a regular thing. It’s not.

    • MrAdidas

      I agree, Silva’s natural weight division is easily LHW, but Silva has ALWAYS enjoyed fighting smaller fighters, which gives him alot of advantages b4 the fight even begins. Moving up to LHW, gives Silva less of an advantage compared to when he fights at MW. Not only are the fighters @ MW much less skilled than the fighters at LHW, but Silva is always the bigger, stronger fighter with the longer reach @ MW. He’d lose those advantages if he were to fight @ LHW. He also knows GSP has been out for a long time & not to mention GSP is alot smaller. It’s funny how Silva’s fan boys talk about GPS being scared to fight Silva, while it’s Silva who wants to fight the much smaller fighter, but they have excuses all day for Silva not wanting to fight Jones at LHW or even move up. BAHAHAHA typical.

      Silva vs. Jones is ALOT much closer than Silva vs. GSP. To those who say GSP fought BJ (a much smaller fighter), is absolutely true, but the only difference is … BJ is the one who wanted to fight GSP & hounded him for over a year to make the fight happen. GSP accepted, and we seen what happened.

      I also find it funny that if GSP were to “challenge” Ben Henderson @ LW to fight at 170lbs, what would most of you GSP haters say?!? Yet, Silva challenges a smaller fighter & people dont “question” Silva for being a coward for wanting to fight a much smaller fighter. Hypocrites much?!?

      • Triggerman99

        It’s funny to me that you continue to blast Silva for having “advantages” over other fighters at MW. You talk like it’s unfair for him to be fighting at MW or something. What does that even mean? He IS a middleweight! That’s his weight class. I’m sorry that it pisses you off to no end that he keeps winning, but deal with it. Calling for him to move up in weight because he has an unfair size advantage is just ridiculous. It’s not like he is so big that he barely makes the limit; he’s never had trouble making the weight.
        And if you are so adamant that Silva is beating up “smaller” fighters, why is it that Franklin, Dan Henderson, and Sonnen all went to LHW after losing to Silva? If they were so small, why did they move up in weight?
        If you’re going to continue to relentlessly hate on Silva, you should get a new angle. This one is played out.

        • fightfankevin

          Triggerman, i dont think anyone believes its unfair for him to fight at mw. True he probably walks around at what 210,220, and cuts to 185 weigh in but thats perfectly legal to do. The point is Silva himself chose to dabble in the LHW division, then made the comment he didnt want to fight outside the division anymore. Thats until he realizes he can drop to fight a smaller opponent who hasnt fought in almost two years to help further his legacy.

          • Triggerman99

            Well that’s not entirely true. He fought once at LHW as a favor to Dana (James Irvin) and once as a sort of punishment for the way he acted in Abu Dhabi (Forrest Griffin). He didn’t really do it to test himself or anything like that, so it’s not like he is flip-flopping by saying he doesn’t want to do it anymore.
            Regardless, don’t get me wrong; I’m not in favor of him fighting GSP or Jones. neither fight interests me, but to demand that Silva move up in weight because he has an unfair advantage in his own weight class (I know you’re not saying that, but MrAdidas most certainly is) while also saying it’s unfair for GSP to be asked to move up and fight Silva is completely idiotic and hypocritical.

        • I agree with Triggerman Silva belongs in Middleweight. “Advantages” that argument is so stupid. first of all being good at MMA is base on skills not their height. If your arguing about Silva moving up to LHW then Jon Jones should move up to HW just because he has the “advantage” due to his reach thats just dumb. Its not Height classes its weight classes not every man in any weight class have the same skills, height, frame etc. some fighters are just better than other fighters. if u can make weight you can fight at any weight class period regardless of your height, skills, and everything else.

      • Ummmm…. and Jones’ natural weight class is LHW? My ass. A huge reason Jones is so dominate is because he’s so much larger than most of his opponents. Besides, Jones has been dominate for a little while now, but Silva and GSP are the most dominating fighters in the history of UFC. This is a fight hardcore fans who have come up with this sport have wanted for years, and now little fanboys are gonna bitch about it? People are so annoying

    • obuchons

      I agree! No interest in Silva vs. GSP. Now Silva vs. Jonny Bones! All day long!

    • MaritalArtist

      If silva goes up to 205, jones will have no choice but to fight him for the belt, unless JONES moves up to HW to avoid him. Its possible. Lol. And if silva wins, I will have to concede that he is the best. Better than GSP, jones, fedor, hendo, bendo, aldo, anyone with an “o”, etc etc. come on Andy!

  • It’s not like GSP has begged for the Silva fight. He’s doing his thing in his own division first making sure he takes care of business. He’s coming back from a long layoff and taking Condit serious. What’s so wrong with that? Guys a class act and very respectful fighter. He deserves this Silva fight. The only ones really left to fight are Kampmann and Hendricks. If he beat both it would be it for him no offense to other fighters. And yea Kampmann and Hendricks are fighting for the next shot but both are great fights and different style fights for GSP. Best of luck to him, a lot of people want to see him defeated already for some reason it seems. How can you talk bad about a guy who works so hard and takes every fight so serious?

    • soboc1

      Cause these clowns find it easy to sit behind a monitor and voice their deficient, irrelevant opinions. It takes hard work for anyone to make it in the UFC and GSP is one of the hardest working. It’s easy to say he should, he’s a coward, He’s scared, etc when the last fight you had was in the playground in pre k. GSP and JBJ are a new breed of fighters who use their brains as well as their skills to be successful, not all fighters have to be neanderthals to succeed. GSP and JBJ are proof of that. These are the same people that want to see a KO in every fight and find a good grappling chess match as boring.

      • macgrubber

        cmon now jbj doesnt use his brain or else he wouldnt have gotten into a car drunk. Kid is an idiot. Or is that what smart people do? Maybe im the idiot for not drinking and driving? Help im confused.

        • soboc1

          I think you got it right when you said KID. Now if he doesnt learn from his mistake, then i would agree with him being an idiot. Also you chose to use a screen name based on a character who is an idiot, still confused?

    • MrAdidas

      AGREED 100% – Haters is all these morons are dude!

      P.S Soboc1: I also concur with your comment.

      • Triggerman99

        Says the guy who endlessly hates on Silva. Look in the mirror, bro.

  • somecokehead

    I hope GSP vs. Silva never happens. If Silva wants a challenge he can fight Bones and get finished for his legacy. If he can win at 205 he is no welterweight. Dana wants a superfight? Who cares? Stop watering down the cards how bout that?

  • What is with everyone and asking for JBJ vs Silva!!! Seriously! Silva has been in the UFC since 06′ taking on top competition every time. He’s broken every record except for fastest KO or submission pretty much. He went up in weight twice and won. JBJ has a lot more guys to fight still compared to what Silva has done. Let him fight Vitor, Henderson and rematch Machida. And don’t sleep on any of those fighters. Jones most recent 3 fights are his biggest accomplishments and I am a fan of his but c’mon he has a lot more to do and I’m not saying he can’t do it. If GSP wants to move up in weight he deserves that chance, he’s been in the UFC forever, his loss to Serra is the only thing that has set him back of being even bigger then he is. To not want GSP to fight Silva takes a lot away from him and is so disrespectful.

  • sc_9f8536ace7c0899c4a682a311a5fcdbf

    Please next time you interview someone get your object in a better lighting position .

  • gogogadgetplata

    Silva is very excite to move down in weight.He very excite. GSP meanwhile is not impressed with the way Silvas wife makes a steak. Epic trailer.

  • MaritalArtist

    Ibthimk silva should fight them all. Just do it, Andy!

  • BlackDog2009

    haha these ufc champs, the interim condit, sits down for almost an entire year to wait (im sure jacksons advice) for gsp the gimp, silva wants to challenge a smaller, just out of the injured list opponent, ducks weidman n stays away from jones, gsp now craps on the whole superfight talk (knows he would be fckd),would rather fight hendricks or ellenberger? haha… jones ducks a smaller opponent and craps on his bosses. what a mess!!

  • ThePilot

    Anderson better not be trying to sit and wait for result of GSP fight. It seems as though he tries to fight as little as possible. I like to watch Anderson fight, he’s great to watch most of the time but man does he need to fight more! It looks like he’s only going to fight once this year and only twice last year! He hasn’t even had a serious injury! It’s almost certain he’ll retire before GSP and lose his record for consecutive title defences to him anyway so why not fight more before he goes?!

  • Iamrozylo

    ANDERSON!!! Move to back down to 170 and take GSP’s title!

    DO IT!!!

  • Jmoney

    Gsp scared… Why would you turn that fight down if you thought you could beat someone that is arguably pound for pound best fighter in the world… I thought he wanted to cement his legacy and be the best ever? Guess the question will never be answered. Can guarantee gsp will never take that fight.

  • GSP is a scarred little girl, he wants to stay at welterwieght so he doesn’t get his feeling hurt. He is the biggest sissy in the UFC besides Jon Jones

  • ThePilot

    I want to see Silva vs Jones!!!!

  • cyris

    Simeoncoleman is calling 2 dominant UFC camps sissys?
    Really? Big talk from behind a keyboard.