Georges St-Pierre Walked Away Due to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Video)

February 25, 2014
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Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre walked away from fighting and relinquished his title following his UFC 167 title defense against Johny Hendricks in November 2013.  He recently sat down with CBC and revealed that his decision to take a hiatus from fighting was due to obsessive compulsive disorder.

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  • Maddawgmar

    He has walked away because of drug testing, then pressure, then he left because of OCD. Next he will have left because he wants to search for Bigfoot. Who cares why he left, he left. And he’ll come back when he comes back. And if he doesn’t then so what?

    • brad king

      if he finds bigfoot it will be a deep woods take down followed by some vicious GNP. Hurry back Champ!

      • Maddawgmar

        Or he’ll Jab him for 25 mins…

        • Gethurt

          Or refuse to fight him because they’re both Canadian

          • Lex

            Or get beat up by the bear for 25 mins. Then take a decision fromt he woods judges and retire from bear fighting……c’mon lets keep this

          • Karen Meade

            “Bigfoot is very good,” Georges St-Pierre said. “He’s so good, he doesn’t know how good he is. He is one of the strongest apes I’ve dated in my life.”

            ” …it’s incredibly long. When you don’t know him, it really surprises you. ”

            “When he first arrive in civilization, he was a savage. But now he’s a savage with good wrestling. He’s very good at adapting.”

    • Scotty_O

      She asked him a question and he answered. I’ll never understand the hate so many people have for GSP. The only thing he’s guilty of is having a boring fighting style, and being so good at that style it that no opponents could do a single thing about it for so long. Why can’t the guy have multiple reasons for leaving. And even more important, why does he need your approval for any of those reasons. In a world with so much negative things to focus on, why GSP, I’ll never understand it.

      • Maddawgmar

        Obviously you don’t understand a lot of things. That comment was directed at the media, not GSP. While I am not a complete fan of his I don’t hate him. I have much respect for his abilities. My point is that, no matter what his reasoning is, is insignificant. He is gone, so focus on something else other than why, or how long. Let the man do what he has to do.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Apparently you care b/c you commented on this article, written about GSP! If you didn’t care, then why would you have read/watched? And then you commented. Like you, the media are aloud to ask him or whoever they want a question, just like you have the right to choose to click on the link or not.
          But I do understand what you mean! But many people are still interested in him & what he has to say! It’s up to you, if you want to know about his answer(s), and since you clicked on the article & commented, I would have to say…. you care!

    • Baller31

      He would make a great addition to the cast of Finding Bigfoot.

  • David Britton

    I wish everyone would stop talking about GSP and start talking about the active WWs in the UFC. Hendricks vs Lawler should be a sick fight.

    • Jay

      No it won’t. Diaz knocked out lawler, and jacare, a good judoka in his right, but nowhere near the wrestler Hendricks is took him down at will. The only way lawler stands a chance is if Hendricks fights dumb and goes for the ko from the get go because he is afraid of a bad decision. Hendricks should spend the whole 25 minutes on top of lawler alas gsp vs. hardy. If he is really afraid of a decision, maybe he should throw a few bombs in the last 60-90 seconds of rounds 4 and 5, but only if he utterly dominates the first 15 minutes of the fight. Hendricks has a whole career to fight for the ko; it is in his best interest to pretend he is Ben askren this time. I think condit is going to beat Woodley, but after losing to gsp and Hendricks, wins against kampman and Woodley shouldn’t get him a shot. On the other hand, if shields finds a way to beat lombArd; a fighter pretty similar to Hendricks (better sub game from judo, worse conditioning, more experience, equal KO power) I can not see a reasonable argument to not give shields the title shot. I’d like to see shields vs. Hendricks if they both win, condit vs. Rory in a 5 rounder for a title shot, and maybe Lombard vs. lawler if they both lose. Dong hyun Kim also should get a top 6-8 opponent if he decisively beats Hathaway even if he lay and prAys again. Everyone sleeps on shields, but other than Hendricks, shields is the only person to beat gsp for 2 rounds and he did it in rounds 4 and 5 (end of round 3 too) not rounds 2 and 4. He may not be a dangerous fighter, but mma is a sport and he has beaten hendo, kampman, dAve Herman, akiyama, condit, lawler, Woodley, okami, and out grappled Maia in Brazil. Other than a loss to ellenberger the week his dad died, jake shields has been top 3 at 170 and IMO wins over hendo, okami, Herman and lawler at 185 put him up top there as well. I agree he is painful to watch, but after watching him and Lombard dominate 185 in the 2 and 3 organizations for so long, I am very interested to see who the better fighter is. Honestly, and more than likely due to his boring style! Dana is making this fight a 3 rounder when a 5 rounder would cleArly benefit shields with his chin and cardio. If he wins this fight, there is no denying he deserves a title shot. Also, how is he ranked lower than Maia after last weekend, going into the fight Maia was one spot aheD after losing to shields, and after getting beat up he is still ranked a spot aheAd lol. If he doesn’t get the title shot, I’d also like to see Rory vs shields in a 5 rounder, more to see where Rory stands.

      • dgs

        Do you have the Cliff Notes to your post?

      • TheCerealKiller

        I don’t normally do this but, YOU are SO STUPID! Diaz KO’ed Lawler ten years ago and he never fought Jacare!

        • Aimed With “V”

          He meant that Jacare fought Lawler.

      • Dragon Kid

        Dave Herman is a heavyweight though ….

        Jake Shields hasn’t had a good fight since he came to UFC.

        • Aimed With “V”

          If by good fight you mean exciting one, I agree.
          However, these unexciting fights were very effective (besides the Ellenberger fight, of course):
          Kampmann is a very underrated grappler, and it’s no shame to have a close fight with him.
          Woodley is extremely hard to neutralize, yet the whole fight (draw in my book) that exactly what happened.

          The most impressive, of course, was the Maia fight (also draw in my book, BTW):
          I personally hate blatant LnP, but that’s EXACTLY what Shields was able to do against ELITE BJJ competitor, staying in his half-guard for 2.5 rounds. Personally, I thought it’s an impossible task.

          I think that Shields has enough strength, skill and grip to outwrestle Lombard even more effective than Okami did.

          • Dragon Kid

            The Ellenberger fight was his most entertaining fight to date, i never cared for his play it safe style.

          • Aimed With “V”

            Yeah, well, in that case, you probably shouldn’t watch his next fight.
            He’s going to play it safe and to win,

  • TheCerealKiller

    GSP is 10 times more exciting than Ben Askren. Best champ so far!

  • Tina

    This is actually a really interesting interview.

  • lowlb

    A bunch of people with OCD have a new hero!
    Very cool of GSP to have the courage to come and talk about his disorder.

  • Aimed With “V”

    Well, GSP STILL is one of the most interesting persons in MMA, and the more they show him in the media, the better for MMA.

    Yes, even though he’s not an active fighter.

  • El Gvapo

    I wish he’d been obsessive about finishing fights these past 6 years.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Maybe that was a big reason why he didn’t, b/c he was thinking/obssessing to get the finish. I’m pretty sure he was trying to finish in EVERY fight. Also, he’s a small WW, if he did what Aldo, Silva & Jones are doing, I’m sure he’d have a lot more finishes. Aldo, Silva & Jones all fight in a weight class below the one they should be fighting, while GAP actually fights in his original weight class. He’s always the smaller of the 2 fighters, while Aldo, Silva & Jones are usaully ALWAYS the bigger of the two fighters. We seen what happened to Silva & Jones when they fought people their size…. Silva vs. Weidman = 2 losses by TKO/KO (even Sonnen beat him 6 of 7 rounds), Jones barely beat Gustaffson, someone his size.
      I’d love to see him fight @ LW, though that will NEVER happen! Too bad, b/c if he dominated the WW division for as long as he did & vs. opponents he did, imgine him at LW. Faster, stronger & the bigger of the two fighters.

      • El Gvapo

        Relax dude, just yanking your chain. I thought I’d get in there first and make the joke before someone else did. I know you’re a big GSP fan and I respect the hell out of the guy too. Greatest champ in UFC history in my opinion, fantastic record in what is unquestionably the toughest decision in the UFC. And he’s clearly a good man too. I’ve never understood those who were so vocal by his “inability” to finish, the fact is it’s not that easy to finish whoever the no.2 fighter in the division is. I just wish the guy all the best and I hope we get to see him fight just once more at least.

  • Light Man

    Microexpressions say:

    Georges is very confident. He’s sincere and feels that he did the right thing.
    And he really loves MMA.

    P.S. Rashad Evans is a big fan of him. Really admires him.

  • Scooby

    What a puss.

    • Bucket of Chicken

      Yes you are.

      • Scooby

        Bucket of Chicken, is you black?

        • UOENO

          The name reads: “Bucket of Chicken” not “Bucket of Fried Chicken” dumbass. If you’re going to be a racist bigot at least get it halfway right.

          • Jason Tracey

            haha, it shows the strong correlation between racism and stupidity.

          • Bucket of Chicken

            And cowardice.

          • Bucket of Chicken

            He’s a typical coward/bigot who can hide behind a keyboard and monitor.

        • Bucket of Chicken

          You’re so transparent that it’s easy to see your bad teeth and nervous twitch from the Internet.

    • Kris-tyahn

      “what a puss” – Coming from a guy who hides behind his keyboard. Just give us your “real” name Scooby…. BAHAHAHA speaking of “Puss,” such a manly name you chose, a cowardly dog in a cartoon.
      Anyway scooby, give us your real name & let us google you, so we can all see those wins & finishes you have, b/c you clearly have a much better record than GSP, to call a man who has a 25-2 record a “puss,” I’m sure you can back it up right?!?
      He’s only the #1 P4P fighter in the world, b/c he actually fights in a division where he’s usually the smaller of the two fighters, and he still dominates them (except Hendrricks, but he still beat him). Silva, Jones & even Aldo, all fight in a weight divisions below their natural weight class. GSP should be fighting at LW in order to be even with Jones, Silva & Aldo – in regards to weight classes. I’d love to see GSP fight @ LW, and see how he does, how many fights he finishes.
      You don’t have a lot to do, in order to catch up to GSP, so what’s your name…..?!? BAHAHAHA!!!

  • uncle

    He is using OCD as a a crutch now to stop fighting
    what a sorry a** excuse

    • Sir_Roy

      No, it really isn’t. You have no idea what you’re talking about with regards OCD behavior and how it can literally suck the life right out of you. Besides, it’s his life. He can do whatever the f@ck he pleases. Certainly doesn’t need opinionated arses to approve or disapprove.

      • uncle

        I have a great idea because I know people that have OCD, Hendricks
        sucked the life out him

        • Kris-tyahn

          And still couldn’t knock him out, eventhough he said all he needed was 1 punch to land, I’m pretty sure he landed a lot more than 1, yet GSP was still standing. Also, for a guy who sucked the life out of him, he still lost. So what’s your point? Hendricks should have won the fight in the 1st round, after those savage elbows to the side of GSP’s head/temple, it should have been over. Yet GSP still cameback & won the fight, barely, but he still won the 1st round. Take away those elbows & Hendricks gets dominated. Those elbows is the reason GSP can’t remember any of the fight!

          • Sir_Roy

            It’s really like folks only saw the damage to GSP’s face after the 5 rounds, then determined by that alone that he lost the fight.

            Finally someone else who actually noticed where, when and how 90% of the damage was landed (I would add to the elbows the brief session of ground and pound). It’s unreal some folks lack of perspective and insight sometimes.


          You know Josh Koscheck is giddy about a rematch with Hendricks, who barely squeaked a victory over the TUF scrub.

          • Aimed With “V”

            Hendricks clearly won that fight, he took first two rounds by being more aggressive, having better positions and landing more.
            Koscheck took the third round, outwrestling Hendricks.
            And also it’s pretty idiotic to call Koscheck “TUF Scrub” – I bet you haven’t even hit puberty when he was on TUF.

            If you want to see the Hendricks fight which he should’ve lost – it is, no doubt about it, his fight with Mike Pierce. I don’t know how anyone could give Hendricks any round, besides the first one.

        • Sir_Roy

          Yeah sure. You “know” people. First thing folks who don’t know jack online claim. Get outta here with your “Hendricks sucked the life out of him” crap. Rumor and talk of imminent retirement were all over the internet before the Hendricks fight. Get a clue.

          • uncle

            You don’t know who I know oh
            yeah ,your the basement virgin
            who don’t leave the house so 4 u
            it’s hard to believe you can’t bump
            into people from all walks of life, and Hendricks rolled and smoked

    • taylor2008

      Sorry excuse? I will guarantee you that you have never trained NEARLY as hard as these guys. I am 48 and still train a few days a week and its brutal. Even in my 30s when I trained much harder I didnt train half of what these top tier guys train. You have no clue what you are talking about. The punishment your body goes through is crazy.

    • Janelle Lofts

      what an ignorant thing to say^

    • tom


  • jeff

    I believe him 100% he was way to driven, the problem was right in front of us the whole time, his insane dedication was OBSESSIVE..

  • taylor2008

    Is UFC 171 a sick card or what? Just looked at it again and realized its pretty stacked. Easily in the top 10 ever.

  • DamianCross

    Scrub scrub scrub till the water turns BROWN

  • Jimmy Rebel

    I like GSP but he did lose that fight to Hendricks.

    • Aimed With “V”

      People like you “forget” to add “in my opinion”, into the sentence, and state it as a fact.
      Well, the fact is – GSP won by split decision.

      When I watched the fight, I gave Henrdicks rounds 1,2 and 4 – round 1 only because of the octagon control, as they were pretty even in the offense. I can understand a draw and I can understand that it could be seen the other way to Georges’ favor.
      No one had dominated in the fight, it was close. It’s another fact.

      P.S. Facial damage is NEVER a criteria in any combat sport.


        All three judges had identical scoring with Hendricks winning the 2nd and 4th round.

        All three judges had identical scoring for GSP winning the 3rd and 5th round.

        All three judges had the same exact scoring with the exception of the 1st round. Two judges gave it to GSP (myself included, his best round IMO), and the remaining judge giving it to Hendricks.

        IMO, if Joe Rogan hadn’t reacted like an upset girlfriend over Hendricks losing the fight, all these clueless UFC fanboys wouldn’t know what to think as usual.

        I like the old boxing adage, you have to BEAT a champion and take the belt yourself by leaving no doubt.

        Hendricks backpeddled the entire fight (GSP had ring control throughout) landed some jabs and then cried when the judges didn’t take the title away from GSP for him.

        Bottom line, GSP won the fight. I wonder how much money Rogan lost in Vegas, he certainly seemed upset.

        • Aimed With “V”

          Well, at some points I agree with you, at some not.

          First of all, Hendricks DEFINITELY haven’t backpedaled, in the rounds he won he was the aggressor and in the round 1 as well, BTW.

          Secondly, the 3rd round was the best for GSP, no doubt about it.

          The first round was pretty even in a damage and significant strikes. I gave it to Hendricks though, because it was clear that he played his game, while GSP was unable to take him down or to jab him – so Hendricks gets an octagon control, and thus the whole round.

          • CRAPPY CHANGE

            Again, the old boxing adage, you have to WIN a title by beating the champ and knocking him off his throne. You don’t squeak your way to title and cry when the judges fail to take it away for you.

            “No one had dominated in the fight, it was close. It’s another fact.”….

            thus, GSP got the decision of a close fight. Don’t worry, the Kelber elf with the Minnie Mouse voice will get another shot.

          • Aimed With “V”

            Well, I see that you’re insinuating that I’m somehow on Hendricks’ side here, or a fan of his.
            Actually, I’m not – and if you see the first comment of mine in that specific branch of a conversation, you can see that I actually say pretty much that.

            While I don’t agree with that boxing adagio and pretty sure, that it doesn’t work that way in a real life, I do see the fight decision going either way and have no problem with it.

            I just cleared some points in which you were wrong – and the reason you were wrong on them, seems to me, is that you hate Hendricks for some undisclosed reason.
            Why not respecting both fighters?