Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz Expected to Headline UFC 158 in March

December 14, 2012
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Georges St-Pierre and Nick DiazA long time rivalry and grudge match will finally be settled in March as UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre meets Nick Diaz in the headline fight for UFC 158 in Montreal.

The two fighters have verbally agreed to the match-up according to sources speaking to, with bout agreements issued for the March 16 showdown in Montreal. also reported on Friday that at least Diaz has already signed his agreement with St-Pierre expected to follow suit shortly. initially reported the fight earlier this week.

Twice previously, St-Pierre and Diaz have been scheduled to meet, but both times they never actually got into the cage with one another.

The first match-up ended before it began when Diaz failed to appear at a press conference and for other commitments the UFC had made for him leading up to the fight. In response, UFC president Dana White yanked him from the fight, which would have eventually changed anyways because weeks later St-Pierre ended up pulling out due to injury.

The same thing happened for their scheduled bout earlier this year when St-Pierre suffered another setback with his knee that ended with him in surgery and out for the majority of 2012.

Now with St-Pierre healthy and prepared to fight, he asked the UFC for another shot at Diaz in 2013. Diaz is still currently serving out the rest of his time for a suspension handed down from the Nevada State Athletic Commission, after he tested positive for marijuana earlier this year.

Diaz will be eligible to apply for a fight license again in February 2013, well ahead of his newly scheduled bout against St-Pierre.

The one person left on the outside looking in is welterweight contender Johny Hendricks, who had been vying for the top spot in the division with three top ten wins over the last year. Hendricks knocked out Martin Kampmann at UFC 154 to secure his place as the top contender, but the rivalry between St-Pierre and Diaz has trumped that idea.

St-Pierre and Diaz are expected to headline UFC 158 in Montreal on March 16 with the co-main event pitting Rory MacDonald against Carlos Condit.

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  • bajafox

    Nice!! The main and co-main should be pretty awesome. It’s already worth my money with these 2, the under cards will just be a bonus

    • hugt

      injuries bound to happen in 3 months

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    GSP will outclass the bum!

    • DiazPro

      that bum will kick your ass, your fathers ass and your bro’s ass at the same damn time

      • Cptmats

        Diaz is a joke !

      • Peter S

        GSP is going to stomp Diaz with an excellent gameplan. Diaz will walk forward eating jabs and getting ragdolled, while talking trash (and that’s about it). After GSP wins a decision, Diaz will bitch about how that loss doesn’t count because GSP used intelligence and wrestling against him. And then we have another year of Diaz fans bitching about how he totally should have won the fight.

        • brian stevens

          If by gameplan you mean hold him down for 5 rounds then yeah you are right.

      • MUHAHA

        It seem diazpro your already in his ass.

      • tipsyhippy

        AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!! lol

    • Cptmats

      He all ready has !

  • g=mc2

    if Rory beats Condit and GSP beats Diaz, does that mean GSP will fight Rory?

    • RonnieV

      I would think Hendricks is next no matter who wins.

      • g=mc2

        what if he finishes Carlos Condit in spectacular fashion? I’m sure Hendricks will get left in the cold again.

        • adam1848

          Rory has said he will never fight Georges and that he would rather move up to 85 if necessary. I’d personally rather see GSP move up, but either way, doubt we will see those two fight any time soon. Don’t see that fight as being popular enough to make Dana cough up the kind of cash it would take to make Rory change his mind, but who knows. Its an Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida situation…Machida has been fighting for years above his natural class to avoid having to fight Anderson. Maybe Rory will too. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Guest

    And once again spectacle trumps sport – To Johnny Hendricks: grow a big red mohawk, act like an 8th grader with abusive parents or maybe just insult St Pierre’s family – that’s the route to a title shot these days


    • Kristyahn

      Diaz didn’t insult GSP’s family, he insulted his character & accused GSP of faking an injury to not fight him & went on & on, and then he was suppose to fight him, but Diaz was demoted to the co-main event vs. BJ. When you have such a “dislike” for someone & that guy keeps shooting off his mouth & talks about how unimpressed he was with GSP vs. Condit, yet GSP owend him, while Diaz lost. Things kept preventing the GSP vs. Diaz fight, (Diaz no showing for 2 press conferences & then Diaz losing to Condit) wouldn’t you want to fight this guy after everything that happened over the last 2 yrs, not to mention GSP has ALWAYS fought every single oppoennt the UFC has asked him to fight & not once did he complain or say they didn’t deserve a shot b/c of his record of name, like a MW Champ?!? GSP deserves to fight Diaz, especially since they were suppose to fight before ….. twice.
      Does Diaz deserve a title fight?!? HELL NO, but does GSP deserve the UFC to do him a favor?!? HELL YES! GSP even told the UFC he’d give up the belt to fight Diaz, but guess what the UFC said to that idea?!? It’s not like GSP cares about the belt, when he’d give it up to lay fist to face on Diaz!!!

  • RonnieV

    Finally!!! Just out of curiosity, is it in GSP’s contract that he only fights in Montreal? I would love to see Nick win, but he will need to switch up his game, otherwise I see this fight being identical to the Nate Diaz v. Bendo fight.

    • Kristyahn

      I’m sure the UFC/Dana want GSP to fight in Mtl again so soon b/c he wants to make up for the over priced tickets from the last UFC, not to mention the amount of money they make there from GSP alone & now they have Rory vs. Condit as co-main event I think?!? Going to be sick! “I don’t know why the UFC keep GSP fighting in Canada” ….. oh yeah I do, b/c they sell out (when they don’t over charge for tickets) & Mtl & Toronto have some of the biggest “arenas”/Hockey Stadiums in North America. I loved watching GSP vs. Alves @ UFC 100 in Vegas, but the Mandelay Bay only held 12 000-13 000 people, not very much, when you can sell out the Rogers/Skydome in Toronto with 50 000+ or one of the biggest Hockey stadiums in North America/Mtl and hold 23 000+ people. What makes more money Vegas where they can probably hold 15 000-18 000 MAX (thats guessing they can hold that many somewhere in Vegas) or at the Bell Center where they can sell out 23 000+?!?

  • I don’t want to have to stare at nick Diaz ugly ass for 25 minutes but atleast the UFC will get a bunch of money off the payper view 🙁

  • brian stevens

    I get why people don’t like Diaz, but why do people like GSP? GSP’s fighting style is so mundane. I get that he is super smart and sticks to his game plan better than anyone else, but what made him so exciting ten fights ago was his ability to finish and not get hurt ala Anderson. The only thing that made the Condit fight so exciting was the fact that you felt GSP couldn’t hold him down. Just because someone wins doesn’t make him fun to watch. GSP holding someone down for 5 rounds doesn’t sound fun neither does watching him jab someone for 5 rounds.

  • marcus

    All you that say GSP just lays on you for 5 rounds are blind. He beats peoples ass on the feet and sets up take downs and beats the brains in of his opponents on the ground. You all swear like he just holds a dude in side control for five minutes. How bout this, pray your favorite fighter learns how to get back up or to defend a take down when he gets his title shot. I got Diaz by triangle.

  • chucker.

    dias is a joke who.has he beat in the ufc to next for the tilte ummmm no one this match should.nt happen untill he has 2 or 3 wins in the ufc