Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz Could Be Announced As Early As Next Week

May 20, 2011
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UFC champ Georges St-Pierre and Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz

UFC champ Georges St-Pierre and Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz

It appears the first major cross-promotional fight between the UFC and Strikeforce could be coming to a head within the next few days.

After beating Jake Shields at UFC 129 in Toronto, it looked like Georges St-Pierre had all but cleaned out the best of the best in the welterweight division… except for one person. That one person is on the verge of signing to face St-Pierre later this year in a 170-pound title bout.

Nick Diaz is likely to face St-Pierre for his next UFC welterweight title defense in 2011, with all signs pointing towards a December showdown in Montreal.

Sources have indicated to that a deal is imminent and the fight could be announced as early as next week. Like any potential deal, there is always the chance something could change at the 11th hour, but St-Pierre vs. Diaz is almost a certainty at this point.

Signs started pointing towards a St-Pierre/Diaz showdown almost as soon as UFC 129 ended when UFC president Dana White fielded questions from the press about the likelihood of the fight happening.

“I imagine I could do whatever I wanted to do if I really wanted to, but we have a contract with Showtime and he’s a Showtime fighter. I don’t know, we’re going to have to see how this whole thing works out. That’s an interesting fight,” White said about Diaz coming over to face St-Pierre.

Following that statement, Diaz was on the verge of signing a deal that would have him fight former middleweight champion Jeff Lacy in a boxing match, unless the UFC came forward with a deal to fight St-Pierre.

“Unless GSP is offered up as a sacrifice, Nick will fight Lacy,” Diaz’s manager and trainer Cesar Gracie told on May 6.

Now it looks like the UFC is ready to make the match-up happen.

More signs started to point towards the fight being put together when the UFC director of Canadian operations Tom Wright mentioned a show targeted for Montreal in December, and admitted there had been rumors about a St-Pierre/Diaz title fight.

“Well, I’ve heard about the Nick Diaz-GSP fight, but it is too early (to tell),” Wright said.

On Thursday, Diaz was in Las Vegas meeting with White to discuss his future plans, which included if he was going to box or stick with MMA this year.

Neither Gracie nor St-Pierre’s representation could be reached for comment at the time of publication. Sources have indicated, however, that the two fighters will meet later this year.

St-Pierre has long stated that his preference was to stay in the welterweight division, and while a super fight against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva could happen at some point down the road, the Brazilian is currently scheduled for a title defense of his own in late August.

That leaves St-Pierre with one major opponent left to face, Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz.

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  • GSP and Diaz will be the coaches for season 14 of TUF.

  • mmaworld

    Who else wants to see GSP vs Diaz and Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones and Cain vs Reem and Edgar vs gilbert all on the ufc 140 card that is nasty. I know this would be the a two million buy pay per view.

    • jared499

      All of these fights would be great, I think I posted this same comment, when the purchase or Strikeforce happened. My fight card now is:
      GSP vs Diaz
      Cain vs Overeem
      Edgar/Maynard vs Melendez
      Silva vs Souza
      Jones vs Hendo
      Fedor vs Couture (too bad he is retired)
      Cung vs Machida
      Seriously I would pay $75/100 for that PPV and it would probably sell 2 million PPV buys. Do the math Zuffa.

  • bdono554

    I don’t! Diaz, Reem, and gilbert don’t deserve those fights cuz they have win streaks against second and third tier fighters. Gil should have to fight someone like miller but Nick Diva and Alistair “Steroid Head” Overrated should have to fight 3-4 times in the ufc since niether one of them have fought anyone worth mentioning in years. Oh and when they have they’ve lost!

    • clizzark

      You’re an idiot. Why do you even bother posting such stupid opinions?

    • chuckalugk

      and you have Don Frye as your avatar? Talking about a second tier fighter.

  • Cptmats

    Very well said, accept Diaz is the biggest douche bag on the planet and i want to see him punished in a way that only GSP can ! Take his lil gangsta ass dwon and smash his face apart with elbows until his own mother cant recognize him ! Fuck yeh !

  • shakejunt

    I’m up for the cross-over match-ups, but I need to see a merge first.

  • MrAdidas

    Short Bus: That would be cool to see, but I doubt they’ll have GSP coach again so soon, but I would definately be all for that. As for GSP, why not do what Anderson is doing…. stay in his own weight division. Y people want a small WW/GSP move up to MW makes no real sense. Do people not know that GSP is a “small” WW & hes usually always the smallest of the 2 fighters (besides when he fought Hughes, Penn & Serra) other than that Hardy, Alves, Fitch, Koscheck, Shields were & are all bigger than him. If GSP had an extra inch and a half of height, he could do MW & not be at such a HUGE disadvantage doing ss. Though, GSP likes to be challenged & I think he will move up to MW, so his fights wont be so “easy” & he’ll be fighting at an even bigger disadvantage @ MW, than he is @ WW. Y Silva doesnt fight @ LHW makes absolutely no fucking sense, the guy walks around @ 220-230lbs & fights @ MW/185lbs. WTF? I know u want to have the advantages when you fight, but just b/c Anderson wont ALWAYS have the size, strength & reach advantage @ LHW, like he does @ MW ALL THE TIME, seems like he only wants to fight when hes got all the advantages! As for Silva Vs Jones – (IMO) I think Jones would OWN Silva, though I’d still love to see it. I would really love to see Rua Vs Silva @ LHW. Silva needs to stop worrying about the worst weight division in all of MMA & show us if hes really as good as many think he is, or if hes just fighting BUMS in the worst division on the planet, in which he’s the “lucky one” who benefits from that!