Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks UFC Title Fight Being Targeted for This Fall

May 24, 2013
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Georges-St-Pierre-026-UFC-124-478x270The anticipated UFC welterweight title fight between champion Georges St-Pierre and top contender Johny Hendricks is being targeted for this fall.

St-Pierre (24-2) defended his title on March 16 at UFC 158 against Nick Diaz.  On the same card, Hendricks (15-1) solidified himself as the No. 1 contender by defeating former interim titleholder Carlos Condit.

St-Pierre has since wrapped up filming Captain America: The Winter Soldier and doing voiceover work on the Quebec-French language version of Disney/Pixar’s Monster’s University.

UFC president Dana White was waiting to hear from the champion before targeting a date for his Octagon return.

“Georges St-Pierre and I talked. Remember when I told you guys at like the last 30 press conferences I was going to talk to Georges St-Pierre?  I talked to him two days ago,” White said on Thursday following the UFC 160 media day in Las Vegas. “He’s going to call me back I think today or tomorrow and he and I will talk.”

Hendricks is on a six-fight winning streak.  His rise through the 170-pound division includes wins over Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Martin Kampmann and Carlos Condit.

While no concrete date has been confirmed, White said the fight would “probably be in the fall.”

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  • barnettoo

    WAR Hendricks!!!

    I want to see some change!!!

  • Cptmats

    Hendricks doesn’t really deserve this fight !
    This will be GSP’s easiest fight in a while. This is one fight i can see George finishing !

    • ahyouknow

      All of GSP’s fights are easy. Doesn’t mean there aren’t contenders. I get your pt, though, lot of guys in the mix.

    • BobLemons

      Who deserves it more in your opinion? I don’t think he’s the number one because I scored his last fight in favour of Condit. That said, I’m not ready to see Condit/GSP II just yet. I don’t see a clearer challenger than Hendricks..

      • Cptmats

        I see your point as well. I think Condit beat him So would Diaz and Rory which would make Hendricks rank #5 Unfortunately George just fought Condit and Diaz and wont fight Rory so the #5 guy gets a tittle shot. The WW div. is getting a little shallow !

    • ghost

      How is it that Johny does not deserve this fight. look at all the contenders he has beaten. who deserves a shot? And if Johny remembers how good a wrestler he is this will be GSP toughest fight or a straight up loss

      • Cptmats

        Who has he beaten ? Kampman ? Fitch ? Kos and Condit were the two best fighters he faced ! I though Kos fight was a draw and Condit Just got robbed !
        GSP will out wrestle him easily and prob finish him !

        • Lucas Freire


          Harry, he defeated Koscheck and Fitch,who were top5 guys for something like 90% of their carreer on the UFC, and then defeated BOTH top contenders, Kampmann and Condit. He’s on a 6-win streak, with 4 wins against top contenders. I don’t understand what else would make someone deserve the title shot.

          If he’d be able to defeat GSP? That’s a whole different story, but he deserves the shot.

          • Cptmats

            Kampman and Fitch were not top contenders !

            Fitch has been irrelevant for quite some time Kampman was not even top five and Condit beat Him !

            “I don’t understand what else would make someone deserve the title shot.”
            How bout a win over a top five fighter ! Like Rory or Diaz or Ellenburger !

            If Rory hadn’t got injured and Hendricks faced Ellenburger instaed of Condit he would not be fighting for a tittle right now !

          • Lucas Freire

            Fitch was in a 5 win streak, and had just fought against BJ penn for the title shot.

            Kampmann was in a 3 win streak,with wins over Rick Story,Ellenberger and Thiago Alves.

            When he faced Fitch,he was a top 10. When he faced Koscheck,he was a top 10.
            When he faced Kampmann,he was a top5. When he faced Condit, he was a top3!

            There’s a lot of guys on the UFC with arguable runs for title shot. But Hendricks sure isn’t one of those.
            In 2 years he beat two top 10 fighters and two top5 fighters. You know who else defeated as many top contenders as Hendricks? The champion. lol

            He has MUCH more credit for the title shot than Ellenberger or Rory.

  • Ian Price

    I don’t think Georges is more than a 2:1 favorite here. Big rig has blasted several top guys recently. I would’ve liked to see a better performance vs Condit, but seriously, who’s ever KO’ed Condit. Hendricks has been the #1 contender for like over a year now. It’s time. On another note, I’d like to see a GSP-Silva fight after this one.

  • Dragon Kid

    hopefully this wont be a one sided fight like GSP/Diaz.

  • Mike mckinney

    Harry, if Gsp continues to fight the way he has the last few years the only was he’d finish Johnny is if he tapped from sheer boredom.
    It’s Gsp toughest fight of late because very few guys in that division have one punch ko power. Hell, only a few really have the ability to finish a fight in a quick fashion.
    It’s harder to give Gsp an easier fight than Diaz.

    • Cptmats

      “It’s Gsp toughest fight of late because very few guys in that division have one punch ko power.”

      No this is the easiest fight he has had since Serra !

      Hendricks is a one trick pony with no gas tank ! He barely survived three round with Condit how is he gonna look in the fourth and fifth with George.

      “It’s harder to give Gsp an easier fight than Diaz.”

      Diaz would walk through Hendricks !

  • I like Hendricks, real tough guy but I think the guy to beat GSP will have to be similar to him. Well rounded, well trained, and very athletic. His footwork is incredible and the way he mixes everything up with his takedowns makes him a complete fighter. No offense to Hendricks but I would hate to see GSP lose just because a guy can land a good punch. GSP is all around a better fighter and has a history of out wrestling all the best wrestlers (Hughes, Trigg, Koscheck, Sherk) If Serra never stopped GSP people would stop saying he’s going to get KO’d every fight.