Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks Pushed to November, Likely in Las Vegas

June 13, 2013
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Georges-St-Pierre-026-UFC-124-478x270UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks will not meet in October as originally anticipated.  Instead, the welterweight championship showdown will take place in November, most likely in Las Vegas.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the November timeframe and Las Vegas location following the UFC 161: Evans vs. Henderson media day in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on Thursday.

Hendricks (15-1) solidified his slot as the clear No. 1 welterweight contender by defeating former interim titleholder Carlos Condit at UFC 158 in March.  Hendricks is currently riding a six-fight winning streak.

St-Pierre (24-2) last defended his title on the same UFC 158 fight card, defeating Nick Diaz in one-sided fashion.  The champion is on an 11-fight winning streak.

St-Pierre is known for utilizing his superior wrestling ability to dictate the pace and position of his fights and dominate his opponents with top control.

Hendricks is a two-time NCAA Division I collegiate champion in wrestling and a four-time All-American at Oklahoma State University.  Along with the ability to potentially test St-Pierre’s wrestling, Hendricks also possesses one-punch knockout power as he showed in recent first-round wins over Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann.

The specific date and venue for St-Pierre vs. Hendricks wasn’t made available, but is expected to be announced soon.

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  • I still want to see GSP vs Kampmann and Hendricks vs Ellenberger.

    • Cptmats

      I don’t think Hendricks would be getting a tittle shot if he would have fought Ellenberger when they were originally scheduled to fight !

      • That’s a possibility. I don’t think Ellenberger gets the recognition he deserves. He’s fought all over the world and he’s still young. I really would love to see that fight eventually. I’m rooting for GSP not just as a long time fan but b/c of all that negativity he gets for not finishing fights as if he’s not fighting every top guy thrown to him.

        • Cptmats

          I think this is one fight GSP has a good chance of finishing if he goes for it. Hendricks was pretty gassed in the third against Condit, Hows he gonna look in the forth and fith round with George ?

          • Ian Price

            What 4 th round? Johny hasn’t even seen a 2nd round in a little while now, and that’s against top-5 fighters. Just sayin’

          • Cptmats

            He’s also been fighting three round fights ! George has a 80% finish rate in three round fights !

          • Ian Price

            Correlation doesn’t equal causation. Yes, when the fight is a 3 round fight, his historical finishing rate is higher. But he was more aggressive and younger back in the old days when he was fighting 3 round fights. He hasn’t fought any 3 round fights in a while.

            Actually, isn’t GSP supposed to have such great cardio that his finishing rate should be even HIGHER in 5 round fights?

          • BobLemons

            Dude, Johny went the distance in his last fight, and 3 of his last 5

          • Ian Price

            Ok, I forgot the Condit fight especially. However, who has ever knocked out, right?

          • Man that would be insane if GSP finishes Hendricks. I could see by tko. I’am very curious of Hendricks ground game from the bottom. His submission defense and ability to control his opponent from landing anything devastating. GSP is a different animal with his top game. He grinds you out and beats you up the entire time.

    • Supaman

      i’ve been wanting to see GSP fight Kampmann for the longest. Stylistically, that could be alot of fun. Only real fear is if GSP resorts to just lnp’ing Kampmann and getting something similar to Shields v. Kampmann or GSP v. Fitch

      however, it doesn’t look like Kampmann will ever get that chance anyway unless GSP loses to Hendricks. Kampmann has had a couple chances to become the #1 contender but always falls just short (he’s kinda like the Michael Bisping of WW)

      Hendricks v. Ellenberger could be great or could be boring… Ellenberger on paper just seems like a slightly bigger, taller version of Hendricks. But in actuality, i think Hendricks has a slight edge in striking power, and slight edge in wrestling. i think Hendricks frame/body type actually helps him b/c it makes it more difficult to take him down, less susceptible to various submissions, and he still has a good reach for his height

      I think we may get to see this fight soon…

      • Hendricks is a very tough guy. I am a fan of his. Ellenberger the same. I really want them to fight, I think they run that division just ahead of Kampmann. GSP and Kampmann is just an awesome fight. Their styles are of true martial arts. I would love to see them stand with each other and get into a kickboxing match.

    • solo

      I wanna see GSP vs Ellenberger! So, i hope GSP wins this fight. Yea, Jake doesnt get the recognition, i agree. Guy is a beast. I love the way he fights, and his aggressiveness.The way he manhandle Marquardt, i mean woow.

      • Yea I’ve always been a fan of Jake but when he beat Nate Maqruardt in that fashion it made a big statement.

  • Darin

    When was the last time GSP fought outside Canada? It seems like it’s been awhile.

  • Edgar ontano

    Gsp will win. watch hendricks stand up though.

  • eric

    nice hendricks deseres that damn title shot; however, gsp is going to dominate him with ease (hendricks poor performanes were very poor against koscheck, and what not – who gsp ran through)

    • Truth

      idk about w/ ease…

      and if GSP does win easily, it won’t be b/c Hendricks had “a poor performance” against Koscheck and that GSP easily beat Kos. u have to disregard that kind of fallacious MMA math. MMA is about match-ups & styles, etc.

      for the last time… just b/c:

      1) fighter A beats fighter B
      2) fighter B beats fighter C

      does NOT mean that fighter A will beat fighter C!!

      at any rate… don’t be surprised to see a similar strategy used by GSP as he did Koscheck when GSP jabbed Kos to death.
      GSP will have the speed and footwork advantage (i think reach as well?) – he’ll look to stick and move, esp. if he’s not able to put Hendricks on his back.

  • solo

    Its gonna be a test for GSP, but i think he will overcome it.

    • Cptmats

      Really ? I think this is Georges easiest fight in a while !