Georges St-Pierre vs. Johny Hendricks Official UFC 167 Scorecard and FightMetric Score Differ

November 17, 2013
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Here’s the official scorecard for the UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks main event between Georges St-Pierre and Johny Hendricks.  St-Pierre retained his welterweight title, but many felt Hendricks did enough to win the fight.

Below the official scorecard is FightMetric’s scoring and statistics that FightMetric posted on its official Twitter account.

St-Pierre vs Hendricks Scorecard

GSP vs Hendricks FightMetric Scorecard

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  • You might want to blur out the judge’s names..

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  • Timothy Malone

    The FightMetric numbers show just how close this was. St. Pierre did indeed land more significant strikes in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th rounds as indicated by the judges. But Hendricks landed more total strikes and was more accurate in the 1st and 5th, and had that takedown in the 3rd.

    • William Skrainski

      a jab is a significant strike…it means very little

      • williamknowsnot

        a jab , non landing gives a fighter an idea of what distance is needed to close and what distance is needed to stay out f reach. a jab allows a fighter to set up follow up other strikes; power strikes, combinations or jabbing to establish a flow. to call a jab insignificant strike is completely uneducated and shows a lack of knowledge in combat sports. couch warriors and keyboard fighters rejoice as your training and voices are heard on each other.

      • the pensive dub

        what? the jab is the most important(and most underutilized) tool in mma.

    • cocojanda


  • put me in the sauna coach

    too bad 2 of the judges didn’t consider “damage” into their scoring.

    • Tony

      If fighters can earn points for s*** like aggression, determination, etc… Then why not consider damage also?

  • BAdams

    Hendricks 1, 2, & 4. I might even give him round 3 as well. GSP just didn’t make his mark on the fight. He landed shots, but they were inconsequential. Hendricks backed him up, hurt him, controlled the fight in the clinch , took him down , and was even able to hold him there for a while at times. Amazingly, for the first time GSP had no control over where the fight took place. Hendricks reversed him on the fence all night, stuffed most of his shots, and when he did get taken down he got up immediately. I feel really bad for Hendricks, that was an amazing performance and he deserved the title. Georges should do the right thing and give him a rematch, Hendricks got screwed and now GSP is gonna take his ball and go home. Personally, I think he really doesn’t wanna fight Hendricks again, leading up to the fight GSP consistently said he wasn’t going anywhere, “I just bought an octagon, why would I do that if I were going to retire?” You said it Georges….

    • Truth

      no way in hell did Hendricks win round 3.

      Round 3 and round 4 were the clearest rounds.
      Round 3 – GSP
      Round 4- Hendricks

      Round 5- probably GSP

      round 1 & 2 – close…personally i had it for Hendricks, but there’s been worse decisions than this one.

      • deepgrim

        hendricks battered him in round 2, the fight was nearly stopped. gave him 1, 2, 4. not alot happened in 5 and gsp in 3. and by the eye test hendricks destroyed him. gsp hardly hit him with any good power shots the whole fight, not his fault the judges stuffed the decision tho

        • ThousandDemons

          1, 2, and 4 were Hendricks’, easily. 3 and 5 belonged to GSP. 48-47 is right, but they attributed the numbers to the wrong fighters. 48 belongs to Johny, 47 to GSP. GSP is a good fighter. Don’t get me wrong. That being said, this fight – and that belt – belongs to Johny.

          • deepgrim

            maybe they should consider using the 10 – 8 round more often, at the moment is seems like you just about have to murder someone to get a 10 8, cause really dominant rounds arent been rewarded, tho i guess it could lead to alot of draws we should be talking about this anyway as i think hendricks had it clearly. gsp is class but i have seen recently with jones, gsp and sonnen- if you can negiate there wrestling skills anything can happen

      • The Bang

        Round 1 was clearly Hendricks

      • J Aspillaga

        lol to you! obviously ur a GSP fan

      • joe

        Matt Hamill vs bisping is one on the top of my list

    • a.m.

      Complete control will end in a TKO or submission,

      Even though GSP didn’t have complete control over where the fight took place, no one can say one fighter had complete control.

      If i am incorrect and you are correct than the fight would have ended in a TKO/KO or submission, which it didn’t, so pointing and a judgement was made.
      SCREWED, simply no. ROBBED, NO.
      DAMAGE factor, how does no judge damage?
      FACE cuts, bruises? How much a fighter appears to be in trouble by wobbling, legs buckling? What dana or joe rogan say?

      NO, face cuts can’t attribute points as previous fighter history can cause skin to be easily cut or swell…………..knees or legs buckle can only indicate if a shot or series of shots were power and can be given a striking point(s). DANA and his men are only trying to garnish rematch ppv sells, so no.

      Watch, rewatch and rewatch the fight, take into account jabs as a point, even the lights touch is a strike, now dont clown that statment and say well finger touching then is a point. just count them and the powershots and takedowns, regardless of whether takedowns lead to more shots. the take downs show control and garnish their own points.

      • joe

        A cut shouldn’t give someone a fight. But damage is somewhat of a factor. Some people do have bad skin and some people have weak jaws…but that is just part of it. Just because someone hits someone a few more times and doesn’t do anything. Like not just marks but not even slowing him down he shouldn’t win it iff the other fighter has more power and landed some heavy shots that rocks him.

  • Kris-tyahn

    At first I really thought Hendricks won 48-47, the only round I wasnt certain about was the first round. But after watching it again, I think GSP might have done enough, only bc the two rounds Hendricks really hurt GSP were the 2nd and 4th, just bc u do more damage in two rounds doesn’t mean you win the fight, it only proves he’s got more power. I’d have to watch the entire fight again, bc the only round the judges disagreed on was the first, and two of then scored it GSP! GSP absolutely won 3 and 5, Hendricks absolutely won 2 & 4. The thing is, just bc a fighter does a lot more damage to the other fighter, doesn’t mean anything, bc unless he does the damage in 3 rounds, damage doesn’t count for shit, especially if it was done in two rounds! The reason “damage” doesn’t and should never count is bc some people bruise like peaches, like GSP, while some fighters like BJ Penn can take severe punishment to the face and not show like he took severe punishment! As I’ve said for years, GSP had a great chin, the Condit fight was proof. But after tonight, hopefully people will give GSP credit for having a chin, I think Hendricks was surprised.

    • deepgrim

      of course damage should count, its how you would determine a winner in a street brawl. in theory in these fights you could control the centre of the octogan, get beat up and still say they are winning due to aggretiation and octogon control.

      • Scotty

        In a street fight headbutting, kicking downed opponents, punching the back of the head would be legal. Get out of the cave. If we scored big points for lack of damage “Cabbage” would be the heavyweight champ instead of being released from UFC.

        • deepgrim

          will in my view the swelling shows more damage than a cut but a cut is still damaging. and yes course it should be included as much as octogon control should be included. if someone leaves the ring battered and the other man fresh and still loses then obviously there are other factors that need to be looked at when determining the outcome of a fight. it really shouldnt have mattered anyway as hendricks took 1,2 and 4 anyway but there are alot of strange decisions these days and the way fights are determined needs to be looked at for everyones stake. win bonus for lower ranked fighters are important and so they are counting the judges to get it right. not everyone is going to finish a fight

      • Chicago

        punches that graze the face are way morelikely to cut the face than a punch that lands. so do we award the guy who landed the punch or the cut who got scrapped from a punch?

      • smartenup

        So how do you determine damage? Looking at someone face by swelling or cuts? a jab could graze someone’s mouth or face a scrap them causing them too bleed, ASK A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL if some with previous tissue damage is more prone to swelling, you all need education, THIS IS NO STREET BRAWL, you all should go stick to drinking and boo’ing, dont spread your ignorance, and octogan control by simply moving forward? lol no

    • a.m.

      well said!!!!!!!

    • Chicago

      It’s like people don’t realize that grazing punches don’t cut the skin. I can get punched 20x In the face, throw 1 punch that grazes the persons eye, cut him and win the round.

    • Ksmma

      Based on “effective” striking, grappling…….
      Effective striking causes damage. Striking that dosent hurt an opponent or set up other offence is not effective striking. Hendrex’s striking was much more effective.

      • truthbtld

        perhaps in two rounds, but not all five, had hendricks been all around more effective, he would have tko’d or sub’d GSP. if you re watch the fight, as I did, you will see GSP wn via points. Granted no one wants to see a point match, Hendricks admitted his feet were out in the fifth and he was happy GSP was holding them straight. Hendricks only tried to tag GSP in the fifth, he didn’t go for power shots or try to ko him, so Hendricks too is guilty of playing it safe, no one cried about that, it was a decision and a good decision

        • Frank Andrew Waszut

          You sir are a moron.

      • pak

        It was, but not good enough to knock him out. It’s his own fault for using only 70% of his power(if true). I love George but I also thought he lost, but points are points, and he did score more. They have to change the way they judge it. You all make lots of sense but the fight is over and let’s hope Silva doesn’t joke too much next time (different topic lol).

        They’re both cerebral fighter (GSP/Silva) but now, I see that Hendricks is to…It’s simple, we want a rematch and GSP owns it to himself if not everybody else.

        • Chris

          Silva’s ‘joking’ is how he fights…he doesn’t deserve a break when he’s knocked out many opponents while throwing them off with his ‘joking’. That was his strategy and he got tagged. End of story.

        • Fern

          And one more thing about this crap I keep hearing about GSP “owes it to everyone” to have an immediate rematch. George doesn’t owe anything to anyone. Dana White or anyone else for that matter doesn’t own GSP.
          He is the master of his own decisions and if the guy wants to take a break, then he can take a break.

          The guy has been champ for several years now. He doesn’t owe anyone anything!

          • Fern

            Just like if Hendrix got the decision he wouldn’t ‘owe’ GSP a rematch.

            When you work for a company and you don’t like what your boss is asking you to do, you quit and get another job. Dana White can go shove it. He’s a classless egotistical prick and needs to be put in his place.

          • pak

            taking a break, even an extended one, yes i totally understand I hate White, he’s a idiot, always been like that. You fight, get out for a while or retire; all are good choices. Maybe he said after the fight because it was a big fight, a big deal; he did get rocked but he survived. Time will tell meanwhile relax. take a prosack you seem upset.

          • Frank Andrew Waszut

            GSP knows he lost the fight and if he were to take time off it would tarnish his legacy. As it stands now his legacy would have been better off if he wasn’t given the decision.

      • Fern

        BJ penn used the same reasoning for beating GSP in their first fight. That is, how busted up GSP’s face was after their fight.

        All that means is that GSP bruises up easily.

        I don’t understand the shock over this decision.

        When the dust settles and cooler heads prevail people will start to see that it wasn’t that bad of a decision as they think.
        Hendricks didn’t even win the last round. How can you take the belt away from the champ when you can’t even finish strong.
        GSP left it all out there. He fought like a champ over great adversity and he deserves to stay the champ.
        Better luck next time Johnny..

        • Frank Andrew Waszut

          MMA Math doesn’t work. BJ Penn won the first round decisively in that fight but on a round by round basis you can empirically make a case for GSP because he controlled the rest of the fight. This was not the case with Hendricks. GSP lost rounds 1-4 to Hendricks and got round 5 by how I scored it. Hendricks was robbed by incompetent judges.

      • sp

        UMM effective striking is strikes landed at distance as well. Not damange. Jeezus.

        • Frank Andrew Waszut

          Now. Effective striking is striking that hurts your opponent. even if the punishment to his face were considered superficial the fact that HHendricks’s blows were giving GSP wobbly legs at points proves that GSP was hurt and thus makes Hendrick’s striking more effective.

    • sdelfin

      I’ve always interpreted damage to mean more than just bruising. Catching a guy and staggering him so that he’s vulnerable or goes down is more damaging than landing jab after jab solely to control range. I don’t believe that visible damage should never count, but it also shouldn’t count too much, especially without context of everything else in the fight. I do agree with most of what you said, especially the idea that if Hendricks did the majority of the damage in rounds he already won on the scorecards, then damage isn’t a factor in officially scoring the fight.

    • ProTree

      Rd 1:
      Hendricks more strikes landed
      Gsp 1 failed submission attempt
      Both got 1 takedown each
      Come on guys judge it right

      • Fern

        go back and watch the fight again. GSP took Hendricks down in the first 30 seconds. That was not a “failed” take down. How do you think he setup the attempted guillotine choke? by taking him down.

  • clarkw90

    Man, how many times do we got to hear about “damage”. Seems like when fighter x doesn’t win, everyone screams about look at the damage done. Hell, Hendricks even said he “thought” he did enough to win. Seems like he gave up on trying to KO GSP and played into the points game everyone complains about w/ GSP. If we are going to play into the “Damage” crap, why don’t we play into the “crap talking” game as well? Didn’t Hendricks say GSP didn’t want to stand with him, if he does he’ll get KO’d? Or what about the “i’m a better wrestler than him?” Wait, what about the PED/steroid thing? We’ll, we’d have to wait for the results, but based on those thoughts, GSP clearly won.

    • Tony

      Like I said… If fighters earn/lose points for aggression, etc… why can’t damage be considered too?

      • deepgrim

        damage should be included, if you see a street fight damage is ultimately how you determined who won a fight

        • Jake

          A cut can be caused by 1 punch, so your saying I could land 1 punch in a round and win it

          • sjp

            Getting hit with a sledge hammer is more deadly than a 100 mosquito bite punches.

          • Eldolaz Dougclaken

            GPS face not just a cut, has the mark of 300 strike, the two eyes, forehead, mouth, please not blind fan

          • deepgrim

            no but damage could count, if i eat 10 jabs that are doing no damage and reply with a few shots that break his jaw and nose, i have a right to feel that i am winning due to the damage. (extreme example) not saying its the only factor but it should definately be included among the other factors, and in my view higher than control in a fight. contol is good if you use it to do damage. i take down is good if you use it to do damage, simply lying on someone is just not enough, sure credit them with been able to get the takedown but after that nothing

        • Scott

          This isn’t street fighting. Some fighters show damage a lot more than others due to scar tissue, etc. Damage not a fair metric.

          • deepgrim

            but it has to be included, damage could be seen in punches that back the opposition up, stagger them and cut and bruise them. im not saying its a sole indicator but its a sure sign when you look at the 2 fighters in this case that are so different after the fight, alot of the time both fighters will be dameged and there will still be other factors to consider, but one man goes out to damage the other so to not include it is not right

          • joe

            Deep, you are right. These clowns on here make no sense. How many times does a fight go 5 rounds and the winner look that worse than the loser? Rarely, in this case it was a bad decision and it isn’t only clear because the actual fighting we saw but even after the champs face was a mess. And it goes the other way too, GSP doesn’t knock people out because he has nothing behind those fist otherwise johnny would have some kind of mark.

          • deepgrim

            there seems like there is one bad decision every event now. the judging system needs to be evaluated/ changed

          • sp

            YEah and in the 2 rounds that hendricks won on points he damaged the s*** out of GSP. And he was rewarded those rounds. GREAT. the rounds he took off and GSP beat him GSP WON. Jeezus. the first was a toss up and GSP scored more points. Takedown, sub attempt. more strikes at distance.

          • joe

            no no no. So a guy throws light punches all fight and runs away should get a decision against a guy who hit him with power shots that broke the other guys nose and dazed him a few times. I don’t think so. That isn’t fighting that is like basketball or something. Fighting is 2 guys try to finish. If that doesn’t happen, scoring is based on who did the best job on trying to finish. So I am not saying if one guy gets a scrap he lost the round, but if someone is rearranging another guys face but landed half the amount of punches he could deserve to win.

      • a.m.

        because damage can not be interpeted in an OBJECTIVE manner, only submission or being KO’d / TKO’d.

        we can argue all day that a face with bruises is a sign of damage, but bruises can also signify scrapes or headbutts during tie ups or past tissue damage or scars that open up, via courtesy of previous ooppnents, DAMAGE is a term that has no business in the cage. We should only take submission, tko’s and points into account, points based on connecting strikes, in this case GSP made more points.

        • Austin, TX

          Agreed. Well said.

      • joe

        Damage def. can be considered. Damage is a big part of the sport. Think about it, if a guys eye is so swollen the doc stops it right? and the winner is the guy who caused the swelling. He did the damage. They don’t stop the fight and go to the score cards ..they just give the fight to who did that actual damage. So don’t listen to clark. scar tissue and all that stuff is just human parts of the game. They can’t not consider damage because a guy has more scar tissue than another guy. That would be like not counting a GSP take down against Dan Hardy because GSP is naturally just stronger. They don’t do that either, because it is all just part of human abilities.

    • William Skrainski

      George thought he lost too

      • a.m.

        when did george say this?

        • The Bang

          In the first interview, before he announced his “retirement”

        • Eldolaz Dougclaken

          not have to say it, just look at him, he’s not happy, just needed too much modesty to recognize a loss

    • a.m

      REALLY GOOD statements, CLARK90
      agree with you on the damage statements you made, wish the average fan would see this, but the type of card that shows up and boo’s is most likely just a casual fan that has been drinking and doesn’t understand the system of judging.

      • joe

        Casual fan? So what is there a casual fan and a professional fan? From the way I see it there are just fans, and the fans of GSP think he lost, the fans of mma in general think he lost, GSP’S boss thinks he lost. Everyone in that building that night except for 2 judges felt he lost the fight. Basically everyone who watched the fight believes he clearly lost. The only people who disagree are GSP nut huggers like yourself. And that isn’t making fun, that is just the truth.

      • Fern

        Well its a good thing then that the “casual fan” is not judging and real judges are that are more aware of the system of judging. And guess what, 2 out of 3 thought Georges won that first round.

    • Jack Nagi

      He landed more and did more damage you tool. Think about what you just said….

      • NYCThriller

        True, but the majority of the damage came in the 2nd and 4th round…and GSP won 1,3,5. If a fighter does significant damage in only 1 round and coast the other 4, hypothetically speaking, should he really win? And in term of coasting, that’s what Hendricks did in the final round. He would tire out and barely threw hard punches…looked like he was resting every other round.

        • Lucas Freire

          You’re forgetting those heavy elbows and clean knee to the nose on the first round.
          It was those hits that made GSP fall apart throughout the rest of the fight. Hendricks won 1/2/4 and 3 is questionable.

          • archaictext

            You can’t say Hendricks definitively won round 1. It was back and forth with the striking. Hendricks had some knees and GSP had some head kicks. GSP controlled the grappling for a bit and so did Hendricks. They also both had some jabs in there, but GSP was pushing forward more. Also, while it didn’t amount to anything, GSP still had the only takedown in that round. GSP winning the 1st was a good call.

    • J Aspillaga

      lol, obviously ur a GSP fan

  • Omega Red O’Neal

    Got to beat the champ. It was a close fight. A great fight. If Jones won his fight GSP most definitely did. He landed more strikes. So what if he had a cut under his eye. Johnnie should have finished him in round two when he had the opportunity. GSP was moving forward 3,4, &5. Technically he was The better fighter. I would like to see a rematch. Don’t be a sore loser. You Take a guy down do something with it. Beat the champ. Like I said Jones kept his there is no way GSP should lose his.

    • Spencer Ryan Curtis

      Not to mention Hendricks got most of his “Damage” from GSP slipping and falling down lol

    • joe

      They both should of lost there titles. And I am not a fan or hater of either, but it is starting to get disappointing seeing the big fights with bad calls. I think they should start letting title fights just go until someone wins.


    Give me a break, how can you say the damage should not matter in a fight. ….are you an idiot? Why would they allow 10-8 rounds then? Which in my opinion should be used a lot more. That said Hendricks won rounds 1, 2, 4 and 5

    • George Sperry

      They “allow” 10-8 rounds because one fighter totally dominates the other, not because one fighter bleeds more than the other.
      Humans are not homogenous, some cut more easily than others, some have scar tissue from previous fights that opens easier and quicker than skin not previously cut. Scoring a fight based on who is more damaged or swollen is ridiculous.

      • the pensive dub

        right on!

    • primonose

      thank the mma world your opinion doesn’t matter, primo

      • deepgrim

        well cases like this could bring around change, its strange that the ref will stop a fight to protect the fighter from been damaged further yet damage is not something you would be willing to included in the scoring of a fight

  • manuel

    Esto es un fraude!!! (UFC 167 Post-Press Conference)

    • J Aspillaga

      He don’t deserve that belt and he really knows it, Hendricks clearly WON that fight NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Dang, c’mon guys don’t be so BIAS about GSP, No offense man, I’m a GSP fan too, but Hendricks really kicked GSP’s butt. Technically GSP’s gameplan didn’t work every round and it was pretty much controlled by Hendricks. LOL to all the GSP fan here, u dunno anything!

  • Robbed

    That whole thing about you have to “beat the champ” is just ridiculous. So a champ can get pounded but unless you put him in a coma you haven’t done enought to win ? Ridiculous. It was a war for GSP not Hendricks. I can see close fights going either way but it’s just sad and disgusting that a guy (Hendricks) can work so hard and just be robbed.

  • Steve

    If you dont win by way of finish, you win on points thats the bottom line, its a sport with rules. You cant bring damge into it, glanceing blows cut more that the powerfull shots when they scrape across the face. How could win a fight hands down and be on the outside damaged more. GSP won on points, dont usually dissagre with Dana but on this one … wrong.

  • A.M.

    Everyone I have talked to about the GSP vs. Hendricks fight has talked to me about damage factor, well no one I have talked to understands that damage can’t be judged in a objective way CONSIDERING previous tissue damage that a fighter may have inflicted and how easily that tissue can swell. We see a fight like this and many scream robbery, but if you watch and score every strike, POWER/JAB, take down, CONTROL(which is subjective to the viewer) then it will be a very different view that the average fan would be screaming right now.

  • KevStinx

    At a glance, ‘Tony Weeks’ says it all.

    Any time i see that name or Cecil’s I instantly know the scoring is corrupt.

    Whose cock is Weeks sucking on?

    Some form of gambling fixing going on too ?
    Smells of corruption and scum!!!

  • Mooseep

    Johnny won that fight with or without gsps face looking like hamburger

  • Mooseep

    GSPs best fight in years but he lost

  • Tim Fejzulai

    great fight , a fan of both fighters , but if Hendricks wants to be a real man and champion? he should explain why he was tapping out in the 1st minute of round one…

    • Austin, TX

      Yeah, I noticed that. He tapped several times on GSP’s back when the kimura triangle whatever it was was in. He taps like 3 times on his back quickly. Nobody noticed it. It was strange. If you asked him about it of course he’s going to lie. But he tapped his back. Thats a submission. Lots of fights are stopped immediately after the first tap. Even if the fans or Joe Rogan doesn’t see it. Its interesting. Nobody talked about it.

  • kenchi85

    I dont know what to think anymore, like GSP, I need a break from UFC too, after Silva vs Weidman, this show is off.

  • Kenny

    Hendricks definitely did more damage. really tho, it’s not hard to get glove burn. I’m sure Hendricks would have some of he didn’t have all that facial hair. gsp fortunately had 3 and 5, Hendricks 2 and 4. gsp had 3 takedowns. that counts more than damage. he also had TWO sub attempts. Hendricks had 1 td and 1 sub attempt. gsp landed more while Hendricks had fewer. hendricks had more to the face as gsp had body head combos. I believe they were close to equal in clinch control and ring control. I would agree with the decision made

  • Chris Morgan

    To use one of Dana’s favorite phrases, “Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges.” I think we can all agree that it’s time to explore changes in how fights are judged and possibly the rules as well. As far as “damage” goes, like it or not, that’s not something that judges look at while scoring the fight. Plus, you can’t exactly measure “damage” fairly. As others have mentioned, what if a fighter cuts or bruises easily and they’re the one that’s winning the fight?

    Regardless of who you thought won the fight, it was close enough to cause doubt for the judges. After all, correct me if I’m wrong, but the judges don’t have the luxury of getting stats breakdowns when they’re scoring the fight. They can only go off of what they see from their respective vantage points. So unless a fighter wins a round decisively, the winner of the round is up to the judges (why 2/3 gave GSP round 1).

    • joe

      Damage they look at. Not just like a bloody nose, but a guy landing a lot of leg kicks and a leg start red and swelling and start limping would all def be considered damage. Or dazing a guy for a while should be damage.

      • Chris Morgan

        I think that falls more under “effective striking” than it would damage. Like I said in my previous comment, judges don’t look at damage because there’s no set criteria for what’s considered damage.

        How do you fairly judge damage in a fight? What if one of the fighters bruises easily (like GSP), gets cut easily (like Nick Diaz), sustains damage during the fight due to an illegal action, or is someone like BJ Penn who can be in a slugfest and come out of it looking like he was never in one? If damage was judged, wouldn’t those fighters be at a disadvantage (or advantage in the BJ case)? Should a fighter really be penalized if they end up breaking a hand or foot?

        I guess my last post I was thinking more on the cosmetic side of things since most of the “damage” arguments revolved around “look at GSP’s face.” Obviously, I disagree with that. By that logic, Jon Jones shouldn’t be champion anymore. Like I said, it’s time for some effort to be put into revamping how fights are judged.

  • diazfan209

    I understand the rules state that whatever the fighter’s face looks like should carry no weight in the overall decision, but Significant Strikes do count toward a decision and Hendricks obviously landed more significant strikes.

  • The guest of guests

    That face says it all folks. Not complaining about the judges poor decision, they happen all the time. Johny won that fight. As much as I respect St. Pierre, should he not retire he will lose the rematch as he, in reality, lost this fight. I hope he retires on top record wise because if he returns his legend will be tainted with a loss that won’t be argued.

    • The guest of guests

      His demeanor after the fight…just look at his eyes when that last bell rings. He thought he lost the fight, his partners picked him up and carried him around as in every close fight tho they knew he lost as well.

  • julian moran

    1,2,4 hendricks, is what i had.

  • greaseygranny

    Any idiot that says damage doesn’t count in a fight should not be allowed to post a comment on any forum. Are you people kidding me? Fan or no fan, GSP got his ASS HANDED to him. His entire corner in the cage, before the decision was given, were walking around saying he lost. That guy will never be the same again after that ass kicking. He knocked a few screws lose. He didn’t even know where he was. He didn’t even know the fight was over when it was over. The first guy that he can’t hold down and dry hump for 5 rounds, kicked his ass and now he wants to walk away from fighting for a year or whatever he was blubbering like an infant about. Fights are about doing damage. Damage doesn’t matter, BWAHAHAHAHAHAA. Go watch Golf dummies.

    • jimmy777

      re:Any idiot that says damage doesn’t count in a fight should not be allowed to post a comment on any forum… We all agree that it should count but it doesn’t for some odd reason, MMA scoring needs to evolve..

  • Corey Hutton

    He may have threw more strikes and beat the s*** out of GSP, but he didn’t defeat him. Like the cliche says, you have to beat the Champ to be the Champ. He didn’t finish GSP and lost because of it.

  • Spencer Ryan Curtis

    Ok guys first of all GSP out pointed Hendricks go watch the fight again. Also Gsp has more scar tissue. I will say that almost all of Gsp’s damage is to the eyes and forehead. If you watch Gsp’s jabs they were directly to the chin of Hendricks (Covered by a beard) Gsp threw alot of head kicks and body kicks. Also looked like Hendricks was tapping in the first round. I have watched Gsp for years why did he not shoot more on Hendricks? I think he wanted to prove he could stand and bang. You have to give it up to Gsp for not getting knocked out by Hendricks. Hendricks is a poor sport and I really like the kid but not after his behavior. Look at Diego Sanchez his face looks like hamburger meat after each fight but he is a f****** beast. Some people cut and bruise way more easily than others. I would agree that Hendricks did hurt GSP but Gsp out pointed him. If I had it my way the championships would be 7 rounds or no time limit no judges just get in and f****** finish.

  • Daryl Northrup[

    Well i seen Hendricks tap out and get a ways with it but ya he did really good against George.Hats off to him

  • MikeMcK

    I’m a bit confused by what people are saying about jabs. As a stat in boxing jabs are not a significant strike. If you add up significant strikes and jabs you get the total amount of strikes landed. (I’m not questioning how important a jab is.)
    In mma I thought it was the same with fight numbers. Significant strike are anything except a jab.
    I’m not a fight metrix fan and consider them pretty useless. Judges don’t have those numbers when they’re scoring. In fact the only time fight metrix determine a fight is in video games.

  • pak

    How much was Hendricks really weighting when entering the cage ?

    • jimmy777

      He says around 200 and he walks around at 220, crazy!!

  • nodan

    Tu est le meilleur. …….on est tres fier de toit

    Maitenant tu fait ce que tu veut….!!!!!!!

    Bravo du QUEBEC

  • jim brown

    First of all the challenger needs to finish the champion and clearly we can dispute damage to GSP and that Hendricks won the fight. But at the end if Hendricks truly wanted the belt he would have came into the fight wanting to prove a TKO not just try and trade punches with the champion because every time a fight is left to the judges controversy starts. I believe GSP is a proud champion and something was bothering him like in the post fight he mentioned that he didnt want to tall about personal life for a reason. Im a true GSP fan win or lose. So if any true hendrick fan needs to shut up because hendrick clearly said that he according not punching at 100%. Who the heck goes into a fight not giving it 1000% I call that an immature and such a sore loser to come out and say some BS like that. I just hope a rematch is set immediately so GSP can shock the damn world and shut all and fake fans, and haters out there. This was one of GSP most exciting fight and people usto to criticism him of being to safe and when he comes out and gives the people what they want they criticism him. Pathetic people I tell you! All I know GSP has the belt and is best P2P fighter in the world!! GO GSP!!

  • danksy

    UFC should re play the 1st round and let everyone see if GSP could have won it. I did not think so, but its possible

  • MuayThaiFood

    Before I’m attacked I just want to say that I was hoping GSP was going to win this. That said, regardless of the score, all this talk about GSP’s “superficial” damage seems be a little denial to me. Hats off to GSP for heart but he was hurt beyond the cuts and bruises. When he says in his interview that he can’t remember a lot then that should tell you it’s not just sensitive skin. His comments to Rogan to that he wasn’t surprised by the decision seemed didn’t seem genuine. He wasn’t surprised and yet he couldn’t recall portions of the fight and or what rounds he was fighting and yet he was clear headed enough to score his own fight? I don’t think so. He looked to me like someone who was pretty sure the other guy won but wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth even if he was a tad embarrassed. Hendricks on the other hand looked and acted unhurt. I need to watch the fight again but scoring aside you can’t say GSP’s damage was superficial.

  • Fern

    I’m SOOO sick of people complaining about MMA judges! I think people forget so easily how bad boxing judges used to be. MMA judges are not even close to as bad as boxing judges, where a boxer can win 10 out of 12 rounds and still not get it on the score card.
    I’ve seriously only seen a very few select MMA fights where the final score was way off.

    Most of these so called “controversial decisions” could truly go either way.

  • Frank Andrew Waszut

    Anyone thank thinks GSP won that first round is a f****** idiot. Hendricks took him down and hurt St. Pierre as well as he did in rounds 2 & 4. The only round gsp won was the fifth.

  • Frank Andrew Waszut

    Fern. you’re an idiot. That attitude is why boxing was allowed to get as corrupt as it is. By your logic the sport should be in shambles before anyone steps in instead of handling proactively. GTFOH.

  • Frank Andrew Waszut

    Hendrick’s beat the champ. The judges found a way to rob him because GSP is bigger brand name to drive more money into the athletic commissions that Hendricks does. GSP won that fight based on privilege, not merit. It just goes to show how corrupt the NSAC is. Anyone that thinks GSP won needs to be hit over the head with a blunt object repeatedly.

  • b-soc

    I guess its fun to debate, but the bottom line is once you leave someone else to make a decision for you, unfortunately, you have to live with that decision. Is anyone here really shocked? Is this the first time we questioned a judges or refs decision? They can re-educate, fire, replace, etc judges………..doesn’t matter, this isn’t going to change. If the fight is at all close, it can go either way. When Dana does a season of TUF with a big ass sign on the door “Don’t Leave It in the Hands of the Judges”, that should tell you. I personally scored it the way the one other judge scored it, 48-46 Hendricks, and I’m Canadian and a huge GSP fan. Bottom line, you want something done, you have to do it yourself. Finish it to gaurantee your win!! Even Dana said it to Johnny at the conference. Again, this isn’t the first time or the last time we’ll see this.

  • Christopher LaHaise

    Now there’s a simple solution. Let FightMetric judge the fights from now on. 😉 Actually, no, since I don’t think it could handle the ground game as much.

  • MC Will Z

    I hope everyone looked over the whole score card because if u look at the bottom Fightmetics has Hendricks winning. So how did Judges mess up?Idiots