Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva Nears Reality, but What About Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones?

September 11, 2012
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Jon Jones and Anderson Silva“If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas.”
– Don Meredith

That’s about where we were at on the status of superfights in the UFC a couple of years ago, but now…

Now, there is hope on the horizon that some of the biggest match-ups that fans can think of could actually be coming to fruition.

There are still some of those ifs and buts, BUT that’s not stopping the momentum from building.

The fight most immediately in view would pit current UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre against Anderson Silva, the middleweight king.

“Anderson and GSP were talking like they didn’t want to fight,” said UFC president Dana White on Monday night’s episode of Inside MMA on AXS TV. “Now, he beats Condit, meaning Georges St-Pierre, he wins Carlos Condit fight, he’s saying he wants to fight Anderson Silva and Anderson Silva is saying he wants to fight him.

“That fight will probably happen first.”

If St-Pierre beats Condit. If he decides to forego the other top welterweight contenders. If they can come to terms.

“I feel like I have a lot of guys that are there and I don’t understand why people are going crazy now, but I just came back from an injury, so maybe some people see me as a weak link,” St-Pierre told recently. “We’ll see what’s going to happen in the future.”

A fight with Silva would be difficult to turn down, though. It would easily be the biggest fight in the sport’s history, likely taking place at the 100,000-plus-seat Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. With the biggest fight comes the biggest payday. Good luck turning that down.

Beyond that, White foresees other superfights that could also see the light of day… depending on how things play out.

If the fight between GSP and Silva takes place and Silva wins, the dominoes start to fall.

“Now, Anderson and Jones are saying we’re buddies, don’t wanna fight or whatever the deal is, but (Jones) didn’t want to fight Rashad (Evans) either, and that happened,” explained White.

“As you start to get to a point like where Anderson is now in his career. He’s beat everybody; he’s broke every record in UFC history. If he wins against Georges St-Pierre, I guarantee he’ll be eyeballing Jon Jones next.”

There are more fights beyond those that could happen, but hey, that’s probably enough ifs and buts for one day… unless you want to unleash your favorites.

What other superfights would you like to see?


  • GSP has been in the UFC since 04. The only thing that has set him back is his loss to Serra. Silva has been in the UFC since 06 breaking pretty much every record. Jones still has Belfort, Henderson and a well earned rematch with Machida (You can’t deny Lyoto his rematch if he beat the same guy Jones did to get a title shot) I like Jones a lot as a fighter but he has a lot more to do before he deserves a shot at probably the greatest fighter ever. GSP deserves this shot more than anyone. He’s willing to go up in weight to fight him. Silva already went up in weight twice. Let Jones go to HW if he dominates for as long as Silva did. He’s still young. People complain that Silva wants the smaller guy but GSP wants to move up and it would be disrespectful to not give him this shot.

    • MaritalArtist

      I agree with pretty much everything you said. I never thought about it that way…. The fact that GSP deserves the silva shot more than jj does. Makes sense though. Solar to what jones did to sonnen…

    • shakejunt

      “You can’t deny Lyoto his rematch if he beat the same guy Jones did to get a title shot.”

      So you’re saying that Tito should’ve gotten a shot at Jones?

  • MaritalArtist

    It’ll happen. 2014

  • pooby

    Jones doesn’t want to fight Silva, huh? Time to start asking every mma fighter, retired or otherwise, “If you were in Jon Jones’ shoes would YOU fight Silva”.

    WE NEED TO KNOW!!!!!

  • oswaldcobblepott

    This fight makes more sense than GSP vs silva. Silva and Jones are closer in size GSP is well under 6′.

    • Yea to bad it goes by weight class and not height. GSP reach is 76 inches and Silvas is 77.6 inches. and their going to fight at a catchweight. Good enough for you? You guys talk about Jones fighting Silva but Jones has height and reach advantage over most guys let him go to HW. Silva already went up in weight twice. Now GSP wants a chance to move up and take on the true p4p best fighter.

      • mjg2335

        You make some good points. However, my only question is that, although GSP is a stud, shouldn’t the greatest fighter of all time (AS) move UP in weight? AS could arguably beat any LHW not named Jones. Already beat 2 former “205” champs in Griffin & Hendo. Does make him look like he’s picking on the smaller guy, although I’m sure your stats are accurate. Just sayin….

        • WarriorScholar

          Silva started out as a welterweight and isn’t a huge middleweight.Just sayin….

      • oswaldcobblepott

        GSP does not want the fight against Silva he has said he is happy in his division many times. Silva walks around well over 200lbs GSP is never 10lbs above. Makes more sense for the greatest fighter ever to move up and fight contenders BTW what type of research qualifies you to borrow the word Science?

        • dathump

          It doesn’t matter what their walk around weight is, if they both hit the scales the same, 20-25 lbs is the most they will put back on by fight night. so if they fight at 180 GSP will more then likley come in around 190-195 Silva will be 200-205.

        • Cptmats

          “Silva and Jones are closer in size GSP is well under 6′.”
          GSP is 5’11”
          “Silva walks around well over 200lbs GSP is never 10lbs above.”
          GSP walks around at 195-200lbs.
          You pretty much lost all credibility when you refered to Silva as the greatest fighter ever ! George is the true P4P king ! No one has ever dominate him the way Sonnen did to Silva.

    • dathump

      This isn’t a superfight based on size. its based on legacy, GSP and Silva have cemented there legacy by dominating their divisions for years, Jones is just getting started. The size differance really isn’t that much. Both would have to cut to make 185(just more for silva), 4inch hight, 1-1/2 reach is all GSP would give up where Silva would give up 2 inch hight, and 6-1/2 inch reach against Jones, so how Silva and Jones are closer in size when it comes to an advantage in mma beats me.

      • Exactly! And if people stopped to do the math, they would realize that the difference in weight from middle weight to LHW is 20 pounds, and the difference from WW to middleweight is only 15. How exactly are Silva and Jones closer in size?

  • omcclave

    The only superfight I care about is the one that is actually happening Aldo vs Edgar. Champ vs Champ in my opinion (because Frankie got robbed).

    • shakejunt

      fingers crossed aldo finishes him.

      can’t wait for the rematch -_-

  • YoDaddy

    whether GSP deserves or should get a fight with Silva is probably up in the air more than everyone realizes anyway…..i mean GSP said so him, that he still had guys to fight at welter weight before he “clears out” the division….its also disrespectful for either GSP or silva to talk about a super fight when there are still legit contenders in each division….. regardless of whatever silva says there are alot of mma fans that would like to see C. Wiedman fight Silva especially hoe he handled Munoz…… to be continued!!!!

    • dathump

      The problem is the legit contenders are either not ready for a title shot, or there isn’t a clear cut #1 contender. The timing is right to do ao superfight. I dont think it is disrespectful for GSP to fight Silva, its not like they are going to fight and then retire, I think it is more disrespectful to the up and coming fighters to say they cleaned out the division which will never happen, there is always someone new, or someone training herd to improve, its just a matter of time.

  • longtime fan

    Id like to see jon jones face dos santos. silva vs GSP. edgar vs aldo. then if jones wins and silva win then they face eachother. then winner of aldo and edgar face winner of cruz and barao. maybe even if GSP were to win then we could see him and benson henderson.

  • longtime fan

    The real top ten:
    1. JDS
    2. Cain Velasquez
    3. alistair Overeem
    4. werdum
    5. Cormier
    6. Josh Barnett
    7. Antonio Silva
    8. Shane Carwin
    9. Frank Mir

    1. Jon Jones
    2. Dan Henderson
    3. Shogun
    4. Machida
    5. Evans
    6. Gustafsson
    7. Mousasi
    8. King Mo
    9. Glover Teixeira
    10.Phil Davis

    1. Anderson Silva
    2. Chris Weidman
    3. Vitor Belfort
    4. Alan Belcher
    5. Luke Rockhold
    6. Hector Lombard
    7. Bisping
    8. Tim Boetch
    9. Ronaldo Souza
    10.Mark Munoz

    1. GSP
    2. carlos condit
    3. Nick Diaz
    4. Rory Macdonald
    5. Nate Marquardt
    6. Johnny Hendricks
    7. Josh Koscheck
    8. Martin Kampmann
    9. Jake Ellenberger
    10.Tyron Woodley

    1. Benson Henderson
    2. Frankie Edgar
    3. Gilbert Melendez
    4. Nate Diaz
    5. Gray Maynard
    6. Michael Chandler
    7. Eddie Alvarez
    8. Jim Miller
    9. Donald Cerrone
    10.Clay Guida

  • longtime fan

    Top 11 thru 15
    11. Roy Nelson
    12. Travis Browne
    13. Mark Hunt
    14. Ben Rothwell
    15. Winner of Stipe miocic and struve

    11. Ryan Bader
    12. Rampage
    13. Forrest Griffin
    14. Rogerio Nogueira
    15. Rafael Cavalcante

    11. Brian Stann
    12. Yushin Okami
    13. Rousimar palhares
    14. Jake Shields
    15. Lorenz Larkin

    11. Bj Penn
    12. Jon Fitch
    13. Erick Silva
    14. Diego Sanchez
    15. Ben Askren

    11. Anthony pettis
    12. Shinya Aoki
    13. Joe Lauzon
    14. Josh Thomson
    15. Jorge Masvidal

    • RubeKegal

      Not a bad list, except Ben Rothwell shouldn’t be top 50 let alone 15. I think Arlovski ***** on him. Also if you think he beats Kharitonov, then you are smoking the funny leaf.

      • longtime fan

        wow, you are absolutley correct. i evidently didnt take enough time and throughly think about everyone, because i love kharitonov, i just forgot about him. and i do remember arlovski beat up ben rothwell. i do think big ben is alot better now, and arlovski is worse now, but i would still have arlovski just ahead of ben. so here is HEAVYWEIGHT 11 THRU 15 REDONE:
        11. kharitonov
        12. roy nelson
        13. travis browne
        14. mark hunt
        15. arlovski

      • longtime fan

        You are absolutley correct. I cant beleive i forgot about kharitonov. And i forgot about arlovski. i really think arlovski has fallen off the map and i think big ben has gotten alot better since his loss to mark hunt. i mean even before that fight the dude probably could take a beaten better than anyone, you have to give him that.
        but HEAVYWEIGHT 11 THRU 15 REDONE:
        11. kharitonov
        12. roy nelson
        13. travis browne
        14. mark hunt
        15. arlovski

        • longtime fan

          i forgot to mention that i remember alovski beating down rothwell. although i think this time around would be alot closer but i still have to have give alovski the edge.

        • longtime fan

          I forgot to mention that i did see that fight when alovski beat down big ben. ill give arlovski the edge but i think it would be closer this time around. arlovski’s chin has become alot more brittle.

  • longtime fan

    I personally think that if GSP beats condit and rory macdonald beats bj then rory should be the number one contender. In that case GSP should then have no other choice but to fight anderson silva, or be fighting his friend and training partner. Then Rory should face the winner of hendricks and kampman or Nick Diaz and then Condit will face the winner of hendricks and kampmann.

  • longtime fan

    7. Rich Franklin
    8. Bisping
    9. Boetch
    13.Cung Le

  • longtime fan

    7. Rich Franklin
    8. Bisping
    9. Boetch
    13.Wanderlei Silva
    14.Cung Le

    • Triggerman99

      Please stop what you are doing.

      • longtime fan

        No. If you dont like it, dont read it. simple as that.

        1. Jon Jones (not a fan,I want him to lose.)
        2. Anderson Silva
        3. GSP
        4. Jose Aldo
        5. Renan Barao
        6. Frankie Edgar
        7. Chris Weidman
        8. Dan Henderson
        9. JDS
        10.Benson Henderson

        • Triggerman99

          No, I mean stop taking up the entire page with your rankings. Nobody wants to read them.

        • Jaygo

          This is the stupies list ever crackhead he got jds in the list wich im a fan of but where’s is cain velasquez.. hendo one of my favorite but should’nt be in the list anymore whre the f*** is vitor wich uses trt dont agree but is doin pretty good benson goes first than chris and dumb ass stop hating on anderson silva cuz the ufc has never seen someone like him

  • shereko

    First off P4P, GOAT… is Silva, he hasn’t been beaten in the UFC, (common knowledge) and even though the rule is BS, Jones lost/ND to Matt Hamill… 12/6 rule elbow. Plus Silva has dominated.

    Also, I agree with Triggerman… nobody cares about your rankings, and whats your point anyways?

    • longtime fan

      first off your “common knowledge” is your opinion. Silva has a great record, and hes unbeaten in the ufc… but not in his career. jones is young and already dominating the best. but im not trying to argue that my opinion is more right than yours. its merely my opinion in which im entilted to. and as far as my point for which i post, whatever it is that i want to post, is only that i want to post it… if it bothers you too…. get over it and dont read it. its not that hard. but obviously you did read it and felt obligated to reply to it, so thats your perogative.

  • longtime fan

    like i said, if you dont want to read it, then scroll down. it takes all of about a half a second to get past it. And dont try and speak for everyone else. maybe others dont want to read it either but im sure they dont have an issue scrolling down. keep complaining and wasting your time. lol.

    • Triggerman99

      This isn’t a page to debate our own personal top 10s. Just because you feel like flooding this page with a bunch of stuff unrelated to the subject doesn’t mean it’s a good idea and we should just all “get over it”.
      If you put 6 huge comments on a story that had absolutely nothing to with it, you shouldn’t be surprised that people are annoyed by it. Taking the “get over it, this is what I want to post” stance is pretty weak.

      • longtime fan

        your complaining about someone’s post is worse as far as taking up space. and it does have some relation.

        • Triggerman99

          OK, I’m just confused now. You clearly don’t get it. Have a nice day.

    • RubeKegal


    • Cptmats

      I agree I dont come to read this bs ! And besides your lists suck ! JJ #1 p4p, bahahahaha

      • longtime fan

        I didnt leave it for you so you dont have to read it. Now ppl dont come to read post about you thinkin someone elses post is bs. but now its on here along with my reply to your bs post.
        I think some people just cant help but to complain about stuff. I mean really, is it hurting you… no. is it that much of an inconvience to scroll down and not read somethin… no, because i do it.

  • clarkw901

    Why doesn’t everyone out here demand all champs move up to fight the next weight class champ jst to see where they stand? Dominance doesn’t mean anything when anyone has a puncher’s chance to win?