Georges St-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva, Dana White Would Love to Do It

March 21, 2012
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Anderson Silva and Georges St-PierreA Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva match-up has been discussed ad nauseum for years.  Sometimes the biggest fights that can be made are between two fighters in different weight classes.

It’s happened before and St-Pierre was involved.  B.J. Penn put his lightweight title on hold to move up to face St-Pierre at for the welterweight championship at UFC 94.

A match-up with Anderson Silva has been something St-Pierre has considered.

“I have considered it, of course, but the thing is, right now, I’m focusing on one thing at a time, focusing on my knee.  Once my knee will be 100-percent, I will focus on getting back to my title,” said St-Pierre on Wednesday when asked about the possibility of facing Silva.

“When I get back to my title, depending on what’s going on, I might have to take another fight.  If everything goes, like stars align and everything, maybe we’ll see one day in the near future what is going to happen.  Depending if I’m going to go up or if he’s going to come down, it’s too far away to think about it right now, but it’s something that could happen, of course,” said the injured welterweight titleholder.

The potential champion vs. champion match-up is something Dana White would love to promote, but a lot of things have to come together before then.

“Obviously it’s a fight that people have been talking about for a long time.  So like Georges said, first of all, he has to get healthy.  Then he’s got to fight (Carlos) Condit.  Anderson is fighting Chael (Sonnen), and then we’ll see where we go from there,” said White.

White stated that if the bout does eventually happen, St-Pierre would have to move up to the middleweight division or they’d have to meet at a catch-weight.

“I know that Anderson couldn’t make 170, so it would depend on Georges moving up, or those guys meet at a catch-weight or something like that,” White said.

“I want to put on big fights.  I want to put on fights the fans want to see.  I know how big that fight is,” continued the UFC president.  “Imagine if we did Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre anywhere in Canada, how big that fight would be.  Believe me, I’d love to do.  We’ll see what happens.”

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  • joan

    Well, you better hurry up, Anderson Silva don’t have too many fights left in his carreer. He’s old and he’s getting too many lesions lately. And I hate to see his legacy ruined by a long losing streak before he retire.

    • Lesnardo

      Anderson would LOVE to take this fight at 185. GSP doesn’t want to take this at 185.

      Anderson, however, doesn’t want to move to 205.

      • MrAdidas

        GSP has no problem moving up, but once he moves up its permanent. GSP has alot more challenges @ WW, so why “RUSH” (had to do it) to fight @ MW, which could take a year off careeer b/c he wants to add the weight properly & safely. Silva wants to fight GSP so bad, then he’ll have to drop to 170lbs or catch weight of 180lbs, if not then tiem for Silva to stop being a pussy & fight people his own size. Which wont happen, b/c Silva loves the size, strength & reach advantage he ALWAYS has, fighting at MW. Silva is 2-0 in the LHW division, but is too worried b/c he’ll be fighting people his own size & possibly bigger.

        Apparently Silva doesnt like to fight at a disadvantage, he just expects everyone else to have to deal with it.

        • Actually mr adidas,silva has gone up to lhw,and he beat the brakes off everyone he faced.its just like mr jones who walks around at 230 pounds in his everyday life,but fights at 205,where he has height,reach,and strength advantage over everyone he fights.he should be at hw,but he would lose againt the likes of jds,overeem,carwin,mir.and so.thats why he wont go up,and dana white WILL NOT LET HIM GO UP.u see the story that sells the bones fights is that hes “unbeatable”,and that goes away the instant he faces a hard hitting heavyweight like carwin or jds.and dana white knows that,so he has publicly said he does not want bones to go up.he loses up there,and therefore the ufc loses one of its unbeatable fighter stories.gsp,cannot beat just cant happen.for years I would say to every new opponent silva faced that maybe this guy had a chance.i was “sure” with belfort.look what happened.i wont make that same mistake with silva ever again.gsp has not finished a fighter since bj penn,silva would kill him.hes the greatest for a reason.

        • and if all these other fighters feel they are at a disadvantage,then either get out of silvas weight class,or learn how to beat him.its not andersons fault God gave him ability other fighters dont have.he has no control over theyre destiny,only his…

      • GSP is to small to move up to 185 steady but they could still fight coz on cath weight Silva 185 GSP 175-180.GSP is avery Strong Dude Rashad and Jon Jones both 205 and both trained with GSP and both said the same thing GSP was taking them both down at will while wrestling.I think it would be a pretty interesting fight.I know lot’s of ppl saythat Anderson would KO St.Pierre easy but I don’t think so.GSP is to smart of a fighter to go in there an play Anderson’s game!But I think an Anderson vs Jones would be more likely.I really think as GSP gets older he’ll move to 155 lb coz with his talent at light weight he would be extremely hard to beat!Cheers

  • bajafox

    I have a feeling by the time this fight happens Anderson Silva will be just passed his prime and we’ll never know who the real winner should have been…

    • MrAdidas

      It’s a MOOOT point anyway. Silva is 3-4 inches taller & about 30-40 lbs heavier. How exactly or when exactly is this fight suppose to happen … when it will be fair for both fighters?!? Answer = there is no time. All we have are IF’s. IF GSP was taller or didnt weight so much less than Silva. A more even fight would be Silva Vs Jon Jones, but we all know Silva is too scared to move up, or he would have done it already. Jones Vs Silva is much more even, than Silva Vs. GSP.

  • pooby

    Silva VS. Jones makes a lot more sense. I’d like to see GSP actually finish some welterweights before he takes on the most dominant middle weight in the world.

    • bryanadams

      I agree jones v silva is a much more interesting fight at this point. Jones is much more likely to finish it than gsp, an who knows how Georges will return from his injury. However, if gsp and silva do meet it should be at 180. Silvia’s not that lean at 185 and could easily make the weight, and it would be more fair for gsp. I for one am just about fed up with hearing about this B S superfight, it’s never gonna happen! It hasn’t yet, and there’s no reason to think it will now!

      • drewnathan

        Agreed. Silva vs. Jones makes much more sense. Silva has fought at 205 before. It’s a better stylistic matchup. This is also better because it pits two guys who have completely dominated their competition like no one else.

        • Cptmats

          Nobody has dominated their division the was George has, George would win no problem.

        • MrAdidas

          GSP IMO has dominated his division more so than Silva or Jon Jones has. Silva hasnt lost, but hasnt fought the level of fighters GSP has @ WW, not even close. GSP didnt even lose a round in over 7 fights (30+ Rounds), which may never be seen again … anytime soon.

          It makes way more sense for Silva Vs Jones b/c of the similarities. Silva’s natural weight class is the same as Jones … LHW! Both are very tall & lengthy, not so with GSP Vs Silva. Silva Vs Jon Jones is almost 50/50 (though I think Jones would DESTROY Silva @ LHW). But Silva Vs GSP, ALL the advantages go to Silva, but if Silva fought Jones, it would be alot more “fair”.

          FYI: GSP has ALOT more possible oponents to fight @ WW … Condit, Hendricks, Ellenberger/Kampmann & maybe Fitch or Diaz etc. Silva has Sonnen and … Sonnen. Well maybe Munoz, but thats about it. Bisping would die in the stand up.

    • jamesdeborde

      I agree

      • Kimodo


  • Booker T

    Silva should man up and challenge Jones.He’s scared of Jones though and knows Jones would finish him in less than a round. Silva’s a coward.

    • maddawgmar

      To say Silva is s coward for not fighting Jones is ludicrous. One the fight hasn’t even presented itself, two he has other things on his plate at the moment. And to say Jones will finish him inside one round is a bold statement. Jones is a great champion, but Silva had been dominate for so long. Now if that fight were to happen I hope that Jones would win, but Silva is a far superior striker and submission specialist. Jones just has better wrestling.

      As for the Silva/GSP fight I see it as Paquiao/Mayweather. They both say they want the fight but neither will go for it. Because neither wants to lose their legacy. Silva and GSP are the two best fighters in the UFC, and they should fight but won’t.

    • KBEsq

      Seriously, where do you come up with this crap? What on earth have you ever heard, or what action have you seen from Silva, that would lead you to write this?

      You honestly just pulled this out of your ass because you felt like saying it. I also love computer jockeys calling the most dominant MMA fighter of all time a coward. That just takes the cake. Silva does for a job what you wouldn’t even dream of doing. And there’s no doubt Silva would wreck you in a fight, so you’re basically calling a guy a coward who could just wipe the floor with you. What does that make you?

      • macgrubber


    • Cptmats

      Based on the Machida fight i would say thats a pretty stupid comment. Jones’s striking clearly has holes and Silva would expose them easily !

    • jamesdeborde

      Then why would he jump in and get his ass beat .

  • This fight is to boxings Mayweather-Pacquiao and if this one happens first, Don King better be ready to counter otherwise I see the death of boxing..rapidly.

  • Call me crazy but I think GSP is a harder fight for Silva than Jones would be. In fact St. Pierre would beat Silva, and Jones wouldnt.

    • KBEsq

      All else being equal (meaning weight), I would actually agree with you. It makes sense because I think that GSP could exploit Silva’s weaknesses better than Jones.

      However, considering Jones outweighs GSP by probably 40ish pounds, I think Jones is more difficult for Silva.

  • Who would rather see Jon “Bones” Jones vs. Anderson Silva?? I would. Bones and Silva are closer in size and skill. (GSP is way smaller than Anderson Silva, seems almost like a mismatch).

    • Cptmats

      Will you still call it a miss match when George becomes the new MW champ ?

  • D-rail

    Extremely delusional dopes, posting nonsense. How dare you insult an icon like Silva, GSP would get smashed & embarrassed. Anderson would KO George’s French accent off, for even thinking he could accept a fight with him. If any of u care for George, don’t encourage that horse shit, your Canadian will get hurt.

    • MrAdidas

      Yeah GSP woudl get smashed & embaressed like Sonnen was in his 1st fight VS Silva right?!? Yeah Sonnen lost, but noone expected Sonnen to clean the floor with Silva for 23.5 mins. If Sonnen can do that to Silva, then I have NO doubt GSP could ss well, and then some. GPS is the BEST overall fighter in all of MMA! To say Silva would embaress him, makes you very very DELUSIONAL … dope!

      D-rail … what was the highest grade you completed in high school?!? … or grade school? whatever!

  • chrislovely

    Come on Dana, the spider is 38 years old. Its gotta happen asap. or everybody will b making excuses for one another. After the Spider kills Sonnen to prove to the world hes the greatest mma champion that has ever fought. It will b time for GSP and Silva to just get it over with. It would b great for the sport if it happens soon

  • wolfgersilberbaer

    Isn’t Silva retired? I mean, he hasn’t had a fight since….. I can’t even remember when. Since before Jones became champ (and defended the title twice). I think even GSP has fought more recently, and he’s out with a serious injury. I think Silva’s finished and just hasn’t made the official announcement yet.

  • D-rail

    MrAdidas, save that passion for the next time GSP makes you bite the pillow. Then you can both have tea and celebrate your high school diploma.

  • Silva fighting people smaller? really? now thats something gsps been doin 4a long time, and the only way he would beat Silva is if he could hold him down for 5 rnds which i doubt, gsp aint got no problem movin up, he just dont wanna get Ko’d by the “FINISHER”……

  • Stylistically both Bones and Rush are very tough opponents for Silva as he has extremely poor takedown defence (proven by Hendo, Lutter and, of course, Sonnen). Both are more than likely to get him down at will and beat the crap out of him. Bones is more likely to finish, whereas, Rush is more likely to win by decision.

  • selinabutton

    Watching any fighter gain or drop weight for a fight is like watching him change his game as a fighter. I don’t think it’s worth it, but after watching The Striking Force, I have mad respect for MMA fighters who do this regularly. One of my co-workers at Dish suggested that I watch the free documentary on in order to understand that when some fighters gain/drop weight, it can be a high health risk. I think I’d only want to watch GSP and Silva fight if they do so catch weight, otherwise I think it should just become one of those “what ifs” that we’ll always fantasize about.