Georges St-Pierre Unwilling to Make UFC Return Without Major Changes to Drug Testing

February 10, 2015
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The talk about Georges St-Pierre returning to fighting has had a fever pitch recently, but the more it gets talked about, the less and less likely it sounds that the former UFC welterweight great will ever set foot in the Octagon again.

St-Pierre stepped away from fighting after he defeated Johny Hendricks in November of 2013. He offered several reasons for relinquishing his belt, but what has become more and more evident over time is his distaste for the state of performance-enhancing drug use in mixed martial arts.

The recent big-name busts in drug testing haven’t exactly bolstered his confidence that the sport is any cleaner now than when he left it.

Georges St Pierre UFC 167 OW-750x370“I don’t want to talk about one individual, I want to talk about the system,” St-Pierre recently told CTV News. “The system is a big problem in the sport of mixed martial arts. It’s something that I believe the UFC and fighters should confront and deal with it. Because if you don’t deal with it right now, it’s going to get worse and worse and worse.”

While he’s not calling the current system corrupt, he feels like more could be done to clean up the sport. One thing that the former champion has consistently pointed to is the need for true independent drug testing on the level of the Olympics.

Currently, drug testing falls under the authority of the athletic commission that regulates specific mixed martial arts events. But generally, the athletic commission also benefits financially by collecting fees from the promoter of the event.

So, as an example, in the recent case where Anderson Silva was drug tested on Jan. 9, but the results of the test weren’t revealed until after his fight took place on Jan. 31, the UFC (the promoter) and the Nevada Athletic Commission (the regulatory body) both benefited financially from the fight not being cancelled.

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That’s not to say that either the commission of the promotion in any way influenced the time it took for the result to be reported, but the perception that the result could have been intentionally delayed is there.

Silva’s test samples were collected and tested by Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory, an independent World Anti-Doping Agency approved facility. The test, however, was paid for by the UFC, and ordered at the behest of the Nevada Athletic Commission.

This is where St-Pierre sees that truly independent, Olympic-style testing would go a long way towards cleaning up the sport he once dominated.

“(The Olympics) have random testing and the testing is done by a competent and an independent organization (the World Anti-Doping Association) that has no interest financially in the promotion of (the sport),” he told The Canadian Press.

Under the current system, it appears that a change of that magnitude isn’t going to come into play any time soon. And if it doesn’t, don’t expect to see St-Pierre fighting in a cage.

Though he has yet to make any definitive decisions about his future in the sport, St-Pierre isn’t apt to return to return when the landscape has so many fighters that are willing to take advantage of their opponents.

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“(Performance-enhancing drugs) are an advantage that you have over your opponent that you should not be able to compete with,” St-Pierre continued. “Because you put the health of the (other) competitor in jeopardy.

“We’re not playing golf, we’re not racing, we’re fighting. Every time we fight we put our lives, our well-being in jeopardy.”

St-Pierre no longer appears willing to accept the risk.

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  • snapdad

    the ufc needs to stop giving 2nd chances, no matter the level of the fighter. the fighter should sign a contract stating that if any ped or illegal drugs are found then they are terminated for life, even if you are jon jones or Anderson silva. I think fighters would then think twice.

    • Mr.Pickles

      Start fining them 100% of their fight purse, including PPV dollars and bonuses. That would hurt them and not the fans.

      • snapdad

        I would love to see that.

  • Georgesmom

    Lol at GSP.

    His reason for retiring is the lax drug testing policies of UFC? Okay…sure….

    GSP has other reasons why he is not competing currently. I don’t know exactly what they are (maybe compensation, maybe he wants to take time off to do something else, maybe he has enough money and doesn’t have the drive anymore) but it is odd that he cites drug testing policies as the reason for his absence.

    Nice try Georges

    • robc

      ? Have you seen how many fighters have been popped for roids in the last 12 months? His reasoning is perfectly valid. He doesn’t cheat and he doesn’t want to fight guys that cheat, nor should he have to.

      If as you say he had other reasons besides the steroid abuse in the UFC, why would he even bother commenting? He has plenty of money. He could continue with his retirement and do whatever he wants.

      • Kris-tyahn

        ROBC: You’re probably talking to Matt Hughes or BJ Penn or Hendricks, a guy whos fought 27 pro MMA fights with 2 losses…. Yeah he sure is “trying” something…. according to idiot above! Or maybe he’s still butt hurt GSP owned his favorite fighter…. booo hooo hooo, my bummy still hurts! Probably from siting on ur thumb so much

        • Kris’sMom

          Umm no kid. ROBC is not the sharpest tool in the box but you sound really dumb.

          Stop replying to my comments please. You are not even worth my time.

      • George’smom

        He is bother commenting for the same reason you are bothering to comment here, kid.

        Jeez…why would people comment…jeez…I wonder.

        GSP’s semi-retirement antic has raised questions everywhere. He is trying to find reasons to justify his semi-retirement antic. I am SURE PED wasn’t even a secondary reason why he decided to layoff. It is ex post facto retrospective justification.

  • Georgesmom

    “We’re not playing golf, we’re not racing, we’re fighting. Every time we fight we put our lives, our well-being in jeopardy.”

    St-Pierre no longer appears willing to accept the risk.

    So here it appears that he is not necessarily concerned with the drug taker’s own health issues but rather potential damages drug takers can inflict on others.

    What a dumb argument. Yes, drugs make you into an animal so when you fight a drug abuser you are risking your life.

    LOL just LOL

    • robc

      Why would he care about the effects steroids have on his opponent’s health? It’s their choice to risk their life and long term health by juicing. He’s a fighter not a social worker…

      • Kris-tyahn

        Well said ROBC! LOL jsut LOL at how idiotic GeorgesMOMMA is, such a dummy!

  • dana

    Look what Johny big roids Hendricks did to gsp’s face. Why would anyone care about the drug users health?

  • robc

    He makes some great points. The comparison to Armstrong is an apt one. Why would he compete against other fighters that are cheating? The whole Silva debacle smells really bad. Too many coincidences that allowed the fight to go on that the UFC profited from on a major level. GSP is right to be concerned about his health as well. He is asking for independent testing which he, himself if willing to submit to. It seems like the UFC and the multitude of fighters that are cheating want nothing to do with a level playing field. So many guys have failed lately (Lombard being the most recent).

    GSP left the UFC on a 12 fight winning streak and had not lost since 2007 and was one of the biggest PPV draws in the sport. Does anyone seriously believe that Robbie Lawler would have even a remote chance against GSP? He could come back to several huge paydays and reclaim his belt in short order. I think his concern is that he has been fighting professionally for 13 years with 27 pro fights. He’s taken a lot of damage in his last few fights as well.

  • 4g63mark

    I agree with GSP. This sport has a HUGE drug problem. It appears that almost ALL of the top 10 fighters in every division are using banned substances regularly. I know it’s expensive to test all these guys, but at least the top 10 in every weight class needs Olympic style random testing. Meaning if you’re under contract with the UFC and you’re ranked in the top 10, USADA can show up any time, anywhere and test you. Whether you have a fight scheduled or not.

    These guys are faking injuries left and right to buy extra time for the drugs to pass through their system. I believe that Chris Weidman is out right now because he tested himself and his levels are too high to fight.

    This sport is NOT going to get cleaned up any time soon. He was complaining about headaches already as it was. Staying retired from MMA is the best move for GSP in my honest opinion.

  • dandogood

    screw that gay blade feminine GSP and his weak opinions. GSP is more of a fruit cake than anything and a complainer.

    • David

      Well you put a lot of thought and intellect into your post so I won’t give you a hard time.

      • dandogood

        appreciate the compliment

    • Kris-tyahn

      You must be a huge follower of MMA/UFC b/c your comment is right one…. BAHAHAHA idiot!
      A complainer?!? Give us some examples o Wise One!

      • Kris’sMom

        lol. you can’t even comment like an adult.

    • Austin, TX

      His “weak opinions” are spot on actually and everybody knows it. You’re just upset because a French guy is the champ and possibly the GOAT.

      Silva just failed his 2nd test.

      What’s up Joe Rogan…..what happened to your boy….

  • MMAisTrash

    Scum sport. A few more years this crap will be off of cable and better television programming will take it’s place. Regulated cockfighting is still cockfighting. Small minded underachieving scum athletes and corporate casino scum as owners. It’s just like boxing in the late 80’s – 90’s….only trashier.

    • Austin, TX

      Then why are you trolling on this site if it’s a scum sport….eh buddy? I think it’s actually you that is small minded….

  • Brian Finley

    While I agree that MMA fighters shouldn’t use steroids, I do think using them to recover from injuries should be allowed. I just don’t where to draw the line on supplements .