Georges St-Pierre Thanks Benson Henderson for the Blueprint on How to Beat the Diaz Brothers

December 18, 2012
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It’s likely Georges St-Pierre has already broken down and analyzed exactly how he intends to deal with Nick Diaz at UFC 158.

For more than a year now, St-Pierre has had Diaz on his radar, and the longtime welterweight champion is known for his ability to adapt and neutralize just about any fighter he comes up against.

That doesn’t mean, however, that St-Pierre doesn’t mind seeing just how well a good game plan can come together, and he was watching UFC on Fox 5 recently for that very reason.

UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson took on the younger Diaz brother, Nate, and soundly defeated him after five rounds of action. Henderson used a mix of leg kicks, takedowns and pressure to keep Diaz off balance throughout all 25 minutes.

Now Nate Diaz and Nick Diaz are certainly different fighters, but stylistically they can be very similar in their approaches, and St-Pierre noticed just how masterful Henderson was in picking apart the aggressive style employed by the family duo from Stockton, Calif.

“I watched very carefully your fight against Nate Diaz. It was a great display of athleticism, technique and wrestling,” St-Pierre told Henderson on Saturday night.

“I’m going to try to use some of the stuff you have done in the fight to win over Nick Diaz as well. I’m going to learn from what you did and try to apply it in my game plan. Thanks for showing me the blueprint.”

St-Pierre may be showing his hand here on purpose because he’s smart enough to know that Nick Diaz can see the interview as well as anybody, so it’s really anybody’s guess if the welterweight champion will actually employ those tactics or not, but he has a little extra strategy in hand if he needs it now.

St-Pierre will face Diaz in the main event of UFC 158 on March 16 at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

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  • Dave Stiles

    great so he is going to just hug it out for 5 rounds im sure its going to sell PPV…….

    • Sir_Roy

      Yet another uneducated wannabe MMA fan that watches GSP fights and labels them ‘hugging’ matches. Really, no personal disrespect intended, but this same regurgitated diatribe gets old.

      Here’s a heads up – they sell PPV for a reason. Real fans can appreciate the perfected combination on display in most (admittedly not all) every GSP fight of athleticism, striking, setting up and executing take-downs coupled with top control and ground and pound. That, right there, is the full package pay per view deal known as mixed martial arts.

      Dude, stick with boxing is my advice if you’ve yet to learn to appreciate the finer points of striking in conjunction with the grapple game.

      • Brent

        Amen brother!

      • Dave Stiles

        uneducated not really I’m just sick of the Greg Jackson style of fighting this is why MMA is going down hill….GSP don’t finish fights he hugs it out for 5 rounds same reason I don’t like Jon Fitch and all the other GSP wannabees…

        • hamm

          Mma going down hill is response to homy telling u stick to boxing I second that yeah stick to boxing mma is bigger than ever n still growing EVERYDAY

          • Dave Stiles

            Greg Jackson style of fighting is killing the sport just like floyd mayweather style hug it out threw a couple jabs rinse and repeat I stopped watching boxing like over 10 years ago btw homies they need to start giving out yellows cards to fighters that just go for take downs and hug it out period and if you don’t agree then your not a true mma fan…

          • Sir_Roy

            Again, you’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Carlos Condit is from Greg Jackson’s camp. So is John Jones … Clay Guida, Donald Cerrone, Nate Marquardt along with many other elite fighters with solid finishes (a vast majority of their collective wins by knockout or submission) accredited to their name.

            Fitch, however, the main proponent in grinding out fights, is not.

            So what the hell are you on about with this “Greg Jackson” style of fighting crap?

            Again UNEDUCATED thou art.

            Just looking back on his five round battle with Carlos, if you have the audaciousness to call that a ‘hugging’ match, then you’re really out to lunch. It’s not hugging son, it’s called dominating. In every aspect of the sport. Do some more homework then come back and try forming an educated opinion. You’re the type of bandwagon hopping fan, unable to appreciate the subtleties, that threaten the integrity of the sport more than this so-called “Greg Jackson” style of fighting you keep drawling on about.

          • brian stevens

            I, actually, think you are the uneducated one. You list several fighters that advance your stance, but ignore the ones who don’t. GSP hasn’t finished a fighter in four years. Four years. He has 3 finishes in his last ten fights. The three finishes? A corner stoppage against BJ. Knees to the body of t-rex arms Serra. Arm bar to a washed up Matt Hughes. Greg Jackson turned Condit (one of my favorite fighters) into a sprinter against Diaz. Was it smart of course. Was it fun? NO! Guida put on one of the most boring fights in the history of mma against Maynard. I believe Greg Jackson revolutionized MMA, but not for the better. He only pays attention to fighters who are in contention and when he does inject himself they turn into cerebral fighters and not finishers. Even the way Jones fought Evans was pathetic.

            Now back to GSP. You can say all you want that GSP is smart, athletic, and tough because that is all true. But you cannot say GSP is exciting because he is not. The only thing that made the Condit-GSP fight interesting was Condit’s ability to get up and fight off his back. The last two rounds of that fight were brutal because George held him down.

          • Sir_Roy

            Now, let’s clean up the rest of your blanket, and highly illogical, comments;

            First, you tell me I only named fighters that advanced my stance *which, even if it were true (and it isn’t) still highlighted HUGE inconsistency in the blanket comment Gregg Jackson produces boring fighters who only hug for five rounds*. Then you go on to denounce two of the fighters I named without educating us on all the boring fighters I, in my negligence, failed to mention. Can you see how self-contradictory that is?

            No, probably not …

            I mean, why not bring up Leonard Garcia, Brian Stann, Joe Stevenson and Jason MacDonald? Or Shane Carwin who, for the longest time, never saw a fight go past the first round and has only once went to decision in his 13 fights (against the current champ no less)? Cuz, like, they all hug their way through to victory right? Right???

            Second, you nail me for purportedly cherry picking exciting fighters while ignoring the boring ones (which you failed to delineate), then go on ahead to do far worse; cherry pick ONE of the fighter’s fights out of a plethora of others to reinforce silly blanket comments.

            Let’s look at Condit. You harp on one of his fights, conveniently his worst one – and yes, it was one of the most important in his career. So of course he had cage jitters and stuck to a game plan that probably looked better on paper than it did in the Octagon to be sure. Ignoring his stellar career, a large part of it in Jackson’s camp, is a huge fallacy in logic and an even bigger injustice. The dude has 26 of his wins coming by way of submission or knockout. Being all hung up on one fight while ignoring a long string of others is, well, stupid.

            On to Clay Guida; why harp, again, on one admittedly terrible fight? I agree, his fight against Maynard was atrocious. However, he has very stellar battles to his name under the Jackson banner. Diego Sanchez, Nate Diaz and Takanori Gomi to name a few. Clay is known for extremely exciting, high octave fights.

            So, while boring fights have come from his camp (name one camp that hasn’t produced mediocre fights), we cannot say offhandedly like that that Gregg Jackson is ruining MMA and produces boring fighters. Because it’s just plain false and UNEDUCATED.

            For every GSP vs. Hardy, you have a GSP vs. a Fitch, Condit or B.J Penn. If you overlook the technique, athleticism and strategy in GSP’s battles in your need to get high off a highlight reel ‘finish’ then, hey, that’s your preference. Doesn’t make you right in stating (or supporting those who state thus) all GSP does is ‘hug’ his way to victory. That’s stupid to be blunt.

          • brian stevens

            I was using the fighters you gave me to prove a point. Jackson very rarely has anything to do with a fighters camp unless they are competing for a title or a number one contender status. When Jackson gets involved those fighters turn into absolutely boring fighters.
            You can puff yourself up all you want and try to be condescending by saying things like “technique” and “intricacies”, but I love MMA and I enjoy the grappling, BJJ, wrestling, and striking. You are trying to make yourself feel smart (because you are a shill for GSP and Jackson) by belittling people who disagree with you. GSP is talented, but his “technique” has been and will be in the future limited to wrestling guys to the ground and laying on top of them.
            GSP has the one of the highest take down percentages in MMA. What’s his % of passing guard? What % of the time does he get someones back? How many strikes does he land per grounded opponent? These are “intricacies” that i look at and enjoy and guess what his numbers are low!
            GSP is a great wrestler, a good striker, and an ok BJJ artist. He is the best strategist. I guess Dana White is uneducated too, since he agrees with me.

          • Sir_Roy

            First, I’m not belittling the people, I’m belittling their blanket comments and one pointed opinions that unjustifiably ‘belittle’ those whose accomplishments deserve far better than conspiratorial stupidity. Your comments deflect deceptively, detracting from the collective brilliance of the fighters and their accomplishments, to focus too
            heavily on one or two banal flaws. One less exciting fight, and there we go throwing the baby out with the bath water. You ignore all evidence that doesn’t support your view.

            Ergo, your proffered opinion is garbage.

            And really now, how the hell do you know to what extent Jackson’s involved
            himself with his fighters and when? You don’t. You’re talking out your arse.

            You say you were using fighters I listed to prove a point … what point? As I’ve already clearly delineated, you’re purported point is riddled with contradiction and conveniently ignores a mass of evidence pointing to the contrary. Point in case; Jones has had
            one slightly less exciting fight against Evans. OK whatever. If you say so. However, fact remains, he’s had a majority of extremely exciting fights rife with finishes … right or wrong? Now do you really believe Jackson was absent in his other title defenses? Absent when he fought for the title? Give me a break dude. Was he absent when Carwin fought Lesnar? Cuz that scrap wasn’t exciting at all. Shane was definitely fighting the ‘safe’ fight. There are literally dozens of other examples.

            You don’t have a leg to stand on.

            You’re reaching to promote a theory that doesn’t hold up when drawn against the majority of other fighters and their collective fights under the Jackson camp. And that’s a statistical fact. Smarter to assume some Jackson battle plans turned out less stellar than others. It happens. Smarter to avoid blanket, angst ridden comments like “Jackson’s fighters are all boring” “Jackson is destroying MMA” blah blah blah.

            And don’t worry so much about agreeing with what Dana says right after a UFC PPV is scrapped … he’d have probably thrown his own mother under the bus to save the company’s face at the time. He’s a business man. His tune changes wheresoever the money flows bud. Give it time.

          • brian stevens

            It seems i touched a nerve. I’m right and i know this because i can judge with my eyes if something is interesting. You just went on some borderline psychopathic rant about Carwin and Jackson is brilliant and blah i dunno. None of it really reinforces your point other than feeding your egomania i’m not sure what you were saying. Your monotonous diatribe bored me to tears. You can’t deny the truths put forth about GSP and his pathetic ground stats because they are fact. So you rail on about my point that when Jackson officially puts his stamp on a fighter they become boring.
            Many fighters and others in the UFC have exposed Jackson. He sacrificed Diego on the alter of business as well as Rashaad. He is the businessman and it is impossible to be in 40 fighters camps at the same time. How many WEC fights did he corner? How many Guida fights did he corner before he was a contender? Here lies the real question, how much Greg Jackson semen is resting in your stomach?

          • Sir_Roy

            And this folks, is how someone argues a point without a leg to stand on … resorting to taunts like “moron” and referring to valid points made by ignoring them entirely or writing them off as a “psychopathic rant” then concluding with “Jackson semen”.

            Bravo. Bravo.

            I think it’s abundantly clear I’m the one who’s “touched a nerve”.

            While given your, to date, failed capacity to comprehend, and given the evasiveness implicit in your retorts, I can readily acknowledge that you didn’t understand, but that you don’t care? Nah. You were bored to tears enough to cough up a two paragraph retort … so nice try feigning indifference when you’ve obviously got your panties in a bunch.

            Half the crap you bring up completely avoids the meat of our argument having nothing to do with what I said. You’ve not adequately addressed a single point I’ve delineated that contradicts your hugely flawed, blanket comments. So you’re the one going on a rant I’m afraid.

            When, exactly, has Jackson officially put his stamp on a fighter? Like you know? You’re just saying anything you please without grounds. Haters will hate and alla that. There are dozens upon dozens of exciting fights Jackson was cornering. I’ll take video footage over your word to the contrary thank you. And you have no counter for that so it’s time to go crawl into a corner and shut the pie hole “moron”.

            Finally, talk to me about GSP’s stats bud? Give me his stats! You can’t, because you’re talking out your arse again. That, or you’ll pull from his lowest common denominator while ignoring all else. Fact is, you’re one of those blokes who likes to crucify someone for the one goal they let past the net while ignoring the 99 goals they saved. I haven’t been ignoring this part of the argument. I’ve spelled out exactly why GSP’s ground game is a phenomenal part of his complete MMA skill set. At this point, I can only believe you’re too butt hurt to understand much of anything.

          • brian stevens

            Delusions of grandeur! Fight metrics has these stats readily available. You have put forth no evidence that you are right other than you love GSP and Greg Jackson. Being a shill doesn’t make you right in anyone else’s mind but your own. You have lost your way in this discussion. You take offense to those that call GSP boring because we don’t understand nuance. When confronted with evidence to the contrary you change the argument. It takes no time at all to google Jackson’s interactions with fighters and its easy to find out that he is a frontrunner who doesn’t care about his fighters unless they are in contention.
            Most fighters and true MMA fans despise the way GSP fights. To quote Anderson after watching GSP in the Condit fight “This is new George. I like the new George.” What was new? He stood with Condit until he got rocked then held him down for the last two rounds.

          • Sir_Roy

            It is too difficult to know where to start with you really – let alone how to finish. You’re comments are loaded with so many fallacies and implicit contradictions, coupled with a complete misuse of expressions (delusions of grandeur? Idiot.) that at this point, I’ve pretty much written you off as someone with serious comprehension issues.

            Oh and, you really need to re watch the GSP vs Condit fight.

            Aside from that, here’s how your points come across on a whole;

            1. I don’t like GSP because I have a serious under-appreciation of someone utilizing all tools open to MMA, and this in an effective combination far better than each and every one of his opponents have to date. This hurts my feelings and bores me.

            2. Jackson is a bad game planner because his camp generates just too many elite fighters who win just too many fights, many of them highly exciting, but I like to harp on the ones that weren’t exciting because, well, that’s what I am, a hater and a bandwagon jumper with little depth breadth and knowledge of the sport (outside of cursory “Google” searches of course). Oh and, I cannot back up my claims, but you all will just have to believe me OK? Thank you. Oh, and, if you don’t you’re all morons.

            3. I am a highlight reel junkie, and a thin skinned one dimensional thinker who couldn’t argue his way out of a paper bag.

            That is all.

          • brian stevens

            delusions of grandeur – a delusion (common in paranoia) that you are much greater and more powerful and influential than you really are

            I guess you don’t get the reference because it applies so well?

          • brian stevens

            you ask for stats so i give you them. so you combat my arguments how? by saying i’m wrong, ok? I guess fight metrics had the numbers wrong. Sir roy is the one who knows best. I backed up my claims with stats and if the site would let me links to interviews with fighters but you just mock and use no other stats or point of reference to back up any of your claims.
            By the way Condit states that Jackson has only been involved in his last three fight camps prior to GSP.
            For someone who claims to have such a deep knowledge of the sport you have no clue.
            I really just want some kind of analytical proof from you other than you say so.

          • brian stevens

            also how does it make you feel finally understanding “delusions of grandeur”?

          • brian stevens
          • brian stevens
          • brian stevens

            since your are too lazy to find the stats for yourself. Throwing out the anomalies (Shields and Hardy) the stats for GSP’s last 7 fights. He has 41 takedowns. On the 41 take downs he’s passed guard 16 times of those 16 times he’s passed to mount 2 times, back 2 times and has 7 sub attempts. (by the way 10 of the 16 passes were against Alves and 5 of the 7 sub attempts were in the first Koscheck fight. 4 of which were shoulder locks.) That doesn’t scream a crazy active top game. If you want to look at the striking go ahead it won’t further your point at all. especially when you look at the last two rounds of the Condit fight. He attempted 21 power strikes in the last two rounds. Condit in his only round with top position had 16.

          • Sir_Roy


            The very sad thing is, you have absolutely no idea how outrageously stupid your ‘stat’ post is.

            I’m content just knowing you’ve immortalized yourself thusly online.

            Again, bravo. Bravo.

          • brian stevens

            Its stupid right. so please explain why that is? You can’t because your just always right. Again i say delusions of grandeur.

          • troll

          • Sir_Roy

            GSP has had boring fights, yes. (I’m looking at you Hardy.)

            Again, saying GSP is not exciting in general holds true only to those who are ignorant to technique and the finer points of MMA … those who chase after highlight reel finishes.

            The fact he is the #1 PPV draw, thankfully means there are those that appreciate a 5 round, highly technical battle. You’re not one of them. I get that. Good for you.

          • brian stevens

            Hardy was one of his least boring fights.
            He attempted an arm bar finish more than i can say for many of GSP’s fights. He is the top ppv draw because he is the pride of an entire country. That doesn’t mean the majority of fans appreciate his style. He is a handsome french canadian who in his previous fights was very entertaining.

          • Sir_Roy

            Right. So all the dudes around the world tune in to watch GSP PPV because he’s “handsome” and “Canadian” and not because he’s one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world and the second most dominant champion in the UFC.


            By that logic, the majority of the world’s MMA fan base are comprised of Canadian homosexuals.

            And if you think the Hardy fight was his least boring, then you’ve just proven my point insofar as your opinions are concerned in one fell swoop. Thanks.

          • brian stevens

            Women moron!!!!!! He brings in more Women!!! Have you been to a bar or restaurant when he’s fight? It is a stated fact that Canada tunes in almost twice as much when he fights.

          • Sir_Roy

            Right!! Of course that’s what you meant. So let me amend that to Canadian women and / or Canadian homosexuals – because those target groups make up the majority of MMA fans to be sure.

            The secret behind GSP’s popularity has been revealed! Lol.

            Honestly, your comment would have been an inch closer to the mark had you just said he’s charismatic … but even then.

          • brian stevens

            If you can’t understand that GSP expands on the normal fan base by bringing in women and uneducated fight fans who think they’ll see 2007 GSP then this is like talking to a brick wall.

            The reason GSP in the number 1 draw is because he brings in women, Canada, and unreliable mma fans.

          • Sir_Roy

            Ah. OK. Right.

            Now we’ve added a third target group to round out the majority of MMA fans explaining why GSP is the top (by a significant margin) PPV draw.

            Unreliable MMA fans, like yourself, that tune in. Because girls are going to get together and pay 50$ for a PPV just to ogle GSP, as are “unreliable” fans.

            Again, it has nothing to do with being among the top pound per pound fighters and second most dominant champion in UFC history or anything like that.

            From stats, to camps, to fights, to fighters … I just love how you conveniently omit 90% of the facts to promote your 10% need to hate, harp and gripe.

            Do you actually reread the crap you write, let alone believe it?

          • Dave Stiles

            you are retarded if you think MMA is bigger then boxing lol .

        • Sir_Roy

          Fine. Listen, you’re most certainly entitled to your opinion. I still say it’s uneducated because you’re obviously a highlight reel junkie if you can’t appreciate the complete game GSP brings to the Octagon more than to refer to them as ‘hugging’ matches.

          Though he hasn’t ‘wow’d’ with a spectacular finish in a while, he has amazed with everything else. We are still treated to 25 minutes of spectacular mixed martial arts – and you call that ‘hugging’? Do you close your eyes to the elite tit for tat striking that goes on a few minutes of each round? The set ups for spectacular take downs? Can you not notice the technique employed in top control? Fighting for position, working to create openings for submissions? The decision to forgo submission attempts by identifying them as obvious ‘baiting’ opting for more ground and pound?

          It would seem not. Thus the moniker remains ‘uneducated’ insofar as your opinion that these are little more than ‘hugging’ matches is concerned.

    • kbroesq

      I think what’s even more ridiculous is that you seem to imply that the Henderson/Diaz fight was a hugging match because GSP said he’s going to imitate Henderson. Anyone who thought the Henderson/Diaz fight was boring or consisted of ‘hugging’ either hates MMA and only watches to see people get hurt, or you’re just so stuck on Diaz that you can’t stand watching him lose.

      • Mark McDowall

        They don’t hate MMA…they are just Diaz fans. Any time they loose its always some BS with the Diaz’s besides the fact they just plain got beat…

        Henderson neutralized Diaz attack plain and simple. The Diaz brothers have always struggled against strong wrestlers, which is why GSP studying Henderson’s fight is a great idea…and anyone who doesn’t see that is an idiot.

    • How’s controlling a guy on the ground hugging it out? He goes for submissions and ground and pound, but he’s fighting some of the toughest highest level guys in the world. His fight with Condit was incredible. That fight went everywhere. It’s not his fault if a guy can’t get up off the ground, handle him standing or submit him.

      • Dave Stiles

        yup he sure GNP Condit did you see all the Damage he did to him…notttt.

        • What about the damage he ddi to guys like Thiago Alves and Jon Fitch? Did you see their faces after the fights? He came back from surgery and beat the top two guys in the division and next has Hendricks. I mean he’s fighting the best guys in the world. Every guy he fought has earned the shot at him, you can’t expect him to finish every fight.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    I’m not buying this PPV on principle. As a fan of this growing sport I feel like I have to be an ambassodor for it since most of the people I know don’t know much about it. I like telling them about Olympians like DC coming up, D1 wrestlers, all these mainstream talents supporting the legitimacy of the sport I love. Then Dana makes fights like this and I can no longer vouch for MMA. It’s a stupid fantasy. I’d be just ashamed to say I like watching General Hospital.

    • Scotty_O

      I get what you’re saying and I understand why you’re saying it, I don’t disagree with you. But I’m buying this PPV because it’s a fight I’ve been wanting to see for over 2 years now, even if the fight doesn’t technically make since at this point in time.

      • Scotty ho

        • Scotty_O

          Hahah don’t talk to me man, I don’t like you.

    • Trevor

      And I’m sure nobody cares about the loss of your 50 bucks!

      • Thaddeus O Shea

        Exactly ! Lol

    • Brent

      Dude this is a great fight. Period. Just be a fan and enjoy. If you don’t wanna drop $50 go to Buffalo Wild Wings. If you don’t watch this one, it’s hard to call yourself a true fan as this will be a great fight. GSP hates no one, but he hates Diaz. These are the fights the fans wanna see.

    • Dave Stiles

      go back to watching wwe MMA don’t need shitty fans like you. can’t wait tell all the Brock Lensar fans go away for good.

  • kbroesq

    Does anyone think Diaz can win this fight? It’s not just the fact that Henderson (a guy who is similar to GSP) beat Nate (a guy similar to Nick) that makes people believe Nick cannot win this fight. There are other indicators, including (most importantly) the fact that GSP just beat Condit. Condit and Diaz are pretty much exactly the same, at least as far as their weaknesses and how GSP will be able to handle them. Yes, I realize Nick is a better boxer, but when I say similar, I mean both guys are very good and BJJ, have good stand-up, and are susceptible to wrestling. In fact, as far as GSP is concerned, I think Condit is more of a threat because he uses kicks so much more, and is better at getting up once taking down. The fact that Nick is a better boxer isn’t going to change anything in this fight.

    Nick is a good boxer, but he needs to land 100s of shots to be effective. Does anyone think that’s going to happen w/ GSP? Does anyone think he’s going to submit GSP? I guess that’s possible, but highly unlikely.

    • TriangleChoker

      Honestly – Diaz has nothing for GSP except maybe a chance of a submission, which would be a huge surprise.. He doesn’t even have a puncher’s chance because he would have to land 20 shots in a row.

      This fight is honestly a waste of a training camp except for the fact that GSP will make a fortune,.

      • Plus we get to see nick get his ass kicked again and complain about it, then fake – retire again …. Not all is lost

        • 209what

          right cause losing a close decision to a guy who spent the whole fight running away = getting your ass kicked

          • BLK

            Who cares? He took an L on the record.
            It will still be great to see an ass whooping!

  • Guest

    like it was ever any secret to begin with: leg kicks and wrestling – everybody who’s ever watched either diaz fight knows that – there’s a reason why diaz (nick) managed to spend his entire tenure at SF and his recent UFC stint without ever having to face a decent wrestler or really anybody with decent transitions (just a bunch of mid-tier strikers – with the exception of condit of course, upper-tier guy but still mediocre wrestling and TD’s) – the hype on that guy will come crashing down shortly – hell, I’m surprised there are still so many fans who can’t see it

    • TriangleChoker

      And people forget why Nick was out of the UFC for so long….he got out wrestled and outworked (even outgrappled actually) by better wrestlers that weren’t even world class. (Diego sanchez, Karo Parisien, Sean Sherk)

      Other than Paul Daley and of course a past-prime BJ – Diaz has beaten no one at all.

      I was a big fan of Nick in Strikeforce….but he is barely UFC material and 2013 will expose that. He would have huge problems against everyone from kampmann to Hendrix to Fitch to even Mike Pierce.. GSP will steamroll him.

      • Fitch would be a very easy fight for Diaz

        • KbroEsq

          Wow, not just Diaz would win against Fitch, but ‘Fitch would be an easy fight for Diaz.’ That’s crazy. Fitch just handled one of the best up and comers for 3 rounds. On what basis do you say that Fitch would be an easy fight for Diaz? Fitch has amazing wrestling and grinds guys out. Let’s look at the weapons Diaz has. He probably isn’t going to knock Fitch out; he probably isn’t going to submit him. That leaves a decision. You think Diaz is going to win a decision with Fitch? Doubt it.

          • Nick Diaz does not get grinded out. He takes it to them and makes them quit. Diaz would ko fitch standing. Though Fitch can take Diaz down, Diaz can easily submit him. It would take a super freak like GSP to be able to keep Diaz on the ground and tire him out, Nick Diaz is the worst fight Fitch could hope for.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Nick is going to have a hard time knocking him out from his back. He doesn’t have to tire Nick out. He just has to ride him and beat on him for 3 rounds.

          • hamm

            Wow u are a moron like your name says fitch would get submitted easily. Obviously u arent a real mms fan to say something that ignorant

          • hamm

            Mma *

          • Chris

            Pitter patter him to death, haha… Nick is done… One last big money fight, and done… Just like Jake shields, minor league fighters

          • Lucas Freire

            Don’t forget that Fitch also has the best Submission Defense of the UFC,it’s easier to submit GSP than it is to submit Fitch. lol

        • Brent

          I couldn’t disagree more. Fitch is a wrestling based GRINDER. No way Diaz can hang. He would get ground and pounded in the worst way.

        • hamm

          People don’t like fitchs grinding style. Ditch has been my favorite ww for years n by no means is nick diaz gon walk through ditch in fact fitch would win that by decision ground n pound n he can’t submit my boy what fitch get out of all 24 or 25 subs attempted on em n Ericks silva had em in a deep deep choke too. Erick silva will bust diaz ass. Joking but maybe I love nick too but he’s need a better arsenal more strength n power in his hits. Kicks a lot of ****. Unlimited cardiovascular wont get the job done always in the octagon

      • adam1848

        Comparing NIck now to the guy he was when he left the UFC originally is a mistake. Not the same fighter, at all. GSP may steamroll him, because GSP is one of the best ever, but I believe you are wrong that Nick is “barely UFC material,” and I believe 2013 will prove that…assuming he lays off the reefer and actually has the opportunity to perform.

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        Diaz is a f-ing charity case. He’s done nothing to deserve this fight. I’m surprised Daiz, being as proud as he is, is open to taking handouts like a bum!

        • Ron Couden

          Taking handouts? Last I checked, GSP asked for this fight. Anybody that doesn’t understand the business aspect of this fight is simply a moron, and has no business sense. The UFC knows how to make money, unfortunately the bonehead fight fans can barely pay their rent.

  • GoNoles

    gsp is talking **** trying to piss diaz off.

  • diazfan209

    I think the lights were too bright and the stage was too big for Nate against Benson, Nate looked shellshocked and surprised by everything Benson was doing…. I don’t think that’ll be the case with Nick, he’s been preparing for GSP for a long time now and should know what GSP is capable of

  • mu_shin

    Many fans seem to discount the possibility that a world class fighter like Nick Diaz is capable of learning, growing, or evolving in the sport. Past performance can be a good indicator of future events, but is not always one hundred percent indicative. I’m not saying I don’t believe GSP will win, as I do, but I’m also a huge Nick Diaz fan, and think that there is no static state in the life of a fighter. It comes down to how events unfold on the night of the fight, and I firmly believe that among the many possible scenarios that could occur, a Diaz victory is a real possibility. Diaz goes to the body like few in the sport, and also has deep submission knowledge. If he finds an opening that night, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that Nick could leave the octagon the welterweight champion. As stated, I think GSP is a singular athlete and among the most gifted champions in the sport, but that’s why they fight the fights…

    • adam1848

      Thank you! Saved me the time of writing that. Nick has better body shots, combos, and accuracy than Nate, and if he gets GSP second guessing and GSP gets sloppy with his take downs, this could be a classic submission upset. I think GSP will win, but it is wrong to count Nick out, in my opinion.

    • George Sperry

      How has Diaz learned or grown in his career? He’s the same now as he was and will be. He fight’s like a street bully and can’t adapt on the fly.
      If you stand in front of him he will push you to the fence and pound on you, if not he flails away and cries.

  • Henderson beating Nate and GSP beating Nick requires different game plans. I see GSP as the only fighter in the division that could beat Nick Diaz, but I will be rooting for Diaz.

    • Sir_Roy

      Controversial win, yes, but Condit beat Diaz all the same.

      • With exceptions of controversial decision I see no one beating Diaz other then people who can keep him on the ground without getting submitted which I think only GSP and maybe Koscheck could do.

        • Sir_Roy

          Honestly, I see Hendricks, Fitch & Koscheck (Rory is in the mix as well) as being tough fights for Diaz to punch or submit his way through. Fitch can grind him out, whereas Kos and J.H can knock him out or take him down if the striking is not going their way – rinse and repeat.

          Diaz needs to prove his wrestling is up to snuff in today’s game before I can even begin to agree with your blanket comment. It’s the glaring unanswered hole that prevents him from being a true #1 contender IMHO.

    • hamm

      Oh its u again….figures. I can tell by now u on diaz nuts. I like nick but in our real world several fights in that division can best him. **** che mills maybe even can. Rory will bust his ass just like he did mates n i never spoke to all the people saying diaz beat condit who ran I wish nick did win but that fight shouldnt even be debatable condit won hands down clear as day. stick n move not run. He picked nick the **** apart. Ben Henderson will beat nick. U have nick way over rated. Kampmann n nick might be nice. ellenberger hendricks will beat nick kos too and more i can keep going

  • David Smith

    yea even in the Condit Diaz fight Condit was landing legkicks all through the beginning rounds GSP will exploit this the same way he did against Josh Koschek

  • dan

    I wish GSP would just stop talking. I can see now on the countdown/primetime how he’s gonna go for the finish, blah blah blah. The minute GSP got head-kicked by Condit, he immediately went back to TDs in the subsequent rounds. I wont argue that GSP has beaten the best of his era but I cant consider him the best WW ever. Not when Hughes was finishing the best of his era. GSP doesnt finish his opponents because he simply cant, he cant finish because he has no intention to. He’s simply not a FIGHTER…just a robot with no heart or balls.

    • Me Again

      Shit……..GSP is hands down the best welterweight ever and #2 PFP. How do we know this? Well for one – GSP smashed Hughes twice. GSP is a total fighter that does everything well. Hughes was a great wrestler and had some solid sub skills. His stand up was below average. Lastly, I think most would agree that today’s fighters are more skilled and complete than the fighters from Hughes reign. Advantage GSP.

  • heathcliff

    This fight makes all the sense in the world. Firas and Georges have both stated that Nick is the #1 contender, and when it comes pro mma I think the head trainer and champ have a little more knowledge than the fans and their opinions. This is going to be a great fight!

  • heathcliff

    Nick Diaz is gonna whoop that pussys ass in his own back yard!

  • Mr Incredible

    This is GSP getting into Diaz’s head. Should be a good fight. Diaz will learn from his brother’s mistakes. The winner will be us fans being treated to an awesome fight!

  • Dave Stiles

    I guess people don’t remember when GSP got K.O by Matt Serra lol only takes one shot to lose it all….and Diaz has better hands then Matt Serra GSP weakness is boxing and if it goes to the ground Diaz will summit him Gsp vs Condit was all a French Canadian Sausage fest ….wait Canadian bacon.

  • That’s Fedor Mr. St Pierrer.

  • Mike

    Diaz, like every fighter, has a puncher’s chance. Anyone can get caught. Other than that Diaz cannot stop GSP’s takedown…no one can and GSP will grind out a decision. Probably very one-sided as usual.

    • Ron Couden

      I’m a huge Diaz fan, and I would love to see Nick win. BUT, before this article came out, I thought the same thing Bendo fought like GSP in his win over Nate. Nick is more advanced than Nate, but he has the same fighting style. Nick & Nate are stellar boxers with great submissions. Unfortunately, I think Bendo exposed their style of fighting, and I see GSP doing the same thing. If GSP decides to box with Nick and stand in front of him, he has no chance. Honestly I don’t think Anderson Silva could stand with Nick, but Condit & Hendo have exposed their style, and GSP is too smart to not capitlize on that. WAR DIAZ!

  • uncle

    my prediction they step into the octagon
    GSP punches Nick and then he tells GSP he punches
    like a bitch GSP gets mad and dry humps him for 5 rounds

  • uncle

    The blueprint for Nate not Nick he has a wonderful
    ground game and will walk through GSP’s weak jabs
    I know GSP’s strategy just avoid striking so he doesn’t
    get knocked out again like he did by that little italian
    hobbit Matt Serra playing it safe gets old really fast
    I hope Nick gets KO bonus of the night from this
    weak bastard