Georges St-Pierre Signs Endorsement Deal with NOS Energy, Part of the Coca-Cola Family

September 17, 2012
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The discussion of MMA going “mainstream” can cover a varied list of ideas in any given arena.

Sometimes it’s just getting more outlets like ESPN to cover MMA on television, while in other avenues it has to do with more major brands getting involved with the fight business.

Thus far companies like Nike, Under Armour and Gatorade have been some of the biggest to dip their feet into the MMA waters, and now you can add the Coca-Cola family to that list as well.

UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has signed a multi-year agreement to become the face of NOS Energy Drinks, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola, as they enter the fray of mixed martial arts.

In the past, NOS has primarily been seen in the driving world working endorsement deals with athletes such as Ricky Stenhouse Jr., as well as the gaming industry. Now they begin a journey into MMA with St-Pierre serving as the face of the brand, while also becoming a major sponsor for this season of The Ultimate Fighter on FX.

“I feel very privileged,” St-Pierre told about his deal with NOS. “It’s great we can work together to create a product to best fit the athlete, and with NOS that’s what it’s all about. I’m very happy to be in the family of Coca-Cola right now and to be associated with the product.”

St-Pierre was just a natural fit for the brand that NOS represents, according to Arjun Chowdri, the director of sports and entertainment marketing for Coca-Cola. He was just the right person for the company to get involved with when stepping into MMA.

“As we looked to expand, we looked at different areas, and MMA was a really ripe opportunity. It’s got that grit, that no nonsense, that high-performance energy that NOS is about,” Chowdri told

“As we looked at the sport, we looked at athlete partners, Georges St-Pierre obviously jumped to the top of the list. He’s an incredible person, actually came down to our offices and we talked about our brand, he talked about his brand, and we felt like there was a very organic fit around our brand really being focused on mental focus and high performance energy and that’s really everything he does.”

St-Pierre’s deal will be a multi-year endorsement and partnership with NOS, and will expand throughout North America. Chowdri says that their major launch will be focused on the United States, but obviously with St-Pierre’s appeal in Canada, that market will be a major selling point as well.

Check out the video below to hear St-Pierre’s comments on signing with NOS, as well as a behind the scenes look at the UFC champion’s photoshoot with the company in Montreal:

  • WarriorScholar

    Damn you have no life Chris 🙂

  • This guys obsession with Chris Weidman is becoming very scary. Then on the other hand, what a loyal fan.

    • KBEsq

      But then when Silva beats Weidman, that guy will be making the same posts, but filling in Weidman with Belcher or something.

      He’s probably not a Weidman lover. He’s just a Silva hater.

      • worldchamp

        You are right, KBEsq. There are a lot of those guys on here.

  • phrankthetank

    Has nos stopped tasting like absolute garbage?

    • somecokehead

      The ‘charged lime’ sugar free one tastes very similar to sprite.

  • KBEsq

    I love the association of energy drinks with MMA. These guys would never even think about touching one of those drinks, unless they weren’t training. But I’m sure the drinks want the fans to think the fighters are drinking this during training.

    I remember a funny post fight press conference where Chris Leban was talking about his fight with Wandy, and he held up the Xyience energy drink that was placed in front of him him, pointed at his trainer, and said: “I can drink this now.” [Because his training was over]

    I thought, what a great advertisement. These fighters basically equate energy drinks with deep fried chilly dogs.

    • somecokehead

      Most fans of mma are not actually fighters… take the first comment on this article for example, obsessed fan? Silva hater? Whatever the ‘case’ he is not a pro fighter. For the average person a Nos is healthier than their coffee, when you consider the cream and sugar they add. This reminds me of Krusty the Klown on his ‘Krusty-o’s’ cereal; “I don’t mind the taste of it.”

    • MikeMc1983

      I know your better than this. You don’t have to associate the athlete as a user of the product. They advertise to the demographic that likes the athlete. Budweiser wasnt suggesting Dale Earnhardt jr. was drinking their product in preparing for the race. They were just trying to hit on the rednecks that watch it.
      It is interesting that after he left and lost the sponser, he started to drive more like he was Useing the old sponser.

      • KBEsq

        You incorrectly assume that I’m saying energy drink makers targeting fighters is a bad marketing idea, when I’m really just saying it’s funny because realistically, none of those guys touch that stuff. I was just making an “isn’t it funny” observation; not looking for someone to pick apart my benign post. Comparing beer and energy drinks is not the same. Yes, I understand perfectly well when alcohol is advertised during some kind of a sporting event, the makers of the product aren’t trying to associate alcohol with performance in that particular sport.

        However, if you think energy drink makers aren’t targeting fighters because they want the consumer to think: fighting, intense training = energy drink, then you’re blind. Yes, MMA is their age demographic, but I can guarantee they also use fighters because of the association with high performance. Dale Earnhardt drinks beer when he’s at home relaxing. Energy drinks target fighters and pretend like they drink that stuff during training to get an edge or something. If you think they aren’t gearing their marketing like that, then you are, again, blind.

        • MikeMc1983

          Sorry if it came off like I was trying to pick apart, or make any assumptions of your thoughts.
          I also believe its good marketing. I’m assuming th fighters some pretty cheap in comparison to their bigger sport counterparts. Also grabbing Gsp before a possiable silva mega fight is a pretty good idea.
          I was trying to be a but humorous mysf. Ive always thought alcohol sponsers of stock car racing is one of the more ironic things in our sports marketing world.
          I get what you mean about NOS wanting people to associate Gsp’s ability with their product. Products often hope for that. Though demographic is always the first motive.
          I thought of another product Gsp could do. They make these pillow type mats for hunters to lay down on and setup a tripod to mount a rifle.
          He could do that hunters mattress. “So you can lay and prey like the champ!” (another corny joke.) Heyyyy Ohhhh!!!!!

  • KBEsq

    I love the association of energy drinks with MMA. These guys wouldn’t ever think about even touching that crap, unless they weren’t training (which is kind of ironic).

    I remember a funny post fight presser with C. Leben after his fight with Wandy. He held up the Xyience drink in front of him, pointed at his trainer, and said: “I can drink this now!” As in, my training is over, so now I can drink this.

    I thought to myself, what a great advertisement. These guys essentially equate energy drinks with deep fried chilly dogs.

  • MikeMc1983

    You do realize if Anderson were capable of laying an egg, the miniature silva that comes out of the egg would probably stomp Chris Weidman right? 😉

  • MikeMc1983

    Seems like a supplement like Horney Goat Weed, or another sexual stimulant would like Gsp as a front man. There slogan could be “we gurrentee you can grind from the top position for 25min just like the champ!”
    Hey ohhh!!!! 😉

    • MrAdidas

      Is it me or do you make yourself look even more uneducated about MMA every time you comment? If what GSP does is considered “lay & pray,” by attempting to constantly trying to submit you while on the ground/Dan Hardy/Hughes, or smashing your face in with GnP/BJ Penn and breaking peoples faces with jabs/Koscheck & making Alves’s & ESPECIALLY Fitch’s faces look like hamburger meat, then I guess GSP has the most dangerous & most painful “LnP” in all of MMA.

      Not bad for a guy who apparently everyone knows what he’s going to do, yet he still embaresses them for 25 mins. How many other fighters have gone 30+ rounds without even comming close to losing a single round, which occured over 6-8 fights?!?

  • RubeKegal

    Shame on you Georges. Energy drinks are pure ****, and now your face is plastered all over one.

    • MrAdidas

      Yeah what an idiot, what a fool, for making hundreds of thousands if not millions for doing exactly what?!? Holding a drink, sponsering it & maybe even drinking a few a year, GSP sure is “the” sucker, while you’re the one commenting about him on MMAWEEKLY.

  • somecokehead

    Admit it Rube you would do the same thing if they offered you $10,000. Gsp makes more than that though. GSP is rich but more money is difficult to refuse.