Georges St-Pierre Shoots Down Rumors; Rematch Already in the Works

November 19, 2013
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36-Georges-St-Pierre-Johny-Hendricks-9339-UFC-167-wUFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre fueled a quagmire of conjecture following his UFC 167 victory over Johny Hendricks, saying, “I am going to hang my gloves up for a little bit and make sense of my life. I have to go away for a little bit at least. Personal things are happening. I have to step away for a bit; that’s all I can say right now.”

He might have been better off saying nothing at all.

One Monday, celebrity gossip site reported that St-Pierre’s “personal things” were having to deal with the declining health of his father and an unwanted pregnancy.

St-Pierre’s sister on Monday shot down the speculation about their father’s health.

And on Tuesday, UFC president Dana White spoke with the L.A. Times, telling reporter Lance Pugmire that in a conversation he had with St-Pierre, the champion denied both of the rumors reported by TMZ.

“(St-Pierre) is denying those rumors that TMZ is reporting about those two things,” said White before adding that he is already working on a rematch.

St-Pierre’s comments following the fight, both in the Octagon and later at the post-fight press conference, made it sound as if whatever issues he is dealing with would force him to step away from fighting for an extended period of time. After having discussed those issues with St-Pierre, White was confident that his champion’s problems weren’t as dire as they felt to him.

Confident that St-Pierre’s head was now in a better place, White believes that details of a rematch between St-Pierre and Hendricks would come together quickly.

“As far as a rematch, we’re on schedule and I’ll have a date within a couple weeks,” White said. “I feel confident that Georges is fine with that and all is on track.”

White declined to speculate as to a date or location for the proposed rematch. He said St-Pierre is currently “going off the grid” on vacation to recuperate from a very tough fight.

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  • El Gvapo

    Just watched the clip of Hendricks “tapping” in the first round. I can’t believe people are calling that a tap, I had to watch about five times before I could tell what they were referring to.

    • MrChris

      I agree it was not a tap, just him getting his arm/hand Ina better spot…
      I do hope this rematch is in Dallas in March

      • Ian Price

        March…. No way. It’s gotta be in the summer or fall

        • GET RID OF FITCH

          GSP will take another 2 years off like he did in 2012 because he knows Hendricks needs make money. After holding the STRAP he lost for another 2 years without fighting GSP will retire and everyone will know he has a huge sh’tstain on his legacy where was “GIFTED” a fight he clearly took an a’ss whoopin

          • LesCharles

            Crawl back up Johnnies ass.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            Les moron you are nothing but a GSP nuthugging b’itch your boy got his a’s kicked and ran for the hills like a COWARD and refused a mandatory rematch. GSP was going to be stripped of the belt in disgrace so he retired in shame

    • Elger Rob

      Ya and George’s corner never mentioned it so it shouldn’t be an issue.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      Like yourself, I had to watch it multiple times to even tell what people were talking about. Ariel asked Firas (on the mma hour) what he thought about the so called “tap” and Firas said he saw it and it was definitely not a tap, not even close.

  • Johny cash cash

    johny tap master big DB

  • Testy

    When i saw it live I also thought he tapped, after watching it back its obvious he never 😛 Just a dodgey camera angle

  • Miguel de la Pena

    I can’t think of another reason a guy would repeatedly touch another man’s hip while being choked during a mma fight.

  • Dellbert

    While i hope the rematch happens sooner than later, an employer has no right to dictate to an employee what constitutes a personal dilemma or crisis. Dana’s problem is he sees himself as the producer, and thus feels a sense of a dictator-like status over what i truly think he believes is his “property”, the bodies of these athletes.

  • Fainmal

    I doubt this rematch is going to be very soon.

    First off Hendricks is out for 6 months on a medical, and GSP is taking a much deserved break. I’d speculate somewhere around 9 months. 6 months out, 3 month training camp. This will be fair and let Hendricks recover medically, and give him ample time to get back into top fighting condition.
    Then there can be no dispute (hopefully) after the conclusion of this second meeting.

    • Stefan Sivcev

      Hendricks tweeted that he will be on training in a weak or so.

  • grashopper

    I have seen reports that gsp’s memory isn’t good and he thinks aliens abducted him if that’s the case he has been hit to many times and needs to walk away.

    • Milosc

      Obviously, the abduction took place at the moment Hendricks was tapping

      • Darin

        What is this world you guys live in where Hendricks tapped? Did you watch the fight on acid?

  • bojangles

    Hendricks should have won that fight. I’m sorry, but GSP’s face was mashed. Hendricks landed more crucial blows. No way GSP should still have the belt.

    • RealFan

      Hendricks will miss as much as six months with a knee injury made by GSP. who made the crucial blows? GSP Can fight again in Jan 2014 – Jimmy out till May 2014…

      • Ian Price

        Easier to keep fighting with a messed up knee than a messed up brain.

        • Braddevon

          You sure?

          OJ Simpsons career > Bo Jacksons Career

        • blackbeeeery

          You sure?

          OJ Simpsons career > Bo Jacksons career

    • Fainmal

      The amount of crucial blows are round by round, they don’t accumulate and carry over. And without a cuncussion, broken orbital, or replacement eyeball, and a short 45 day med suspension with only a handfull of stitches, the damage was SUPERFICIAL.
      You sound like BJ Penn. Another loser who couldn’t figure it out the first time.
      What Hendricks should have done was fight in the fifth round.
      And then none of this would be necessary. Probably would have made GSP fight Lawler before he got a rematch. But Mr. 70% dropped the million dollar ball. Already celebrating in his head before the fight was over. Lost his focus, and lost the fight. Champions don’t do that, and that’s why Johnny lost and GSP won.

      Did you see GSP give up in round five? People say he knew he lost that fight, that means he knew he lost it before the 5th started and he still gave 100% of what he had left. ANd guess what? it paid off. He won.
      what do they say about counting chickens before they hatch?


        Hendricks CLEARLY beat the hell out of GSP and anyone who isn’t devoted NUTHUGGING idiot knows this. NOONE has ever laid down a beating on GSP like that and next time he wil get more of the same and worse. GSP is done and EVERYONE knows he should have lost the belt

        • Fainmal

          Hendricks clearly beat GSP “UP”. He beat him up, noone is denying that. But Hendricks failed to beat GSP in the majority of rounds. And that is the dispute.

        • Jeff Fillingame

          JH gave gsp his best shots and still couldn’t KO him,jh shave the beard so we can see that swollen jaw!jh should’ve tried to win rd 5!gsp took all the damage in two RDS only and he still controlled the fight next time gap will put jh away like he did in the rematch with Serra!At least Serra KO gsp sad that jh couldn’t do the same!And win did damage to someone became a rule to lose by,what I saw every time gsp got hit he hit jh in the jaw where the beard is at and gsp rose his hands at the end of fight as well,Gus is the one that got robbed in his fight with jbj!!!!

    • Nate “THE ROID CHEAT”marquardt

      Hendricks would have finished GSP but ref stopped the fight and saved him when he was on queer street and had the “rashad stanky legs”

      Even ref agreed later prob shouldn’t have stopped the action which gave GSP 3.5 seconds to recover and geta way from Hendricks

      GSP doesn’t even remember most of the fight and was clearly hurt real bad and looked like he got his face smashed in. How can anyone say GSP won that fight i will never understand.

      Hendricks didn’t have so much as a fat lip and was never wobbled or hurt

      • Fainmal

        SO,it only takes 3.5 seconds to recover 100%. Fresh as if the fight hadn’t even started yet?
        If GSP was THAT hurt, Hendricks should have been able put him in a position where the ref had no choice to stop the fight, or just straight up KO GSP.
        But Hendricks didn’t, and its his own fault.

    • Jeff Fillingame

      Just because JH done more damage to gap in rounds 2 and 4 doesn’t mean he won the fight!gsp controlled rounds 1,3,5 that’s what I saw but if you go by damage JH won,problem is JH hit gsp with his best shots and gap took it like a champ and still managed to win rounds and every time JH hit gsp JH got hit also!the fight could’ve gone either way its sad that JH said he only hit gsp with 70% which was stupid to say because he knew he hit him with everything he had and I was going for JH and when they fight again JH shouldn’t have a beard cause that’s where gsp landed all his punches and I bet JH has a swollen jaw under it!!!

  • GSPWillPrevail

    My prediction is that this fight won’t take place until, either, Memorial Day weekend or 4th of July weekend. Big fights are usually saved for those dates. Silva’s rematch with Sonnen took a while to materialize, also Weidman vs Silva I; so it makes perfect sense to give everybody time to heal, especially the champ, since scar tissue on his face might cause an early doctor stoppage if he gets hit and starts bleeding badly – then stupid speculations will come once again. Let the two guys heal and give them plenty of time to get back to top form. Hopefully GSP will have the UFC’s back up to resolve his personal problems since the UFC wants to make it so personal getting this rematch together. You gotta be reciprocal Dana, help and be helped. GSP has done a lot for you, so it’s time to show some reciprocity towards him.

    • Dza

      Silva Sonnen 2 took a while to set up because Sonnen was suspended for a year.

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      GSP ran fro the hills and REFUSED to get his a’s kicked again by Hendricks

  • I cant wait to see GSP smash him good this time, he was only going 65% so GSP will lay a beating on Juhnny “crybaby” hendricks
    Hopefully hendricks doesnt tap in the first round like last time


      You GSP nuthugger are the worst. You can’t even admit your boy got his a’ss kicked. EVERY top MMA writer and Rogan, dana, fertitta had Hendricks clearly winning that fight. GSP looked like he got run over by a “BIGG RIGG” Oh wait he he did!

      GSP will never get back in the cahe with Hendricks and if he does it will only be in Canada where he can JUICE back Up as much as he wants

      • LesCharles

        Are you embarrassed of your real name? Grow up and stop calling people names.

    • Darin

      Hendricks tapped in the first round last time? What “last time” was this? I recall GSP tapping to Hughes AND Serra……but I’m pretty sure GSP and Hendricks only fought once, and Hendricks beat the hell out of GSP, while GSP used (ineffective) takedowns and clinching in a desperate attempt to not get knocked out.

    • Big Tuna

      GSP got whooped buddy accept it I’m a fan and I accepted it

    • Amanda

      I saw that tap. It looked like a tap. I was rooting for hendricks and it looked like a tap anyway. Fact is, not one seasoned vet called it. And there were three in the octagon. And then the fight went the full 25. He didnt win so its void.

    • TrentSki

      You noob

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      GSP was off the “sauce” for the first time in his career and wasn’t nearly s explosive and was SAGGY and drawn out at weigh ins. face it GSP has n the juice his entire career and he couldn’t win without a GIFT from judges against hendricks

  • myhipclone

    He should retire a welterweight champion,move down to lightweight and dominate there for a few years. He’s a natural 155lbs.

    • robc

      He would have to cut off a leg to make 155… He is one of the biggest welterweights. Did you not see the size difference at the weigh ins? Look at the guys that are the same size as him, Nick Diaz, Carlos condit, they are all roughly the same height and similar build (Condit and Diaz are a bit lankier). Compared to guys like Matt Hughes and BJ Penn, GSP is a big guy. Hence the desire for people see him fight at 185… Personally I think he would get killed at 185

      • Fainmal

        This is all wrong.

        GSP is not huge. They had him at 5’11” and Hendricks at 5’9″. There aint now Hendricks is5’9″ Nor is GSP 5’11.
        I think Diaz and Condit especially are 6’1″

        Hughs was a monster in size just short. And Hendricks admitted to walking around at 220 and fighting at 200. If anyone needs to go to 185 its Hendricks by your definition.
        GSP himself said it would be easier for him to make 155 than 185. Which is weird, I guess he means it would be easier to take off some muscle, like he already has since his last fight, than to swell up to 205 and cut down to 185 to become competitive.

        • GET RID OF FITCH

          Hendricks is one of the smallest WW in the UFC he jsut likes to eat and gets heavy between fights. GSP is ripped year round at 195lbs+

          • fainmal

            This is an example of pure ignorance. Johnny himself admitted he was going to be the biggest guy GSP ever faced in the Octagon.
            Johnny said he walks around at220 and will be 200 come fight night. You expect anyone to believe that 200 lbs is the smallest guy in the 170lb division?

            Hendricks is short, not small.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            Hendricks wrestled in college at 165 lbs. Weidman wrestled at 197 lbs but cuts massive weight with the 30 hours allowed after weigh ins in MMA. Hendricks gets fatt between fights GSP is the naturally larer fighter but Hendricks still beat the sh’it out of GSP

        • julian moran

          GSP said it would be easier for him to move up to 185 then go down to 155. GSP could never make 155.

          • Fainmal



        GSP looked huge compared to Hendricks and had a major reach advantage and still lost.

        Also that was the “CLEAN” version of GSP and not even close to same fighter without the EPO’s, HGH, etc etc etc

    • Darin

      GSP is a natural 155er????????? He’s a natural 185er that cuts big.

      • Nate “THE ROID CHEAT”Marquardt

        GSP just about kills himself to make 170 lbs and IN FACT missed weight in Canada at the Diaz fight and was allowed 1.5 extra lbs which the Canadian commission covered up until it leaked out.

        GSP wil only fight Hendricks in Canada where he can be “JACKED” back up on the JUICE. All you have to do is look at GSP at weigh ins and its OBVIOUS he is no where near as ripped without the “JUICE” EPO’s, HGH

        Mark my words GSP will look more ripped than Vitor if he ever gets back in the cage with Hendricks. I promise you GSP is regretting getting clean for that VADA testing because he was a shadow of his usual explosive self. NIGHT AND DAY the GSP we saw in the Hendricks fight than previous GSP who has fought in Canada last 5 + years

        • Duxan1

          Out of 18 fights in UFC only 5 were fought in Canada. If he juiced he would have been caught by now.

          • Nate’THE ROID CHEAT”Marquardt

            Because not one commission tests for HGH, EPO’s or synthetic testosterone, or Victor Conte’s “CLEAR” PED testing in MMA is a complete joke at best

        • Fainmal

          He wasn’t 1.5 llbs overweight. That would be 171.5. YOu are supposed to be exactly 170. for a WW title bout.
          THe rumor was that GSP was 170.4. Less than 8 oz overweight and in Canada anything under .5 has no measurable significance.
          Even still, I’m pretty sure he would have been allowed 2hrs? additional time tomake weight? or is that only in non title fights.
          Either way, you are way way off base. It is Johnny that cuts massive amounts of weight.

          • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

            GSP is way bigger naturally than Hendricks and GSP has an INSANE freakish 76″ reach compared to Hendricks 69″ reach

    • myhipclone

      sorry i read this article and it told a different story “I don’t do much cutting,” St-Pierre said on Tuesday’s new edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” “It would be easier for me to go fight at 155 than fighting at 185. I would be more at my weight naturally at 155.”

    • myhipclone

      “I don’t do much cutting,” St-Pierre said on Tuesday’s new edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience.” “It would be easier for me to go fight at 155 than fighting at 185. I would be more at my weight naturally at 155.

      • TrentSki

        You should watch his fight vs Hughes

        People say Hughes cuts more weight, but GSP was huge in comparison. I am slightly embarrassed on your behalf to read your comment

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      GSP couldn’t make lightweight if he cut off both legs. walks around at RIPPED and JUICED at 195 lbs by his own admission

  • Elger Rob

    You didn’t do enough Johnny. You couldn’t put him down and he was still taking it to you in the end.

    • Darin

      If by “taking it to you” you mean grabbing onto a leg for dear life and dragging Hendricks across the cage, unable to get a TD, then yes.
      If by “taking it to you” you mean clinching as hard as could to keep from getting punched, only to be reversed over and over by Hendricks (who didn’t even break a sweat pinning GSP against the fence), then yes.

      GSP clearly took it to Johny. You could tell by the way Johny’s face looked like hamburger at the end, and GSP looked the same as he did before the fight started.


  • L

    7 months until the rematch.


      More than likely GSP will pick Hendricks next opponent like he did when he refused to fight him the first time so he could have an easier fight with Diaz.

      Condit had just lost to GSP and should have never gotten the Hendricks fight.

      GSP was praying Hendricks would lose and so was Dana

      GSP will be out for over a year just wait and see and EVERYONE will forget Hendricks beat the sh’t out of him

      • LesCharles

        You are a loudmouth idiot!

      • Amanda

        I watched that fight on the edge of my seat. I will never forget the ass beating hendricks put on gsp. One year or ten from now.

  • datruth

    u guys are crazy drunk on gsp jizz i like gsp been a great champ but even dana white said gsp knew hendricks won so did his coaches dana hindrecks in everyone one else that saw the fight he beat him in i mean that in the ass whooping sence of beat him in next time they fight if they do johny hindricks will beat him again hindricks is a beast in for next cple yrs the welter weight champ

    • Darin

      I think I agree with you, but it is hard to tell given all your misspelled words and complete lack of grammar. For God’s sake man, there isn’t a single period or comma in that whole thing! Preschoolers write better than that.


        Hey Darin nothing worse than a f****** grammar TROLL. This isn’t the Washington Post for gods sake. GROW UP

        Hendricks should be the UFC WW champ and anyone with any intelligence knows that. GSP nuthuggers are in fricken denial. I have nothing against GSP but he got his but kicked real bad and i doubt we will ever see him back in the cage or at least not against Hendricks. GSP wil probably (MAKE) Dana give him another fight with Diaz or Bj penn or soem other fight where he knows he can use his LAY N PRAY

        • LesCharles

          Hey Get Rid of common sense. You’re not as smart as you think you are. But keep flappin them jaws. Don’t give GSP credit for taking that punishment and still making a hell of a fight till the end. Who is the nut hugger you idiot?

        • Darin

          Grammar troll? No. Did you read (or attempt to read) what that moron wrote? It makes mma fans look retarded.

          • julian moran

            Who cares?

        • Fainmal

          Rematch was in the works before you even posted this.

          Penn and Diaz are retired.
          Nobody ‘makes’ Dana do anything.

          Anyone with intelligence knows that.
          oh, and according to Dana, if GSP gets back in the Octagon at all its going to be against Hendricks.

          • GET RID OF FITCH

            Penn is fighting Frankie at 145 lbs d’psh’t

    • Pat Garret

      Jizz? U had to go there, lol

    • Fainmal

      Dana’s words are hardly gospel. As a promoter, nearly everything he says is an outright lie, or a mistruth twisted for his own ends.

      Hendricks will be lucky to get 9 wins in a row, let alone 9 consecutive title defenses. Johnny is no champion, and will never be the mixed martial art practicitioner GSP is. In fact Hendricks isn’t a martial artist at all, He is a wrestler with punching power.
      Which is the only formula for beating a guy as well rounded as GSP. A punchers chance. Just a chance to get a win thrrough a lucky KO.
      If Hendricks’ striking was up to par he wouldn’t have failed to deliver in 5 rounds.

  • Johnny”biggfagg”Hendricks got beat .
    Accept it !
    move on and deal with it. you dont win like that especially when you tap in the first round.

    • Kramer

      watch the fight. not the GIF image. it shutters and makes it look like a tap but its not. not even close

      • Duxan1

        Time to visit an optometrist, my friend.

        • Kramer

          time to stop eating poutine

          • microman

            Eating poutine make you fat not stupid. You are a genius.

    • Ryan thompson

      You are obviously a idiot and in the minority if you think GSP deserved the win.
      Nobody’s buying the bulls*** you and a few others are trying to sell.

      “You don’t win like that”
      Can you explain what the F you are talking about moron?

    • JDMMA

      Beisel ” Yeti’s boy crush”
      have a secret crush on GSP

    • microman

      You are a genius

  • $26799411


    • fainmal

      99%? you got some proof? just gonna make that claim and end the story because it won’t survive any scrutiny?
      a real pity the fight is determined by JUDGES.
      your 99% fighters should stick to fighting.

    • Sarcasticball

      Where did you get that number?

  • Dirrty

    There’s a lot of GSP s*** talkers on here who are afraid to admit the truth. Watch the first round again. That’s clearly a tap. He got lucky and no one ever saw it until after the fight. If it would’ve been GSP who tapped AND it was Hendricks that took an unnecessary beating, all you bitches suckling on Jonnys teets would be crying a different story. Hey guys, guess what happens tomorrow when you wake up? You realize GSP IS STILL THE UFC WW CHAMPION! It’s not about what you believe, it’s about reality! Sucks to be a GSP HATER and/or Hendrix lover boy.

  • Darin

    I’m suprised the new champion has so graciously granted a rematch to the former champ, whom he so thoroughly dominated. I’d think he’d rather take on bigger challenges.

    • Daniel Dieringer

      100% right how i feel!

  • Darin

    GSP definitely entered this fight looking skinnier than usual. His rambling at the end of the fight was likely brought on by depression. Both things caused by roid withdrawals.

    • Brian

      “Stress” can also cause both and as a UFC Champ in his weight class I would say he has a lot of it. So let’s not be quick to jump on the roid thing.

    • Fainmal

      you got to be kidding,
      you don’t think getting knocked around for 25 minutes had anything to do with his post fight rambling? Straight to a roids accusation even though he’s never tested hot, and he went EXTRA voluntary testing at a personal cost of himself of 8k. Testing Hendricks avoided with more effort than he actually put into the fight. Testing GSP pre paid for, wouldn’t cost Mr. 70% a penny.
      Secondly, GSP took some muscle mass off intentionally. GSP’s last two fights had him showing signs of fatigue in the championship rounds. I’m sure he attributed it to his extra size. He was a bit bulkier in his upper body for both those engagements.

  • crashman

    Not sure why all you dolts blame GSP for this, he wasnt the one who scored this fight, he didnt judge the fight, he fought, it was 3 PEOPLE who sat octagon side and tallied up the points, so stop hating on GSP. I believe too that Hendricks won the fight, GSP looked awful in this bout, but HE WASNT the one who scored the win for himself.

  • dathump

    If anyone is to blame, blame hendricks corner. The judging itself (not the judges decisions)in mma is pretty easy to figure out. to win the fight, you must win rounds,(or stop your opponent) GSP and his team are masters at this, its not like this is the fist time he has pointed his way to a win. Hendricks team should know this and make sure they didn’t get caught in that trap. Hendricks corner kept telling him your ahead, you won that round, well a couple of them were close enough, or he even lost, but the still kept blowing sunshine up his a$$. 5 out of 7 decision wins of hendricks have been split, I would have to go back and watch past hendrick fights to see if he rests thinking he has done enough, or being told he has. His corner man should look at himself and the way he looks at fights, Not saying i agree with the rules, but the’re not new. damage done has never been scored on a punch to punch basis, its not like they used to judge it that way and took it out for GSP.

    • Jeff Fillingame

      I couldn’t agree more,jh gave his best shots to gsp and couldn’t put him away,then he makes the stupid comment I only hit him with 70% I say bullshit!

      • dathump

        Yea, There is a classic childrens book i can share with his team. The Tortoise and the Hare, there is a valuble lessen for them in there.

  • Bouncer

    haha I called it, he’s having a baby.

  • otto

    bottom line Jh just didnt do enough, he had his chances, but didnt/coldnt finish him, i agree, I believe Jh won by a nose hair, but in todays day, just not enough to take the belt away from the champ. I hate fighters with a ton of excuses, like Jh, but like him a little less now with all the pouting hes doing, he had his chance, and didnt make the best of it……I am a fan of both fighters, and was watching it neutrally, and have rewatched it several times, each time I watch it, the fight gets closer and closer……there was no clear winner, and agree with the decision…….although it did seem to me that Jh tapped