Georges St-Pierre Says, “Forget the Rumors, (I’m) on Vacation and Doing Well”

November 20, 2013
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Following a hard-fought five-round fight with Johny Hendricks, and undisclosed personal issues mounting on his mind, UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre seemed to be considering retirement or at least some sort of sabbatical from mixed martial arts.

Rumors swirled – thank you TMZ – that he had gotten a girl pregnant and that his father was ill and in declining health. St-Pierre’s sister and then UFC president Dana White shot those rumors down.

Now, just a few days removed from the fight, GSP appears to be all smiles, hanging out on the beach, and enjoying a little R&R.

He even took the time to Tweet a photo from his vaca to let everyone know that he’s doing fine and the rumors are just that. His face certainly looks much improved from Saturday night’s post-fight festivities too!

Georges St-Pierre

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  • steeltown65

    Feeling better? Good now sign the contract and get ready for ass whooping number two from johnny .

    • Divuthen

      Once johnny is back from medical leave from gsp messing his knee up.

      • Gary Gilbert

        GSP won. People need to get over it.

        • Big Tuna

          He didn’t I wished he did I was rooting for him but he lost unanamously

        • BB


    • Robert

      Johnny just gonna get beat again johnny had his chance and lost it lol what make you think a second match is gonna be any better

      • steeltown65

        Keep kissing that gsp ass. And johnny will keep kicking it. All you keep saying he won the fight. He didn’t. He got the decision. But.he lost the fight.

        • Daniel Dieringer

          Real mma fans know whats up, Johnny is the real champ this will be johnny first title defence.

        • Fern

          what proof do you have the GSP lost that fight?

          • steeltown65

            Proof? Well I can prove I’m not an idiot. And only an idiot would think gsp won that fight!

          • james j

            I watched the fight twice. I actually find it very close after watching it again. Clearly GSP our worked him and kept coming forward at JH. Watch it and you will see JH retreating 80% if the time.

          • steeltown65

            You are delusional ! It comes down to this. And see if you can be totally honest. Who won round 1.

    • lat_doctor

      You mean Johny “I couldn’t finish GSP” Hendricks?

      • King_DG

        yep thats Johny, but next time he’s going to finish Georges ” I couldn’t finish anybody” St.Pierre

        • lat_doctor

          GSP has finished many opponents by either submission or TKO. I suggest you educate yourself before posting here. Also, Johny Hendricks stated he did not give 100% for this fight. Evidently he was not serious about winning.

          • Blackforest MMA

            @lat_doctor. wow i wish you weren’t so uninformed about the fight game. You dont go 100% balls to the wall the entire time, no human can do that. He didnt say he went 70% in hte fight, he said 70% punching power throughout, dumbass. AND GSP hasnt finished a guy in 4 years, so get off his nuts

          • lat_doctor

            Johny said “all he had to do was touch GSP to knock him out”. Maybe if he had put 100% behind some of his punches, he might have knocked out GSP. I guess the whole 70% theory didn’t work out.

          • jeremy

            He was paving hinself for 5 rounds dips***. If yiur going to use his words use all of them. Jonny beat the s*** out of gsp the whole fight. Therr is no debate. He got robbed of the title and is the true champ. Gsp should hand over the bekt to jonny. The judges are crooked. That became obvious

      • JohnnyCouldn’tDoItLOL

        Yep, Johnny “I only used 70% of my power and that was enough…….to leave it in the hands of the judges…never mind I had said the day before I was going to knock him out, I could have if I wanted to, but you know how it is, a rematch will make me more money, blah, blah, blah…” LOL he’s arrogant and pathetic. It’d have to be a cold day in hell in order for him to dethrone GSP. He already had his chance and couldn’t capitalize, what makes him think he’ll do it the second time around when he clearly said at the weigh-ins and through the prefight talk that all he needed to do is touch GSP to knock him out. You can’t Johnny BOY! So shut it and pray nothing crazy happens or else you’ll never get your chance to fight GSP again, ever…ask Lyoto about second chances for title shots or Fitch…LOL

        • steeltown65

          What the f*** do you mean ask lyoto? He got beat by shotgun the first time then he got killed the second fight. And the fight with Jones he got choked out and then turned down the second offer on short notice. This is totally different. the difference being that George got his ass kicked and then the f***** up judges handed him a title without earning it. If he thought he won that fight. He would have already accepted danas’ offer for the rematch. Gsp is just another former champ who will stay in the game too long. And since he is being a Bitch right now. I can’t wait for him to go through the glass chin period. F****** p****!

          • JHCouldn’tFinishGSP

            And Hendricks is a bitch who tapped and couldn’t finish GSP, so I’d rather see GSP as champ and not a bitchy punk like Hendricks.

      • steeltown65

        Lets be smart about this. He took off the fifth round. He did this because he had beaten the s*** out of George for 3 of the 4 previous rounds. I think if he had gone after George he would have finished him. But he didn’t. How was he suppose to know that the judges would give the first round to George. The round that was close to being a 10-8 round for johnny. You all keep kissing that George ass. If he fights again. And he fights johnny. He won’t remember what happens in this fight for a lot longer than he couldn’t remember this one. GSP IS A PUSS!

        • lat_doctor

          Maybe your boy, Johny, should give 100% next time and take his fights seriously.

      • William Skrainski

        Who said he has to finish GSP to beat him? What you have a plate in your head?

    • Daniel Dieringer

      Hell yea!

    • Richard Edmundson

      Are you really this stupid?

  • Robert

    F*** johnny George you beat his ass either way just relax my friend you deserve it!

  • fsunoles10

    gsp is wolverine behind closed doors, who the f have yall seen with a face that healed up that quick?

    • dsdasd

      come on boy, you know makeup ??

      • fsunoles10

        make up at the beach? cmon son use your noggin.

  • sanju singh


  • SSS

    Four sessions of hyperbaric chamber therapy. He does it after every fight because he bruises easily.

  • benoit

    after a fight like that, he surely deserves some good vacation…at the end, we don’t have to forget that it was a good fight and he never gave up : props to him.

  • William Skrainski

    That’s not a post fight pic…..His face is battered

  • Milosc

    TMZ is complete trash and I hope everyone forgets about that place so they can finally go out of business

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Those at TMZ have no sense of living with dignity. Nothing is beneath them.

  • james j

    How the hell did his face heal so quick. Maybe the judges were right.

    • JDMMA

      zoom in to the pic, you’ll see bruise under his eyes and forehead

  • otto

    good for GSP, this is what he needs, hopefully he’ll get his act together and do the right thing and grant JH a rematch, once and for all and pet all these discussions to an end with who really won, but what if Jh wins, will there b a third ?

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    I’m happy for GSP. Get some rest Champ. You’re going to need it.

  • Xanzia

    He was hammered in that fight. It is only right that he should vacate the belt after that disgraceful result. Nice job Nevada State once again. First you kill boxing and now you try to assassinate MMA.