Georges St-Pierre: Ronda Rousey Is Very Good But He Has a Hard Time Watching Women Fight

November 15, 2012

2013 will mark the first time that women will more than likely grace the UFC Octagon, starting with current Strikeforce champion Ronda Rousey.

As he heads into his fight at UFC 154 on Saturday night, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre talks about the arrival of the ladies to the UFC.

St-Pierre is quick to point out that he’s not comfortable watching women’s fights, and never has been, but he respects fighters like Ronda Rousey and other women who compete in MMA.

“It’s good for her,” St-Pierre said about Rousey’s arrival in the UFC. “I’m happy for the girls that fight, but me personally I have a hard time watching the girls fight.

“It’s the way I grew up maybe, the mentality, I’m different, I’m old school, but I have a hard time watching girls fighting, it’s hard for me.”

Check out the rest of St-Pierre’s comments in the video below:


  1. I’m personally against it as well.

    • You both are on the wrong side of history. They are human athletes that want to compete at the highest level. You have been brainwashed to be sexist, snap out of it!

      • they are boring to watch simple as that broseph

        • boring? watch invicta

          i think gsp is just saying he feels uncomfortable watching women beat each other up, not that he thinks they can’t fight.

        • Boring? You obviously don’t watch many women’s fights

    • I can’t stand GSP but I agree with him. I don’t like watching women getting bet up. Even by other women. I will not be buying any pay-per-view with women on the card. And just so everyone can write me off as, “sexist”, women fights are just not the same. Like women basketball. Until they compete with the men, they will never be equal in the sport. Sorry!
      Go Danica Patric!!!

  2. its settled, it seems gsp was a romney supporter

    • Boom goes the dynamite

    • im a romney supporter. Problem bro?

      • You’re the one with the problem if you support Romney.

      • That’s nice, you can support his ass right off stage.

    • I was a Ron Paul supporter and I’m not big on women’s MMA either.

      • He is a crazed anti abortion fanatic, that obviously has an old world perspective. It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t like it.

      • But Ron Paul is pro freedom. If you are against womens mma then you are against freedom. You ain’t no Libertarian.

        • To be uncomfortable watching women’s mma or “not being big” on it and being against its existence are two completely separate things. Women can do what they want. Not everyone has to enjoy watching it. End of story. Georges is entitled to his opinion.

  3. Ironically, I can’t bear to watch GSP “fight” either…

  4. He should watch her fight and learn how to finish…

    • ouch! out of 22 fights, he finished 15, including Hughes & Serra twice each, and BJ Penn’s corner had to throw in the towel. But that is a funny comment!

      • oops, never mind the twice each comment, still the guy can finish, maybe Saturday will be the one.

  5. I have a hard time watching Georges fight.

  6. its ironic that it comes from GSP

  7. Yeah, when I go to watch a UFC event on the internet, as soon as I see that it is 25 minutes, I don’t even bother to watch the fight. Why would I want to watch a guy either lay on his non-grappling opponent, or have a lame “stick and move” striking match with an opponent who is ok on the ground? I really hate these non fighters in mma. I think they misunderstand the concept of a gameplan. It’s good to have a game plan, but not to rest the whole fight on it. You are supposed to fight. Then you get pussies not take fights because they have “trained for a different opponent”. Come on, has this sport lost some important elements? Fighting? Bravery? Testing your capability to rise above your self? Instead we have boring ass bitches like GSP who will not stand up for a second against Dan Hardy? Hardy had never knocked anybody out before that fight. It looked so douchy to play it safe. Then he fights Jake Shields and tries to stick and move, afraid to try what he does best, take an opponent down. Just fight naturally douchebag, you don’t have to act scared of a guy just because he is a stand up or a ground fighter. You should be confident in yourself if you are a true champion, not listen to these idiot trainers like Jackson and Zahabi, who want to be credited with the win for their pussy gameplans. Then what happens when you are in a real fight? Diaz would have shown GSP up, and I hope that Condit can do the same (unfortunately I feel that condit, being a jackson mma fighter too is going to just do the same thing he did against Diaz and throw weak attacks, then run away. It would be nice if he won like that actuall, against GS Piss.

    • Aaaaaaaaand you’re right.

    • hardy had knocked out Markham in the ufc and had about 20 other TKO finishes on his record, in any case GSP did stand with him a bit and beat him up! he will finish Condit

    • it’s the new era, don’t like smart fighting then watch muay boran, as the sport progress, fighter will evolve… u st piere may be boring, but I rather watch champ fight a boring and technical fight… you are not an mma fans ur a gladiator fan… stop hating… fight too boring? Post a video that you can do better

  8. Wow. This is probably the first thing I have heard GSP say that offends me. He should realize that his view is chauvinistic and say that he will work on getting past his dated mentality.

  9. GSP was asked a question and gave his honest opinion and gets bashed for it? Grow up. He’s No 2 P4P whether he finishes or not. He’s a world-class fighter and y’all know you’ll be watching on Saturday.

  10. I’ll admit I felt the same way the first few Women’s MMA fights I watched. Even now I will only watch Cyborg, Roussey or Carano, and I will further admit I probably enjoy the weigh-ins as much as their fights (tongue firmly in cheek)!

    • how can you mention “carano” and “now” in the same sentence? she hasn’t fought in like 2 years

  11. This makes me wonder. Is Georges batting for the other team. Can’t watch Ronda, who is smokin hot don’t care what all you haters say, in a sports bra and tight booty shorts whoop some ass. Plus have you ever notice that during his Primetime camps there are never any females around, just playing grab ass with dudes. Other talk about family, wives, girlfriends, baby momma, or something about a female they are smashing. Not GSP. Hmmmmm.

    • Relax i saw gsp at the club once the dude got bitches everywhere. Seems like ur doin some wishfull thinkin right there

  12. It’s really funny to see everybody scream that GSP’s sexist. Sonnen can say almost whatever he wants and people say this guy speak his mind freely. Rowdy Ronda already said that GSP should die and that he’s a disgrace to MMA and should let a real fighter like Nick Diaz be the poster boy of the UFC. He could have bash her a lot more if you ask me. I still firmly believe that if GSP was an American people would stop bashing him….but a French Canadian dominating an American sport….sorry guys!

  13. The other problem I have with this is that GSP seems to not like the idea of women “fighting”. But he is always diverting questions about fighting and talking about mma as more of a competition and a sport. I like his approach to this concept, but that should make it easier for him to watch womens mma, because it is just a competion, not a real fight.

    • People need to relax, GSP aint sexist and definitely not against women mma he never said anything bad, just don’t like women fighting, Respect that… rohnda is a little slut with great judo and slick arm bar, she smash gsp for being a poster boy but feel lioke she is superior because she can tap people out? fuuck rhonda and her bitch as weed boy.. thats the way we post shiit right just criticize each other