Georges St-Pierre Receives Medical Clearance and Green Light to Compete at UFC 154

August 28, 2012
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Georges St-Pierre UFC 129The final hurdles have been cleared for Georges St-Pierre to return to action later this year.

The UFC’s reigning welterweight champion says he has now been medically cleared to compete and aims for his return at UFC 154 in Montreal this November.

“Yesterday was the final chapter of my road to recovery, I’m now medically cleared to compete in professional mixed martial arts,” St-Pierre wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

St-Pierre has been rehabbing his surgically repaired knee for the past several months after tearing his ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) last year.

The UFC has held off officially announcing St-Pierre’s next fight until he was medically cleared to return to action, but it seems like any day now GSP’s return bout against UFC interim welterweight champion Carlos Condit can be made official.

In closing, St-Pierre said, “Rendez-vous le 17 November, UFC 154 Montreal,” which, when translated, means he has an appointment on Nov. 17 at UFC 154.

St-Pierre has been out of action since April 2011 when he defeated Jake Shields in the main event of UFC 129 in Toronto. He was twice been scheduled for bouts after that date, but knee injuries sidelined him both times.

Now with his ACL surgery behind him and receiving his medical clearance, St-Pierre can return to try and cement his claim to the welterweight title he’s held and defended for the past four years.

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  • RonnieV

    WAR DIAZ! But in the mean time, kick his ass Condit!

    • MrAdidas

      lol NOT going to happen, though if Condit had any chance of beating GSP, it’s now. Being out of action for 19 months hurts, but GSP is not your avg fighter, which is why Condit will get a beat down. It would be pretty sad if Condit doesnt beat GSP, considering the major knee surgery & the 19 month layoff.

      While Condit was too scared to fight anyone else, in fear of losing “his title”. Therefore Condit is not confident that he can beat anyone @ WW, not sure being off as long as he’s been gives him any advantages, if anything I think he hurt himself by not defending his belt @ least once (IMHO). I guess time will tell. WAR GSP!!!

  • felix

    Until he break a nail soon

  • bajafox

    Does anyone else do the terminator voice when you read quotes from GSP?

    • felix


    • jpgagne

      I wonder… How good is your french? Oh and by the way, TUF producers did not had to put subtitles when GSP was coaching, like they had to with Bisping, who is actually English!!!

      • bajafox

        Je’ parlais Francais baucoup mon ami

        I know my spelling sucks but I took French for 2 years, lol

        • jpgagne

          Good enough for me!

        • MrAdidas

          Tu ne peux pas parle Francais, Tu ne peux pas l’ecrires non plus. Tu devrais le pratique beaucoup si tu veux faire acraire que tu es bilangue.

  • acspida#244

    Finally we can move on with the division.

    • JesseShredderMalloy


    • MrAdidas

      Yeah b/c Condit was too scared to lose his chance, doesn’t say much for his confidence vs. the top WW’s (IMP). If he thought he could beat anyone at anytime in the WW division, wouldn’t he had taken @ least one fight/1 title defence? I think the UFC creating an interim title onnly for the winner/Condit to sit on his ass for 10 months was pretty pointless. I wonder if Diaz would have defended it once? Not a Diaz fan by any means, but I think he definately would have.

  • pooby

    Good. Now Chael Sonnen has someone to call out after Jones beats him silly.

    • TKD

      Hahaha!!! That is great, pooby!!!

    • dathump

      exactly, one more fighter Chael Sonnen can win a fight against on Twitter

    • triangle choke

      Hey Pooby, knowing Chael and the way he is, he’ll probably try to call out a 170lb’er or maybe even a 150lb’er when he gets board with jones

    • MrAdidas

      Didn’t Jones have the chance to beat Sonnen silly, but chose not to fight instead?!? So … I don’t really understand your comment, seing Jones was too chicken **** to fight a smaller guy who had 8 days to gain weight & train, yeah I’m sure Sonnen is shaking in his boots dude.

  • The Welterweight Kingpin is back! I’m tired of seeing fake fans talk trash about him. He’s a world class fighter. It’s not his fault if somebody can’t beat him in some form. Him and Condit is just as exciting as him and Diaz. It’s actually more exciting since Condit defeated Nick. And I love Nick Diaz but Condit one. Still would love to see GSP and Diaz.

  • adam1848

    I just wonder how much of a role ring rust will play? Its gotta be hard to train when in the back of your mind you know you CAN”T get hurt. If something goes wrong in the next few months his credibility is shot. He’s taken about the longest break of any fighter I can think of. If all of that plays a factor it could be an interesting fight. If not, he will roll through Condit as he has everybody else. I’m hoping the GSP who fought Matt Hughes and Matt Serra (the second times) shows up to make a statement.

    • MaritalArtist

      I’m hoping for that too. I also think this time off has caused GSP to refocus, and maybe he’ll be looking to make a statement that he’s “back”. Not sure who to root for….

    • MrAdidas

      I completely agree, GSP stated that he had “lost the love for MMA”, only training b/c he had to and not b.c he wanted to, like in the past. He’s also said that he’s no longer going to be training like he did before, which was living in the gym, the weights will be cut out b/c it decreases his flexibility & mobility, he is also doing much more core training etc. I think we will see a new & much improved GSP, the GSP from the past or we will see GSP take unecessary risks & possibly get cought. Either way, I think the ring rust will not afeect GSP, since he’s not like any avg fighter. Dont forget, Condit hasnt fought since February, thats a pretty long time for a guy who wasn’t injured. Not sure that was Condits best decision. I guess time will tell. WAR GSP, I think Condit will be in for a rude awakening!!! GSP is very hungry & “angry” that he’s been out for so long.

  • felix

    I’ll predict GSP by unanimous decision. Yawn….

    • bajafox

      Yawnanimous decision

    • MrAdidas

      Clearly you have absolutely no understanding of MMA, the fact that GSP makes world class fighters look average is a testament of jsut how incredible he is. If you think his fights are boring, it’s bc you dont understand MMA or you’re jsut a jealous hater. GSP shows up to fight & does what he wants, its his oponents fault for the fights being “boring” b/c they can’t do anything when they fight him, he;s the only one doing anything, punching, takedowsn, sub attempts, kicks, wrestling … what has his oponents done … besides get their faces broken, battered, bruised & bloodied, not ot mention embaressed. The guy went 30+ rounds without losing a single round, he was NEVER once in trouble, now thats domionation, more dominant than Silva. Sure Silva finishes fights, but he fights smaller, weaker BUMS @ MW, but he gets his ass kicked once in a while & loses a round here & there, something GSP didnt do in 4 yrs …. 8 fights. The ONLY reason Shields won 2 rounds (which blows me away) is b/c GSP couldnt see & didnt look as impressive as he has in the past, so the judges figure …. “oh o, GSP must be hurt or this Shields guy is much better” BBAHAHAHAHAH sure he is, thats why he got owned the 1st three rounds when GSP had 2 good eyes. BTW: How does Shields even come close to winning the 4th, when GSP almost KO’d him with a head kick & knocjed his ass down?!? Shields landed a few strikes & that was all. One judge had it right 50-45 GSP!!!

      I guess GSP’s spankings of Jon Fitch, Thiago Alves, Hardy & Koscheck 2 were boring right?!? STFU loser! All 4 of those fights were clinics, Fitch got out striked & kicked in the face several times, Alves was out striked, out kicked & out wrestled/took down at will, when NOONE was even close to taking Alves down, yet GSP did it 11 out of 12 times, Hardy was taken down 10 out of 11 attempts & GSP out on a BJJ clinic, but I guess that was boring right?!? And then Koscheck, who stated that GSP was too scared to stand with him, yet GSP broke his face & stood with him for 23 mins, and took him down 2 out of 3 times & kicked Koscheck a few times in the head for good measure. Yeah those fights sure were boring …. But Silvas fights vs. LEites, Maia & ote were so exciting!!! Whatever makes you feel better NOOB!

  • somecokehead

    GSP GSP!!! I hope it is a good fight! GSP and Condit… These are two fighters I’d like to see 3 times a years. Not Once every 3 years. It is a tough sport though. As a fan I will not buy these b/s cards anymore. I want some ‘brand name’ fighters on the main card or the UFC won’t see a dime from me.

    • dathump

      Exactly, I love how some many people call him boring, I have yet to see a true boring GSP fight yet. sure, if you rooting for the other guy and he cant do a damn thing, then for those fans its boring. The fact that he can win a fight standing, or on the ground in such dominant fashion I always find amazing. Just because it went to a decision doesn’t mean it wasn’t exciting, however if you have no understanding of MMA, I can see how you might think that.

  • $50 says Condit gets injured and pulls out.

    • MrAdidas

      LOL thats not even funny … actually it is, but not really! Wouldnt matter b/c they would give Kampmann or Hendricks the fight, no doubt!