Georges St-Pierre Recalls Being Scared of Mark Coleman Before First UFC Fight (UFC 167 Video)

November 13, 2013
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Georges St-PierreDuring his early days, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was a fan just as much as anyone else. In this video, St-Pierre talks about his first UFC experience, and being intimidated by fighters backstage the likes Mark Coleman.

Watch as GSP shares a funny and interesting story.

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  • fsunoles10

    haha thats classic, if coleman is around chances are there will be a bunch of f bonbs going around.

  • dgs

    A classier guy you won’t find, but my God has he become a boring, play-it-safe fighter since his KO. Watch GSP before the KO, and then after the KO, and he became a very different fighter, and not for the better. Yes he wins, but watching paint dry might be as exciting as watching GSP fight these days.

    Hopefully Hendricks makes it an exciting fight, because GSP is content to simply win on points these days.

    • George Sperry

      My God you don’t know what MMA is.

      • Kris-tyahn

        I concur with your comment! Also, DGS, when you saw GSP fight before Serra it was 3 rounds, big difference, bc he has to conserve his energy/pace for 5 rounds. And BTW the opponents he’s fighting now after the Serra fight are a little but better than the opponents he fought before Serra. SARCASM on “a little bit better” worlds apart better.

        It’s funny that you think fighters who finish are more talented than those who dominate for 25 mins a fight and for 4-5 years, that’s hilarious to me. Anyone can get a finish, but try dominating the best/#1 contender in the world for 25 mins for years, now that my friend is skill!

    • Kris-tyahn

      FYI: if I’m not mistaken, since GSP loss to Serra he’s fought 46 rounds (I think, somewhere close to that) starting with the first Kischeck fight up to the Diaz fight, he fought 46 rounds and only loss 4. Do the math, no Champ comes close to that, let alone some fighter. Silva loss 6 if 7 rounds to Sonnen in two fights, that’s 2 more rounds than GSP has lost since 2007, that’s 6 years! But “GSP is boring?!?” WTF

  • Stephen Quadros

    I would be scared of someone on steroids too

  • solo

    I admire St Pierre on so many levels, but the most i admire is his mentality, i think thats beside of his skills, his biggest advantage over other fighters. I dont like the criticism hes gettin. I dont see it like he’s fighting safe, i see it as a domination on his side. Its on challenger to pass through his skills , and so far none of them menaged to do that. And now hes chasing three new records after all this years of accomplishments. But im also fan of Hendricks, and i believe he can easily be his biggest challenge so far!!! Just cant wait for the fight!

    • anonmoose

      Exactly how I see it too, Sir.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      GSP’s top game is unparalleled. It’s a wonder he didn’t pursue wrestling to the olympic level. I bet he could have had success there. It’ll be very interesting to see him go up against a D1 pedigree wrestler like Big Rig. Has he fought a wrestler at Big Rig’s level before?

      • taylor2008

        Yes he fought Koschek. Koscheck was a national champion if I am correct.

      • solo

        yea, Koscheck was NCAA Division l Champion.

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        So what’s new here? The big left? I don’t see Big Rig winning this one. I hope Condit heads out to Cali to train with DC so he can become the complete package. Condit’s the only guy in my mind who has a legitimate chance against GSP.

  • anonmoose

    If there wasn’t any rounds or time limit, GPS’s opponents would be a bloody mess and their corner would have to throw in the towel. You all know it, don’t deny it – guy’s a f***ing machine!

  • claudale

    Gsp is boring. Inexcusable that he went 5 rounds laying on Dan Hardy trying to get a kimura. 5 rounds with koscheck who had a broken eye socket in the first round

    His fans are enamored. This fight he will jab from as far away as possible. I’ll probably watch 2 rounds and then head to bed