Georges St-Pierre on Anderson Silva Loss: “It Reminded Me The Greatest Still Lose” (video)

August 4, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre 4336 UFC 94At the first stop of the UFC World Tour 2013 in Las Vegas, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre sat and answered questions with the media.  Fans turned out in droves to see the UFC great, and St-Pierre was primed and ready for all questions, dealing with a host of different topics.

In this interview shot by staff writer Ryan McKinnell, we ask GSP if there is any relief of not having to answer “super fight” questions now that Anderson Silva relinquished his throne to Chris Weidman at UFC 162.

Hear St-Pierre speak on the former middleweight champ, and where exactly Silva ranks among to sport’s best now that he suffered his first loss inside the Octagon. The champion also talks about how seeing his friend, Weidman, defeat Silva reminded him that even the greatest fighters still can be prone to defeat.

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  • The Best Eva

    Let’s go Hendricks!

  • Everyone Else

    Lets go GSP!

  • Hendricks

  • Hendricks has won by stoppage 5 times in the UFC. The rest of his wins went to decision. People act like GSP has been ko’d a bunch of times. He’s already faced high level strikers with more tools then Hendricks. No offense to him I’am a fan of his but I’m tired of people always counting out GSP. Thiago Alves, BJ Penn, Dan Hardy, Carlos Condit are all dangerous strikers. Then everyone else he faced was pretty much a high level wrestler or submission artist. GSP takes this by decision.

    • Dragon Kid

      Even someone in their prime like Matt Hughes was finished by GSP twice and yet he couldn’t dispose of guys like Thiago Alves or Dan Hardy.

      GSP gets counted out because if his inability to not finish fights & not taking enough risks. His strategy of taking someone down, laying on them or continuing to win by points just don’t sit too well with fans who are expecting a good/entertaining fight.

      • I admire GSP’s skill set. His top control is so dominant that nobody, not even high level wrestlers and BJJ black belts have trouble with him. His kickboxing is also great but why should he take damage or get into a dangerous stand up war to entertain fans who don’t appreciate some of the best takedowns in all of MMA. Of course he couldn’t dispose of Thiago Alves and Dan Hardy. You don’t just take on the next top contender and dispose of them. He’s winning, he’s been the champion for years and I don’t think he’s going to change anything and risk his royalties to please fans. Although I do understand being upset he hasn’t finished fights but we shouldn’t expect him to take chances.

        • Dragon Kid

          GSP had many opportunities to finish off Dan Hardy or even Josh Koscheck (part II) but he chose not to. He may have the best overall wrestling & takedowns but if you dont take chances to finish a guy (or mix it up a bit) and just rely on winning by points, that tells me that its not a champion’s mentality approach to show up to win but rather makes a boring fighter. its the same thing ben henderson does in his fights and lyoto machida has been taking the same approach lately.

          jose aldo, anderson silva, jon jones and cain velasquez all take risks to have good fights as well as finish their foes. GSP plays it too safe. At the end of the day, its all about money and business and fans pay money to see the fighters and champions have good fights.

          • Well then who do you think is a good match up for GSP to have an exciting fight?

          • Dragon Kid

            It’s not so much who he fights but how he chooses to fight. He fights to win by points but doesn’t fight to finish his opponent.

          • I’d much rather see a guy win fights by being the better fighter overall then a guy who can just land a shot and KO a guy based on chance and power. GSP hasn’t faced a martial artist yet who can handle his footwork, wrestling and speed IMO. And that is the only type of fighter I want to see beat GSP. A guy who has his footwork, conditioning, wrestling defense and ability to get out from underneath him. A lot of MMA fans like you may dislike him but really if he was in a straight kickboxing match he would be the best in that as well and more entertaining.

      • drkdisciple

        well said!….even his fight against KOS (championship fight in Montreal),,,GSP had him blinded of one eye yet was satisfied with winning the rounds without ever attempting to finish the fight!

  • Denny Swain

    Silva was a great fighter but weidman is greater

    • Dragon Kid

      Weidman hasn’t done a lot to be greater than Silva.

      • Denny Swain

        Well surely, we dont have to compare records and try to guess whos the better fighter like in most scenarios, because these two have already fought each other. Silva stated before and after fight that he trained for 4 months for weidman and was in best shape ever. When fight started, weidman dominated every second of the fight and everywhere the fight went he was winning. He was winning when silva wasn’t showboating and he was winning when he was. Therefore, one should come to the conclusion that weidman is better. He outstruck the striker, and snatched his heart out of his chest

        • Dragon Kid

          After watching the fight 3 times, I’m still not convinced Weidman is a great striker, he basically had a punching bag in front of him the whole time. To say Weidman is better than Silva is like say Matt Serra is better than GSP.

          I’d rather see the rematch & hopefully Silva fights properly then we’ll see who’s the better man.

          • Jensen Anthony

            im totally in agree with you kenji.. first table, gsp is so boring truly he just show on their fights the same rutine win by decision the old gsp didnt exist no more true…..
            another fact, chris weidman is not better than Anderson silva & he is not a better striker than silva….
            im follow think that fight ir was a fixed Night…. remember bro, chris is the new face in mma so the money counts……..
            however for me silva still been the best p4p fighter in the world….
            so nothing has chance yet in the mma world………

  • Sir_Roy

    Hendricks has a puncher’s chance. If he connects with a solid punch, we might have an upset on our hands. But that’s all he has. Will it be enough? I wouldn’t bet the farm.

    C’mon people, outside of a puncher’s chance, outside of admittedly impressive KO power, there is NO WHERE Hendricks evidences more skill than GSP. Including take downs and take down defense. Hendrick’s ground game is pathetic (compared to the top echelon of the division). Once he takes you down, he has absolutely no idea what to do with you … so he lets you back up.

    Hendricks says he’s stronger and just as athletic … please. He’s probably stronger under a bench press (which does little for him in the Octagon) but overall strength & athleticism will take a lot more convincing to prove he’s on GSP’s level. Hendricks gasses. GSP will take Hendrick’s into deep water championship rounds. Then he’ll choke whatever gas Hendrick’s has left in the tank right out of him.

    Either Hendrick’s KO’s GSP in rounds one or two … or the more likely scenario is GSP by decision, or by submission in rounds 4 or 5.

    • Dragon Kid

      I’d rather see Hendricks finish the fight than watch GSP lay on someone for five full rounds.

      • Sir_Roy

        Is that REALLY all you see when you watch a GSP fight … really? GSP was simply “lying” on top of Condit for 5 full rounds? Guess that’s how it won fight of the night then. 13 minutes of stand-up against Diaz … stand-up that GSP pretty much dominated … and that’s 5 full rounds of laying on someone?

        The Diaz fight was ordinary. I’m not saying it was spectacular. But what I am doing is picking out Georges’ last two fights alone, his most recent, to try and show you just how much you’re generalizing, and how ingenuous, and downright false, these ‘trendy’ blanket comments really are.

        • Dragon Kid

          yes sir, its what i see a lot of the time in his fights. i never see the old school GSP where he finishes his opponents by tko or submission anymore. he just waits and picks his shots and once he does then he brings it otherwise he’s afraid to get hit.

          • Sir_Roy

            There’s a HUGE difference between saying “he doesn’t finish fights”, has lost his killer instinct, and claiming all he does is lay on top of his opponents.

            The latter is a false blanket comment that invalidates your opinion as having any merit from the get go.

            He doesn’t just lay on top of opponents. That’s dumb. I agree he could be more aggressive and go for the finish. We all know that involves taking risks. But why should he risk injury and his career when what he’s doing is making him rich, still garners the most ppv in the business, and above all sees him dominating round after round against all comers?

            He has no valid reason to change his game, no incentive. And no, shutting up naysayers like yourself is not anywhere near resembling a valid reason. There will always be critics. No matter how successful and athlete gets. It’s the American way after all. If we can’t criticize someone professionally, we’ll go after their personal life …

            Basically, blame the game, not the player. GSP is making a killing playing the game as is. Until certain rules and criteria change, he has no reason to.

          • Dragon Kid

            I pay good money to see good fights, I don’t wanna see a champ lay on a guy for five rounds just so he can win by points to retain his belt. If GSP is so great, I wanna see him finish a guy, he couldn’t finish Alves, Hardy or a one eyed Koscheck!

            All the other champions fight aggressively and take risks, at leadt they know how to have a good fight & give us what we pay for .. well except Ben Henderson.

          • Sir_Roy

            Blah blah blah “lay on someone for five rounds” blah blah blah nonsense.

            You’re a broken record. I spelled out the fallacy in your blanket logic and highlighted what makes sense.

            You don’t get it, so I’m done trying. Solution? Don’t pay to watch his fights. There. Problem solved.

          • Dragon Kid

            If you wanna watch boring fight with guys like GSP who lays on people & wins by points that’s fine but it’s not hard to tell how boring a fighter he’s become.

          • A Tigers Tale

            Boring fights? Lays on people? Brother, no offence but you really have no idea what your watching do you? I’ve instructed martial arts for 25 years with a black belt in two different disciplines and I love watching GSP fight. He is a master and the hardcore fans love him. You and your friends might not but these men aren’t supposed to entertain you. They are there to fight and win. Listen, go watch wwe and Kung fu movies. It really is more your speed brother.

          • Dragon Kid

            GSP doesn’t show up to win, all he ever does in his fights are takedowns, lay n pray and jab his way to victory. the guy isn’t an aggressive fighter no more. he has boring fights a lot of the time and doesn’t finish an opponent when the opportunity is there. a real champion takes risks, mixes it up a bit and goes for the kill when the opening is there. old school GSP would beat up current GSP for sure.

          • A Tigers Tale

            You honestly don’t have a clue about fighting son.

          • Dragon Kid

            And you’re just a casual fan who can’t accept the truth.

  • Ron Wheeler

    Unless Hendricks catches him early with one of those weird power punches, GSP will take him into deep waters, tire him out and outpoint him. Condit figured Hendricks game out but couldn’t avoid the yawnfest takedown-and-do-nothing and lost an iffy decision. GSP is better on the ground and savvy enough to avoid the standup. So punchers chance for Hendricks.

  • A Tigers Tale

    Georges is the man. The true pd for pd king, not Anderson “glass jaw” Silva. Lol, I can’t believe he still has fans who still believe he was the best of all time. He was a striker. That’s it.