Georges St-Pierre Not Sure About Anderson Silva Super Fight Just Yet (UFC 154 Video)

November 18, 2012
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Georges St-Pierre is officially back and he’s back in the win column as well, but fresh off his victory over Carlos Condit, the future remains cloudy for the UFC welterweight champion.

There is a No. 1 contender established now with Johny Hendricks waiting in the wings, but an Anderson Silva super fight is the biggest thing looming overhead.

Check out what GSP had to say about both fights, what weight he’d possibly face Silva at, and much more:

  • Mario

    If Dana says he’ll make the fight, then I believe he will. Jones is going to be busy beating the crap out of loud mouth Sonnen. So the super fight between Anderson and GSP is something the UFC can finally make happen at this stage in the game.

    Georges St-Pierre has defeated the best guys in his division. He was out for a long time with that unfortunate injury and he still looked impressive earlier tonight. I think a fight with Anderson at this point is great for both fighters. If Silva wins, then there’s the possibility of him challenging Jones later in 2013. MMA fans need to be patient.

    GSP fighting Silva would be epic, and win or lose, GSP would go down in my book as a great fighter just for taking a fight with “The Spider”. People shouldn’t count out Georges St-Pierre.

    I think the fair thing to do is for Anderson to drop a little weight to really solidify a deal here. After all, him and his camp are the ones campaigning for this fight with GSP. When does Anderson ever call guys out? It should be considered a privilege if he does. People claiming Anderson is a coward for calling out Georges are not looking at the bigger picture here. But only time will tell what details go into place when the negotiations begin.

    It’s going to be interesting to hear the announcements regarding this fight.

    • dick niaz

      Jones has Sonnen booked and then Hendo Machida is basically a #1 contender, since they have both been offered a shot within the last 3 months, so there are options to keep Jones busy.

      Anderson should fight GSP, then the 170 and 185 pound contenders should get their shot, then Jones vs Silva, assuming everyone still has their belts and streaks intact, which they should.

  • GSP deserves this fight.. He’s been around since 04 fighting the best in the world, his only setback coming from that Serra loss. Who cares that hes smaller, hes a world class martial arts competitor and after all these years he deserves a shot a weight class above. Its an honor for both of them and would be disrespectful to ride off GSP. As for Jones, I like him but he still has a good 3 or 4 fights left in that division. Let him move up to HW if he wants a superfight.

  • I completely understand GSP here. Fighting Anderson Silva is a huge challenge in itself; but fighting him at a higher weight class is almost a suicide mission. I’d be very interested in watching that fight but would have no quarrels toward GSP if he doesn’t take the fight. Same thing with the potential Silva vs Jones fight!

  • lowlb

    Seems like he doesn’t want it. Why talk about him deserving the fight. Why would he fight a guy who is so much bigger than he is. It makes no sense for GSP. He doesn’t say he wants a shot at another weight class. GSP is a bad-ass and he will be no less a bad-ass if he doesn’t fight Anderson. There plenty of great fights for him at 170. Anderson has fought at 205 and obviously walks around at well over 200 lbs. GSP did mention he doesn’t like the pressured decision. Let him make a decision as a pro and not be pressured by people sitting in bars or on couches or in the stands..

  • Yannick Messaoud

    I have met GSP a few times i spoke to him at TKO24 at metropolis in Montreal he is a great guy, i am not a small guy i am around 220 when i met GSP he is about 1 inch taller then me and he was about 190, still he was a wide has me at that weight. I see no problem for him making 185 pounds. This is a fight that would be amazing and i really hope it happens. GSP looked a bit more massive this time around too.

  • Aaron

    If your going to fight the champ at a different weight class you should expect to defeat some of the top tier fighters in that weight class first. A catch weight fight is meaningless without process. Think about that for a moment. So what is this fight going to prove? Nothing because it leaves too many unanswered questions. Kids, If you want this fight i suggest you go play it out on your video game