Georges St-Pierre Not Distracted by Smack Talk From Nick Diaz

March 12, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre 4336 UFC 94-478x270UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is used to having opponents try to get under his skin leading up to fights.

His rivalry with B.J. Penn comes to mind, as well as the two fights with Matt Serra, and who can forget the smack talk by Josh Koscheck leading up to their UFC 124 showdown?

St-Pierre takes on Nick Diaz in the UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz main event, and the war of words got heated on a recent media conference call between the two.

Diaz referred to St-Pierre as “pampered.” He has accused the champion of point fighting.  Following his UFC 137 win over B.J. Penn, Diaz called St-Pierre’s knee injury into question and accused the titleholder of being “scared.”

Diaz stated, “I don’t think Georges is hurt.  I think he’s scared.  Where you at Georges?”  But it all just rolls off St-Pierre’s back.

“Well it’s not the first time that the opponent, the guy that I’m fighting, tried to get in my head. I’ve fought many people before that, that disrespect me and for me it’s another fight and I’m trying very hard to be ready for the fight and I don’t focus on that,” he said.

St-Pierre requested the fight with Diaz, who is coming off a suspension and a loss to Carlos Condit in his last outing.  Diaz has been calling for a fight with St-Pierre for quite some time.  The rivalry will be settled at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Words will not be a factor when the Octagon door closes behind them on March 16. While the media and fans may be focused on the pre-fight banter, St-Pierre is only concerned with what variables he can control.

“I focus on things that I do control,” said St-Pierre. “I don’t focus on things that people are saying about me. I focus only on myself and what I’m going to do.”

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  • Dan R.

    George was the one doing the smack talk. c’mon

    • George Sperry

      You need to listen to the conversation again.

      • anonmoose

        Nah, YOU need to listen again. As much as I love Nick, he can barely form a sentence or an insult to save his life. He TRIED to talk smack, but just sounded like another teenage white boy tryin’ to be black. (Yeah I know he’s hispanic)

    • Well obviously Nick is always talking trash. It’s somewhat how he got this fight on top of being an amazing fighter. This is the first time GSP has really talked and trash saying he will put the worst beating on him. For a guy like GSP to start saying things like that must mean he’s really fired up. The conference call showed that GSP isn’t very good at talking trash, not at all.

      • MuayThaiFood

        How would you know? Do you speak French. Let’s hear Nicks smack talk in French and see how he does. The guy barely gets by with English.

    • GetADayJob

      DAN do you have any concept of MMA or smack talk. Obviously you are Diaz’s home boy.

  • ONEbadDude

    Diaz is scum. It is sad that MMA has to put up with people like him and his brother. I can’t wait until GSP finishes him and he can go start his career job as a oil changer at Wal-Mart.

    • bajafox

      Explain to the general public why you think Diaz is scum? The guy is an elite fighter and athlete, tell me again how that makes someone scum?

      BTW, GSP hasn’t finished anyone in 4 years, you’re going to be waiting a long time before it happens again.

      • MMAreality

        Why just the general public. You watch too much T.V. Diaz smokes weed, can’t finish a sentence, and can’t talk without repulsive language. That enough for you? I agree with one bad dude. Diaz gives MMA a bad stereo type that only thugs and low lives are in MMA. It is not the case there are a lot of educated people. But one bad apple spoils the bunch.

        • bajafox

          Actually I rarely watch any TV. I prefer working on my garden over watching the garbage on television.

          I know he smokes weed, I smoke weed too. I even have an engineering degree and multiple certifications in my profession. It is a well known fact that Diaz gets social anxiety when speaking to the public. Read up on social anxiety before you go judging someone who lives with it. If he were allowed to take his meds before an interview I guarantee he would be comfortable enough to answer any question the media has.

          You want a bad apple in MMA, look at the roid users, not the stoners. They’re the one’s that give MMA a bad rep.

          You still didn’t explain at all how Nick is scum.

          • dathump

            Diaz is an elite fighter and athlete, but along way away from being professsional. I wouldn’t go as far to say he is scum, but take the social anxiety out of it and watch the youtube videos he has put out and he still sounds like the 3rd grade bully trying to steal your lunch money, then has a hissy fit when he gets caught. It may just be his public persona, but it doesn’t help him look like any less of a thug, but I also don’t think he cares.

          • RonnieV

            The only YouTube video I have seen of him recently is him pounding that speed bag for 23 minutes… frickin’ ridiculous stamina. Boxers complain about shoulder pain after 5 minutes on a speed bag. Seriously look it up, he posted it last Friday.

          • Savant

            This guy’s the ultimate Nick nut-hugger.

          • MMAreality

            I agree. I would go as far as saying scum!

          • bajafox

            Your last few words says it all, I don’t think he cares either.

          • MMAReality

            Engineering degree in what? I am a rocket scientist. It is the internet I can say whatever I want. I guarantee you don’t have an engineering degree. Is marijuana illegal? Did Nick get suspended for using it? He is a joke!!!

          • bajafox

            Doesn’t matter what you say really. The way you represent yourself obviously differs from anything that might sound remotely intellectual.

            BTW, yes, marijuana is legal to all Proposition 215 patients in California. Since you seem to be out of the loop, Nick is a proposition 215 patient.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Unless California successfully ceded from the Union then it is still illegal. Just because the Federal Government can choose when to enforce it doesn’t make it legal. I’m not arguing against weed but your statement is incorrect..

          • bajafox

            You are assuming that we care about federal law, we don’t.

          • MuayThaiFood

            I’m not assuming anything. It’s obvious you don’t care. And the Feds don’t care about prop 215. If they want to they can still prosecute you.
            That’s all pretty irrelevant anyway. I live in Washington State where they legalized it for recreational use and I still can’t use it even when I’m on my time off or I will be fired.

          • Nick#1Fan

            Ya I have a doctorate degree in medicine. MMA reality is right don’t get on the internet and claim you are something nobody believes you. I bet you have no college degree!!!

          • bajafox

            You’re assuming I give 2 ishts what you think, lol

        • Randi

          Get educated on Nick Diaz before before you label him as a low life. He’s also about to become the new champion!

          • Sir_Roy

            While I agree, calling someone low life scum based on their media image or lack of social skills is ignorant … so too is stating Nick will be the new champ. He’s about to get beat down for 25 minutes.

            But hey, if I’m wrong, I’ll come back here and eat my words. So yeah, won’t be coming back here anytime soon.

    • RonnieV

      You can get Oil changes at Wal-Mart? Wow, did not know that

      • Randi

        I think he just broadcasted his profession without even realizing it!lol

  • Darin

    Saying that GSP is a point fighter is not “smack talk”. It is a reasonable and intelligent observation of the facts. Since his loss to Sera, GSP has been exactly that.

    • MuayThaiFood

      You know he demolished Serra in their second fight, right?

  • Trevor

    Diaz is an idiot! Social Anxiety makes you introverted around others it does not make you a loud obnoxious white trash loser. Weed is a joke too …..go ahead get high if you want but telling me you need it to fix your problems is garbage. That’s like I need TRT cause I burned mine out! Just wait 10 years and mark my words Nick Diaz will be washed up in wal-mart!

    It amazes me how sooo many people think he is even worthy of this fight…..Look at his fights….seriously who the hell has he beat…Paul Daley, 1000 year old Frank Shamrock, KJ Noons, Scott Smith, Thomas Denny,Hayoto Sakurai…oh and lets no forget a washed up BJ Penn! Diaz has this fight for lack of better options. I am sure Kosheck, Fitch and many others would ragdoll his ass too.

    So scum? Use the word you want ….he only appeals to wanna be outlaws and punks who think that telling everyone off and being a moron get you ahead in life!

    Go get a tapout shirt and keep getting beat up. Diaz is not coming out victorious unless GSP falls asleep at the wheel.

    • Stephen

      Shut the fk up! Who’s you’re boy george beat?…really?. mayhem,strasser,trigg, heiron,penn,alves,hardy.

      • Sir_Roy

        Can’t believe you have the audacity to try and compare Georges rap sheet to Diaz’.

        At the time Georges fought those guys, they were all in their prime. And that makes a huge difference. Anyone who’s been following this sport long enough knows to make this distinction. Mayhem was a beast at 170 (the dude easily fights at 185) and was a tough, hungry fighter back when GSP destroyed him at welter weight. Alves was also wrecking everyone at the time and was the undisputed number one contender before being dominated for 25 minutes. B.J Penn in his prime was a world class accomplishment too – twice over.

        Aside from your lowballing list, Georges fought Hughes (in his prime), Koscheck (twice), Fitch (when he likewise appeared unstoppable) and Condit who, consequently, beat Diaz not long before. They are, or were, all top tier when he fought them.

        Don’t care if the fight between Diaz and Condit was crap, it was close enough to warrant noting. And Georges, aside from getting caught by Condit’s unorthodox flying kick (where he took all the damage), absolutely manhandled Condit the rest of the fight.

  • Heathcliff

    Whatever Greg Jackson thinks he has up his sleeve for st pierre, isn’t going to work this time. Diaz is ready for everything, and will win this fight!

    • MuayThaiFood

      GSP is going to take out Diaz or make him even uglier than he is, or both. I would bet the farm on it. Get ready to eat humble pie Nick.

  • Reed

    The only way he’ll beat Diaz, is if he brings a gun to the fight. This is Georges last hurrah!

    • Sir_Roy


      What a dumb thing to say all things considered … and I do mean ALL things considered.

  • Orville

    Career win/finish rate-Diaz 80% St Pierre 40%.

  • diazfan209

    the fight is nearly upon us!!!!!

  • Triggerman99

    So let me get this straight; GSP requests a fight with Diaz because Diaz disrespected him a year and a half ago, and Diaz isn’t in GSP’s head? Sure he’s not, Georges. Sure he’s not…….

  • Robert Parks

    I have never been a Nick Diaz Fan,in fact,I think you can find old post of mine writing Rants on his Illiterate Behavior!But I listened too the full Audio Call,and Nick Diaz was praising him for the most part and said that George was Pampered and that,had Nick been Champion for as long as George and won it at such a young age,that he too would be Pampered…Then George “Took” it as an insult,and if it wasn’t true,why get so anal about it,only he is taking it as a Negative Comment,when in fact,all it means is,he made it…He then get’s mad and starts cussing at Nick and getts mad at him again for stating a “FACT”,that the City and Neighborhoods that he (Nick) grew up in,were a lot harder too make it out of the Streets than the area George was in…But too top it all off,Nick speaks of an incident with a “Soccer Mom” and say’s that she was cussing out Nick and saying something along the lines of,I Hope GSP Beats the S*** out of you and teaches you a lesson…Then George Laughs,Are you F’ing kidding me!Is this the way a Champion should conduct himself???If he was fighting anyone else but Nick Diaz,He would not get a pass like this for his actions surrounding the fight…I have never once Supported Nick diaz or wanted him too win,But I hope he beats the living Sh!t out of GSP!I can not believe that GSP could Laugh at ruining someones life,and you can tell that Nick is an Emotional person,so it’s that much harder for him too deal with the Backlash of GSP’s dumb ass fans! I hope that stupid dumb C#%* that thinks it’s OK for here too scream out obscenities too a Professional Athlete that is training there a$$ off for her entertainment ,is proud of the Example she is setting for her children too follow!But it’s OK to ruin someone’s life,as long as it’s in the name of George St.Pierre and against Nick Diaz…

  • Robert Parks

    Post my F****** comments MMA Weekly…Stop blocking my 1st amendment rights!!!I know you allow all the Pro GSP Comments,but won’t allow me too make a valid point and stance in support of someone other than GSP and you block my comments…But I’m sure you’ll show this comment though!