Georges St-Pierre: Nick Diaz Has the Style to Make Me Look Good (UFC 158 video)

March 13, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre at UFC 79Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz is a fight that the UFC welterweight champ wants for many reasons. It’s a grudge match of sorts after all the trash talk that Diaz has flung GSP’s way, but there is another reason that St-Pierre wants the fight… because Nick Diaz will force his hand to be the best he can be come fight time.

“I believe Nick has the style to make me look good because he pushes the pace a lot,” said St-Pierre in a recent UFC interview. “He’s gonna make the best out of me to come out for that fight.”

St-Pierre has been criticized a lot over the past couple years for not finishing fights, for putting his opponents on the mat, but not closing the deal. His last five fights have gone the distance. They were all victories for St-Pierre, but all went bell to bell.

That could very well happen once again with Diaz, but with Diaz’s style, it’s still unlikely to be a boring fight, and St-Pierre relishes the challenge before him.

St-Pierre and Diaz will square off on March 16 in the UFC 158 main event at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

Check out Georges St-Pierre’s UFC 158 interview…

  • Madmaax9

    Another St. Pierre decision. Don’t see how Diaz can win this fight and don’t see Georges finishing

    • Sir_Roy

      Hopefully we’ll see a little of the old GSP (i.e. the exciting, hungry fighter, fighting to finish is opponent) mix with the new GSP (i.e. the better, more experienced and far more technical all round martial artist).

      If the GSP from both epochs show up with Diaz, we could all be in for a show with an equally satisfying finish.

      Here’s hoping.

  • Darin

    GSP will repeatedly put Diaz on his back while Diaz will repeatedly hold up his middle finger and call GSP a bitch. 25 minutes of that followed by GSP getting his hand raised. Hooray.

  • bajafox

    There’s always that one shot to the chin that Matt Serra found and this fight is over. Diaz has pin point accuracy, I see this ending in the 3rd round by Diaz TKO if GSP can’t lay and pray for 25 minutes.

    • Tru

      Diaz doesn’t have the KO power to win with 1 punch. He’s a great boxer that wears you down with a lot of punches, GSP would be stupid to sit there and trade with him.

      • bajafox

        I didn’t imply that he has great punching power, I implied that GSP is more inclined to get KO’d than someone like Diaz. That’s also why I said TKO and not KO

        • Lucas Freire

          You say that based on what?
          Taking in consideration that GSP will probably be on the better spot for 90% of the fight,I don’t see how he’s more inclined to get KO’d.
          Unless you are a friend of Diaz and knows he’s training lots and lots of upkicks. lol

          • RondaKenPish

            Pretty much bajafox is ignorant.

            But asides from the obvious, MMA nerds are inclined to come up with any excuse to cheer for the underdog, especially when it is GSP or JBJ.

            “Vitor has all the tools to beat JBJ”!

            “Chael’s wresting can give JBJ trouble”

            “I never said that GSP/JBJ WILL LOSE, I am just merely pointing out that there is a CHANCE that GSP/JBJ COULD GET KOed and because of that anyone that rules out [put a contender’s name here] is a moron.”

            Dude…no one rules out no one. But fact of the matter is, GSP is a heavy favorite to win the fight for a reason.

          • bajafox

            All you do on this site is give them reason to add a block option, lol. Do you ever post anything positive? I bet you’re like 5’3″ with little man syndrome pissed off all the time, hahaha@u

          • Kris-tyahn

            Looks like bajafox is on a roll tonight, funny how he says you give the site a reason to add a block option. Good one to talk ……. Hello Pot, you are so BLACK, sincerely yours, Kettle!

      • jeff

        Evidently you didn’t see the lawler fight at the time lawler was koing everyone.

    • Asa

      lay n pray? lol. he never lays n prays, he tried many subs on thiago and hardy and pounded on them steady trying to get a tko or sub. he busted josh kos eye horribly setting up head kicks to try for the ko, and pounded on condit non stop! fitch layed n prayed, guida lays n prays, gsp goes for the finish every time but he dont have one punch ko power and head kick kos are hard to get. he trys subs when he gets them.on the mat, he always trys to improve position etc. gsp grounds n pounds imo and is always looking for the finish.

      • bajafox

        He’s always looking for the finish? Why hasn’t he found it in FOUR years? FOUR years he hasn’t finished anyone, lol

        • How many of the guys that GSP fought have a history of being finished? GSP has been the champ for years now, everyone he fights is going to be a really tough challenge, a real high level fighter. Fans hating that he doesn’t finish fights doesn’t change the fact that he keeps winning fights. It’s another fighters job to stop him in some way. This fight will hopefully be different since GSP is pissed and wants this fight.

          • John Bunch

            I agree, especially the part about GSP being pissed. I’ve come to respect Nick (although his decision-making can drive me nuts, but I’m not his momma) more than I did after the Sanchez fight and beyond, and I know anything can happen in a fight…but a pissed off GSP is capable of physically dominating and destroying Nick…I could see this really getting brutal. Nick can take an ass-beating…I have a feeling he’s going to receive one. I think GSP is going to take Nick’s knees and legs apart and nullify Nick’s boxing. Just happy to finally see this fight!

          • I love Nick Diaz. Talented fighter and does triathlons. But it would be very big for GSP to actually show his “dark side” and give a brutal beating. This fight is important for both guys in every way.

        • shut the f*** up you haven’t got clue. lets see you get in there n do this s***. go an watch some wwe.

        • Kris-tyahn

          So according to your “logic” bc GSP doesn’t finish guys who have been UNBEATEN for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years, means he doesn’t try to finish them?!? WOW BRAVO how intelligent your comments are NOT! Fitch & Shields unbeaten for 6 & 7 yrs respectively & they get owned by GSP. Yeah Shields too, for doing nothing a one eyes GSP for 3 rounds.

          Okay, since you seem a little slow on the common sense here, I’ll help educate you a little bit, don’t worry I remember, use small words & short sentences, I got you.

          Condit – 33 fights, 28 W, 5 L before GSP & was finished only 3X in 34 fights. The last time was 7 yrs ago. How did GSP not finish him, especially after being out for 19 months & ACL surgery?!? U should show him how it’s done, I’m sure ur only a fight or 2 away from a UFC title fight, right?

          Shields – 31 fights, 26W, 4L, 1D, b4 GSP & was finished 1X which was in 2000, only
          11 yrs ago, 7 yrs without a loss @ then GSP owns him with one eye, I don’t understand how GSP didn’t finish a guy who was only stopped 1X, 11 yrs prior to GSP’s fight.

          Fitch – 21 fights, 18W, 2L, 1D, B4 GSP & was finished 1X, which was in 2002, 6 yrs Prior to GSP’s fight. Sure seems like all these opponents GSP has fight not only lose once every 4-5 yrs but only one guy seems to have finished. FYI: those finishes were all at the beginning of their career.

          But yeah why doesn’t GSP not finish guys who haven’t been finished in 6-10 yrs, let alone been beaten in that same time frame. Yeah it sure is a question for the ages …… Those 3 fighters alone have 71W – 11L – 2D in 84 fights that’s only 60 more wins than losses, what a joke that GSP can’t finish these world class fighter who no one has come close to beating, until they fought GSP! So take that and explain to me why GSP has trouble finishing these opponents who people can’t even beat, let alone finish!!

          You’re welcome for the education, seeing how uneducated & clueless you are!!

          • Parker

            You said to take that and explain to you why gsp has trouble finishing these opponents. Your answer is coming on march 16th!

          • Shadowman

            Bravo Kris. Right on the money!!!!

        • Cptmats

          Maybe because he’s been fighting the best WW’s on the planet for eight years Genius !

        • Bradymartialarts

          Bajafox, your acting like an idiot. First, GSP was off for 19 months with an injury. Also he fights top fighters in his division, unlike someone like Silva who just fights cans in MW and LHW. The best fighter Silva ever fought was Chael and hes not in top ten anything. How old are you? Stop listening to your little buddies and believe their opinion actually means anything and just go for the facts. Check the stats. GSP is one of the best fighters in the world if not “the best”. Diaz just lost by decision and won a decision against a washed up BJ Penn who actually beat Diaz in the first round. Grow up pal. Diaz is a punk.

    • Kristyahn

      Clearly you didn’t see the GSP vs Serra fight, unless you mean Serras punch to GSP’s “chin” means shot behind the ear, ten yes absolutely! Why you morons still do not know the facts about a fight that happened 5-6 yrs ago is mind blowing. Also, didnt BJ pound GSP in their 1st fight which busted up GSPs face, yet not once was he ever wobbly. I wonder why that is …. Hummm, I guess a punch behind the ear is a lot different than a punch to the face … Who would have guessed that?!? Clearly not you!

      • bajafox

        Clearly I was wrong about the about the location of the punch, the intention of my comment remains the same, GSP can get KTFO and Serra proved it. If I didn’t watch that fight then I want the money I paid to watch it back.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Clearly your comment proves how unintelligent you really are, you said GSP had a weak chin & Serra proved it, then you admit watching the fight and still didnt know what had occurred. Then you still “believe” the intention remains the same, after knowing the outcome was from a punch behind the ear?!? WOW, the common sense in this one is non existent. Any fighter gets hit behind the ear gets KTFO, ask Couture (Brock), Lyoto (Rua) etc. So that proves these guys can’t take a punch b they were KOd by a hit behind the ear which KOs everyone?!? WOW good logic, very well thought out ……. Bahahahahah – I guess you seen GSP vs Condit? and how GSP took that head kick like a champ, or was that kick on the “glass jaw” like the Serra punch?!?

          It’s funny that the only thing Serra proved was something the most of us already knew ….. anyone who gets clipped behind the ear gets KTFO! 1 TKO in 25 fights and the guy has a glass jaw ……. Bahahahahaha – I guess Anderson has terrible BJJ since he was submitted twice, right?!? =)

      • Ralph

        Kris…you are an idiot…now go back to watching Justin Beiber videos and paying with your Ken Doll.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Wow Ralph, such a manly name, just bc you enjoy Beiber and play with dolls, doesn’t mean any if us do, though I do understand why you would, with such a manly name, my friends dogs name is Ralph and the other only Ralph I knew used to get beat up, wait a second ….. Is that you?!?

          Did I hurt your feelings Ralphster?!?

          • Rory

            ok so who do you think wins this fight and how?

        • Cptmats

          How is he an Idiot ? Everything he said is true !

      • kbroesq

        Wow, calm down. The irony, is that after reading your comment, I haven’t got a clue of any kind of point you’re trying to make. But it’s funny that you’re so upset about…something.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Wow apparently you’re just as stupid as the guy who did watch the fight but doesn’t even remember what happened & then asks for his money back bc I had to tell him what happened. So my point about GSP not getting hit in the face/jaw went over your head? Sorry if the words THE and IDIOT are to advanced for you, I’m sorry but I can’t draw a crayola picture for you, to dumb it down for you, maybe let the grown ups who understand basic English do the commenting!

          Just bc I feel bad for you …. He said GSP had a glass jaw bc he got TKOd in 1 fight out of 25, and the punch that hurt him was behind the ear. Do you understand now, or do I need to break out the crayons?!? I do believe GSP got kicked in the head by Condit but still ended up owning him the remainder of the fight?!? Wow that “lucky” punch behind the ear really does prove GSP can’t take a punch …… Bahahahahaha

      • Dr j

        Take a Xanax kris

    • Every fight since the Serra fight people say GSP is going to get KO’d. The guy hasn’t even lost a fight since.

      • bajafox

        Very true CS, I think Diaz has the aggression to be the first to do it since then though. Most everyone fighting GSP goes in fighting not to lose. I think Diaz is going straight for the kill.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Yeah I’m sure Condit went in vs. GSP not to lose, you Diaz nut huggers think Diaz is the rule to EVERY exception. Diaz should be aloud to smoke weed, Diaz shouldn’t have to go to press conferences like everyone else bc he brings it, every time he fights, so what happened in his fight vs. Condit? Too stupid to see what Condit was doing, so Diaz decides to do the same stupid s*** and give the middle finger, clearly that worked out for him & his brother Nate vs Ben Henderson ….. F U Ben ….. 10 secs later “and Diaz gets tagged and drops like a bag of s***” bahahahaha. Yeah everyone has a gameplan and they’re going to KO GSP or submit him, until they get in there and realize …… “S***, this guy is no joke and not what i was expecting”. EVERY opponent says the same thing after they fight GSP ……. “Wasnt expecting him to be that fast, that strong or that explosive”

          • RonnieV

            You need to get a life dude!

        • He certainly has the gas tank and the fighters mentality to bring the fight to GSP. That’s what I like.

    • Orville

      I also see Diaz winning this fight by tko. I think Georges has finally met his match. Real Nick Diaz fans will not be shocked or surprised if he wins, and if there is anybody who has an answer for gsp’s top game its Nick Diaz!

      • Cptmats

        Pretty soon you will see that Diaz doesn’t even deserve to be in the same cage as GSP. Good thing he has a big mouth because he would never get a tittle shot if he had to earn it like everyone else !

        • Orville

          You obviously know nothing about deserving or earning when it comes to Diaz. Like it or not… you’re going to eat your words Harry!

          • Sir_Roy

            Nah … it’s you who’d better come with a hearty appetite come the 16th. And the smart part of your brain less susceptible to wishful thinking knows it.

        • Shadowman

          Couldnt have said it better myself

    • Cptmats

      Matt Serra Hit GSP behind the Ear, His chin is rock solid ! Diaz’s boxing is weak and that will be clear soon !

      • tom

        I would like diaz to win and a big fan of his, nicks. Nicks boxing is way better ask andre ward. but this is not boxing, Diaz is to cocky to work out with the best wrestlers drilling him through the mat, Gsp can take diaz down with ease. or gsp can pull the condit style victory and kick and run. Gsp is a super athlete his strength and speed and multi dimensional training is second to none. If this was a straight boxing fight diaz would win easily, but its not.

        • Cptmats

          What about Condit ? He didn’t take Diaz down ! He stood with him for five rounds and won at least four of them.
          Theres alot more to boxing than punching.
          Diaz has no foot work no countering ability no head movement. Sry man but diaz’s boxing just plain sux ! Diaz stands in the pocket and trades, that is brawling not boxing. He has good cardio and a granit chin. George is a great boxer you will see soon. Diaz all though he is a complete douche bag is tough as nails but his skills aren’t half of what Georges are. Gsp will school him standing and on the ground !
          In straight up Boxing No way George could ever KO Diaz but he would beat him 10 out of ten times Same way Condit did, Stick and move, stick and move cause like i said Diaz isn’t a boxer hes a brawler !

          • Sir_Roy

            Not bad points.

            I would add, that though he does stand in the pocket, lacks footwork, has lazy head movement and likes to stand and trade (granite chin and alla that), nonetheless, hard to deny Diaz has very good hands and decent accuracy. He puts nice combinations together.

            That said, GSP uses a far more well rounded game and will dictate where he wants to fight for the full five rounds.

    • Tom Jolley

      Diaz doesnt hit as hard as Sera,and if DIAZ does start to get the better of GSP on the feet GSP will take him down

    • Bandofbandaids

      Sorry, but GSP was never knocked out and his chin is fine. Serra hit him behind the ear. Im surprised you brought that up as everyone knows what happened. You can find the videos on youtube. Why would you say his chin is weak? Diaz couldnt beat GSP if his life depended on it. When was the last time Diaz knocked anyone out. His last two fights he won by decision and lost by decision. I think your just a Diaz nuthugger.

    • lkjhgf

      Fail LOL

  • Turco

    New Nick Diaz interview (not posted here yet) click on media. Nick tells it like is and welcomes the take downs. Once Georges realizes his gr&pd wont work, this fight will become real interesting. And heres joe rogan with the new ww champion Nick Diaz wins by tko!

    • boris

      Ha ha ha ha ha. That was funny. Diaz champion. LMAO.

    • lkjhgf

      oops….Diaz could not handle the takedowns or the punches LOL

    • Sir_Roy

      So, how’d that prediction work out for ya?

  • diazfan209

    can’t wait for this fight to finally happen!!!!

  • he’s just about dominated every round since being in the ufc, just cos hes not had a finish in over five fight’s dont mean he doesn’t try he clearly doesn’t lay & pray


    nick diaz ought to wear a huge body size condom into the ring showing what a big dickhead demon seed Nick Di-ass is.

  • Logic

    Diaz needs to throw a headkick like condit and go in for the finish

    • yell0wm0nkey

      GSP didn’t even look close to rocked after that kick. Didn’t lose any composure, grimace, or even seem hurt. If it wasn’t for Rogan screaming superlatives like mad when it happened I think more people would realize this.

      • Sir_Roy

        Maybe, but the ground and pound that followed left GSP a bloody mess all the same. And his head swelled to the size of a football on the left-hand side where the kick landed.

        GSP took a beating there for a while … and had the mug to prove afterward.

        • Cptmats

          Condits kick didnt even rock GSP. You can clearly see him take two steps to try and gain his ballance and when he went down anyway he put his hands down to break his fall.

  • the only way i see diaz winning is if gsp gets lazy when he is on the mat. but i also dont really see gsp finishing unless he can cut diaz bad enough with an elbow that they stop the fight. Diaz has alot of scar tissue and gets cut alot.

  • Mike mckinney

    Gsp doesn’t finish fights because he forces fights to be in the single position that allows for the least finishes….. Half guard.
    There are a few exceptions to this. (Sheilds for example)
    But for the most part Gsp takes a guy down, and spends his time advancing to half guard. Mind you he will rarely every try to advance past that. Mostly because its much easier for guys to get up from side control.
    It actually seems at times he lets people get back to guard just so he can advance again and not get stood up. We will almost never posture up while in someone’s full guard. He puts his head on their chest to avoid those pesky triangles or arm bars.
    BJ penn had the answer for this, he tried to use a rubber guard, but Gsp’s “grease,” or being slippery stopped that.
    They’ve changed the rules since then so maybe nick could use a rubber guard. I don’t recall seeing nick use it, so I don’t know if he has that flexibility.
    Gsp will stay active with non postured striking, from full guard, or semi postured striking from half guard. Moving in and out those two positions.
    Call it what you want but that’s the Gsp recipe.

    • Rory

      And a good recipe it is. However, its not going to work against Diaz whos ground game is just as good as sheilds or better, which comes from constant training together for years. there is no doubt this fight will go to ground, but with a fighter of Diaz’s calibre, it’ll likely end by tko and not a gsp decision!

    • Kristyahn

      If you honestly think BJ’s mission control didnt work bc GSP had a tea spoon of grease on his shoulders, then you are clearly not very intelligent. GSP could have been dry as a bone in BJs mission control and he still would have done the same thing, why! BC he’s too strong, if you think a small BJ can keep a strong athletic fighter like GSP in mission control, then I suggest you stop watching MMA, bc you’ll never understand MMA!

      P.S GSP went to side control many times vs Hardy & BJ, but with Condit he knew Condit would probably get up as easily as Alves did every time GSP had him down. GSP is a “small” WW compared to Shields, Fitch, Koscheck, Condit, Diaz, Ellenberger, Maia, Rory & Kampmann, which makes it easier for these fighters to stand from side control or get in to full guard. Also, GSP can pass anyone’s guard, except maybe Miaia, but he chooses to stay in half guard bc it gives him better control for GnP & he can do more damage by holding his opponent down without the risk of him possibly getting up. Randy Couture ALWAYS stayed in half guard, not bc he had to, but bc he wanted to.

      • Mike mckinney

        I was never implying Gsp stopped at side control because he couldn’t get farther. As you stated its for “control.”
        I don’t come close to agreeing with you that Gsp is a small WW. Your nuts on that one. He might be shorter than a lot of guys, but Gsp is never in the cage and “small.”

        • RonnieV

          You are correct, I watched a couple of GSP’s training sessions at Grudge in Denver a few years ago. GSP weighed around 200 pounds. He trained daily with LHW Evans & at the time MW Marquardt.. The fact that he has always trained with larger opponents makes the super fight with Silva seem more reasonable.

          • Doberman

            Excuse me, but I train with the champ and he has NEVER weighed 200 pds. Where do you get your info? Im sure you just make that s*** up.

          • RonnieV

            Dude, I watched him at Grudge,he & Evans were the same size.

          • lkjhgf

            LOL armchair training??

    • Tom Jolley

      DIAZ has a rubber gaurd he choked out Gomi with that gogo plata

      • RonnieV

        Best MMA submission ever! That was arguably one of the best MMA fights ever!

      • That was a great fight. Gomi (in his prime) knocked down Nick and landed some vicious shots but Diaz wouldn’t stop attacking. Nick’s face was a bloody, bruised mess but Gomi couldn’t match Nick’s pace. The gogoplata submission was amazing. Great win for Nick but they stripped the victory from him for testing positive for weed I think.

    • Crashman

      What do you mean he doesnt posture up? have you watched any of his fights? , he does it constantly and drops elbows and punches, try watching the BJ penn fight ( 2) , and the Serra (2) , fights, .. anyone who puts him into full guard he always pushes either their knee down and gets into side control .. and smashes their head.

    • Humguy

      awesome so many people even know what rubber guard is. 10P4L!

  • Voice of reason

    Diaz can be have Floyd mayweathers boxing for all I care, it’s mma not boxing. People seem to forget how dynamic gsp is and how that takes away from people’s striking. At the least this will be very similar to Henderson Diaz, gsp is smart he’s an athlete not a fighter, Diaz is just a fighter

    • KyleZombie

      You’re right, Diaz isn’t an athlete. He’s a TRI-athlete. Do your research.

      • Voice of reason

        Focus on the point of what I said. Your too worried about thinking of a come back to even realize what I mean. Just another keyboard warrior with nothing better in life to do, what a loser hahahahaha Kylezomby

        • yui

          wow even your name announced you d be the $tupidest person on this thread and thats not easy

    • Rory

      Diaz wins this fight by tko Royce of reason!

      • Don

        Diaz isnt a finisher anymore. Last two fights, he won by decision and lost by decision. GSP is on another level as a fighter. Nicks a brawler. Hes not an elite UFC fighter at all. He even lost a round to a washed up lightweight in BJ Penn. I was Nicks biggest fan, but honestly, he really is all hype.

        • Dean

          You’re talking about daiz two decisions and then say gsp is on another level? gsp is Mr decision. Go back to drawing board!

      • lkjhgf


  • Sc316

    What’s hilarious is people thinking nick can finish gsp, condit who is a better finisher then both landed a head kick and could nt finish now why is that?

  • uncle

    I’m going to go nuts if Nick pulls out a win on this cocky
    glass jaw bastard he think its a easy fight until he gets trapped in a armbar GSP didn’t even look good against JS Diaz has way better hands then JS that will walk right through GSP’s weak jabs

    • Sir_Roy

      Glass jaw huh? What sport have you been watching?

      GSP was hit behind the ear. Everyone with a human physiology goes lights out when tapped cleanly behind the ear like that. It doesn’t take much and has absolutely nothing to do with a “glass jaw”.

      That’s like saying Anderson’s BJJ sucks cuz he’s been submitted twice. Nah, actually, it’s even dumber than that …

      And GSP was poked in the eye against JS. He was absolutely manhandling Shields until then … and still won the subsequent rounds.

      Gimme a break, and go cry “uncle” already cuz you clearly have no idea what you’re on about.

  • ThrowDownthenHoDown

    I like georges and nick but prefer nicks style and hope he can pull it off. just wanna mention that kristyahn comes across as a knowitall super douche. you keep calling ppl unintelligent and stupid and morons and say “ill dumb it down and use small words”. dude, you use a very simple and limited vocabulary. there is nothing to dumb down. at one point you use “aloud” instead of “allowed”, I mean really.

    you call someone stupid (for the 4th or 5th time, obviously very perceptive and creative with your insults) because they saw the serra fight and didnt realise the damaging punches where behind the ear, then mention that bj messed up georges’ face without hurting him, which must mean he has a good chin. wow. you realise georges face was messed up by an eye poke and an uppercut which clipped and busted his nose right?

    you must be a moron to still not know what happened in a fight 7-8 years ago. lol. keep filling up the comments and feeling intellectually superior to everyone on an mma forum.

    “NOT, bahahahaha” (lol, this guy thinks hes smart)

    • Sir_Roy

      Why not respond directly to the poster in question when you want to take exception? Just saying.

  • Bruce Lee The Great

    Problem is if Diaz cant turn the entire fight into a brawl he’s gonna be in for it. Not that GSP wont stand an deliver that jab all day, it’s just a matter of time before he goes for a takedown every round and makes it his fight.

  • Danny

    Enjoy your belt for 2 more weeks. Then fk off!

  • Voice of reason

    That’s directed to Bajafox

  • Mike mckinney

    Gsp is always looking to finish, but guys at this level just don’t drop to weak outside jabs, or short little rabbit punches from half guard. It’s not his fault all of his opponents are that tough…

  • Bob B.

    Diaz is going to get beat badly.

  • Lincolncruiser

    GSP is the best fighter in the world pd for pd, perhaps just below Silva. Diaz picked a fight with the wrong dude.

  • toolguy

    I agree. Georges hates Diaz and is going to make an example of him. Potheads are still rooting for Diaz but Im sure most of them know he really doesnt belong in the UFC.

  • Realist

    He wins every round? Doesn’t get a finish, and he’s not laying and praying? Hmmm. Stfu

    • Sir_Roy

      What absolutely stupid logic … a blanket comment that ignores content and context completely.

      Really, you need to say something halfway intelligent or take your own advice and STFU.

  • marcel jaremko

    nick cant be condict so how could he beat gsp

    • RonnieV

      Controversial fight, many people believe he beat Condit. Regardless, different styles, which make this fight intriguing.

      • Cptmats

        Correction: Many deluded Diaz nut huggers believe he beat Condit

  • Avenging Knight

    Yeah, good and unconscious.

  • malcolm x

    gsp treat him like ali punish him make him say your name don’t finish him PUNISH HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • what time is the fight in canada?