Georges-St-Pierre Might Come Back but He Might Also Not Come Back So I Give Up

April 3, 2015
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The funny thing about running a blog is your existence depends on how many clicks you can get. So if there’s something that you’re on the fence about posting (i.e.: beating the dead horse about marquee fighters making a comeback), then chances are you’re going to swallow your pride and write about whatever it is you’re conflicted about. Gots to pay to bills, y’all.

And here we are, fresh off a week where the WWE ripped MMA fans’ hearts out by exclusively signing Brock Lesnar and closing the door on his UFC comeback. And no less than a few days later, MMA fans had yet another collective heart attack when Ronda Rousey showed up at WrestleMania 31 and tweeted the words “We’re just getting started.”

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Luckily for Ronda’s MMA fans, they have little to be worried about because “UFC Tonight” spoke with her agent and he shot down any future WWE appearances for the world’s most badass woman fighter.

But then there’s Georges St-Pierre, a man whose name MUST be spelled correctly to draw all that yummy SEO traffic that make websites thrive. He left the UFC in 2013 as the UFC welterweight champion, and his reasoning behind it ended up being speculated from here to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Even things like there being potential baby-momma drama were tossed around as reasons for his departure from his Octagonal office. He ultimately shot talk like that down and pointed the finger at what he feels is the UFC’s lax drug-testing policies as one of the reasons for his exit.


The guy who we used to call “Rush” talked to the Winnipeg Sun and made everyone’s heads spin.

“[Dana White] says he’s sure I won’t come back, that’s his opinion,” said St-Pierre, who is currently in his native Quebec. “I train, I keep myself in shape. I have marks on my body because my body bruises easily and I’m training hard.”


“It doesn’t mean I’m coming back, but it doesn’t mean I’m not coming back,” he added. “I’m thinking about it.”


“[If] I ever want to go back, I’d snap my fingers and it wouldn’t be too hard to get back in fighting form.”​

You’re damn right all he has to do is snap his fingers. GSP is the kind of star who burned bright enough to make Icarus say “I ain’t going anywhere close to that thing.” Look up greek mythology to understand what we’re talking about with that comparison.

It’s no secret that the UFC has struggled with finding a marquee star to fill the void that Lesnar and St-Pierre left when they bowed out of the MMAsphere. Combine that with Anderson Silva suffering a broken leg — and, you know, other issues — and it makes for a very tough 2014 for the UFC.  Some would say Jon Jones and/or Ronda Rousey could fill that void.

And yes, Rousey is arguably the biggest star the UFC has ever seen, despite Lesnar’s PPV power. And although her buys don’t come close to matching that of Lesnar’s on a card-for-card basis, she’s mega popular outside of both the UFC and the WWE.

But if there’s one thing we all should’ve realized in this trying time of finding the next UFC superstar, it’s that we can’t seem to let go of the past. Georges St-Pierre is gone. He might come back, sure, but let’s not hold our breath and fall under the same hysteria we suffered in dealing with Lesnar. The WWE scooped him up the former UFC heavyweight champ and he’s never coming back. The very same can be true for your boy Georges.

Instead of clinging onto the slight chance that GSP might come back based on a reactionary quote he gave about Dana White, maybe focus on a May full of fights that all but promises violence of the most entertaining kind — that is if the injury bug doesn’t come and bite everyone in their MMA-loving asses. And then, look forward to Conor McGregor getting his chance to put his money where his mouth is against Jose Also in what’s expected to be the most alluring featherweight fight the sport has ever seen.

We’ll sit back and wait for GSP to figure out if he wants to get back into this whole fighting thing. You, the reader, should join us and enjoy that fights that you’ll actually get to see. We’ll save you a seat. We’ll even write about it for you shortly after the fact.

But in the meantime …

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  • Kris-tyahn

    As much as I would love to see GSP come back and fight again, if he doesn’t fight before September 1st, 2015. Then I hope he just retires, b/c that will almost be two years since he last fought.
    Though TBCH, I think the main reason GSP hasn’t yet decided, is b/c he’s waiting for Rory to fight for the title. If Rory loses, then I can see GSP comeback & fight at WW. If Rory wins, then I think that;s it, that’s all. Unless GSP takes “super fights” which makes no sense b/c he’s not a big WW, he’s barely an avg WW. For him to move up and fight @ MW would be nothing but disappointment! They have weight classes for a reason, ask BJ Penn about moving up.
    I’d love to see GSP fight at LW (thought bassicaly impossible) so that he can have/enjoy the advantage(s) Aldo, Barao, Lawler, Silva/Weidman & Jones all do, by figthing in a smaller/lower weight division, to have the size, strength and reach advantage is huge!
    Those are 3 pretty big advantages to have, especially considering neither fighter has even step foot in the Octagon.

  • Sarge

    i don’t believe GSP will make a full comeback.

  • Sir_Roy

    “The very same can be true for your boy Georges.”

    I saw what you did there.