Georges St-Pierre Lands Villain Role in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

April 8, 2013
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Georges-St-Pierre-026-UFC-124-478x270Before he faces top welterweight contender Johny Hendricks inside the Octagon, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will take on Captain America on the silver screen.

St-Pierre has a squeaky clean image, but will play the bad guy in the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier as villain Batroc the Leaper.

Latino Review first reported the news a couple of weeks ago, but Marvel on Monday confirmed St-Pierre’s role along with other movie details.

The role is perfectly suited for the Canadian mixed martial arts superstar.  Batroc , a former member of the French Foreign Legion speaks both English and French.  He is a physical specimen but has no superhuman abilities.  He’s well versed in hand-to-hand combat and is an Olympic-level weightlifter whom has the ability to leap great distances with his powerful legs.

Batroc first appeared in Marvel comic books in 1966 as a mercenary, master thief and smuggler.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is expected to hit theaters in April 2014 and is the sequel to the 2011 blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger.

St-Pierre will star alongside Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Redford and others.

St-Pierre is coming off his eighth title defense, defeating Nick Diaz at UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz on March 16.  He is currently on vacation.  It has been reported that the champion suffered an Achilles injury prior to the title fight with Nick Diaz, but Canadian UFC officials reported on Tuesday that St-Pierre is “A-Ok” and has already done some sprint training.

He is scheduled to face No. 1 contender Johny Hendricks in his next bout.  The date and location of the title bout has yet to be announced.

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  • DamianCross

    If they stick “I’m not impressed by your performance” into the dialogue I just might spontaneously combust right in the theater.

    • Zach

      HAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA, OH MY GOD. I was thinking i’m gonna be saying that after the movie ended.

    • Seth Rosario

      Me too! My life would be complete. 🙂

  • Mike Milli

    What’s awesome about this is that everyone including Johny Hendricks will start saying that Geoges is ducking him! This is just the beginning!

  • GSP would rather fight Captian America than Johnny Hendricks…lol


      LOL now that was funny

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Batroc, the villain who defeats all his enemies by lay and pray. Should make for good cinema.

    • DamianCross

      Iron Man: Cap! How could you let him just get away like that!

      Captain America: I…I don’t know Tony he…he was just so slippery its like there was some sort of grease on him…

      Nick Fury: ZING MOTHERF****R!!!!!

    • bobbyd

      lay and pray?..sick of reading this lie. He has never done that in a single fight. Condit fight was fight of the night Gsp out did him in the standup. Koshcheck was an exhibition in the use of the jab also fight of the night.

      He always or almost always uses a combination of take downs and stand up and ground and pound.

      Which is why he is the greatest welterweight in history

      • Sir_Roy

        I agree. Not sure what fight folks are watching at times. The only fight (aside from Hardy) I found a little disappointing was the Diaz fight.

  • Jason Decipher

    I can’t imagine GSP being a good actor let alone a villain. This should be interesting. I’m not bashing him he’s in his prime. He’s not that boring of a fighter & he’s nor a one trick pony he dominates fights & not just on the ground. The Guy has been defending his title well & is worth a pretty penny I’m sure its all due to hard work & skill & not all by chance. He even wins on his feet against all the elite welterweights

    • Jack Burton

      Van Damme was never a great actor, but his physical abilities allowed him to become a star, same with GSP.

      • Van Damme got knocked out by his own bodyguard. GSP has much more cred.

      • Chicago

        Van was a dancer posing as a fighter.

  • Julian King

    He should quickly loose to Hendricks and begin his acting carreer.

    • bobbyd

      Like he was suppose to lose or get his ass kicked by: Koshcheck( who arguably beat Hendricks) Condit ( who arguably beat Hendricks) Alves who was the most intimidating puncher around when he fought gsp Penn who was going to kill him. Diaz who was going to psyche him out and beat him in the standup.

      The sad simple truth is that none of the fights were even close at all.

      He won’t lose to Hendricks. He will likely defend successfully 2 more times and then retire to become an action movie star.

      And be regarded as he currently is the greatest welterweight ever for a very long time.

  • stevemcz11

    The action scenes will be interesting. jab,jab,hold,,,jab,hold,jab,, hold,hold,jab,,, hold,hold,hold

    • Sir_Roy

      Translation; complete domination in the stand-up followed by complete domination in the ground game.


      • Seth Rosario

        lol. nice.

  • Jew Jitsu

    not hating but this should be hilarious, his accent and his grasp of english as good as he may have the actual language down i still cant see him nailing parts as an actor. ill prolly watch it just to laugh at the way gsp says his lines.

    • Batroc is French, so GSP’s accent is perfect.

    • Nikki French

      his character actually supposed to have an accent in this movie and i do not think its different then when its a Spanish speaking actor in a lead roll i cold name a lot who did good an still are doing well

      • Jew Jitsu

        hah gsp is gonna have to do an ass load of takes for damn near every scene, the gag reel should be epic.

  • I wonder how long filming will delay his training camp?

  • Man this guy is just a great example of how hard work pays off. Making money being the UFC Champion and now getting into movies. I just hope he stays focused on his fight with Johny Hendricks. I just want to know what people will say if he beats Hendricks. I’m curious to see Hendricks ground game if he GSP gets him down. He’s always out wrestled the wrestlers, and has only been tko’d by Serra. It feels like people want to see GSP lose b/c of his success really. Either way GSP is the better fighter. He has a chance to lose by KO. But all around he is the better fighter always.

    • Lucas Freire

      GSP,AS…every new contender is the one who is going to kick their arses

      • Ever since Matt Serra TKO’d him he was supposed to be KO’d by almost every guy he fought since. It’s crazy. He’s pretty much fought everyone of every style already. Like I’ve said the next guy to really beat GSP is going to be someone athletic with high level wrestling and great footwork with their kickboxing. I love GSP but I want to see him beat by somebody who is on the same level as him not somebody who can win by fighters chance with a KO or Submission. I want to see someone really bring it to him with stand up, wrestling and submissions.

        • Sir_Roy

          Condit improves his wrestling, and he’s the closest to being “that guy” IMHO. But his TTD is a glaring hole and keeps an aggressive guy like Condit too much in the defensive. He needs to step up that game so he too can dictate where the fight goes or keep it where he wants it to stay. If he can do that … he would be one scary SOB.

          Ellenberger is still evolving as well. I do agree with you, in that I too see Jake as having more implicit potential than Hendricks. I feel he has a greater breadth of evolution in the sport ahead of him than Hendricks does (not to take anything away from the Big Rig). Those two would make an excellent match-up.

          • Well put my friend and Jake and Johny will for sure meet in that cage before the end of this year.

    • Mr Incredible

      Don’t worry, when the time comes, GSP will be focused on Hendricks. His camp won’t let him lose focus. His loss to Serra was the best thing that ever happened to him!

      • I’m really looking forward to this fight. Although I still wish Hendricks and Ellenberger would fight for top spot. I don’t care that Kampmann beat Jake. Hendricks and him sounds like a really entertaining fight that would go everywhere.

        • James

          Fight for top spot? Hendricks a guy who is 15-1 and who has put together 6 straight wins with 4 of those wina against top 5 & 10 fighters. Compared to Jake who has a recent loss by tko to Kampman who got obliterated by Hendricks, and is only on a two fight win streak? After beating Carlos, there is no freaking way Hendricks does not deserve the title shot!

          • I agree I do think Hendricks deserves a shot but I’m just saying him and Ellenberger would make a great fight.

          • Sir_Roy

            He got caught by Hendricks. Not “obliterated”. Why so many don’t know the difference is beyond me.

            Obliterated is what Cain did to JDS, what JDS in kind did to Carwin. It’s complete and utter domination till the opponent loses either by KO, TKO, tap-out or, god help him if the fight goes the distance, by decision.

            Hendricks caught Kampmann at the bell. It happens. Pretty sure Kampmann, barring getting caught like that, would not get dominated or obliterated in a tit for tat by Hendricks.

        • Natsdad

          Hendricks and Ellenberger will fight, Ellenberger will win his next fight and Hendricks will lose to GSP, something will happen and that’s when they’ll fight, not sure what that something is but will likely have something to do with Chael Sonnen lol no j/k they will fight though, and Ellenberger will just destroy Hendricks I’m sure of it

          • Ellenberger is very underrated. I can’t stand it actually. The guy is young and has fought all over the world. Him and Hendricks just makes a nice style match up. GSP against the winner of that fight should be the next fight for GSP. Jake is 8-2 in the UFC and Hendricks is 10-1. That should set them up with each other for the top spot. Nothing against Hendricks, out of respect for him I think he should fight Jake b/c it would be such a great fight.

  • Mike Milli

    Batroc The Leaper over Captain America via Unanimous Decision 50-45…

  • HYN

    Gsp is the best fighter but also a boring fighter. His fights always goes to a decision . He’s not a finisher and that is why people want him to lose. It’s the same thing every fight no matter who he is fighting. That will be his one and only flaw.

  • Feras

    If They haven’t figured out yet that the movie roles they cast these MMA fighters in are some of the lamest films out there. What will GSP say ( Eye, Eye, Eye, do not use Vaseline. Eye em Fighter ) Come on Rampage, Tito & Kung have really opened the door for MMA fighter.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    Word is that GSP is already causing production halts. 20 seconds into every take he shoots in on Chris Evans, takes him down, and lays there for the next 25 minutes.

  • Jimmy

    “I have alot of new tool in my acting tool box”lol

  • Captain Canada

    He’s actually pretty good in front of the camera if you’ve seen the documentary on him.Comfortable.Charismatic.Polite as usual which will make it hard for him to pull off the badass part but should be interesting.Good for him.The hard work has paid off big.Should motivate others in the sport.

  • bbaddis

    George in the colour purple, with yellow stripes? OK. If that’s what you want.

  • mike

    Really old news comicbookmovie and superherohype confirmed this weeks ago…

  • b-soc

    Captain America will be in big trouble if GSP can double leg him.

  • Noel

    “Captain America, I dictate where da fight go”