Georges St-Pierre Knee Surgery a Success

December 14, 2011
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Georges St-Pierre knee surgery

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UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre had knee surgery on Tuesday; his first step back to the Octagon.

St-Pierre tweeted that Tuesday’s surgery at the Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles was a success.

“Dr. ElAttrache says my surgery (ACL patellar tendon autograft) was huge success! Ligament very strong. Tks for support!” tweeted GSP.

St-Pierre blew out his knee, tearing his ACL and doing damage to his meniscus, while training for a bout with Nick Diaz that was slated for UFC 143 on Super Bowl weekend. The champ had to back out of his UFC 137 fight against Carlos Condit in October due to a sprained knee.

UFC president Dana White, when he announced St-Pierre’s injury, indicated that he would be out of action for about 10 months, but was also confident in his champion’s resilience.

“These knee injuries are very common in athletes, whether you blow your ACL or whatever else it might be,” White said . “We’re going to make sure Georges gets the right surgery with the right guy, the right rehabilitation. He’s an athlete that’s taken very good care of himself through his entire career. He’s a guy that’ll put in the work and do the things that need to be done. I’m 100-percent confident that Georges St-Pierre will rebound from this injury and come back.”

St-Pierre’s doctor, Neal S. ElAttrache, is a renowned surgeon, known for work with professional athletes. He is the team doctor of the Los Angeles Dodgers professional baseball team.

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  • MikeMc1983

    I can’t believe Gsp even went through a fake surgery to avoid fighting nick Diaz. The overwhelming fear the man must have.

    • TKD

      Yeah, a lot of faking going on lately. Silva is faking too, according to a lot of fools out there.

  • MikeMc1983

    Remember jones was faking too. He was ducking evans. Interesting how the 3 most dominate guys in the UFC are scared, and ducking fights.

  • shakejunt

    I heard Dominick Cruz’s hand surgery was more set-up than 9/11

  • kylesmith

    I’ve never seen someone tear their own ACL before just to dodge a fight. Nick is still going to be there when you’re healed, you can only run for so long…

    • opposition13

      I agree with your theory, but if you are wrong, please feel free to jump to a crowd full of GSP fans so we can put our sweaty feet in your mouth!!!

  • MikeMc1983

    Yeah, it’s crazy the lengths some guys will to, to dodge a fight. Gsp fans better hope condit gets Diaz. Who knows what’s next if not. Gsp might end up having to get something amputated, or god forbid, maybe suicide could seem like a better choice. You never know where fear puts someone’s mind.

  • trevor

    Nick Diaz is second rate at best when the champ is healed up he should hope that Nick has somehow disposed of Condit because fighting Diaz will be an easy win!! Go hard keyboard warriors say your peace about finishing fights etc. When you are ready to step in the cage with Georges with one leg and one arm tied to his back we will give him a call and set up the match in your parents basement! haha

  • opposition13

    Yeah I bet he has a hidden blade inside that knee so he can stab the THUG out of Diaz.