Georges St-Pierre is Looking a Tad Thick These Days

April 25, 2017

Dad bod GSP, you guys.

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is set to return to the Octagon some time later this year against Michael Bisping. When the exact date of the fight will be, we’re still not sure, but based on GSP’s physique, we hope it’s not any time soon.

In a recent photoshoot with Hayabusa, footage shows St-Pierre throwing light strikes and posing for action shots. But what people watching the video picked up on most isn’t his striking. No, instead folks pointed out Georges’ noticeable gut protruding out above his waistline.

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To the footage!

(Courtesy of Hayabusa)

Time off from fighting sure has been kind to Georges.

GSP always used to talk about his body being a genetic anomaly. In the past he mentioned how he enjoys junk food and it never affected his frame. I guess times have changed.

The YouTube comments roasted poor GSP, but it didn’t stop there. Twitter also let him have it.

Hopefully he can get his summer body sooner rather than later. I can’t say Bisping will show up in the same shape.

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  • Petros

    HGH distended gut

  • Darin

    This is for the money more than the love of competition, or just proving he still has “it”. He was the highest paid guy for his time, but MacGregor has dwarfed GSP’s old pay. With CM on the sideline and Rousey MIA the UFC has no active superstars, so it was a good time to come back for a big check.

    Or maybe this is all a brilliant strategy to get Bisping to underestimate him….

  • Sir_Roy

    He’s working to put on weight. You don’t retain a 5 – 10% body fat ratio while stacking on weight unfortunately. Also, I wouldn’t be 100% percent surprised if he wasn’t cycling off something. It’s just the reality of the sport.

    • fat tony

      If he does he is dumb because he can also be part of an off competition testing, the GSP you see in fights is not the same GSP you see off fights, i met GSP a few times and he looked like that when he is bigger, he did a kickboxing exhibition in Montreal and he was not cut up at all, less gut then this but still not like we seem him in UFC events.

      • Sir_Roy

        I agree, it would be dumb of any fighter to put that crap in their bodies. But at the higher levels, many are medically monitored and have cycling off down to a science. But yeah, it’s a risk (and not just due to the commission either).

        That said, it’s nearly impossible to walk around with 3 – 5% body fat 24/7 all year long. What he’s sporting is a “muscle gut”. He’s still probably 8 – 10% . Just swollen.

    • deepgrim

      it looks like a hgh gut, i’m wondering why george hast committed to the summer fight with bisping, maybe he wants more time to put weight on or it could be a cycling exercise

      • Sir_Roy

        Could very well be a cycling issue yeah. He has no other concrete reason to postpone. 5 lbs more or less is not a reason to put off a fight. So yeah, I tend to agree. It’s to be 100% the imminent testing goes in his favor.

  • Oily

    I hope for his sake this is mind games he’s playing with Bisping. Making him think he’s in bad shape. It’s not hard to look like this if you eat a bunch of salty food, and a gallon of chocolate milk (saw a youtuber who did this to show how much you can change how you look in a couple of hours). If he really is in this kind of shape…. He’s not going to catch up to where an active Bisping is at.

  • steele

    Nate Diaz, called everyone out, they are all on steroids, and if you want go to Utube and watch how even Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about the bloated gut syndrome from steroids, and thats what GEORGY PORGIE looks to have

  • fat tony

    First if you know human anatomy this is not a gut its stomach bloating and yes it happens with age, i am 44 and i got this and i hate it, with age you develop allergies to foods and more that causes this, Its ugly i know, GSP will lose this when he cuts fat and will be back in great shape, he probably is around 210 pounds on this video. Cutting weight is age is also an issue kind of understand why he moves up to 185. Still i hope we get some good fights and not 5 rounds borefest like we are use to in a GSP fight,

  • HofHombre

    The stronger your abs and diaphragm the more your stomach will protrude. If there is no need to cut weight, which he doesn’t need to, then there is an advantage to a protruding, stronger abdomen. There also, at his current level or fitness, no disadvantage to having a protruding abdomen, regardless of what society has told you is the definition of fit. Protruding gut = stronger punches, stronger kicks, ability to take a harder punch, also increases your ability to replenish your water reserves as the fat in this area will hold a higher percentage of water.

    • Sir_Roy

      I agree. He was photographed expiring as well. There is no fat on that stomach whatsoever. I’m just worried it might be an HGH gut. But whatever, the game is what it is.

  • Joe Dog

    GSP’s gut….Who gives a sh*t? Whatever! The real question is why Bisping is not defending the MW title against a deserving MW contender. The UFC is stifling real competition. Bisping beating Rockhold was a total fluke. Further, Bisping could actually lose to GSP and we all know Bisping would likely lose to any MW contender. That said, just imagine Romero, Mousasi, Souza, Rockhold or Whittaker vs GSP. Simply murder. Get on with real competition. Grrrr…….

  • Corbin Blaize
  • Punisher

    I still see a 6-pack…not sure what everyone else is looking at. He can’t do vacuums all the time.

  • Jess Fenchley

    Wow, Georges St-Fatso. He will cut weight though. Not worried.