Georges St-Pierre is Focused on Nick Diaz, Not a Superfight with Anderson Silva

March 8, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre UFC 154 Kickoff 478x270Georges St-Pierre isn’t thinking about a potential superfight with Anderson Silva, his focus is zeroed in on Nick Diaz.

During a UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche question and answer session, UFC president Dana White said a superfight between Anderson Silva and either Georges St-Pierre or Jon Jones will happen this year.

“GSP is going to defend his title against Nick Diaz.  Anderson Silva will defend his title this summer, and before the end of this year we will soon see a superfight with either GSP and Anderson Silva, or Anderson Silva and Jon Jones,” said White. “One of them is coming.”

St-Pierre was questioned about a potential fight with Silva during a UFC 158: St-Pierre vs. Diaz media conference call on Thursday, and said he doesn’t care about anything but the upcoming fight with Diaz.

“I don’t care about it at all.  I’m not thinking past Nick Diaz.  It’s a mistake everybody does, and I respect my opponent,” said St-Pierre.

“I want the big fight, but the big fight for me right now is Nick Diaz.  I don’t look past Nick Diaz. All of my focus is on him.  I don’t think past him.  I don’t care about what is coming next.

“For me, my life ends March 16, when I fight Nick Diaz.  It’s going to be another chapter in my career.  After is what is going to happen after, but now I’m only focusing on what is going to happen next,” he added.

Silva is set to defend his title against Chris Weidman at UFC 162 on July 6.

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  • Darin

    GSP has NEVER been “focused” on a fight with Silva. He has done everything he can to get people to stop talking about it without looking like he’s scared (he is). This thing with Diaz came along at a perfect time for him.

    • Fidios

      Ya, and like george says “I am putting more tool into my tool box”!lol

      • Darin

        “Tool” is Mr. St. Pierre’s word for money. He must cash in all he can before someone like Silva destroy’s his aura of invincibility.

        • Kris-tyahn

          Well at least GSP didn’t call out a smaller fighter and ask him to move up & fight him. Silva also said he wanted to fight GSP bc it’s an easier fight, rather than Jones. Wow what balls Silva has calling out a much smaller opponent, impressive!

          • BRAD

            you truely are uneducated…. Silva agreed to meet him half way and then even proceeded to say fine ill meet him at 170… I can find the article for you if you like it was actually pretty recent… make sure you know what you’re talking about before you post

          • Lesnarenko

            Silva would love to fight GSP at any weight class.

          • Lesnarenko

            yes…Silva doesn’t want to fight JBJ unless it is at 190? I don’t even know if JBJ can make that cut.

            Then Silva refuses to fight GSP at 170.

            Give me a break. These guys have way too much to lose at this point.

    • Matte

      Thank you for a really really deep and well thought analyzis which noone can critizise! And for the abundence of reliable sources for your information. This must be the truth!

      Or wait..

    • Sir_Roy

      If you squeeze your eyes shut, and think real hard, you’ll realize the timing was not there. After Diaz, it will be.

      The ‘superfight’ hype was building to crescendo when he got injured in 2011. He’s smart to get a few fights under his belt AND beat Hughes’ record for title defenses (consequently) , which I’m sure was a goal, before moving forward.

      And while I agree he’s the underdog in such a superfight, regardless, GSP will be, without doubt, and by far, the most dangerous opponent Silva has faced to date, bar none. Don’t kid yourself.

      If Sonnen can lay and pray on top of Silva for nearly five full rounds, I think we’re all low-balling GSP just a tad here. His particular skill set could very well get the job done for 25 minutes as I don’t see Anderson catching Georges in a submission.

      Can’t deny, the template is there. Sonnen is no where near a GSP caliber of fighter … despite his mouthpiece hollering otherwise. That said, all rounds start standing up … and I won’t pretend that’s not bad news for GSP. Still, a far better fight than people are pandering in these threads thus far.

      • Lesnarenko

        Sonnen vs GSP would be interesting at 185 dude. Sonnen’s wrestling.

        • Sir_Roy

          GSP faced a D1 wrestling champ in mop top Koscheck and took him down at will.

          That and GSP would out strike Sonnen with ease. Sonnen’s a poor man’s GSP IMHO. Only thing Sonnen would have going for him is that he’s bigger. But GSP’s strength is phenomenal for a welter weight and his overall athleticism and conditioning second to none.

          I think Sonnen versus GSP heavily favors Georges.

  • Jdm

    He is terrified of Anderson Silva

    • Sir_Roy

      You’re a good bloke, I’m sure, but your comment is dumb.

      He’s just too smart to put his foot in his mouth … one of the few who doesn’t talk with his balls and evidences that he has a brain as yet undamaged by one too many head shots.

      He will fight Anderson. And if he beats Diaz, Silva will be his next opponent. Every recent interview points in that direction.

      Folks who sit on their sofas at home, eating their potato chips while touting how scared these top tier athletes and fighters are, are only themselves projecting their own fears and inadequacies … having accomplished oh so much less than the men they have the audacity to brand ‘coward’ from the safety of their own armchair.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Very well said, but I don’t know if hell fight Sulva, unless Silva can make 170lbs like he claims, though I doubt it.

        • Sir_Roy

          Not so sure. Try to find and listen to his recent interview online when asked about fighting Rory. Sounded to me as though GSP has definite plans after this fight that do not necessarily include another title defense at 170lbs.

          • Lesnarenko

            Okay roy Nelson….you are finding subliminals?

            GSP has never said yes. Reading between his interviews???? WTF are you talking about.

            In any case, this fight will not happen because GSP won’t fight Anderson whereas Anderson would fight GSOP

          • Sir_Roy

            That’s right … you’ve obviously not seen the interview in question and don’t know WTF I’m talking about as a result. So why comment?

            While he doesn’t spell it out in said interview (and yes, I admit that many folks, such as you yourself seem to be, need things spelled out to grasp the not-so-subtle) but damn it doesn’t take Einstein to read between the lines Mr. Lesnar Emelianenko.

            And you have absolutely no clue whether or not GSP would fight Anderson. You speculate. His recent interview does far more to prove your ‘speculation’ inaccurate than the inverse I’m afraid.

      • Orville

        Well spoken, and I’m sure the matchup picture will become quite clear once the 158 dust settles!

      • Jdm

        Ok you have a point. However after he wrestles diaz to a decision, if he doesnt fight anderson like you say than I guess your comment is dumb and GSP is terrified of Silva.

      • Lesnarenko

        Sir Roy Nelson

        Do you see the irony in that statement? So it’s not cool for someone to talk cr@p about fighters on the internet but it is cool for you to talk cr@p on the internet on the guys that talk cr@p on the fighters?

        Give me a break you crime fighter.

        • Sir_Roy

          No. I don’t see the irony at all because your comparison is absolute crap. I was belittling his comment, not him. His comment is there in black and white for all to see … GSP being terrified of Anderson Silva? Not so much.

          His comment is what it is, and because he posts it on a public forum, it’s open to critique and definitely fair play to state whether we either agree or disagree and why.

          “Crime fighter” indeed … the only irony here is you running to the poor, defenseless posters aid in the face of terrible internet tyranny (read: a simple opinion that runs contrary) then calling me a crime fighter.

          Seems you do need things spelled out .

    • Jdm

      And for the record Id be terrified of both GSP and Anderson Silva. Im not trying to insult GSP it just seems quite clear to me that gSP wants nothing to do with anderson.

  • Trevor240

    I sick of hearing about Super fights… Quit trying to make them happen…

    Its never fair for a fighter to move up to a weight class. They are always out weighed. You see it when other fighters move up.
    Silvia did it and fought sub par fighters… There is still lots of fights left in there respected divisions. Being outweighted byt 15 to 20 pounds is a big difference…
    Look at boxing. Its always the bigger guy who wins in a lack luster performance

    • Kris-tyahn

      Exactly 15-20lbs is a huge diff, Silva out weighs GSP by 30-40lbs. There’s a reason they have weight classes, ask BJ Penn

      • RonnieV

        Absolutely not true! Dude, I have friends that have trained with GSP, when he was at Grudge in Denver he rolled everyday with Marquardt (when Nate fought at 185), and Rashard Evans (205), and both of those guys were above their fighting weight. If I could post a picture on this site I could show you pictures of what he looks like when he is not cutting weight. He and Evans are practically mirror images of each other. He is a very stocky welterweight, I think both GSP and Diaz would be great matches for Silva.

  • tony

    GSPs record speaks for itself, you’ll just a bunch of haters. The man is a martial artist, not some street fighter

    • Dave Stiles

      yup he has a weak chin ask Matt Serra ever since he got caught with that punch all he does now is leg hump thanks to greg jackass.

      • Sir_Roy

        You mean, all he does is use effective striking to set-up perfectly executed take downs, then dominates top position with ground and pound in high octave fights while his opponents are absolutely helpless and can do nothing to prevent him from imposing his will …

        And what you’re also saying is you’re a highlight reel junkie with absolutely zero appreciation for the subtleties and technique involved in all I just delineated above.


  • GSP never turned down a fight with Silva, he wasn’t even offered it yet. The guy just came back from serious surgery and had an awesome fight with Carlos Condit. It makes sense to take another fight either way, he just got back and he asked for this fight specifically. I’m sure one of the top p4p fighters is not afraid of challenging Silva. That’s what he’s in the business to do and that’s why he is champ.He takes on every top challenger. Besides a fight with Silva would be a real big payday for him so he’s not taking this fight just b/c of the money. He has no beef with Silva and that fight will pay more, he obviously wants to fight Diaz.

    • Sir_Roy

      Well said and I agree wholeheartedly.

      I see Georges versus Silva should he get past Diaz … (which I feel he will unless Diaz gets real lucky and Georges makes a boo boo).

      • RonnieV

        BUT… if Hendricks wins, then Hendricks really should be next.

      • GSP deserves Silva more then anybody. He has been in the UFC since 04′ and has taken on everybody. Who cares if he is undersized against Silva even at a catchweight, the guy is a world class fighter and deserves a chance to fight the greatest p4p fighter in Silva. IMO.

    • Conner

      Dana White said Georges did turn down the fight more than ounce.

      • I haven’t seen this interview if you could send me the link, I’d appreciate it. I couldn’t find it myself. Either way who do you have winning this fight?

        • Conner

          I think Nate has a very good chance. Good striking can cancel out good wrestling. This is one of the videos where Dana talked about Georges refusal to fight Anderson Silva.

          • Thanks buddy. And did you mean Nick not Nate? Either way GSP said he watched the Nate Diaz/Benson fight and he seen how Bendos wrestling and athleticism was the key to defeating a striker like Nate. GSP said he will give Nick a beating I hope he backs it up by fighting everywhere with Nick. GSP has great foot work with his kickboxing I hope he stands with Nick for a while. I’m not rooting for either guy b/c I do like them both very much as fighters. It would be a huge statement for GSP to win this fight in a standup war though.

          • Conner

            No, you are right; I was looking at this video today and a reporter had to ask Dana if Nick would be in trouble for something Nate was doing. Easy but not a good thing to always lump the two brothers together. I would normally agree with you on winner of the fight because I like both but it’s this fear thing with Georges that I figure is bringing this dark side out; its not becoming. I understand stress but its revealing of him.

            link to the question from a reporter.


          • Every guy who GSP fights they say is the next guy to beat him. They’ve been saying that for a long time and their already saying Hendricks will beat him. I don’t see anyone really beating him yet. Putting everything together this guy is really the best p4p martial artist. I don’t really want to see somebody beat him by catching him with a good shot I want to see somebody be able to go back and fourth with him striking, wrestling and grappling all together.

          • Conner

            Now you are contradicting yourself my friend. Just a few comments below you posted that Anderson Silva was the pound for pound best fighter, of which I agree. Another point is Anderson has never lost a fight in the UFC and Georges already has.

          • My mistake. I was thinking the same thing after I made the comment. You are correct GSP is most certainly the number 2 p4p fighter. I don’t think anyone can touch Anderson as number 1 b/c of how he even went up in weight class to take fights and won.

  • Maddawgmar

    If it is gonna happen then he will have to get past Diaz, and Condit will have to beat Hendricks. That will open him up for a fight. Jones has two or three ppl lined up, so I doubt it will be him. Unless Machida or Gustafsson lose.

  • good cuz u cant win

    • Kris-tyahn

      Yeah, just like Silva won’t win vs. Jones at LHW. The only chance GSP has to beat Silva is at 170lbs. Just bc Silva has no one at MW to fight, doesn’t mean GSP doesn’t at WW. I’d much rather see GSP fight Diaz, Hendricks, Ellenberger, Maia etc. people who are bigger than GSP but not too big like Silva.

      • Lesnarenko

        I know difference in weight matters more at the lighter divisions but is GSP is truly the martial artist that he claims to be, he would want to prove to the world that he is not just some dude that cuts weight perfectly to fight guys his size or slightly smaller. That 170 division was made for GSP.

        A real fighter would want to challenge himself by fighting at a class above his class. To show that he can beat anyone.

        Anderson Silva tried to do that against Forrest Griffin. But he should have continued that and fought other guys in the LHW division….not Stephan “lost to 42 yo Mark Coleman” Bonnar.

  • Tomatocanwins

    I still hope they focus on Jones vs Silva instead of Silva vs GSP. I don’t like the idea of making GSP go up in weight to fight arguably the best fighter ever. If anything, Anderson Silva should at least meet him at a catch-weight of like 178.

  • kiss44

    Why do any of you idiots believe Dana? He has been blowing smoke up everyone’s ass for years now about a “super fight”. Get serious!

  • kiss44

    This message board sucks cock!

  • Orville

    St Pierre is gonna wish he hadn’t taken this fight. Gonna be a one sided beat down with Diaz swingin the hammers, and breakin the compu strike. you think st pierre’s gonna win this fight you better start going to a fkn glee fan page. Don’t be scared tapper!

    • Sir_Roy

      Folks like you have been touting the same, or slight variations thereof, throughout all 7 title defenses thus far. And have been proven wrong time, and time again.

      A “one sided beat down” … Lol.