Georges St-Pierre Insists He is “Stepping Out” to Train for Himself, but Again Refutes Rumors

November 22, 2013
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Georges St PierreSince defeating Johny Hendricks by split decision at UFC 167 and then saying he was going to “hang my gloves up for a little bit and make sense of my life,” UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been the subject of numerous rumors.

Celebrity gossip site initially reported that St-Pierre had gotten a girl pregnant, and also that his father was gravely ill and dying. Other rumors swirled that he may have some sort of substance abuse issue.

TMZ then released a video of someone catching up with St-Pierre in an airport, and this time, the champion went on record to clear the air… at least to a degree.

“Oh yeah, the rumors,” he responded when asked about whether he was going to be a father or not. “No, I’m by myself, alone, having a good life. I’m not a dad, I’m not in rehab, and my father is not dying.”

St-Pierre went on to say, “Everybody is happy. I’m fine. I’m tip-top shape, just I bruise easy. I’ll be training when I go back to Montreal on Monday.”

That would have seemed to clear up most of the questions that have been swirling about St-Pierre and the personal issues that he earlier said he had to make sense of before he could continue fighting.

But while UFC president Dana White has mentioned that he is already working on a rematch between St-Pierre and Hendricks, the champ left a cloud of doubt over that development with another comment.

When asked if he was stepping out of the fighting game, St-Pierre responded, “Yeah, I’m stepping out, but I’ll be training for myself.”

That comment certainly leaves the field wide open for further speculation as to what we can expect from St-Pierre in the future, even though he tweeted recently, “Johny and I gave you the Fight of the Night- hope you enjoyed it! Forget all the rumors- on vacation, happy & well!!!”

Will St-Pierre step away in a normal attempt to decompress following the pressures of another major fight and then return in a timely fashion? Does he need to take a more significant leave of absence to deal with whatever his “personal issues” are? Is the rematch that White wants to put together really going to happen anytime soon?

Until St-Pierre has had a little time to reflect and discuss the situation with those closest to him, and his bosses at the UFC, we’re likely to be left lingering, at least in the short term.

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    TMZ needs to stay out of MMA this isn’t Hollywood, NFL or WWE

    • TMZ get out of the MMA world you have no idea so dont try to act like you do, stick to hollywood wankers..well put JDMMA

    • james j

      TMZ will say anything to get you watching their show and talking about them. It is working.

  • Eatabagov Dix

    I wish George would understand that nobody really cares if he’s homosexual. He should just be himself, come out of the closet and get it over with so that he and Rory can finally be happy together.

    • GeorgesCabanaBoySexSlave

      You know, I have questioned that in the past. During the pre-fight documentaries you never see him with girls. Other fighters show their wife’s girlfriends, but not Georges. It may be because he is devoted to training, may be because he is insufferable in his personal life. But there is a chance that he prefers men.

      • Lucas Freire

        Their wife’s girlfriends? I want a wife with a girlfriend too!!!

    • teekay

      thats so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bajafox

      Very funny but I think there was a Primetime where the dude was surrounded by hot chicks at a club. Doesn’t prove he’s straight but who needs a gf or wife when you have the pick of the litter

      • Lawdog1521

        You must not know many gay dudes. They always have chicks around them.

        • Scotty_O

          Yeah, he could be gay. Or it could also just be that he’s a young, rich, famous dude that’s built like a live walking panty remover. Maybe his lack of a serious girlfriend does indicate he likes dudes. Or, it could also mean that he’s trying to crush as much puss as he possibly can before he exits his prime.

          But what are you going to do, what’s that annoying saying again
          ….haters gonna hate.

          • Reverend E. Dix

            Explain why positing that he’s gay is “hating on” on him. I don’t get why gay is bad… Maybe you can tell us since you think I was trying to insult him.

        • MuayThaiFood

          You must know a lot of gay dudes, which is fine, just sayin’.

          • Lawdog1521

            I do. What’s you’re point?

        • Kris-tyahn

          You’d know…… H0M0! Whatever floats your boat dude, not judging! Good for you!

          • Lawdog1521

            Of course you’re not judging me, your opinion doesn’t matter. And stop being so insecure, homophobe. There’s plenty of other forums for you to go be a bigot on.

    • I usually don’t go this but I respect this site a lot , it’s my favorite really but what a waste of a comment. I didn’t think there were that many pre teens on this site, I always enjoyed the intelligent debates and comments from the real fans.

      • sarcasticball

        Amen but he’s not necessairly pre-teen just imature or worst.

    • Diamond jabs

      Go online you knucklehead. He has been I. Relationships with women and there are clips of him online making out with a girl and grinding. I don’t even know why we are discussing this subject. GSP is a great fighter, assisted in taking UFC to main stream and showed many fighters how to take sponsorships to the next level. He has been a class act from day one. Sit back and wait to see what happens instead of trashing the greatest champion all over an Internet site.

      • Reverend E. Dix

        Positing that he’s homosexual isn’t the same as trashing him. What’s wrong with being gay? Why are you so bigoted against them?

    • sarcasticball

      I don’t care about sexual orientation of any fighter but briging the subject here is ridiculous.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Are you mad b/c you like to bite pillows & wish GSP would come out, so that it can give you the confidence?!? If you like to have your “stuff” pushed in, just come out & say it, no need to wait for someone who owned your favorite fighter & who’s been involved with HOT women to do something that will never happen. Or are you mad b/c GSP turned you down, and now you’re so angry, you decide to make up pathetic claims?!? I’m sure your mom will understand, she loves C0C too!!!

      • Reverend E. Dix

        I didn’t trash him at all. I think he’s a great fighter. Admitting that I wish he’d just come out of the closet doesn’t make me homophobic, but it makes you look that way when you insinuate that I bashed him.

  • fffffaaaak

    fffaaak sshiit with this adverts !!! cant read a shhhit !

  • Mmafan123

    Johnny beat him 4 out of 5 rounds. Even Dana admitted his poster boy for Canada lost.

    • flutie

      1 3 5

      Rogan was dripping on hendricks all night.

      Henricks sucks 70% against the P4P champion?

    • james j

      GSP is in rough spot. He knows he can’t beat JH again. And he knows that beast named Tyron Woodley is waiting and hungry. Fear and doubt are an ass kicker.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Yeah you’re right….. b/c rumours of GSP “retiring” wasn’t swirling way ahead of his fight vs. Hendricks. The only reason Hendricks did so well, or that GSP did so “average” was b/c of those elbows he ate in the 1st round, had that not happened, it would have been a completely diff story. GSP who was hurt several times in the fight had better cardio than a guy who wasnt “injured”, now what does that say?!? GSP doesn’t get memory loss from the savage elbows in the 1st round, GSP dominates Hendricks. Not only did GSP have better cardio after being hurt, but he took every Hendricks punch & more, which Hendricks thought it would only take one left to win.
        Hendricks was so butt hurt he didn’t KO GSP, that he pretended that he only went 70% on his strikes in a title fight…. BAHAHAHAHAHA such an idiot! And GSP only fought @ 30% b/c he had personal issues.

        • Pmhina

          Yo will you shut up please. You seem like you wanna suck GSP off. Does it hurt your feelings when people talk bad about your boyfriend GSP ?

    • disgusted…

      Yea well dana also thought let the jones/gustafson bullshit happen without a hitch, watched condit get robbed by hendricks in their fight (yes people, working from your back DOES indeed COUNT), he watched benson walk away with 3 decisions that were razor sharp bullshit, and you think johnny won 4 rounds? 2 and 4, ok, theres an argument for 1, but 3 and 5 were all georges. I dont think people need to rewatch it, i think they need to educate themselves. As far as ‘he cant beat johnny’ yes it was a tight fight, it wasnt a 50-45 fight by any means, that INCLUDES for hendricks. Damage over roubd scoring? Georges vs bj 1. Florian vs sherk. Edgar vs maynard 2. Damage only equates to pounts in the ROUND IT WAS DONE.

      And johnny complaining about a close decision after robbing condit, and WORSE, condit AGREEING with him. Da fuq is going on…

  • Pat Garret

    Gsp ,needs to be a good ,straight ,up business man and either commit to the ufc or retire. Just don’t give these ambiguous answers about his future. Don’t play with people! Either tell them I’m gonna work with you or not…

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      The people that matter already know the answer. He wants to keep stuff personal from the media and fans so who are we to demand answers. The people closest to him know what’s going on and so does Dana.

      • archaictext

        I agree that he is right for keeping the details of his personal life to himself, but I also think that (even at the championship level) fighters should commit to a time frame. Make them sign a contract that they will fight within the year, otherwise they forfeit their title. Just like with Dominique Cruz, not defending his title for two years now… it’s not fair to the other fighters. I’m sure it’s not as good to hear them call you “interim champ”.

        • Jay Mcgarrity

          I’m sure GSP and Dana have an agreed upon time frame, we just aren’t privy to that information yet. This situation is nothing like the Dominique Cruz situation. If GSP decides he doesn’t want to fight within a year of the Hendricks fight then his title reign is done, given that he is in good health and injury free of course.

          • Kris-tyahn

            WRONG! GSP only has to defend his title once a year/365 days! Don’t like it too bad, blame the UFC/Dana for having that in the contract!
            Must be real hard for you guys to say make up your mind or make a decision “NOW NOW NOW” since you got no clue whats going on, nor does it affect your bank account! This is GSP’s life, he’ll do whats best for HIM, not for you losers who expect him to do what you want, or the UFC who only give a shit about money!

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            Do you even read before you rant, you just repeated everything I said in my two replies to the other guys in this thread. He has to defend his title once a year, like i said wording it “within a year of the Hendricks fight”. I also said, “he wants to keep stuff personal from the media and fans so who are we to demand answers.” Not sure what your issue is but how about arguing with one of these guys that actually is flipping out because they don’t know what’s going on. Like I said previously, the people who need to know what’s going on already know and we are not part of that.

    • Chicago

      Unnecessary comma after straight. I thought you were implying that GSP is gay.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Okay Pat Garret, jsut b/c you say so, I think GSP’s going to take your advice into consideration….. STFU you idiot! He’ll do what he wants, if you don’t like too F-ing bad, same goes with the UFC!

  • Lawdog1521

    Sure, GSP. The whole WW division can wait on you… again.

    What a tool. Dana too.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Lawdog: The only tool is you dummy, GSP only has to defend his title once a year, as per his contract! Now what?!? If the UFC don’t want to wait, then set up an interim title, they only waited 2+ years for Cruz, who was reported last week by Dana himself that Cruz could have returned earlier than what he is, why doesn’t he siht on him?!? Dana even actually said “I don’t blame him”. B/C Dana only cares about the money a GSP vs. Hendricks rematch will make. He doesn’t care about the other fighters, the fans or especially Hendricks. If GSP doesn’t plan on returning before September, then he should just give up the belt and do his thing. But if he wants to fight as late as the end of Summer/August, I have no problem with that!
      Like Dana says about fighters who complain about their pay “if you dont like the pay, then don’t sign the contract” – Same goes for you Dana, if you dont like that GSP only has to defend his WW belt once a year/365 days, then don’t put it in the contract or sign it!!! IDIOT!

      • Lawdog1521

        “GSP only has to defend his title once a year, as per his contract! ”

        April 30, 2011 – November 17, 2012. That was his last lay off and well, well over a year.

        I didn’t read the rest of your crap, you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Usmc8408

          The once a year thing although maybe not official yet is in the works. Dana said because of Cruz he’ll never let a period of time like that pass again for title defenses. So GSP will have to step up or vacate….if Dana sticks to what he previously said.

          • Lawdog1521

            It’s all talk on Dana’s part. They’ve technically had that rule for at least a decade and back in the old days (circa around ’05) they enforced it. White always plays favorites though and in recent years he lets it slide on high profile fighters.

            Cruz is on White’s radar because he’s not a fan favorite, so sure, he’ll strip someone like that. GSP can literally take 2 years off and White won’t say anything, just watch.

            In the grand scheme of things I suppose it doesn’t matter, I just find it irritating when White bends over backwards for his golden kids. GSP, Rousey, hell, even Edgar get what they want while everyone else has to wait.

  • danyust62

    GSP needs to get paid. If this was boxing he would be gettg $20M + for his next fight. It will be the biggest fight the UFC has ever seen. Pay him as he deserves. Both of them

    • Big Tuna

      This isn’t boxing and it never will be as Zuffa takes home line share. I need to get paid can you advocate for me too?

  • Mike Higbee

    Why the hell can’t these a holes in the media as well as most of the fans just leave him the f@&k alone? Who cares if he’s straight, gay, knocked up a chick, is grieving the imminent loss of a father, has anxiety from being in the spotlight etc? You and I will never, ever know what that pressure is like. It’s time to respect him for what he is; the best p4p fighter and ambassador for the sport we’ll ever see.

  • I don’t want to hear about TMZ ever again after the palse GSP getting a girl pregnant. It may be somewhat good that the sport is out there but TMZ is really annoying when they gossip about things. Get a life and a real job instead of following people doing things with their lives.

    • Mark McDowall

      Sad thing is that due to our Kardashian/Jersey Shore loving society crap like TMZ will always be around.

  • babar

    Dana will decide.gsp is fine, dana will choose what is good for the promotion.There will be a rematch.I see it in 5 or 6 month

  • blob

    Lawler will capture the title in 0’14, his exciting style will make people forget GSP.