Georges St-Pierre Injured and Out of UFC 137; Condit Expected to Be Pulled From the Card

October 18, 2011
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The UFC 137 fight card just took a major hit as UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been forced off the card with an injury.

UFC president Dana White made the announcement via Twitter.

“I just land in NYC and what do I always say? I have to deal with bad (expletive) everyday. GSP is out with an injury,” wrote White.

The news comes as a shock as St-Pierre was just over a week away from meeting Carlos Condit in the main event of UFC 137.

While details remain sketchy, White responded to a fan question stating it was St-Pierre’s knee that nixed him from the fight.

Sources speaking with added that Carlos Condit will not remain on the UFC 137 card and will instead be pulled to wait for a healthy St-Pierre and get his crack at the title when the champion is healthy.

The UFC has yet to make an official announcement about the change, but it’s assumed at this stage that the other welterweight fight on the card between B.J. Penn and Nick Diaz will be bumped up to the main event. will have more information on the UFC 137 card when it becomes available.

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  • Can’t believe this was lookin forward to carlos condit finishing gsp

  • ajmadic

    dude, +1

  • bajafox

    Same here, off all the people GSP has faced I think Condit had the best chance at knocking his a55 out

  • collideoverme

    Condit would have had no chance of knocking GSP out. If anyone would have had a chance, it would have been Thiago Alves and he got man handled.

  • michaelnorris

    This is bulls#*t wanted to see GSP get tapped out

  • I just saved $50 because this event is not worth it now. Oh, and Condit did have a chance, but I doubt he would have finished, knocked out or submitted GSP.

  • Wow this blows. Was really looking forward to this card but its hard to get now. Seeing Diaz get his face beaten in would be worth it but I’m not confident Penn can deliver. BJ is probably dumb enough to try to box the whole time and we will get Edgar-Penn all over again.

  • sirreadsalot10

    Honestly I was more excited about the Pen-Diaz fight because I see Condit unable to prevent GSP from taking him down. Then GSP lays on top avoids submission and does his weak ground and pound on the way to a lopsided decision.

    Pen-Diaz on the other hand will be interesting. If BJ chooses to box he will not have to deal with the speed of Edgar or punching power. Nick wears guys down with a thousand light punches rather than power. BJ will be the power puncher and the faster fighter.

    If Pen decides to grapple, I think he has a considerable edge. He out grappled John Fitch and that isn’t an easy thing to do.

    Like I said, it’s going to be interesting.

  • Astro Zombie

    @josehernandez I agree with ya, it’s not worth the 50 so dollars even if they bump Diaz and Penn up to main event. I’ve seen 3636647 commercials for this fight and I really didn’t want to spend the money on it on the first place but this helped me make my decision