Georges St-Pierre: “I’m Not Afraid of Carlos Condit”

October 23, 2012
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“He’s the most dangerous opponent I’ve ever faced”

Whenever UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is preparing for a fight, that quote is almost verbatim what the Canadian says about every fighter standing across the Octagon from him.

From B.J. Penn to Josh Koscheck to Jake Shields, the long reigning 170lb king always shows ultimate respect to his opponent’s skill set even when some of them have shown him no respect outside the cage.

Heading into his return fight at UFC 154 in Montreal, St-Pierre is treating new opponent Carlos Condit no differently than any other challenge. He is the most dangerous fighter St-Pierre has ever faced because he’s the latest trying to take the gold from around his waist.

St-Pierre appreciates Condit’s style, which can be both explosive and strategic. Condit was down two rounds to St-Pierre’s teammate Rory MacDonald before he came back and absolutely dismantled the young Canadian, finishing him in the third round.

Condit knocked out Dan Hardy one fight removed from St-Pierre going five rounds with him in the Octagon. Add to that Condit’s masterful game plan to out point and befuddle Nick Diaz for five rounds, and the New Mexico native might truly be the most dangerous fighter St-Pierre has ever faced because he’s like a chameleon in the cage.

“The most dangerous thing that Condit has is capacity of adaptation. He can adapt to any opponent that he fights,” said St-Pierre.

“That’s why he’s so good. He’s very skilled, but he’s also very smart.”

St-Pierre may appreciate the difficulties that Condit presents him as an opponent, but that doesn’t mean he fears him at all.

The puzzle that Condit offers in the fight is exactly what St-Pierre feeds on come fight time, and this will just be one more chance to prove to everybody why he is the best welterweight in the world.

“I’m not afraid of Carlos Condit,” said St-Pierre. “I will leave with the belt, there is no doubt in my mind.”

Check out the full pre-fight interview with Georges St-Pierre below:

  • joan alcantara


  • stevemcz11

    First Condit, Then Silva!

  • Adriana

    Of course he is not afraid- the darkness inside him is his special magic power.

  • bajafox

    I can’t wait to read about this fight…*yawn

  • justinhis

    Outpoint and Befuddle? You mean jab and run away for five rounds.

    • demon spawn

      No he meant outpoint and befuddle, damn diaz huggers can’t appreciate someone not just sloppy boxing with their king of the wanksters…move on yer boy lost because he couldn’t get condit to plod forward and eat his punches…yer complaint is old and tired.

      • Fuzzmaster

        I have to agree. Diaz-diehards are like tighty-whities when it comes to the amount of nut-hugging.

        I really like Diaz. Especially his heart and mental toughness. But to keep whining over past fights is useless. Nick’s over it, his fans need to follow suit.

  • drip drip

    Gsp is gonna win in a dominating style.

  • Anderson Silva

    Mr. St. Pierre will lose because he is afraid of me.

  • rdd08

    Condit will knock him out in the third round