Georges St-Pierre: I Am Not the Champ Anymore

January 31, 2012

Georges St-Pierre can’t stand Nick Diaz.

He can’t stand the way that Diaz disrespects him. He can’t stand the way that Diaz makes him feel like he has to be ready to fight at the drop of a hat, even when stepping off the elevator in Las Vegas. He can’t stand that he is actually rooting for Diaz to beat St-Pierre’s teammate Carlos Condit at UFC 143 on Saturday night.

Although they don’t train with one another, St-Pierre and Condit share many of the same training partners because of their association with coaches Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn.

“I respect Carlos Condit, but I want Diaz to win. I want this fight with Diaz so badly, as badly as I wanted the title shot when I got down on my knees,” said St-Pierre. “He needs to hold up his part and beat Carlos Condit on Saturday to make this fight happen.”

St-Pierre was originally slated to fight Diaz at UFC 137 last October, but a slew of events derailed that fight. Initially, Diaz was pulled from the bout by UFC president Dana White for missing promotional obligations and several flights.

Condit, who was scheduled to fight B.J. Penn, was then put into the challenger’s role against St-Pierre, and Diaz demoted to co-main event status against Penn.

An injury to St-Pierre, however, put his fight off altogether, pushing Diaz vs. Penn into the headlining role.

Following some promotional politics, St-Pierre vs. Diaz was then slated for UFC 143 this weekend… until St-Pierre’s knee injury hit the point of no return, forcing him out again.

With St-Pierre having last fought in April 2011, and initially expected to be out until sometime around November, the UFC decided not only to put Condit in against Diaz, but also to make the fight for the interim UFC welterweight championship.

St-Pierre’s timeline has since been revised, however, leaving him chomping at the bit to get back in the Octagon.

“I am ahead of schedule. I can already train and even kick, but I am remaining calm and not rushing. I won’t train properly until July,” St-Pierre said of his rehab, which would put him in line for a late summer return instead of having to wait until the initial fall/winter timeline.

His time out of the Octagon and the interim designation aren’t taken lightly by St-Pierre, who now says he doesn’t even consider himself the UFC champion, although he’s not ready to secede the title to Saturday night’s winner, either.

“The way I see it, I am not the champion anymore on Saturday night. You have to put the belt on the line in order to call yourself champion, the best in the world. Right now, I am not the best in the world; I am injured,” he explained.

“The winner of this fight on Saturday will be more than just the new No.1 contender, but he won’t be the new champion either. The winner of this fight will have to beat me to become the true world champion and I will have to beat the winner of this fight in order to call myself the best in the world again. We have to beat each other to be the undisputed champion.”

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  1. Good article Ken! Looking forward to you guys knocking GSP out of the Top 10 come April, since it will be a year since the Jake Shields fight.

    • And I’m looking forward to Diaz being schooled.

      • You said it right, phrankthetank!

        • I 2nd that!

      • soo… condit is fighting diaz

    • Seriously, who the hell relishes someone being taken out of the rankings due to injury? He’s the best welterweight of all time and no matter what the mmaweekly rankings say, he’s still the no. 1 welterweight in the world until someone beats him. Even douchebag Diaz(if he beats condit) wouldn’t be excited about being number one due to a technicality, so y does it have you so tickled pink?

      • Because GSP hasn’t fought since April 2011, and his last fight was a snoozer in which Shields inflicted more damage. If he in fact did have ACL surgery he won’t be as good as before, and he will no longer warrant his ranking. If he comes back and beats Diaz or Condit, fine give it back to him.

        • Shields also poked him in the eye and he had no depth perception for the last 3 rds. You try closing one eye and having someone throw punches at you for 15 minutes. See how well you fare. The fact of the matter remains, if he hasn’t been beaten, he’s still the top welterweight unless he retires. If someone wants the no 1 spot, beat the number one spot, don’t be excited because he’s injured and hasn’t fought in a year. It actually disgusts me how excited that makes you. It’s kind of pathetic.

          • It’s pathetic that “my opinion” disgusts you. GSP is all about excuses, just like the poke in the eye that fazed him for three rounds.

          • Your opinion says a lot about you as a person. You’re the kind of guy that celebrates a victory by default. Don’t want to earn it. I can just imagine you saying “the other team doesnt have enough players but they want to play anyway, nope! We win! We’re the greatest!” As far as excuses go, like I said, close one eye and have someone throw punches at you, see how long you stay conscious. Or maybe you’re still bitter because your precious Stockton boys went 0 for 3 that night including nate diaz being suplexed back down to lightweight and culminating in shields not being able to beat a one eyed GSP. St Pierre won, half blind and all, what’s shields’s excuse? I won my last 15 fights in a row, but I’m still not good enough to beat GSP after I poke him in the eye? Yea, I really understand why we should all be excited GSP will be taken out of the rankings because he blew his acl. He must be terrible.

          • Okay first off Shields didn’t poke him in the eye. It was caused by a punch, check the replay. The punch landed flush in the eye, where the knuckle went into the eye. So don’t act like Shield landed an inadvertent finger poke, that caused it. Shield did something in that fight that no one has done since St. Pierre win the title, he won a rd, matter of fact he won two.

            Second I agree with you point on to be the best beat the best notion. On the other hand why are there interim titles. Because to be a champion you have to defend your title. If you don’t you lose it. Same should be said about world rankings, if you don’t fight to prove your still number one then you shouldn’t be number one or number two pfp.

            And on my own note. I think this article is seriously counting Condit out. Either way after sat, whether Diaz or Condit, St. Pierre is gonna have a huge fight on his hands. But don’t count out Condit. Diaz has great boxing, but he uses it on smaller fighters. Where Condit is taller and has a reach advantage. Diaz isn’t gonna be able to keep him at bay with his shots. Also Condit has great BJJ, not the caliber as Diaz, but I think good enough to not get submitted. I see this being a barn burner either way the outcome.

          • Maddawg – according to firas, the shot shown on the replay was not what caused the eye injury, but even if it was, the fact remains that with one good eye st Pierre still won. From my perspective he still won all 5 rds, I’ll watch the fight again before I defend that though. Second off, I don’t count condit out at all, in fact I have money on him winning. I said it in another comment that I think he’s better than Diaz in everything but boxing.

          • VERY VERY VERY nicely said! Shields “inflicted more damage” – Yet he still lost to a guy who was figthing with oen eye! What did Shiedls do to GSP in the 1st two rounds?!? NOTHING! B/C GSP’s eyes were fine until the eye poke. For a guy who was so great & unbeatable, why didn’t he beat GSP then if GSP could only see out of one eye?!? If anything, that makes Shields even worst, you lost to a guy who could see out fo one eye for 15 mins?!?

            The joke is, you are trying to insult GSP, yet saying Shields did more damage blah blah blah & still lost (to a one eyed fighter) doesn’t bode very well for your argument, now does it? The only way GSP loses his #1 ranking, is due to injury & NOT from someone beating him.

  2. You don’t have to like GSP, but you have to respect him. Whether he finished guys or not, the guy carries himself well, and is a great fighter. He always comes to fight, and he doesn’t just lay on his opponents like some other fighters try to get away with for three (or 5) rounds.

    I think he will defeat Diaz with little problem. I believe Nick is tough, but I believe GSP will beat him soundly!

    • Amen to that! Same goes for Condit, but I think Condit would be a tougher challenge, than Diaz!

  3. Sadly your probably right. For Gsp, fighting nick will be like fighting Matt Serra, but without ko power. Serra has a more aggressive jitz game, and because of height is probably harder to take down.
    I wish I saw what a lot of you guys seem to see. Nick and Gsp just doesn’t seem that interesting to me. Mainly because it involves Gsp fighting a guy who’s biggest weakness is his strength, and doesn’t have “one hit, or one move” capability. Or hasn’t ever shown it.
    At least condit can be explosive.
    But hell, who knows? Maybe Gsp will come into either fight “off.”. That’s what Gsp fans will say if he were to lose his next fight reguardless. And they’d probably be right.

    • MikeMc1983…I can’t believe you would compare Serra to Nick. There is no comparison at all. Nick is tall with reach, excellent boxing, excellent cardio, sets the pace….. Serra is short with no reach, punchers change to win but poor boxing, no where close in cardio…..

      Diaz is going to surprise a lot of people if he gets to fight GSP.

      • I think what he means is the fight might play out the same as the 2nd fight. Diaz will try to throw punches, GSP will put him on his ass and punish him.

      • bro serra boxing wasnt poor wtf u talkin about and the guy had good ground skills what r u talkin about a punchers chance

      • Diaz’s Boxing is actually kind weak. BJ schooled him in boxing and BJJ for the first five of their fight and would have for the next ten if he had half of Diaz’s cardio. Diaz is tough as nails and has the best Cardio in the game, thats about the extent of Diaz. His skills are kida weak. AAlmost every one he fights wins the opening minutes, sometime the whole first round until they start to gas.

    • I like the way Diaz fights, I even respect that he plays up the douchebag thing to get the fights he wants.that being said I think condit is a little more dynamic than Diaz and a little better at everything that isn’t boxing. I think this will be a great fight and whoever wins definitely deserves to fight GSP for the REAL title. I still think GSP should dominate but coming off an 18 month layoff and a reconstructed ACL who knows?

    • MikeMc – if GSP loses upon his return to the octagon, it will be all about the excuses, and nothing about the fighter that beats him.

      • And if GSP wins by decision, you’ll whine and bitch about how he doesn’t finish guys, people are going to have their opinions regardless of who wins, get over it

        • If GSP wins an exciting fight, I’ll be excited I got to see a great fight. If he takes Condit or Diaz down and lays on them for 25 minutes, yeah I’ll be pissed. I rooted for him against Serra, Penn, Koscheck, Fitch & Hardy. I was always a GSP fan, until after the Shields fight. He won four boring rounds, and blamed his poor performance on a mystery eye poke. GSP’s eyes were checked out after the fight, and he was fine. I also think he’s full of sh*t with the severity of the knee surgery. Do I think he had knee surgery… YES! Do I think he had ACL surgery…. No!

          • Yup, GSP is faking a knee injury, that makes loads of sense. I was at the shields fight, I was watching him pour water in that eye trying to flush it out between rounds, and I also watched how his performance changed after the poke. His eyes were checked, he was given drops and told he’d be fine in a week. Way to jump off the bandwagon when he has a bad fight. It’s all good, you just get to be pissy and whine when he keeps winning

          • Why are you so upset? Next thing you know you will be yelling at me in ALL CAPS. I didn’t say he was faking a knee injury, I just question the severity of it. Just like I questioned the severity of the eye injury.

            Here is Jake’s quote I pulled off Sherdog. Asked after the fight what he had done to cause the damage to GSP, Shields replied dryly: “I punched him in the eye.”

          • There’s nothing to gain from lying about his injury. In regards to the eye poke, refer to my earlier comment. Regardless of the cause, it still affected him and he still won, no excuses needed.

          • RonnieV, I think it’s really ignorant to even put together the sentence “If he takes Condit or Diaz down and lays on them for 25 minutes”. Because you make it sound like that’s what GSP usually does. He may not have finished his recent fights, but no one can say that he just lays on top of his opponents. Ffs, have you ever wrestled in your life?
            And what’s with all the bashing of the champ? He’s one hell of an athlete and a role model of what a champion should be like. Period.

        • BAHAHAHA I like you PHRANK, very funny. Seriously though. it’s nice to see people with some MMA knowledge, compared to the MMA bandwagon NOOB’s who think Brazilian JJ is a food! BTW Ronnie: If GSP does lose his next fight, do you actually think it wont have anything to do with him being out for 18 months & having a major knee surgery?!? GTFO of here you idiot, GSP did soemthign Silva nor Jones could do & that was….. win 30+ STRAIGHT rounds without even question if GSP won the round/fight. GSP happens to destroy EVERYONE from BJ Penn, Matt Hughes X2, Fitch, Alves, Koscheck X2 & Shields who was unbeaten for 6 or 7 yrs, yet GSP made him look average, but you think if GSP loses, that the 18 months out of action & a major knee surgery, will have nothing to do with the loss/ring rust?!?

          Being out for 6 months is almost a lifetime in MMA, let alone 18 months & major knee surgery!

    • no power? you’re ******’ crazy. how many people does diaz have to knockout before he gets any respect for his boxing? he’s one of the best and most aggressive strikers in mma. maybe you’ve never seen him fight, i don’t know, but your statements are insane. and condit? condit isn’t even at the same level as either of them.
      anyway it doesn’t matter, diaz will destroy gsp standing up or laying on his back.

      • My no power comment is absolutely correct. One of the big things that people use as an arguement for his “great boxing” is his punch stats. He has fights with over 100 punches landed and has won those because of ref stopping tko’s. Come on people. I give nick that he can throw 100’s of punched that he admits are mostly without power, and you guys act like he ko’s people. There’s absolutely no one that is scared to take a few shots from nick to land some of their own. I’m positive that Gsp would give nick 10 free shots to start every round in his guard.

        • you’re dillusional, man. like fsunoles says, 13 t/ko on his record. he’s stopped way more people with his striking than gsp. have you ever watched a boxing match? boxing is not all about power. head hunting, wild swinging bar fighters is unfortunately the norm in mma, so when you fools see a real boxer who can jab and throw more than one punch at a time, you all think that he’s a pitty-pat fighter and that he has no power, but its quite obvious to me that diaz has some of the most powerful, precision striking in the division. by throwing jabs and a hundred punches worth of combinations during a fight, diaz makes all of his opponents fight his fight. watch some boxing mike and get a little education.

          • Yeah Diaz did stop more people than GSP with boxing, but GSP is not “considered the best boxer” in MMA, so your point is MOOT. The only thing is, when Diaz fought a world class fighter in BJ Penn, he couldn’t finish him even with 100+ more landed strikes & not to mention BJ was dead tired after the 1st Round. diaz finished ALOT of bums who would never be able to fight in the UFC. Let diaz fight the same skilled fighters GSP has been figthing his ENTIRE career & then come talk to me about Diaz, his record & how many fights he finished… if ANY! (he didn’t look that great Vs BJ, who was a standing punching bag for 10 mins & he still made it to a decision). Diaz is good, but he wont be fighting B level fighters in the UFC, like he has been in Strikeforce. Comparing apples & Oranges. Diaz beats BUMS, while GSP beats the best WW’s in the world!

    • 13 t/ko on diaz record brotha and diaz is top notch on the ground.i aint sayin diaz has jds power but ask lawler or daley what it feels like to get punched in the face by em.they prolly dont remember.

  4. Interim championships are stupid. It used to actually matter because it meant it would be a five round fight, but now all main events are. So we are supposed to get excited that they have to cut an extra pound. Woo hoo.

    • Fair enough. Whoever wins gets a nice shiny belt to keep though

      • …… and bragging rights – not to mention endorcements & MO MONEY!

  5. hes ducking condit and he will never be ww champ again,maybe mw maybe hes done!

  6. I like all these three fighters: Condit, Diaz and GSP. Hopefully, they will give us some wars to remember for ages. But I doubt GSP will ever be the same fighter again, as much of a fan I am of him. Nonbody has had a harder route in the UFC than GSP!! I think Condit will defeat Diaz in a five round war and they will probably have some kind of rematch because so many people will bitch about it and it will leave GSP in the bench or fighting someone like Pierce or Ellenberger.

    • GSP is still the champ regardless of the title of this article, when he comes back he unifies the belts, if he were to fight someone else it would be for the title, that won’t happen.

    • jose – Wow, already throwing Pierce into the mix. My thoughts on the fight of the year (Diaz/Condit). Like them both, but of course I favor Diaz. For Condit to win, it has to be done in the first two rounds. I’ve said a dozen times, Diaz starts slow, and usually doesn’t get going until he gets clocked once (see Gomi, Cyborg, Penn & Daley fights). He always increases his pace in the second round, which I expect Condit will go blow for blow. I do not question Condit’s endurance, but if the fight gets to the third round and beyond he will be in deep water. I don’t see anybody in MMA that can keep up with Diaz’s non-stop accurate jabs in the late rounds. Three round fight I would give the edge to Condit. Five round fight, I’m going with Diaz. The only situation that scares me is an early stoppage.

      • condit’s not even on the same level as diaz. second round ko or tko for diaz. no doubts.

  7. I forgot about the article, Jeez Phrank, even GSP agree’s with me.

    • That’s because he’s a humble and respectful champion. This is the 2nd article in which you’ve commented that GSP should be taken out of the rankings. I just find it disrespectful. If someone beats him I’ll agree absolutely that he isn’t number one anymore, but until then he still is the best, whether mmaweekly agrees or not.

  8. how can he not consider himself champion, when he didn’t loose the belt. And got injured cause of some nagging injuries. Ur still champion until u legitimately loose ur belt.IMO.

  9. Honestly anyone who says a guy that hasnt lost since 2007 and has won 9 straight and 8 of those are title defences, should be removed from the top 10 because of an injury is an idiot and I’m definitely not going to waste my time reading anything else the imbecile has to say lol.

    So Hendricks, Fitch, Alves, Koscheck etc should all be ahead of GSP on the rankings? You dumb prick. Stop leaving messages on here you obviously know nothing about the sport.

    • Technically it’s 1 interim title match, 1 unification match and 6 title defenses, but regardless, agreed.

    • James, thanks for the typical uneducated meathead response, you represent a majority of ignorant MMA fans. GSP losing his ranking is simply going with the ranking format that this website uses. You think a guy should be ranked that won’t fight for 18+ months? When he returns, many of the guys you listed would likely beat GSP. Sorry to dissapoint you little boy.

      • Ronnie, thanks for the typical full of **** response. None of the people he listed will be able to beat GSP, neither will Diaz, neither will condit. Yes, he still deserves his ranking because he’s been the top welterweight for 4 years and it’s not likely to change.

      • Ronnie I hate to be rude but do you really think that GSP will be removed from the top 10 rankings because “of the ranking format this website uses”?

        I guarantee you he is not removed lol. Nobody is that stupid. I’m just glad you don’t run this site or anyone like you.

        Listen to what Phrankthetank is saying..he knows his stuff.

        • Based on what the guys (Ken or Damon) said a couple weeks ago, if a guy doesn’t fight for a year (even if injured) he loses his ranking. Cry all you want, just telling what I read.

      • I applaud GSP, for saying that he is no longer the champion, unfortunately he won’t be again. He’s boring, and comes off as very fake. Became a Diaz fan when he called the french-canuck out. I agree with RonnieV, GSP is done! JamesG or SpankyFranky u 2 need to jump on another bandwagon, I hear Junie Browning is looking for some fans. Spanky did u really say GSP will own the welterweight division for 4 more years? Either u don’t know squat about knee/ACL injuries or you ate tard flakes for breakfast.

        • “Tard flakes for breakfast”… That is some funny sh#t! It’s pointless arguing with the GSP nuthuggers. James & PhranktheTank have man crushes on GSP. Not worth arguing!

          • Sorry Ronnie, I can’t hear you with diaz’s cock in your mouth

          • Actually you two need to do your research. Now with arthroscopic surgery and proper strengthening and rehabilitation techniques, the future is much brighter for ACL injuries and I know he will surround himself with the right people and his rehabilitation will be as good as you can get. 96 – 98 percent return to sport and is far from career ending.

            You’re the same people who every time GSP fights someone says “this is the time hes gonna get his ass kicked”. I GUARANTEE IT you did it with Shields.

            Bottom line is he will beat Diaz and then you guys can go back to saying something else negative about him.

        • Read my comment more closely, I said that he has been no 1 for 4 years. Not that he will be for 4 more, even though it’s entirely possible. The guy is good enough that even if the injury slows him down a bit he’s still better than the rest of the division. What’s nick Diaz done? He got washed out of the UFC and tried to salvage his career in strikeforce. Now he’s back and he’s gonna get schooled again. Same thing that’s happening to jake shields.

          • LOL – Phrank apparently Garvey needs hooked on phonics, b/c I read it as GSP was Champ (for) 4 yrs. Garvey: learn how to read b4 making yourself look stupid!

  10. I think Condit and Diaz both present problems for GSP, especially with the long layoff. GSP hasn’t fought a really well rounded fighter in quite some time. Anywhere the fight goes Diaz and Condit will be comfortable. GSP has been playing it very safe since being knocked out by Matt Serra. He’s the smartest fighter ever, and the best game planner. He is so good he can take down strikers and hold them there(Hardy, Alves). He has absolutely amazing takedowns and takedown defense so he can stand up with people who aren’t stand up fighters. (Shields, Koscheck, Hughes) This is why he is so dominating. It’s also what makes him boring to a lot of people. Fans like to see guys Diaz and Condit that aren’t scared to beat someone at their own game. It will be interesting to see how GSP game plans for this, and how the lay off affects him. Either fight, Condit or Diaz, I think it will be a war, and a treat for the fans.

  11. Phrank, if you really think that, I’m sorry you will be very dissapointed next October when GSP decides he’s ready again. GSP’s only hope to beat Diaz or Condit is to use this approach:

  12. Chuckalug, I made the Diaz-Serra comparison not because I was saying that they are equal boxers, but because Serra is a scarier puncher. He probably better on the ground as well. At least would be considered more aggressive on the ground.
    The fact that Diaz is a better “boxer” I find pointless since I can’t imagine him throwing a ton of his flat footed arm punches and leaving himself open to be taken down.
    If Diaz could actually throw a punch with the power that Serra does then I’d give him a shot at beating Gsp the same way Serra did in the first fight. But he has never shown that.
    Yes, maybe Gsp will tire out and go into punching bag mode, and let Diaz get off a couple hundred shots. That’s always a possibility. He is long winded. But I’m not going to be excited to See who has more cardio in a marathon. My comments were about the fights not being exciting. There’s no reason to think they will be.

    • I understand your point, but Serra is a bad example. Of all GSP’s opponents, I really don’t see any that compare to Diaz style. Condit would be the closest.

      It will be a cardio marathon, and I’m hoping GSP spends all summer with Freddie Roach, just so GSP keeps the fight standing (against Diaz or Condit).

      Only cuz you said Serra is probably better on the ground than Diaz, you do realize the guy hasn’t had a submission in 10 years. Everyone talked about how good his BJJ was, but I never saw it. When comparing Diaz’s Jits to other welterweights, all you need to do is think back to that sick Gogoplata he had on Gomi. Did I say I’m biased yet?

      • Oh poop, not to mention Matt Serra is 5’6″ and Diaz and Condit are 6’1″. BJJ works better when you can reach someones limbs. I know people are in love with GSP and I get it, but if anyone really thinks Nick Diaz or Carlos Condit will be an easy fight, they are crazy.

        • Oh more poop, Serra is a 155er too, I forgot to slip that in there.

        • Actually bjj works better when you have shorter limbs because a shorter lever arm allows you to apply more pressure. Longer limbs make it easier to get caught in a submission, not necessarily easier to apply one.

          • Come on man, just start posting you love GSP on every comment. I understand it’s better for defense if someone doesn’t have a neck or arms or legs in a BJJ competition. I just haven’t seen too many migits dominate the UFC with their aggressive submissions. If you can tell me the short fighters that use their BJJ super affectively in MMA that would be great. I can tell you the names of some of the taller guys…

          • Actually I train in bjj and am speaking from experience. Thy comment had nothing to do with GSP. You don’t see a lot of stocky dudes dominating the UFC because shorter limbs hinder you in all stand up aspects. being stockier gives you a better base o the ground and allows for more torque on submissions, look at palhares, ever want that guy to grab a leg?

      • That was a slick submission, too bad he’s a moron and failed his drug test and got the fight overturned.

        • Haha, he should be rewarded for that. I’d like to see Chael Sonnen smoke weed during training camp and see how well he does against someone. Diaz wasn’t taking PED’s… When Michael Phelps got some beef for smoking weed, I thought they should have given him extra medals. I’m impressed by someone that can smoke weed and still gets off the couch to train hard enough to be a world class athlete.

          • Yes, he should be rewarded for smoking weed before his fight which he knew damn well would show up in a drug test. Well said.

        • Holy sh*t, you train BJJ? Who would have though on an MMA site the people leaving comments train in some of the disciplines.
          You never said “stockier” in the first comment, you said shorter. I am reffering to BJJ used in an MMA fight, not at the local Gracie Barra gym with your sister. The point I was making with the original comment that you criticized was Diaz has much more affective jits than Serra, (in a mixed martial arts competition) and a lot of it has to with their body types. If you can’t wrap your little legs around someone, its hard to maintain position. Holy poopoo. Are you a little slow?

          • Yes, I’m terribly slow, I said shorter limbs make it easier to crank a submission, how would you describe a stocky individual exactly? I’ll agree that Diaz has a better triangle choke than Serra, and that long limbs help with that, but not much else. In addition, who said I ONLY train bjj? Don’t make assumptions.

          • Haha, ok now you are just being silly.

            I know what stocky means, you were referring to Serra as being stocky bla bla bla. Just because you have short limbs though doesn’t mean you are stocky. Stocky refers to thickness as well. You didnt say stocky the first time, you said ‘short limbs’, then you changed it to ‘stocky’ when you thought of one example to prove your point. Try to be consistent when debating.

            I sure as f*ck didn’t say you ONLY train BJJ. You could be Manny Pacquiao as far as know. You are making up arguments that aren’t really happening, you should be a politician. I did say you train BJJ, but never used the word ONLY.

            Do you live in Minnesota by any chance?

      • Yeah the last two gusy who said GSP couldn’t strike were Fitch & Koscheck – what did GSP do to the two of them?!? Broke Kos’s face & SPANKED Fitch for 25 mins & literally busted up his bace BAAAD! GSP broke Kos face with 1 jab, Diaz couldnt even finish a dead tired & out of shape BJ Penn. I guarantee you GSP has better stand up than Diaz (techinical striking), which is the most important thing in sports. It’s all about technnique! Not whether or not you can throw 100+ punches in a round! We’ll see how manmy strikes Diaz throws from his back getting GnPounded!

    • you guys are crazy. are you all watching the same fights and fighters as me? some of these comments are insane…serra is better at bjj and striking than diaz? gsp is just going to take down the bjj blackbelt diaz with all of his flat-footed arm punches?
      do you hear yourselves?

  13. not worth arguing wit GSP fans lol
    Im canadian and cant stand the way GSP
    fights imo diaz is goin to whoop his ass
    and then we can see your comments “diaz only won cuz he poked him in the eye” “diaz only won cuz his knee was still sore”

    • The guy has won 9 fights in a row and 15 of his last 16. What excuses need to be made exactly, if he lost because he couldn’t see there would be an excuse. He won.

    • ur such an idiot! STFU stupid! Weird isn’t it…. GSP is untouchable for 5 yrs & won 30+ straight rounds, but being out for 18 months & having major knee surgery wont be part of the reason if he losses. Eventhough he won his last 9 fights & did it with such ease, what other excuse could you use for him losing, if… IF he does?!? If he losses 2 in a row then, you have a point. Until then…… stop talking!

  14. As far as Diaz, Condit are concerned. They are as evenly matched as any two can be. Diaz has better boxing, Condit has better Muay Thai. Standing they are even. Diaz fights shorter guys than him, Condit is listed one inch taller, reach is the same. Wrestling is about the same, and BJJ favors Diaz, but Condit is good enough to not get submitted. This fight is Condit’s early, but Diaz’s late. If Condit doesn’t end it within the third round Diaz will come alive. Too close to call, but I have to go with Condit jus because I am a fan.

    Now GSP, I think he should lose his number one ranking, jus because a Champion or number one fighter in the world has to continue to prove it. If he isn’t able to prove it then he isn’t. But out of top ten is two much. Maybe down to number three in the world. Bottom line if GSP fights either Diaz or Condit Saturday he’ll lose. Thus he isn’t number one. That is what he means he don’t consider himself the Champ.

    • Well said, but by that logic if someone wins a hard fought fight for the belt, they shouldn’t be ranked no 1 because a fresh number 2 ranked person would likely be able to beat them the next weekend.

  15. At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their opinion. The only thing that set me off is someone being excited about the aftermath of a serious injury. I think both Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit are elite level competitors. In my personal opinion GSP is better than either of them, but that’s just my educated opinion. No-one knows how well he will perform after his surgery and all the back and forth is just speculation. When the time comes to perform, we’ll all see for ourselves. Damon, Ken, I would implore you to not remove GSP from the rankings based on his years of dominance and the fact that his layoff has been due to an injury and not a suspension of any sort. The only way to prove he’s not still the best is to beat him, not to remove him from the rankings. I’ve said my piece.

  16. Yes Serra is quite different than Diaz and condit. I however believe Diaz and condit are very different from eachother. I wouldn’t care if nick beat condit ten out of ten fights. I still Believe condit is the tougher match for Gsp. Because condit is more explosive.
    It’s just a style arguement. There’s absolutely nothing nick has ever shown that should make anyone think he can keep it standing. And not just keep it standing. He has to keep it standing and throw hundreds of punches in hopes that Gsp quits, or he just wins rounds. Diaz isn’t getting a true ko on anyone.
    Or nick has to submit Gsp from the guard position with Gsp’s head on his chest. Or submit Gsp from half guard where Gsp might posture for moments at a time.
    Nick could change it up and throw with more power, like his brother usually does (except nates last fight) but nick has shown he sticks with his style so I don’t expect a change. Same with Gsp.
    Condit just goes for broke a bit more. He’s explosive. He’s much more of a threat for a flash finish. I believe that’s the style better vs. Gsp who tries to play it safe.
    Diaz is taller which makes him easier a target for takedowns than Serra. (if all else were equal)
    I hate the way Gsp fights, but it is what it is.

  17. In all seriousness I have a question for the guys who believe in Diaz being able to best Gsp. How do see him doing so? I’m not trying to be an ass in any way. I could see people believing nick to be an all around better fighter, but the matchup just seems bad to me. Ive watched nick for years. I assume most of you have as well. We all know what he does right? Same goes for Gsp.
    So do you guys see Diaz…

    Do you see nick “pushing the pace” moving forward and throwing tons of combos to the head and body of Gsp? Okay, if so, what’s Gsp doing while nick is moving towards him letting his hands go? Guys don’t really move on Gsp like that because it’s way to easy to be taken down. Are you expecting one of those “Stockton slaps” to drop him? Okay, but I don’t recall seeing that happen before he throws about 100 of them.
    If Gsp does take him down. Like he does everyone. (sadly) he’s down in Diaz guard. The only thing Gsp does from that spot is put his head in a guys chest to take away any submission attempts, and works to get to half guard. So he can punch a big heavier, and posture a bit where he only has to avoid a kimora.
    Is nick somehow going to push Gsp up to apply a submission? Jitz guys will tell you it’s next to impossiable to sub a guy who’s not really trying to attack.
    Is he getting back to his feet? Okay, I’ll buy that one. Then what? Nicks going to press forward throwing until Gsp takes him down again? Maybe the ref stands him up this time. Same thing again. (I believe there are times Gsp actually let’s guys get back to guard, just to work on passing back to half, so he doesn’t get stood up. Also he fakes like he’s trying to get to side control for the same reason. He doesn’t want to be better than side control as it leaves more openings for the guy on bottom.)
    So what’s Diaz to do? Let Gsp keep taking down, and getting back up to tire Gsp out? That could very well happen, but that can’t be what your counting on can it? You can’t go into a fight just hoping the champ gets too tired to take you down again and lay on you?
    Not to mention all the times spent with the ups and downs will still be points scored for Gsp.

    This may be written like total crap. If so I’m sorry. I don’t read what I write so I’m sure there are errors.
    I’m curious though, if you guys are willing to take the time. How do you see the fight going in which nick leaves the winner?
    I’m not knocking nick as a fighter. And I really can’t stand Gsp’s mentality as one. I hope someone does beat beat him. I just can’t picture how he does. I wouldn’t mind the help. (everyone always just says “but nick has good boxing, but nick has good cardio, good jitz)
    I get that he’s good. But how are you guys seeing his style of those mattering vs. Gsp’s style?
    The styles matter. That’s why sonnen has a chance vs. Anderson. It’s not that he has “more” skills. It’s just matchups.
    I’ll say it again. I’m not trying to bash anyone. I don’t think everyone are just idiots. I realize I can be missing something. I like to learn every now and then.

    • Good point. I think you’re probably right as to how this would play out. As far as GSP’s fighting style though I’d just like to say this. Being as well rounded as he is he makes the smart choice of emphasizing the weakest aspect of his opponent’s game. If you’re a striker, he’ll take you down, if you’re a grappler, he’ll punch you in the face. Fights with Fitch, koscheck, shields – mainly stand up. Alves, hardy, penn. mainly on the ground. Fighting shields he did TRY to finish with that baseball pitch overhand right. Just didn’t work out.

    • i just can’t figure out why you people can’t see the forest through all of the trees. stylistically gsp has nothing but good wrestling and decent striking. diaz is the much more rounded fighter and in my oppinion is one of the pound for pound best in the world.
      mikemc, you ask how diaz can possibly win a fight with gsp? i ask, how can he possibly not?

    • The only thing I think you might be missing is that GSP doesn’t like fighting guys where he thinks they might have any adavantage. Since being knocked out by Matt Serra, GSP stalemates fighters, which is what you are predicting. The last guy that GSP fought with a similar skill set as Diaz was BJ Penn. GSP didn’t want him on his back, or standing up, he held him against the fence. Brilliant game plan. Diaz has great cardio and despite being very skinny is a strong fighter and won’t be that easy to muscle around. Diaz could out box him, he won’t be worried about trading punches, he will be worried about defending takedowns. If and when GSP does get him on his back, GSP might not be that comfortable. He hasnt had that high level of a jits guy on the ground in a very long time. With the long lay off, and the fact that GSP hasn’t liked taking chances in his last 9 fights, Diaz could present a problem for him because he won’t let GSP get comfortable. GSP has better takedowns, but the argument could be made that Diaz has better striking and better jiu jitsu. Diaz will outbox him and attack submissions on the ground, which to me, means he could win. If you think GSP will Sean Sherk him for five rounds, you might be right, unfortunately. Hopefully Diaz has learned something in the last 6 years.

      Matt Serra has 2 KOs in 18 pro fights.

  18. MikeMc -I’ve hit my quota of posts on this topic. But we really can’t go further on this topic until after Saturday. I think whoever wins Saturday beats GSP, ACL injuries & ring rust will be too much to overcome. I also think there will be another fight in between, because GSP will not be ready by July. Who know’s by the time GSP is healthy again Ellenberger may be the champ or Josh Koscheck. Hard to predict fights that may not even happen this year. I just hope they don’t make the winner of Saturday’s fight wait 8-10 months to fight again just for GSP.

    • Condit would probably fight again but diaz’s camp says that they would wait for GSP. It all depends on Saturday.

  19. Fair enough. Im just curious to how people see the fight going between nick and Gsp. I see everyone mention strengths and weakness. I just haven’t read where anyone breaks down how Diaz wins. They just say he does because he does something well. Its a lot of typing breaking down a fight. I didn’t realize how much until I did, and I left a bunch out because I realized length. I’ll save my request for the 50 articles that are sure to come if the fight ever happens.

    • and what did you say about how gsp wins? that he takes diaz down over and over and lays on top of him?(for all of your typing that is all that you really said)yes, that’s his only chance for beating diaz, but it’s a very dangerous strategy.

  20. I dont even understand why Diaz would get the title shot in the first place. I say give him sherk or sanchez agin and let them run through him like they did before. Diaz fans sore he hasnt beat anyone good while in the ufc he just gets crapped on. Unless they give him more opponents like Koji he is just gonna lose more and go back to some lesser organization.

    • oh, and condit deserved it

      • condit has won 4 in a row against tough dudes In the UFC, he absolutely deserves it

        • well, i guess that we’ll see on saturday when condit is on his back floppin’ like a fish after being totally dominated. the guy’s not even in the same class as diaz.

    • This is a business and I don’t know many people that want to see GSP rematch any more wrestlers. And Sanchez is still healing from BJ Penn kicking his ass. Diaz and Condit are getting chances because they are very good, well rounded fighters. But more importantly they are exciting. Dana White and the UFC like exciting, not boring, it’s science.

      • GSP’s fights with wrestlers are his most entertaining because he keeps it standing. It’s against predominant strikers like Diaz or condit that he goes for takedowns and grinds.

        • I love you. We have different opinions of entertaining. I am actually a bigger bowing fan than MMA so jabbing someone for five rounds, never throwing more than a two punch combo is not an exciting stand up fight to me. I don’t know about the Shields fight, I fell asleep. GSP has bored me since he fought Matt Hughes. He is great. One of the best ever, I just dont find him entertaining. Diaz and Condit are BJJ guys too, not just strikers. They aren’t one dimensional like Shields, Koscheck, Hardy… F*ck, really? Get a clue.

    • Macgruber – how long ago were those Sherk & Sanchez fights? How old was Diaz in his first stint in the UFC? The answer is 2005-2006, 19-21 years old. All fighters grow and get better, Diaz is a much different fighter now, so is Condit. Heck even GSP is much better now. Diaz was a mediocre welterweight in his first stint, I believe (as well as many others) he is an elite welterweight now.

      • Exactly so give him sherk again and watch him get owned by a smaller man to show he hasnt gotten better in the past however many years. Even since his fights in the UFC I dont see him getting to elite status. Beating a ton of B or C level fighters doesn’t make you elite it makes you a B+ fighter. Sorry I dont consider Scott Smith, Frank Shamrock, and Paul Daley elite fighters.

        • Considering Diaz just destroyed Penn, and Penn destroyed both Sherk & Sanchez. I would say Nick has improved. You’re right Smith, Shamrock & Daley may not be the best competition, but he didn’t just win those fights, he whooped those guys in dominating fashion.

  21. I like both fights, GSP vs Condit and GSP vs Diaz. The Condit one would be more of a chess match though, whether on the ground or feet. I think the Diaz fight will be a higher pace from both fighters but I think Diaz will make a mistake an GSP capitalize on it. I think Condit has a better chance than Diaz tho but as far as Diaz vs condit it can go either way.

    • I cant wait for Sat. when Diaz and Condit go to war. We will see how good Condit really is. Because not only is Diaz the best fighter hes ever fought. Condit has to make sure Diaz doesnt get in his head with his **** talking and his toughness. Cause Diaz will run his mouth and Condit will hit him with everything hes got and Diaz will still be talking. But I think GSP 100% will beat the hell out of both of them. But thats the big question will he be the best in the world again????