Georges St-Pierre Hopes for More Stringent Drug Testing; Shoots Down Return Rumors

February 7, 2015
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As soon as Anderson Silva returned to the UFC to fight Nick Diaz, everyone began to wonder, could Silva’s return lure Georges St-Pierre back to the Octagon.

Despite many misguided reports that had targeted 2015 for the former UFC welterweight champion to get back in the cage, it now seems less likely than ever that there is anything compelling enough to draw St-Pierre back.

St-Pierre has long said that the problem of rampant performance-enhancing drug use in mixed martial arts is a large part of why he stepped away when he did.

And now, with Silva having tested positive for steroids in an out-of-competition drug test, it seems the problem is reaching a fever pitch. It’s not exactly the scenario in which we should expect St-Pierre to make his comeback.

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St-Pierre told the Le Journal de Montreal recently that he was surprised by Silva’s positive drug test, but wasn’t going to bash him over it. Nor has St-Pierre ever opted to out anyone that he knows or suspects of PEDs use.

“I’m not a rat and I’ll never go public and name names to reporters. My only hope is that we deal with this [PED] problem,” St-Pierre told reporter Kevin Dubé. “I hope if one thing comes out of this, it’s that testing will be done more stringently.”

He’s not holding his breath, however.

“I really don’t know [if this will prompt the UFC to increase out-of-competition drug testing],” said St-Pierre. “Maybe nothing will change. It depends on a lot of people.”

And for those reports that he is returning to the Octagon in 2015, St-Pierre sounded even less encouraging.

“I think some journalists should re-check the credibility of their sources.”

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  • Ev

    I’m guessing it depends a lot on which path will lead to making the most money, sadly. 🙁 I don’t blame GSP for stepping away one bit. I’d be heartbroken if Kyokushin went this direction.

  • DamianCross

    GSP is literally more Italian than Joe Rogan.

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      I dont get it.

  • groinstrike

    I find it suspect that gsp retires around the same time his drug dealing friend goes to prison, and UFC starts doing more testing. Just an opinion but I think gsp hits the sauce.

    • Spork

      ^highly doubt it^

    • deepgrim

      when it comes to gsp there is plently of suspicion but no proof. he fought 4 title defences in canada in a row were drug testing is pretty slack and never mentioned the issue of drugs testing, then he fights hendricks in america were the drug testing is more prominent and he is all over the issue- maybe because he knew he would have to be clean himself- it was certainly hes least convincing performance in a long while. like anderson im sure gsp could have used some help with his knee rehabilitation but who can say. also him stepping away may have to do with the fact that lawler, hendricks and mc donald are monsters at the moment and he is aging and may want to go out on top

      • Austin, TX

        Canada vs USA has nothing to do with anything. Cung Le was suspended in ……China.

        see comment above. GSP is the cleanest athlete in the sport. Or one of the cleanest. He knows a lot of stuff but isn’t willing to say anything about anything. He’s not an idle gossipy female. Like so many of his detractors. He has style and discretion.

        GSP is the one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. Never failed a test. Ever. Unlike Silva recently.

        • deepgrim

          well cung le suspension was lifted- the drug testing there was inept. Why was it just suddenly against hendrixs that it was such a problem, hendrixs has never tested positive you could say he is one of the cleanest in the sport too on that logic. Yes he has spoke out about people juicing but that doesnt mean he hasnt done it himself. why does he leave the sport now over it when drug testing is getting more prolific- if it was such an issue to him he should have quit the sport years ago when the drug testing was basically non existent.

          • Mark Bazid

            The problem with Hendricks is that there were rummer’s that he was doping and when GSP offered to pay for his testing to ensure a clean fight by paying VADA to do the testing, Hendricks confused the issue by saying that he wanted WADA to do the test. Even though he knew damn well that WADA does not test athletes (it accredits specific tests and labs)
            and that the VADA test is the test that is accredited by WADA.

          • Sir_Roy

            As soon as I lose hope that there are any blokes left on these boards who can think through their comment, back it with established facts, someone comes along to restore. Cheers.
            GSP man’s up about a serious issue in the sport, does it with class and integrity, and everyone wants to take a piece out of him for it – looking every which way but the obvious.

          • deepgrim

            there were rumours about hendricks yes, but there has also been rumours about gsp for years. but drug testing is still the best it has ever been in the sport, why does he leave now whenever years ago it was easy to juice up- surely he would have had a bigger problem years ago with the drugs testing but never said much about it then

          • TheCerealKiller

            I like rummer’s!

    • Austin, TX

      You’re uninformed and given to hysteria. GSP has NEVER….EVER failed a drug test ……and is the guy he wanted more stringent testing. He dropped out of the sport because the policy isn’t stringent enough. Dummy. 😉 GSP is the cleanest athlete in the sport. Do some research instead of just spouting gossip and smear and chatter and jealousy etc etc etc….

      Silva on the other hand DID fail a test. GSP was upset the the UFC wasn’t enforcing more stringent drug test for everybody including random tests. He wanted everyone to be on the same page and subjected to random tests with consequences. He has mentioned on several occasions that he knows he juices but he’s not going to name names because that’s not his style. In a sport full of knuckleheads GSP is the one of the lone class acts. Do some research.

      • Seth

        Wandarlei Silva also didn’t fail drug test…but…I guess it’s pretty obvious he did use roids, since PRIDE made roids and PEDs legal back then (With famous “we do NOT test for steroids” clause in their fighters’ contracts)

        So NOT failing drug test doesn’t mean someone didn’t do it. Maybe he was just lucky with tests or knew how to avoid getting caught?

        That being said, I don’t believe GSP was on roids, just to make it clear.

        • LokiD

          Wanderlei didn’t fail drug tests he ran from them!

          Diaz is a bitch.

          • Seth

            He didn’t run from them in Japan, coz they didn’t even test him there.

        • StopFitchn

          GSP during his entire career which included years of time between fights throughout him milking injuries and backing out of fights and NOT ONCE was he ever RANDOMLY TESTED out of competition where he was known to be 200 lbs ripped of solid muscle. NEVER ONCE did GSP get tested via (BLOOD) carbon isotopes for HGH. EPO’s, HCG, etc etc. ANYONE even a POOR athlete could pass simple pissing in a cup PED testing at fight time. Anyone could clean up for a fight and we all know GSP had easily 6 months between fights even during his most active times throughout his fighting career. However as we all know there were even more times when GSP had well over a year to use whatever he wanted.

          I was never even suspicious of him until I saw how different he looked at the Hendricks weigh ins. That was not the same GSP we had seen throughout his career. He wasn’t anywhere even close to being as msucled up as he was before and he was even saggy looking. The next day he was manhandled by a naturaly much smaller fighter and beaten at his own game where his jab with his insane reach advantage was shutdown by a guy with a 69″ reach vs GSP’s insane 76″ reach. GSP was beaten by a better (SMALLER) fighter that night plain and simple

          I can’tr believe GSP’s teammate just dropped out of the Lombard fight. I’m p’ssed. Rory always backs out of most dangerous fights like against Condit and Brown

          • Seth

            …Maybe he was randomly drug tested, but they didnt find anything so there was nothing to report? Bunch of guys is randomly tested, but you hear about it only when they fail. No one cares when they pass them, because that’s how it should be.

          • Sir_Roy

            Where’s your source stating GSP was NEVER randomly tested please. Thanks.

            And no, GSP does not have at least 6 months between each of his fights. He fought 3 times in 12 months after returning from his torn ACL. Carlos, Diaz and Hendricks. So, yeah, there goes that theory too bud. You’re kinda silly.

      • groinstrike

        Lance Armstrong passed over 500 tests. He was the most tested athlete in all of history. There have been plenty of athletes who come out strongly against steroids only to be caught. Anyone can claim to be clean, and call for more testing. GSP admits to being close friends with a drug dealer. He retired around the time the guy went to prison. I find the timing suspect. There is also the fact that a very lean, muscled guy increase his mass by quite a bit without losing his low body fat. It is very difficult to put on muscle mass without extra body fat because if you run a calorie deficit you won’t build muscle, and a calorie surplus leads to fat gain.

        • StopFitchn

          Most intelligent post I have seen in a long time

          Congrats groinstrike. Keep in mind GSP was NEVER randomly testing throughout his entire career where as lance Armstrong was randomly testing hundreds of times. Very few fighters EVER had the resources to make sure they would never fail a PED test like GSP had. Keep in mind al GSP had to do is have his own private testing done leading up to all his fights to make sure he was clean by fight time and all he had to do is back out of fights if he wasn’t sure which he and his teammate Rory have done 2-3 times a piece

          Its always the ones screaming the loudest that are the most guilty. I still remember Sonnen talking a mile of sh’t about Lance Armstrong

          GSP got out for 2 reasons

          1) He knew more stringent testing was coming ( random) which he had never had to worry about before even when he was out milking his knee injury for almost 2 years while fighters like Hendricks who had fought ( 5 ) times during his hiatis. Much easier to be champ when you rarely fight. GSP started that trend years ago and now its the NORM with Pettis, Cruz, Weidman, Cain all milking their belts

          2) GSP got out after gettng manhandled and beat up by Hendricks and gifted the decision oft the decade

          • Sir_Roy

            You’re so full of sh!t. GSP defended his title twice a year without fault till he tore his ACL in 2011. That’s all he was contractually obligated to fight and that’s all most champions will ever defend their titles for (3 times at the most in a year, and that’s getting more and more rare, and is more an exception than a rule). Then fought 3 more times in the space of 12 months upon his return – more than most ever defend their titles for.

            Comparing him to other champions who are not even remotely as active as he was is a farce. Get out of here with your horsesh!te.

            You’re dumb enough to believe your own bunk.

      • Drock420

        You sir do some research, GSP hasn’t always fought clean. His second fight with BJ Penn, (Grease)

        • Aaron Gustaveson

          He didn’t grease himself. The weird shaman corner man rubbed his chest with vaseline still on his hands.

          • Droc420

            It’s still cheating, cheating is cheating, I understand the finger got pointed more at Phil Nurse. Was all over his back too not just his chest.

          • Aaron Gustaveson

            Yep, its cheating, its just not gsp cheating.

      • StopFitchn

        GSP has never in his life passed a TRUE random Olympic carbon isotope test. Yes GSP past VADA testing that had been set up for 8 months previous where he had all the time in the world to clean up.

        None of that would have really mattered to me if GSP hadn’t showed up to the Hendricks fight weigh ins looking so saggy and smaller through the shoulders and chest ares. Then his sleazy coach Firas made the dumbest statement ever saying that was the first training camp where GSP had trouble keeping weight on. HELLO??????? It was so obvious GSP cleaned up off of something for that fight. I mean he ngot manhandled by Hendricks and even with his insane reach advantage he couldn’t even leave so much as a red mark on Hendricks face where as he beaten to a bloody pulp.

        The CLEAN UP version of GSP was not the best WW in the world and that was proven in front of millions of fans and not pure speculation. GSP looked horrible in taht fight and that is why EVERY MMA website scored the fight for the REAL winner Hendricks

    • Sir_Roy

      Dumb baseless opinion. But you’re entitled to it. Here, now, we know Anderson “hits the sauce”. But let’s make it about GSP instead. Sure. That sounds about right. Like I said, dumb.

  • Bob burris

    Will someone remind george that you will never get these years back in your life..You will regret this forever.10 years from now he will be dreaming of the what ifs.. Roided or not he beats everyone,, Woulda destroyed anderson before chris did.. But he messed that all up by not wanting the fight..THINK GEORGE..U dont have much time left

    • Austin, TX

      Silva outweighs GSp by 34-45 lbs streetweight and is 4 or 5 inches taller. They are completely different sized men. The talk of them fighting is ludicrous. As usual everyone errs on the side of “Give Silva The Advantage Somehow.” through the absurdity of his opponents (with the exception of Weidman ….who he had to be forced to take a fight with….he wanted Bisping for a title shot)) or the ridiculousness of him fighting a way smaller man such as GSP. If he would have beat GSP (which isn’t a guarantee) they would have jacked him off for all eternity. It’s all a mind stroke of bulls*t. This large man who fought in a weak division where most fighter were A: smaller than him, B: mediocre fighters, or C: old.

      • LokiD

        That’s weird, the way I saw it Silva became champ and took on every new #1 contender that rose up and won (until Weidman) what #1 middle weight did Silva dodge exactly? Your talking out of your ass fool.

        Diaz is a bitch btw.

        • Drock420

          Diaz is a bad ass not even a juiced Silva could finish him.

          • Tha Kracken Neal

            Cabbage was the baddest man alive then, after andrei and Timmy demolished his brain

        • Sir_Roy

          Meh. Anderson took on scrubs (for the most part). The only respectable win was against Franklin for the title back when he was in him prime and hungry. But that just revealed how weak the 185 lbs division really was.

          His KO against Vitor was equal parts luck and skill (precision striker). Vitor got caught, Silva’s ethos grew. He argued away every other viable contender on the basis they were Brazilian and Brazilians do not fight their own (crap).

          Can’t think of anyone else that mattered.

          Chael exposed him. Weidman shut him down.

          Anderson is a great fighter. But he was a product of both his division and his times. Awesome precision striker, decent BJJ, and decent KO power. But not the GOAT by a long shot.

          • deepgrim

            dan henderson was a good win at the time too. anderson just lacked a bit of wrestling altho he takedown defence was pretty good bar the first fight with chael when he was juiced up

          • Sir_Roy

            I think Hendo had his number. He just got sloppy. Silva’s BJJ is not to be underestimated though to be sure. He won that fight fair and square.

          • deepgrim

            well then he didnt have his number then you have to win the fight- dan henderson was very dangerous around that time and was one of his biggest threats at the time but anderson did get the win and the same with vitor when he was very dangerous too. i take your point tho that the division was weak enough for a long time and there are a few dudes on his resume

          • StopFitchn

            Sonnen was juiced to the gills when he laid on Silva for 4.5 rounds. Sonnen had the testosterone level of 17 men and he wasn’t even being tested back then for EPO’s and HGH which we now know he was probably on then to. How can ayone even talk about Sonnen’s like anything he ever did in cage was legit

          • Sir_Roy

            Hey, as it turns out, Silva was “juiced to the gills” too so there goes that.

            Two roid users going at it. Level playing field you ask me.


          • StopFitchn

            Actually Silva tested clean then and Sonnen had enough JUICE in him to jump over the moon. Ask your doctor next time you go in for a check up how much testosterone is 16.9 to 1 ratio? That mean he had the testosterone of 17 men which is basically unheard of. Also we now know Sonnen was on HGH, EPO’s HCG, which he wasn’t tested for back then

            But yeah i hear ya. I always thought Silva was pretty arrogant and I think he avoided Vitor in a rematch cause he knew he would lose.

          • Sir_Roy

            Silva tested clean in a random test? No. I don’t think so.

          • StopFitchn

            No I’m with ya Sir_Roy you def know your MMA man and I appreciate that

            I remember the first exchange punches between Vitor and Silva and it looked like Vitor was much faster and I really thought he was going to take out Silva until that once in a lifetime front kick.

            After that Silva made it clear he wouldn’t rematch Vitor

          • StopFitchn

            Not sure how anyone can even start to compare ( EVEN THOUGH I CAN:T STAND HIM ) who Jon Jones has fought and beaten to who Silva has beaten. Although most of Jones opponents are so much smaller than he is and should have been fighting Silva instead or closer to MW. Shogun for example has no business fighting someone like Jones who is twice his size and reach. Can’t wait to see Jones fight guys closer to his own size someday

          • TheCerealKiller

            DC was a HW and he manhandled the HW’s. Are you going to say DC is a small LHW? Jones kind of smoked him.

      • StopFitchn

        GSP walks around ripped at 200 lbs of solid muscle and he is 5’11” with an insane 76″ reach which is more than most LHW and HW. GSP has every advantage in world in almost every fight he ever had in MMA

        He got beat up by a much smaller 5’9″ fighter with a 69″ reach in his last fight and was manhandled and beaten half to death

        GSP took one of the worst beating in recent MMA history and knows he was given the biggest gift of a decision ever and now is afraid to get beat up again

        The man who cries the loudest is probably the most guilty of them all. GSP had the most time off between fights than almost any fighter in UFC history and he was closely associated with a major drug smuggler who he defended to the bitter end. GSP NEVER EVER in his career passed a TRUE random PED test. For anyone to say GSP has been clean his entire career is based on NOTHING but opinion.

        I just saw a picture of GSP I wish I could post on here where he has the most obvious HGH gut i have ever seen. That entire VADA publicity stunt GSP pulled was all a planned ahead of time. GSP lied about havibg to pay for the testing himself and he lied about being in a contract for VADA as their poster boy and had over 8 months to prepare and clean up for VADA testing. GSP was also involved with Victor Conte thru VADA deal which is a complete conflict of interest.

        When Hendricks camp went to the Nevada atrhletic commission and asked them to oversee WADA testing GSP’s attorney fought it al the way and kept asking Keith Kizer over and over again what PED’s WADA testing involved to the point Keizer flat out said why if your fighter is CLEAN do you care what PED’s they wil be testing for as they do the exact same testing which is done on all Olympic athletes. Despite all lies by GSP fans Hendricks passed all the required testing by Nevada athletic commission

        GSP entire VADA disgrace back fired on him because now everyone knows he lied about not being in bed with Conte and lying about him supposlvly paying for Hendricks testing. Would you agree to something that your opponent was doing where they had a business deal where GSP would be their poster boy for their website.

        IF anyone is shady its FIRAS and GSP’s lawyer and management team. Also having Rory back out of 3 separate bad match ups shows how shady Tristar really is

        Rory just backed out of his fight with Lombard just like he did against Condit and Matt Brown

      • StopFitchn

        You exaggerate so bad Silva is 6’2″ with a 77″ reach, GSP is 5’11 with 76″ reach and its OBVIOUS Silva is chubby between camps where as GSP is ripped 200 lbs solid muscle and he is 7 years younger than Silva

        GSP turned down a fight with Silva a few years ago at 177 lbs which shows GSP is cafred and only likes fighting much smaller fighters like Penn, Sherk, Serra, Menjavar and countless other much smaller fighters where GSP has an insane reach advantage.

        I have never been an A Silva fan except when he was fighting the biggest steroic cheats in MMA history Sonnen and Marquardt but it makes me laugh how its ok for GSP to fight much much smaller opponents his entire career but then he refuses a fight with Silva at 177 lbs which is what 23 lbs less than GSP walks around at. Hendo and Bj walked into the cage at his walk around weight in most of their fights

  • LokiD

    I’d rather you stay out GSP, than do a Diaz which is to fight-lose-cry that judges are meanies-say you’re injured- retire smoke some weed then repeat. Nick Diaz is a bitch, don’t be a bitch GSP stay retired if thats what you want.

    • StopFitchn

      GSP ran away from the sport of MMA because he got his brains scrambled by Hendricks and he knows he is no longer the best WW in world.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Hendricks is a PED cycler. That’s why he wouldn’t agree to pre-fight random testing.

        • StopFitchn

          Yeah right look at Hendricks and look at GSP? Hendricks last one on PED. Hendricks passed every test done by the commission. GSP was in bed with VADA and GSP lied and said he was paying for testing and forgot to mention he was going to be VADA poster boy after he had 8 months to clean up. NOT one of GSP’s VADA tests were random. The entire thing was one big publicity stunt and GSP was working with MR Steroid dealer himself Victor Conte thru VADA. Look up for yourself where Keith Kizer was trying to get GSP to do WADA testing with hendricks. Hendricks camp asked the Nevada ath commission to over see the OLympic style testing and GSP’s lawyer kept sending Keith Kizer emails asking what PED’s WADA was testing for and finally after Keizer had told him countless times he said if your fighter (GSP) is clean why do you need to know what they are testing for. The entire e-mail chain is out there for everyone to see that it wass GSP nthat avoided OLYMPIC WADA testing thur and independent lab at UCLA adnd GSP didn’t want anything to do with it

          I think what clinched it for me that GSP was set up that whole B.S corrupt VADA publicity stunt 8 months out was to clean up for the first time in his career and show world that every fighter out that accused him of being on PED’s was wrong but the whole thing back fired when he showed up at the weigh ins looking beyond all saggy and he had lost a ton of size through the cheat and shoulders. Everyone was shocked at how much smaller GSP was and it was areal coincidence that it was when he was doing his FIRST real PED test in his career. It may have not been random since he set it all up 8 months proor but he still had to be clean and not only did he look so much smaller less muscle but next day he got manhandled for the first time in his career and he took the beating of his life and looked like he was put thru a meat grinder.

          FACT: GSP has never been randomly tested outside competition his entire career., So for anyone to state for a fact that GSP has been clean his entire career is pure opinion. I think people need to consider things like one of his closest friends and training partners throughout his career is a 3 time convicted steroid cheat ( Nate marqaurdt) and GSP self admitted closest lifetime friend was just sentenced to 20 years in Prison for smuggling every drug known to man. GSP even wrote a letter to the judge in his buddys defense.

          NOONE had more testing than Lance Armstrong and he beat the system which is 100 times more strict than MMA for years. GSP IMO got out when they announced out of competition testing and he had just taken the beating of his life by Hendricks and he realized he was no longer the best WW in the world

          • TheCerealKiller

            Are you copy & pasting all this?

          • StopFitchn

            You are an idiot for calling Hendricks a PED user. GSP has the most OBVIOUS HGH gut I have ever seen in my life.

          • Sir_Roy

            Damn. Have to wonder if any of you “GSP is a roid user” blokes have EVER worked out hard in your freaken lives. Try 3 months hard training, 6 days a week. I don’t mean the strength and conditioning fighters go through (which has little focus on getting built), but training to get built and ripped. 3 months, and unless you’re borderline obese or eat an extra large pizza a day while training, you’ll have a six pack guaranteed.

            GSP has been training his whole life, and readily admits to training on the side just to “look good”. Fighters in general do not train to “look good”. It’s a whole different brand of fitness. There’s shape, then there’s fighting shape. Not the same, and not to be confounded.

            Not like Anderson Silva, or even freaken Lance Armstrong, ever looked like Arnold for Chrissakes. Get a clue.

          • deepgrim

            he still makes a very clear point about the subject tho. in reality that fight against hendricks was one of his worst performances in recent times and i suspect he was clean for it for sure. but how many title defences in canada were the drug testing is not as strong but no mention of drug testing then, its only after he gets a bit of a pasting from hendricks and sees that he may not be ahead of the field anymore that he retires, the whole drug testing story is just blowing hot air. the drug testing is better now than ever- is he going to mention his return to fighting now then?

          • Sir_Roy

            Honestly, if we really want to look hard at the Hendricks fight, the real reason GSP struggled so much is simply because, stylistically, Hendricks is a terrible fight for George.

            But we all want to point to PEDs. Whatever.

            GSP’s bread and butter is his ability to dictate A) the pace of the fight and B) where the fight takes place. He controls all 5 rounds, dominates every position, takes zero chances (that’s where he gets most critiqued, that’s also why he’s made a ton of cash – smart man GSP is). Hendricks robs him of that comfort zone simply because he his a better wrestler (preventing GSP from dictating where the fight goes) and physically the bigger, stronger man (neutralizing GSP’s NATURAL athleticism – emphasis on “natural”).

            See Lawler’s comeback, the transformation in his physique (GSP has always been built), if I had to place money on who were the real users, my top two choices would be Hendricks and Lawler. That said, I wouldn’t go around all the boards posting it and trashing them with mere “speculation” though. Which is what many are doing with GSP. I simply would not at all be surprised. And my “speculation” is, at the least, based of feasible happenstances in recent times. Contrarily, there’s absolutely NOTHING to point to GSP being a user.

          • TheCerealKiller

            Okay, you’re a child. I’m done.

    • StopFitchn

      I would bet my house GSP had done PED’s and Diaz hasn’t so who’s the b’itch now

  • uncle

    GSP played his hand perfect he retired on top the smartest fighter in the UFC
    thus far if it wasn’t for the ACL injury he torch everybody

  • TheCerealKiller

    Georges, stay retired to piss all these people off. The true champ never lost his belt.

    • Austin, TX

      Yes. Stay retired Georges. Go out on top.

      • StopFitchn

        GSP went out knowing he got destroyed and EVERY MMAwebsite and EVERY MMA journalist had him losing badly. The ref even came for that fight even came forward and said Hendricks got robbed.

        GSP knows he was gifted that SPLIT decision. It was obvious that the Vegas bookies that stood to lose millions only had to get to (2) of the 3 judges. Reminded me of the Bisping/Hamill fight where it was so obvious who really won the fight but the REAL winner was screwed by the corrupt judges

        GSP has a huge stain on his legacy for getting beat up badly in his last fight and REFUSING an immediate rematch

        • Duxan1

          Would you stop calling milk black? Several people explained it to you: GSP landed more strikes.

    • StopFitchn

      I guess you must have missed the Hendricks fights because GSP got destroyed

      • TheCerealKiller

        And didn’t lose his belt. None of our opinions matter, only the record books.

        • StopFitchn

          Yeah like I’m the only one that knows Hendricks manhandled and beat the tar out of GSP. EVERY MMA website and journalist disagrees with you

          Too bad GSP ran for the hills with his tail tucked between his legs like a coward or he would have agreed to the mandatory rematch he refused.

          Dana, fertitta, Rogan, Yamasaki the ref EVERYONE said GSP lost. But you know more than all them right.

          GSP left the sport with a huge stain on his legacy because he knew he would have been Ko’d in a rematch. I lost all respect for GSP for refusing rematch. I watched that fight with a whole bar full of GSP fans that were boooing at the decision because EVERYONE knew he got beat up

          • TheCerealKiller

            You’re a little late to the party to have this conversation with.

          • StopFitchn

            Doesn’t make it any less true Hendricks put a serious beating on GSP. I remember feeling really bad for him when I watched it live. Seeing such a nice guy get lit up like that was hard to watch. By buddy girlfriend is from Montreal and they were sitting next to me and she got up and went outside in tears because she couldn’t handle seeing GSP take that kind of beating. I mean no one had ever done that to him. Serra caught him and it was stopped pretty quick where as Hendricks put a 25 minute beating on GSP. Even the 2 rounds where GSP barely won on points he was still getting hurt.

            OFF TOPIC: Another one bites the dust huh? Lombard, can’t say I’m too surprised he’s pretty massive ripped for being 37. What a dummy he was 2 fights away from a possible title shot

          • TheCerealKiller

            That fight is water under the bridge, but I will always say you have to take that belt from a champ. If you take away the damage, which isn’t counted anyways, GSP landed more punches.

            I always thought Lombard was on roids. That guy is way too big for his weight class. The other guy I can’t believe hasn’t been caught is Gleison Tibau.

          • Sir_Roy

            GSP lost the fight on damage, but won the fight on points. Judges had it right (fight metrics are your friend). GSP landed 101 out of 221 significant strikes thrown. Hendricks landed 85 of 194. Hendricks got most of the damage done to GSP on two occasions; elbows to the side of the head in round 2 (75% of the damage happened in that one encounter), plus some decent ground and pound in round 4.

            Rules need tweaking, sure, but according to MMA rules, GSP won that fight.

            Only questionable round was round one. GSP clearly won rounds 3 & 5. Clearly lost rounds 2 & 4.

            I too feel Georges lost that fight – especially on fight night. Less so when I re-watched it. It’s not nearly as outrageous as you would have EVERYONE believe. Keep trying though! Trolling these boards of late, I’ll give you a B+ for effort.

  • Muaythai4life

    GSP made a really good point that isn’t shown in this article. He stated that as fighters, PEDs should be a much bigger deal than in other sports. Sure they are bad in baseball, and they tarnish a slugger’s legacy, but in a fight, you can capable of dealing out much more damage. You are also capable of taking much more damage, leading to higher potential for significant trauma and/or injury. He went a little far as to compare PEDs to bringing a knife into the octagon, but I’m not so sure it isn’t at least a relevant comparison. Lots of PED’s get excused because they are a diuretic, or, as in Silva’s case, they are excused by some because of the injury/age of Silva. That doesn’t change the fact that you are putting two humans against each other in a fight. PEDs can potentially lead to horrible results, and I suspect one day they will.

  • StopFitchn

    Everyone should see this picture of GSP

  • TheCerealKiller

    Huge gut? Looks like a pic taken right when he took a deep breath. You can count his ab muscles.

  • Muaythai4life

    This is hard for me to refute because I have openly stated that I think just about every MMA fighter, boxer, football player, etc., juices to some degree. That being said I have seen people with stomachs like that who don’t juice. some of it really just is genetics.

  • Sir_Roy

    GSP took one year to recover from his ACL injury. Which resulted in an 18 month layoff from the fight game. You call that “juicing” it? Moron. The rest of your post was nothing but opinion “I hate GSP” blather. So I’ll leave you to it. Not worth the read let alone a retort. You need a hobby.